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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thanks for commenting about my new theme! i think i'm gonna change some stuff, and add some stuff, maybe even have music!! oooo only a few days left till Halloween!! Happy early halloween.. i might not post then, but i'll try!! how long has it been since i last posted? anyone know?

8th grade is going fine (haa i know i don't talk about my life/school much but i'm going to taday, since i don't think i've ever done so) and i know that 4 boys like me ^^!but i don't see how, i'm not even pretty!!

but the guy that i really like.. isn't in the same grade, (he's in 6th...wow thats kinda sad) and this is the smallest school ever, and yea..my friends would probably make fun of me if i went out with a 6th grader, but he is so nice! he acts like an 8th grader, not a 6th. and i like this other guy, but he's really popular (and haha me and my friends are quite the 'unpopular ones' hahaha.. ) and he'd only ask popular girls out, but i realy like him too!! haha okay theres only 65 8th graders, and we're [me and my friends] are like the 2nd most popular people hahahaha ^^.

i'm glad y'all haven't taken me off yur friends list!! lol. well i don't have much left to talk about, so i'l visit sites now... byes ^^!

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