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Friday, November 11, 2005

WTH you stole my muffin!
SERIOUSLY! im so not frikin joking...give it back! i want my muffin! i will totally shank you with this fork if you dont hand it over! XD YEaaa...
Hows it goin everybudy? doin well? rosebuds growin? pillows fluffy when you go to bed? XP now...behold in AW as i perform the unthinkable...a...(slightly) shorter post XD theres not much goin on over here! exept for the fact...THERES LATINO COMUNISTS RUNNING RAMPANT IN THE STREETS OMG THAT LADY JUST GOT STABBED! OH NOOO! AHHH! ok..thats not really happenin (No dur idiot) but it wudnt it b fun if it did? XD ne who,...its my sisters B day today, and i just finished the drawing i was doing for her, im such a procrastiator XP check it out m8s!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yeaa...you know whats coming! you may run, but you can never escape teh...CREATURE OF THE POST!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This my friends is the... "imfartoolazytodrawadecentcreatureofthepost" creature. They are sustained on a strict diet of chex mix (traditional) and random peoples shoes. The fiend hides from sight deep within the crevaces of your house, and just when you think they dont exist...BAM!!!! your shoes are missing and all your chex mix is GONE! BWAHAHAHA!!!

mk...well i think thats purty much it... but first! a random question! whats the last thing you ate? :P I had a...peanut butter and jelly a second ago..with milk....arent they the best?? XD yesmammmMM! good eatin XP well Yall take it EZ! have a good nite! i wuv u all! ill ttul m8's.....and now..im off to take a nap...zZzZzZzZzZ

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