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Friday, August 11, 2006

New theme!!!

heyyy! sorry i didn't get around to visiting! i was sooooo tired that i only got to like 2 sites!
-_- so sorry!and right after that..i fell asleep.. ha!

kay anyways, my new theme is from the anime Shuffle! i've found some more bgs and pics, so i'll be updating my site soon! wooo! yay! ^^ lol ...

The first to update!! uhh soo.. I just found out... i get my pallet expander thingy in like 2 weeks. and then after turing it, for like 2 weeks, i'm gonna get the bottom braces on, and then after the expander goes off, or maybe before that, i wear the headgear at night, for like 2months! and then after i get the expander out, i get the top braces in. I'm gonna look like such a doooooooork. this is sad.......

well anyways...hmmm.. i had a lot more to post in my head, now i can't remeber it all! >.<

uhm, well. uhhhh... goshhh..... oh yeah! wait no....gosh this is annoying. heh....

well anyways, if i remeber anything later, i'll be sure to post it (ya right..) lol bye! omg! oh yeah!!

my algebra test!!! goshh...how did i forget about that? >.< lol!! yea, that was the easiest test i have ever taked! i think i only missed 3 out of 60, and at the top of each little section, they had a little mini lesson on examples of how to do the test.. easy! and i thought i wasn't gonna do well.. lol

i'll visit sites tonight! sorry i didn't get to them yesterday and the day before! lol bye!

wow.. i think this is my longest post.. lol kay bye!

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