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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Omg!1!11! cranberry sauce ROX the SOX!
heyz pple! howz it goin? good i hope ^_^ yea, cranberry sauce rocks, it is by far the best thanksgiving dish...and if you disagree the master chief will own ur ass in every possible way XD wellllzzz, very sorry for the lack of updates, i havent had much time to visit your sites either >< ive been totally SWAMPED with homewurk, it seems like all my teachers gathered togethor and randomly decided to quadruple my homework load for this week >>;; yeaz...ne who, im barely passing algerbra (69) hopefully i can keep it at that, and ill be happy haha...were getting new carpet in our living room! and so thus ALL the furniture has to go...and thats a lot of furniture >.- and so theres crap all over...and my allergies have been raging full blast all week >> very annoying....ne one else get stupid allgergies? XO and to further complicate things, we have some company coming over, i think there our cousins or somethin...but they got like 1000 screaming kids, and i h8 kids >:O well...just the kid kind XD heh, well for lack of nething slightly exiting to tell you, i shalt share with you....THE CREATURE...OF THE POST!!! YESMAM W000t!

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This is a Vorlog, this cold blooded creature lives deep within the swamplands of the south. They are somewhat intellegent, and have a crude language made up of very deep "clicky" moans and hand signals. They stand 8 feet tall on average and have three times the muscle density of an average human, making them one of the strongest creatures on the planet. They arent the friendliest of creatures, and will often slaughter innocent bypassers and ruthlessly mount thier heads upon stakes near the border warning any other potential trespassers. They have also been spotted inland as much as 50 miles, near the imperial provinces. Each year they go farther and farther inland, were not sure yet what thier motives are. All attempts to make peace with thier kind have failed. They havent made any coordinated retalliations yet, we can use thier lack of tactical knowledge to our advantage. Our best method of protection is placing highly experianced garrisons of Imperial Ordinators near the border, in groups of 4 or less. They can quickly surround and down the beast with thier halberds, as they are the best we have to offer. The bodies are then sent to the mainland were they are studied by our best Apothecary and divine metaphysics proffesors. Through various experiments we can find out where they lived, what they ate, who they associated with, and basically any details of thier life, unfortunately this process is extremely Tedious and time consuming. We have concluded the following information: They are nocturnal, and during the day they rest under the shallow swamp moss, hidden from sight. They have some form of a monarchy/anarchy, but the details are blurred. They protect the Olden swamplands with unparraleled dictatorship. Imperial scholars belive the swamps to be a "holy place" or "sacred grounds" for them. In general, little is known of thier cultures and rituals because its nearly impossible to learn thier language.

yay thats over with! XD hope you enjoyed it ^_- *strokes mustache akwardly* hm HM HMMmm

has anyone seen one piece? ive fallen in love with it even tho ive only seen the first ep @.@ i love the art, the music, the story and everything about it! and best of all its got PIRATES! yes PIRATES! my uber all time favorite XD

now its time for me to rave about the new upcoming Guilty Gears game called "slash", so excuse me...


well, i think thats all ive got to report...hope you all have a nice day! i shalt leave you with some tasty eyecandy of order sol !!! ^_-

bye bye!

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