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Monday, May 22, 2006

Okay, so most forgot about me and this place
But who cares if they forget about me? I only need myself after all, as should everyone else. as for everyone who hasnt forgot, i wonder why your still here. Kind of weird how as soon as gaia was formed, many people left this site. Kind of unfortunate how gaia attracts little whiny kids that cant type. That happens with everything overly popular though.. Might be why i dont have an ipod, maybe i dont want to be grouped with them!

Anyway, school is almost over, again. I go to a new school next year, go me! Will be much better. and by the way, i seem to have an abundance of some cool looking computer-made wallpapers like this one. I might update that everyday without posting, if i remember. Check back tomorrow or the next day i guess, for that wallpaper to be changed

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