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Friday, April 21, 2006

   AHhhh! Life, and its many tincy branches....
Hey out there!!! to anyone that still knows I exist on the otaku, that is. Ive become quite the inactive one, not getting around to any of your sites hardly...oh, such guilt surrounds me. :-: if you, my friends could find it in your heart to forgive me i would be eternally grateful. oh yes i would be.

that you are not entitled to read this entire post, it is generally for my random ranting and the fact that i get an odd sense of pleasure from leaving you guys hanging for months then randomly updating with a gigantus post that leaves you thinking "OMG what is he thinking!? this post is massive Nobody is going to read this!" which is why! you dont have to read it all, there you go. your invitation right there. Although if you do read it all I would be quite gratuitious which most likely isnt a word, but sounds like one. YOu might even get something cool like THOSE PLASTIC MULTI COLORED SLINKIes that are Juuuust too short to go down your stairs. I know you all have very busy lives and most likely more important things to do like, perhaps there's a girl in your life to wuu, or a twinkie waiting in the kitchen to be consumed, your favorite tv show that makes you giggle and leaves you with a the "whoa, that was cool" feeling afterwards. : ) okay, so now im going to begin the post. OH YES!!!!! ive only just begun, because my fingers feel very very energetic tonight. sadly I didnt have time to upload any of my newest eyecandy for you, nor any fancy html links because they do put quite the strain on ones time. ALthough, If all goes as planned my website, *THE NEW AND IMPROVED FLIPPIN VERSION* something i can *almost* be proud of, should be up shortly, within a few days tops. I just finished registering the domain name, which i had no bloody idea i had to do, and was essential to the progress of the website DUR. another dur moment, DUR DUR DURDY FLIPPIN DURRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive had far too many of those in my lifetime, wouldve been nice to have a few less. aNYwho, *girly teenage voice* i like SO registered my domain name, and like, the guy like SO told me to wait 24 hours for the site to activate, and i was like, Dudee! its not automatically pulling the index page, which is messed up. and he was like, Dudeeee ya goota wait 24 + hours, and I was like, DUDEEEE IM SICK OF WAITING I WANT IT UP NOW WAHHHHHHHHHHHH, im gonna go get icecream and see if i can blow bubbles in it, if its the right consistency of melted/frozen icecream im sure its feaseble, and yes i know i spelt that wrong, because thats how i roll. dang i feel like i could talk forevor tonight, just on and on and on and on and on about ABSOLUteLY NOTHING IN PARTICULAR WHICH I KNOW THRILlS YOU OUT OF MY SKIN AND MAKES YOU RELLYYY EXITED WHEN I START TALKING IN CAPS OH YEAH HUH HUH?? :D :D :D


ohh what lack of a life i have, honestly. Hey! ive got my vanilla icecream with pecans on top of it now yay. ^_^ and YuM! its bluebell! BLUEBELL IS THE BEST FOR EVER AND ETERNITY! infinity!

and dont give me that look kfc, i know exactamundoly what your thinking "eating icecream again! ;-; oh no! the fabio like tim i once knew is going to turn into a couch sitting fiend and eat icecream all day! XO well rest assured, your smexy lean 6 pack isnt going anywhere. ^_- and i havent had a bowl in forevor and i beleive its well deserved, nothing like it to take away lifes sorrows and pitfalls. WHO LIKES PECANS!?!? I DOOO!! WE got pecan tree's and I love to go out and eatem. ^^ whoa, thats an odd thought..

*DIrectly talking to kfc* what if i had to pick up pecans instead of pears and my name ended up as pecans? that would kinda suck. XD; like..*claps hands to word* PE-cans. its two sylablles, which means more effort of the obicularis oris, risorius and who knows what other undeveloped muscles, perhaps the frontalis for those of us who use our forehead muscles to talk with, which few of us do.

Y'now I heard a quote by that fellow ghandi which i thought was pretty smancy, one being "where there is love there is life" And oh how true that saying is! I sincerly hope that everybody finds someone just for them and they stay togethor and live long prosperous lives full of loving. Some arent so fortunate though, which is sadddd. ) : poor chaps that dont have anybody, i mean..I Myself here, could achieve all my dreams and aspirations, be the greatest concept artist in the world but it wouldnt be as..rich as if i had someone I really loved who had helped me get up to that point in life, someone I had shared and experianced life With. BUt Y'now...Love is a wonderful thing that for makes life quite a bit more worth living, without it I'd be drudging through the same Old hellish horrid, un-motivated attitude of "oh, i just want to get out of school and be a concept artist already, make some friends, live life, draw, and do nothing but that and have a crappy lonely hermit like lifestyle forevor, which of course i DONT want to do now, now that there's some hope. I want to spend my entire life with someone im purly and UTterly devoted to and in love with! an unconditional love. And have a beautiful marriage, that would be nice. who wouldnt? well, im sure there are those who would rather stay single, or un-married, whatever it may be. Who thinks im a hopeless romantic? ;o; well, think hopeful romantic. ^_^ the glass is half full my friends,
}a"""d'' its half full with A TANGY ORANGE JUICEE!! which everyone knows is quite refreshing, tangy, healthy and orange-juicy like.

