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Friday, December 23, 2005

   Im not DEAD! :O
YOOooooooo my peopless! *gives hi 5's to everybody* Im back from the horrid land of inactiveness! XO yeaa, really sorry about that, ive been so buzy with finals n all XO

but im here now baby! oh yes indeed i am. Sooo i assumeee your all still alive and doing well XD heh, im plan on visiting your sites later today to check up on all you dorks! :P yesmam, well. Nothing SLIGHTLY intruiging going on in my life, i honestly wish a comet would come down and obliterate half my house into smitherines just because it would be fun XD ive been *gasp* yes going to skool because its the law, and I PASSED!!! YES PEOPLE I PASSED! *climbs to an apex of a mountain and screams in a bad arnold swarsenager voice* YESSS IVE DONEEE ITT! XP just one step closer to ridding myself of the devilish entity that is SCHOOoool :O yea, and i totally cant wait for next semester because i have ap art! an entire period to draw! and its a roxin class cause i geta draw whatever i want (almost XD) and express my emotions with gigantic broad strokes of beatiful mediaa! XD yeaaa, well ne who...even i get into the christmas spirit and ive prepared for you a CHRISTMAS rendition of some freaky plant dude for all my fellow friends! i hope you'll geta kick out of it XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hehee, well thats...disturbing XP well now i just gota finish all these presents -,o im drawing charactures (sp??) of all my family members for x mas, because im just that cheap. XD and OHhhhh dude, i just went downstairs and theres a BIG heavyyy present with my name on it >>>D you know what that means? its good, because the bigger the present the better. thats just common knowledge rite der XDD

Heh. Maaan i think i had one too many cookies earlier XD me and my sister made this massivee one and ate it all up XD maan im stoned outa my mind right nowww....(not really) XD

Yeaa, later on today were going to my grandpa's to celebrate Xmas eve ^^ thats always fun cause theres a tonn of food...(sausage rolls) man is that stuff good @.@

well i guess i should wrap this post up, but before i go...i just wanted to let you know im working on a SUPER DUPER SECRET PROJECTTTT :OOO *gaaaasp* yea, its so secret i cant even tell you what it is, thats rite. and those of you who know, ill cut your head off in the night and leave it with santa's cookies if you tell >>>D so....be in suspense! :O *waves fingers around* ooooOO the suspensee! XD but yeaa, ill reveal it in my next post, so keep an eye out! and...well i really should wrap this up XD *wraps it up* i guess ill see you guys when i see ya! yall have a GREAT Christmasss!!! seriously, have a goodin! eat lots of choclate, get really fat and enjoy your presentss! may santa be good to you all. Have a wooonderful break m8s! till next time, Carpay-DEUMMMM!!!! *bangs head to hardcore afganistan techno* WHOOOO!!! YEAAA!!

BTW, thank you guys for sending me christmas pms! ;o; i really appreciate it!

Ps. Im filling all your stockings with coal just to see how mad you get. XDD and then im going to steal your fignutons.

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