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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year XP !!!!!!!
Wow . OMFG its been a while .. well heres what i missed :: 2 major holidays .. lmoa.
Merry [ late ] Christmas !! and Happy New Year !!
For those of yuu who have looked .. its been a year since i started this !! ahh all the memoires of 2006 are coming back to meh . lol .

Well about my life ;; haha my love life isnt doing so well . Justin moved ; jared found out i liked him ; and i like alan now . but he dont like meh .. well at least as far as i know. everyone says he does ..but yea i doubt that . hahah .. i've also heard that some other people like me .. yea .

Well i've become wrestling manager , and on our way to fargo , we took a bus with Valley (( another school .. )) and i met 3 guys that like me ! hahaha there cool . lmao .
i've also had a few people ask me out , but i said no. hah .

OK well since she was begging that i mentioned her [haha j/k] well she made this site .. and i'd like to thank her .
heres her website link thiny


Heres what she told me :;;

my name is midnight shadow ,loser.. and its not w/ the help of mandee , its made by mandee . gosh. lol . lmao WTF . i would be mentioning you in my post anyway of how i made a friends site. so there.... AND LEAVING A LINK TO SHOW YU OFF . lol
(( and yu shall call me by my pet name --> is what i said .. lmao ))
then she said :
My jaw is popping..its getting annoying .
random , eh ?

Oh hah this is what she said to my intro when i didnt put a comma before the lsoer part .. lmao

people are going to think that im introducing myself as
midnight shadow loser ..

GOSHHHH lmao LOSER hahaha

and make it MADE by mandee to add some emphasis


while yur at it

pet name?

whats yur pet name . wtf i'm not following .and maybe while your add it you should say that you WANTED the same type of layout as me since i'm so AWESOME AND COOL .so that people dont think that i just made it like mine cause im lazy or uncreative . gosh. talk about understatement of the YEAR ..
lmao !!

Well i'll try to visit sites in the morning .. i'm pulling an allnighter w/ amanda.. ahha so far we're really tired annnd irritable . k

Lata óż
me and mandee
we roll mad deep yo
shu do foo -->>
and ahem since i couldnt think of that right away i said ... doo fuu shoo .. [[inside joke]]

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