3 divine events just occured, - the divine part.

My mom came downstairs.

I heard dad snoring.

Lapy needs battery recharge.

what do these three random occurances have in common you may ask? well, excluding the last one, which was because ive been on the laptop too long), my mom came down to sleep on the sofa and is now dozing away several feet from me, can you put the clues togethor and find out why she came downstairs to sleep? cause and effect! the cause, my dad was snoring RATHER LOUDLY, which sounds more or less like a bull frog that cant die getting ran over repeatedly. very pleasent sound i may add, oh no, thats not sarcasm im using, im quite serious. the reverberating tones throw me into a deep melodius sleep inducing state, which causes me to thus go to sleep. *NOT NOT**, but, I feel sorry for my mom having to deal with that, I know there's medicines or..therapys or something, Nosepins ANYthing that could deal with that. ><

So, if you snore, please let those around you know so they wont be rudly awoken then forced to sleep downstairs on the sofa, people arent made to sleep on sofas. And if you dont snore, set up a camcorder or something, aim the mic at your bed and press record and let it run all night to see if you snore or not.

NEW SUBJECT YAY! im accually getting tired, thats kinda odd...

Okay, the new topic is aboutt...GUILTY GEARS YAY! my most favoritest video game EVA!!! not only are the character designs awsome, the characters themselves are Sweetness in a nutshell, and the GAMEplay is phenominal! honestly, go out and buy this game if you have a ps2 or box, its only like 15 bucks by now im sure...MAJOR KUDOS TO DAISUKE ISHIWATARI The insane fool who made up the series. Oneday im going to play guilty gears with kfc, what a day thats gonna be. : ) im gonna win too, ba HA. ha. you know what? I only have guilty gears XX2 reloaded, which is Oldd. ;-; they have isuka, which is new, and slash, which is even newer and not released in the Us, i dont think. but man those games look like a golden turkey chock filled with even more golden looking stuffing. OBLIVION!!! OH, My zoomgness...unbelivable realism, incredibly talented artists worked on that game! i swear to ye! go to www.elderscrolls.com and look at the screenshots for oblivion! So so SO beautiful!

Hey, has anyone wondered why I want to be a concept artist? :D *crickets*.....*creepy guy in the corner raises his hand slowly* NOT YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! XO *backhands* Put on your floaties and go play in the kittie pool before i slap you again! XO well, im going to tell whoever might happen to fall upon this, this wee tad bit of semi useful information'ez. :D

I want to be a concept artist because i like vido damesssssss!!! :D Durrrdy durrr! no, not really, thats accually not the reason, as some would believe. XD *news flash, i am now in the kitchen about to go upstairs*..okay, i am now upstairs in my room, in my nightwear, and my dads snoring like tripled in loudness, its honestly like a hundred thousand decibels. right, concept artist..

A concept artist, up to to this date in time, with my current knowledge, *which isnt saying much* is the perfect proffesion for me. Because, one word! Creating! Im creating things as a concept artist, im making my sub-concious become semi reality, im leading others on a glimse tour of my imagination that is inspired by everything that interacts with me, be it a little or a lot. Also, I couldnt fathom what it would be like to be around fellow artisans that have the same dreams and abilities, ive never EVERRR met a person that was..kind of like me, probably explaining my extreme lack of friends at school, which is sad, i just dont fit in, but owell, I know those people are out there somewhere, i just have to find them. How inspiring would that be..quite i imagine, life is inspiration! oppurtunity, life is many things, many things that are and arent, being, is how we see and feel life around us, we are "being" and so we are. Excusee my random deep thoughts, its how i get late at night..i just want to talk and discuss and debate and..keep talking. Y'now, this reallyy makes me think of a quote i wanted to say but i cant recall it, it went something like, "i think because i am, or i am because i am" I totally cant remember it, if anybody knows please refresh meh old memory. ^_^ YAY FLAG RAISE THE YAY FLAG! :D *yay flag raises*

its time for anuuuther cool quote, i love this one. "life isnt worth living unless its lived for someone else" i can remember who said it, martin luther king? alot of people have said different versions. I concure with the quote! I dont want to live my life for me...I want to live it for other people, people around me, people I love.

