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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

quite possibly the shortest post I'll ever make.
Hello all, how are you doing right now?!? <--awnser that. I know! I've been soo inactive, and I feel bad. : ( I'm sorry, but your not entitled to come to this site. ^_^' I'll make it to yours if I can!

anyways, this is a blog, so I'll talk about myself. XP

went to tennesse for a week, yay, that was fun.

Furthermore I entered the otaku art..july contest thing, I'm too lazy to put up a fancy link so go check out my gallery if you care to see. : P

I'm so tired, and I've got another big trip coming up, but it's a surprise to where I'm going! oh ho yes, or maybe I'm just to lazy to type it all out. : P

Farewell for now, may you all have happy lives! : D ta ta!

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