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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


aAAAHhHHHHHhhhHHHhHhhHhhhHHH!!!! OH YEA!!!! *composes self* yes, I've graduated high school believe it or not. It was accuall¥ a week or so ago though, just haven't had the time to type up a post.

But Yes! I'm very exited about finally being out of school and able to persue my dreams! Althoughh It hasn't really hit me that I'm out for good, I'm sure that will come later..when everyone goes back to school or I get a job. o.o ooooOhh fun.

Now this Is odd, usually my fingers are full of things to type and rant about but right now I'm feeling kind of wordless, thats weirddd...hum. *trims fingernails* these things grow far too fast, y'now? before you know it you've got claws and can't find any SNIPPERS anywhere! XO Thats what we call them down here in oklahoma, snippers. And If you know anything about Oklahomians we like to make up words, and distort them to encompass our hick ways of life. : )

Well perhaps I can think of some stuff to type anyways. : D In other news I NOW HAVE A CELL PONE like the rest of the the worlds population, ba HA HAAaaa Now I feel hip and cool. *puts on terminator shades*

Hey I'm 18 now!!! : DD Huzzah! the golden age of 18, sweet 18. *Isn't that suppose to be sweet 16? ah well.* Ohhh Yeah, I am now my own person, NO LONGER OWNED BY MY PARENTS AHAAAA!!!!111....well..I guess kind of as long as I still live under their roof. -_-'

But I am now entitled to more of my AMERICAN RIGHTS!!!! Rights such as going and voting for the name I find most appealing, because If the name is ugly chances are their not going to be a very nifty bureaucrat, nope nope. /: P gasp, here's a thought. Why is that at 18 we have the right to go fight for our country but we can't legally have a sip O'ale? ; 0; Not that I'm interested in drinking, HAH, no..not this health conscious dude. *cough* noo...nooo really I promise I'm not interested in it. ^^; Altho WINE has healing properties MIND YOUU!!!! tiny sips won't hurt and It's a romantic beverage and so there. It's like altered grape juice. : P

Oh, I'm going to try a little experiment I stole from kfc. XP If you happen to read my entire post, just somewhere in your reply say "purple Socks!" : D Kfc Looovess thoose..Dont'cha!? ahem, anywho...

Y'now, its weird..my sister's goal for this summer is to get good at drawing anime, because she thinks their "just so cute" Guess she's right though, Isn't that why fangirls are fangirls!? they think anime's Cuuteee? they watch fluffy cute anime's. : 3

A random thought that just came to my head! WHY why...wHYYYY is it that words aren't spelt how they sound? some are, some aren't and I'm interested in knowing why! Is it their origin? I sincerley want to know. xP for example, conscious. Why Isn't it spelt KONSHINS? XD You'll get something sweeet and tasty if you tell meee. : D *YOu have to share with me thO!!!*

OH! I FINISHED A BOOK!!!!!!!!!! I read that sucker from front to cover to back to side and..yeah, It was called "Saving Fish from Drowning" Really interesting title, and even more interesting book! It seriously did get better the father along it got. SUCH A GOOD BoooOOK! It was funny and..sad and.. ;- ; that ending. *snifflee* wahH..sniff sniff. *blows nose* I cant get over it. But dude! they had these "Intha fisherman" from Inle lake In the book and I think they're like...the most awsome dude's ever, and It's really awsome, I'm not even joking, HAH, check this guy out.

Isn't that just the coolest ever!? He uses his foot wrapped around that oar/paddle and balances like that using his other hand to work those fish net's. This REALllyyyy makes me want to go to Myanmar, or..Burma, as it was previously called. Makes me want to go all around the world too, swooshh...talk about inspiration, and one day I'm gonna. : O although I heard Burma is dangerous territory, *or was* because of civil war, but It's not like I heard it from a reliable source so bla, Wouldn't it be just STupendicular!? : DDD

see, always get a dose of culture in my posts. : D

Okay, I think This post has gotten long enough...La la, I think I'm going to go to the mall and buy those FRIKIN Awsome shoes!!! XO seriously awsome shoes. They weigh like nothing and I love them, but thats too much to pay for a bloody shoe! Who cares I want it!! > :D ahem, I mean..need, I need it. ^_^' gotta remember one's manners.


DID you know flossing is suppose to improve the longevity of ones lifespann? GAsp! whoahh..thats pretty nifty.

Okay, I'm seriously goin..lets blow this jointt...get all the stuff and the gang togetha, three two one lets jam..DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNAA DAAA, sorry..I like breaking out randomly into song. -_-'

Yeah so EVERYOnE take it E~Z that means easy. Its just a shortened version. Everyone smilee and *try* to be happy! : D Yay! Love is all you need..La la la la la laaa...ahh krikey, beatles. -_-'

Okay, Think I might go now, Bye bye everyone enjoy your lives! :D Weeee all live in a yellow submARRINEeeee...LISTEN TO THIS SONG TA MAKE YOUR HEAARARTTT FEEEEL BEEETAAAAAA LAAA!!11@

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