for anyone who didnt know, my uncle passed away recently... it was really hard at the funeral too, gosh. It made me think too, and how they said he left us a message through his life, I Definitly learned and changed from that...almost anyone would after seeing people so heartbroken over someone they love. for me, it was almost like..just make sure every minute of your life counts because your not going to get that back, make sure the people closest to you know how much you love them, you dont know if you'll get another chance to tell them..and just live life.

One more quote. ^______^ I loove quotes, they make me really happy because..they make me think about who i am, and and..ive got this quote randomizer on my google homepage so im always reading them. this one is "Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within" well..accually thats not the *exact* one i was thinking of, darnit i cant find the one i wanted! XO i'll post it tommorow, but yeah, thats a good quote there too, by james baldwin. And all in all love is a part of all our lives that none of us can deny, and im really...really tired right now, my eyes have that whole.."im shutting on my own because your too stupiD to go to sleep" thing going on. o.e..z..zz.zz.zzzz...Ah! huh..? wah? oh..right i was posting, well i guess i could type just a few more lame paragraphs...I want to see if there's a length limit on posts. ^_^

HUmmm hmmm....la la la...LA laaaaa laa...

WAhhheeeeee my rooms really dirtyyy...i cant ever find the time to clean it, which is a horrible excuse because i have all the time in the world to clean it but i just never get around to it and before you know it BAM THERe's A MOUNTAIN range of dirty clothes encircling your bed making it near impossible to get out of your room. -_- *stakes flag on top of dirty laundry* i ye claim this to be..dirty sock peak. okay, i bet im about to kill youu with how lame i am. XD owel, more fun for me less fun for you mwaha.
DOoooo REEeeee meeee FAAAA SOOOO LLAAAAAa TIIII DoooooOOooOOooooo!!!! ima horrible singer and thats sad Doooooo!!!

yeah, I definitly havent got a really good singing voice, its not like ive practiced on it or anything, but were pretty much stuck with the voices we have and there's not a *whole* lot practice can change..is there? ;o; perhaps a vocal cord surgery, as long as they didnt mess up and make me sound like a girl, thatd be the opposite of cool beans. BACH! HUmBUG! Its 2:00 in the morrningggggg and im posting a super long posttt because im not tired, kinda..well maybee i am but i have no liifeeeeee so here i ammmmm! and im postingggg! and typing and singinggg!!!!

Ohhhhh the hills are alive....with the sound of scuffling midgets singing "OHHHhhhhhh the hills are alive...with the sound of scuffling midgets singing "OHHhhhhh the hills are alivee!!! and on and on it goes my friends Mwahaha baaaa haaaa. LOVE. is a great thing indeed. I LOVE, LOVe. who here thinks my brain has the most random thought process likee..like eva? well, i duno, i know some people that are pretty high up there on the random crazy scaleSOUTHVENEZUALAN PRUNE FACTORY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Time for a bit of random. :D

Image hosting by Photobucket

I find this crazy, I'm posting it so everyone can seee and so that I can talk about it and poke fun at/admire it. its called..buri cosplay? its like an entire anime suit that covers your body and turns you into a walking anime puppet per say. How do they breatheee!? thats dedication rite there. i dont know, maybe there's a little air tube they sock on or something..I'd die inside a suit like that. -_- not that you could ever get me INSIDE of one in the first place PSHA Kick you in your face! NINJa attack WAH! PSHHAAAA PSH PSH.

So, what should i do tommorow...I think I'll...draw! I really have nothing better to do. *sighs* well hey, at least im being constructive with my timee! I could be rotting my brain out watching Tv as the sattelite waves slowly turn my cortex into a mushy gelatin like substance.


IT is now friday, the day i have off, the rest of my post was on thursday but i woke up and decided i had MORE TO SAY BA HA!

first I want to talk like a pirate. ARrrr ye m8's yeller bellied scum bag aint shiverin None timbers round e're ARRRRrrrr! ArrrrrrARrrr A HAARDYyy HArrrrrr. set sail for the eastern sea's meh salty dog swabbies! raise the plank n flush the cannons ARRrrr due west i mean ARRRrrr I'm be drunk as mad dog in meh cabin last nite ye must fergive meh.

