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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

YESSsss MACHUPICHU!!! a friend told me that word XD its such a great word XD try saying it in the stupidest voice you can muster, its quite entertaining XDD NE who, *straightens vest* YO wasup my fellow kinsman!? still alive n kikin? hope so XP wellzz its time fer an update! ill make it short n sweet ;P have a fun halloween!?! mmm i didnt do ne thing...just homewurk >> but oh it was some fun homewurk! XD *inner chaos comes out: LIES DAMNIT!! LIES!!! *pushes back into mouth* BLAaa sry bout that >< my friends seemed to have an eventfull evening...they went out paintballing random cars and people, XDD then they shot this black car and some crzy chick started chasing them, and rammed them and they put it in reverse and had a peel-out war XD then they took off trying to lose her but they drove into a dead alley XPP and were arrested, one got felony charges, lmao...serves em right!...idiots XDD ive never been a big fan of halloween....i just dont see the holiday significance of it 0.o what started it? i bet it was some random dudes wanting to get some free candy, yeaa thats it...punks XP owell, it makes teh dentists and candy-companies happy heh and i hope u all had a good time! XP what did u allz do? ne one dress up? XD yeaa u know what really HACKS ME OFF!? when someones trying to talk to you and there doing something that causes alot of noise so they cant hear you, for instance my mom was yelling at me while she was running the vaccum, uh hello i cant FRIKIN hear you!! turn it off jeeze XD yeaa...meh watercolors done and you can see it here! clicky clicky! mann, my leg fell asleep the other day! thats such an odd sensation 0.o it was like...dead and i couldnt move it XD then it gets EXTREMLY tingly and sensitive XD; yeaa since i dont have ne thing slightly interesting to talk about...so i shall now present....TEH CREATURE OF THE POST!!!! FOR SHIZZLE! *explodes*

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ARRrrr this little guy is a Kerrow Burrower, they dig holes in the sides of caves and cliffs with many sharp beak-like extentions on thier head. Inside the hole they dig a complex tunnel system that leads to several hallowed out "rooms" were they lay their eggs or sleep. little is known about them because they become extremly vicious if one tries to enter thier den. They live in small colonies of 10-20. A small gland under thier stomach delivers a poisin through the extentions on its face, when indused with the poisin it can become fatal in a matter of minutes. Although, if you dont go smacking it with sticks, or crawling into its hole they wont bother you. They are relativly harmless, and can accually be quite affectionate and treated as pets if the poisin gland is removed. If one owns a Kerrow, its often a sign of wealth or dominance. (the small metal attatchment under its belly is a sign that a Kerrow has been "fixed" or had its poisin gland removed, the device tricks the kerrows nerve system into thinking that its the sac, therefore the kerrow does not regrow a poisin gland) Also, thier eggs have recently been dominating the black market because of the Drug-like side effects. Once the egg yolk is ground into a powder and mixed with a native herb it becomes a dangerous narcotic. Once injected into the blood stream it causes hallucinations, improved eyesight and muscle density ratio. Although the effects are short lived, and 90% of users die within a few days. In general the creatures are quite stupid, and cannot intellegently communicate with eachother. They can howevor send a series of chirp-like noises that warns other Kerrows. They reproduce A-sexually. The creatures wings are quite unusual, when about to take off a thin, clear film grows inbetween the wing extentions, and it melts when they hit solid ground. Thier wings can move at a rate of 100 beats per second, which allows them to fly at speeds of 50 knots. Some of the creatures grow large enough to mount and ride. Overall the creature is essential to the growing empire and a symbol of freedom amoung some clans.


heh, oh yeaa, and i finished my watercolor! ^___^


o o! and i finally finished all 3 halo novels! it twas so goods! the third one ends right before the beggining of halo 2, the game. It gave me so much more insight on the story, it roxed! the third was my favorite (cuz they blow a TON of shit up XDD) those were like...the first books ive read in sooo long XD; wow 0.0 i guess its just impossible for me to keep a post short XDD; heh, well thats pretty much all i got to report :P You all take it EZ! and...Do lots OF PIRATE STUFF! ARRR~! XD well, it just wudnt b rite to leave you without some eyecandy, so enjoy ^_- Tata!

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