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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

heyy! omg my internet just stopped working while i was typing this post, so now i've got to type it all over again!!! goshh..

so...umm now i forgot was i was gonna type.. aww this sucks even worse... T_T

uhh well i'm changing my theme, to something like a school girl, cuz school is starting. Oooh do y'all like my new layout? thanks midnight_shadow!! lol it's not done yet, but almost!

okay so umm when i said i was gonna delete friends, i meant like who haven't updated in like 3 months! i had friends that haven't updated since march. if you haven't updated in a week, i won't delete you, but if you update every day and you never come to my site, and i most of the time come to yours, i'm gonna delete you!

okay enough with that.. well i'm gonna go visit sites now! oh yeah, i got to mostly everyone who updated yesterday!! wooo ^^! lol well bye!

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