Kay, now im going to tell you alllll about school. :D School sucks, as eeeveryone knows. I got a letter saying, *since im graduating in may* that they appreciated me being there and learning so many new essential skills for life, BAH! It'd be really nice if they accually Had taught me something that would be more useful, like..really, i didnt learn that much that im really going to use. -_-' but, I guess if anything its taught me patience and..stuff but..I reallyyyy have it pretty easy compared to some people i know. ><' we all need a summer before we turn into homework automotaun worker drones. ;0; oh wait..seems like some of us are already to that point.. ;-; but it cant be helped, no it cant.

YAY I FOund those quotes i was looking for! :D

here they are.."About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won't like you at all." thats by an Anna Goldman, and Its a great thing to have someone love you for who you are, but sometimes who we are isnt what the other person wants, Or needs, but thats natural, it wouldnt be much fun if the couple agree'ed on everything...---_-- i see i see but..next quote.

If love does not know how to give and take without restrictions, it is not love, but a transaction that never fails to lay stress on a plus and a minus.

same person, thats a good one too, Love needs unconditional love to blossom like the giant flowers outside my window, and, by being devoted and, whatever else unconditional means, next quote.

There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.~Pearl S. buck.

Wahh thats a sad one, i think its true though, what else would break your heartt? It'd be sad to lose any dream. But there's something..good about always having a dream in front of you, and thus another good quote that relates to that subject. ~

I dread success. To have succeeded is to have finished one's business on earth, like the male spider, who is killed by the female the moment he has succeeded in his courtship. I like a state of continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind.

Oh yes, i concure George Bernard Shaw.

And another one by the same guy that relates to how i feel sometimes, this guy is good with his words.

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

And another reason i want to become a concept artist in this quote, Im getting more in touch with my imagination and thus getting more in touch with myself and those around me.~

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

Sick of quotes yet? XD well, weve still got a few more of my favorites i want to post up. : )

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.~Japanese proverb.

Its good to act upon your dreams and visions! and follow through on them, ive seen many who have those dreams but just dont pursue them, not sure why, and another quote comes up, not sure who is by. "I would rather pursue my dream and know the miserable taste of failure rather than never have persued it at all" Ai ai.

And, we'll end it on this one. XD

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

*claps* yes yes, build them into the sky.
Alright, thats enough of my random quote rants, what was i sayingg before all this...ah yes, school.

*reaches toward mayy* WAHhhhh hurry up may! ;-; im ready for my birthday/graduation showdown. XD Ohh yeah, im gonna like..throw the biggest party ever, and Eveeeryones invited. oh yeah, its gonna be great. I'm dig a gigantic hole in the ground in the backyard and THen! im gonna fill it with nasty water! :D and I'll sayyy its a pool when its more like a grogy messy puddle, but we'll all be too high of the sniffy markers to know BAAA HA HA. not really, of course. That would be like almost opposite my personality. XP OKAY I LIEDdddd i lied i lied! Here's your eye-candy dosage. Sol, about to perform his overdrive "TYRANT RAveeeE" which I think is flippin awsome. He was watercolor, background generally ps bla bla nobody cares about the technical side, just taste this FLIPPIN eye candy and leme know if you liker them smexy like muskles. ^_-

La la laaa! LA LA!!! once again i shouldnt be on american idol. ^^

*************------- ^^^ UP Theere is the section of the post posted on friday, below is from thursday. :D

Hey, did you guys know its like UBER green here? yeah, its really really reallyyyyy pretty, the leaves always look so fresh when they first come out, its especially revitalized and gorgeous in the morning, unfortunately this is me in the morning" ERUUUHHHGGGHHHhhhhGGRAAAAA I have to wake upppppp noooooooooooooooooooo. *rolls over in bed* *grandma turns on the light* You need to get out of bed, its late! *me:* ahhhHHHHHH!!! XO a witch has comeeee to take me away sAVE MEH! XO thats seriously how i woke up the other day, WORST WAY EVER TO WAKE UP.

Alright, i think its about time to wrap this up, so i can fall asleep and wake up with silly string up my nose.

I'll see yoU GUYSES LATAAAAAAA!!! I hope you all find someone to love, there's someone out thereee there has to be! just look at the gazzilions of people..you just..have to find them which is easier said that done. >>

ITs ALl cool beans though, go live life! Love! CARPAEIDIUMMM!!!!!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! lIVE N LOVE N LEARN N BE N KNOW N..a little dancing when your happy on the side. ^_^ tootles everyone.

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