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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wow .. Another post in 2 days !!
woah ! im posting again ! hah i have time today .. lol thats odd .. i freakin need a life . lmao !

Uh well new years was good .. yesterday me && my friend tessa went sledding , then we watched a movie .. she ate over at my house .. and we watched another movie .. lol

Todayyy i went to the biggest sledding hill ever ! it was so much fun ! and i drank hot chocolate ! yumm ! and now im off to watch another movie ..

Lol .. Tomorrow we have school .. ew.
I mentioned i was the wrestling manager right ? well on thursday we're going to fargo , and on wednesday .. thers early practice . crap . i've got to get up earlier than usual now. and i have band again ..

I dont want to go back to school !! well how was everyones new year ??? did anyone make any resolutions ? lol i did , but idno if i'll follow them .. cuz i usually forget ..

I've visited everyones sites --> who've updated , and now i'm gonna go ! ill check again later tonight .. if i have the time ..

lata <3

-----> oh . and can you guys stop deleting your gb entrys ? cuz i find everyday that someone deltes theres .. lol .

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