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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

700 visits!!!

yay i got 700 visits!!!! ^^ wooo! lol! and almost 200 gb signings. sad yes i know i don't have very many signings, but thats gonna be differnt soon!

okay, so in 7th grade i was in reg. math, but it was like pre al for ND, and now i'm gonna take this test to be in algebra on thursday. buuuut... i don't get integers and fractions! i really neeed help! my paren'ts are trying to explain it to me, but i just dont get any of it at all! gosh this sucks. does anyone know any good websites that'll help me?

kay enough bout that, i'm changin my theme! tell me which one you like better if you've seen both.

well i'll visit sites tomorrow night! bye!

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