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Sunday, February 26, 2006

   BEHold! I LIVE! *breakdances*
OH yes if ANY of you can dance like me i swear I'll draw you 1000 fanarts of your choice! XD but we all know thats not gonna happen. ^_- I'm the hottest thang round this joint...er not. :P Howz my people doins!? *jumps up and smashes chest against everyone elses* BRoomya! XO *shakes head up and down real fast* How's everybody been?? Utterly stupendous I hope! :o missed you guys!

before we start, just realize that your not obligated to read every inch of this post…I know, its long, but Ive got a lot of stuff to report.

Anywho, Lookit! Im alive! after being absent for I duno how many years. XD really sorry about that m8's, but Ive been buzy buzy! like a buzy little bee only bigger, and with ruggedly handsome facial hair! XD *strokes beard and looks in mirror* oh yeaaa....sorry, I go on these ego trips and..well its not pretty. ^_- XP and this time I’ve accually got something decent to report about my life too! XO I bet you've been wondering what Ive been up to the past few months eh? well...

the majority of my time has been taken up by school, sharpening my art skills whenever possible, and building a website to showcase my art which I shall UNVEIL in a matter of minutes! The stuff in there's alot better than anything in my horrible my0 gallery..*cringes* XD Also, because I know how much you guys like eyecandy I'll show you my uber latest work! *gasp*

Here you go m8's, Fresh out of the oven! :O ah ah, be careful its still hot! XP


That there's my first wolf drawing! :O I drew one like 3 years ago but it doesnt count. XP It's also a birthday present to miss black wolf serena, sorry Its late, happy happy 15th birthdayyy! ^^P

Sorry Ive been so inactive guys! XO I feel bad for it, but now that I’ve got alot of stuff *relativly* behind me, I think im gonna be able to get around to your sites more often and see whats going on in your lives. lifes? dont kill me lindus. XD; you know spellings not my thing. ><;

So, *straightens tie* Lets get on to more pressing matters shall we?

Okay, I might as well address the demon known as school since it takes up so much of my time…well, somewhat. XP There’s not much left y’now! Only a few months more of this hellish abuse and I’ll be off to bigger and more important things! Oh yes, Im so looking forward to getting out of high school. *Droolssss* eww...I really needa cut that habit. ><

Another semi eventful event that’s occurred in my life is my conversion to…*gasp* sweets-eating! XO I’m such a hypocrite! ;o; and after like…4 years of dedication…*sniffs* owell...Mk, like the kfc, Yea, she knows who she is. *Glare* XP Influuenced me…*coughseducedmecough* XD more or less to eat icecream and stuff but..I have no regrets! She says its junk food but…I say it lies more along the lines of Soulll food, what do you guys say? :P Hehe, I’ll live if my arteries don’t explode from the sugar jolt. ^_-

Click…Heere. to see a rough representation of my newfound icecream fetish. Sighs XD

As you can all see my theme has altered to compensate for new obsessions.. :P I watched Princess Mononoke the other day and remembered just how much I loved it! XO to say it’s a miraculous masterpiece of influential, exhilarating expression of a timeless artist would be an understatement by far!
What I’m about to show you is the product of many many hours of tedious exertion and toil, but it was well worth it to show my comrades my latest shtuff! :D I’m gonna use big annoying blue text because that’s how I roll. ^_- *overly dramatic music*


There ya go m8’s! Hope you enjoy it, and I would be ever so jovial if you graced the guestbook with your presence to tell me what you think. ^_- * bows* That site was also the first essential step to moving towards a career in art, I do believe…so I’m really glad to have it behind me.

So I suppose that’s all I have for this ACTION Kung fu packed post! does random karate moves wait…im a gentlemen, gentlmen don’t do karate moves…*gets ambushed by ninjas hiding in the dark* GRA! XO !@_(*$_!&@!!! *insert random violence and bloodshed* Gosh..those ninja's! XO always hiding in the dark and doing flips and stuff..*sighs*

Yea, anywho, thanks for visiting! Don’t be afraid to come back now y'hear! ^_- and I plan on getting around to most of your sites soon, and see whats going on in the life of all my virtual compadre’s! so…for now, ta ta m8ties! And remember to keep the PIRATE SHIZZLE REAL! XO Carpaydeum!

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