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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Vacation time
Summer, pretty cool
Still in the damn computer room, might get outside once in a while
I must wear sunglasses outside though, where is the fun without them

I went over to my friends house and well, he picked me up in his mom's car.. I was afraid for my life :S
I dont trust him to drive well
Next day, he went on a flying lesson with me included! and well, im alive, I may be a god to survive his torture.
Acually he did good on both, and so I feel I may as well be good at nothing, until I get to use that standard car im sure.
Sun is bad.
School is bad
School is not quite over yet

Next year I get to go to a new school, yey me. But I dont have my laptop, will that stop me from being on a computer? Heck no, I just stay on my downstairs computer longer @_@

Thats enough for me today! I need to save something useful to talk about next time! hah!

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