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Friday, September 9, 2005

No fairs ; _ ;
hellooo my lovely pple! how goes ur lives? still alive n' kikin? XD welll, i went to the dentistt, andddd they SCRAPED and RIPPED at my teeth and gums then told me i wasnt brushin rite cause it was bleedin....its bleedin cuz u bloody stabbed it! >:O and i mite have to have my wisdom teeth removed...pff, utter sukage, im not goin in till it starts hurtin tho >:D ne who, this next week my parents and my sis r going on a CRUISE accrost teh carribian!!! i wont b going tho ; _ ; i have to stay behind and go to skool cus im too stupid to miss >.> lolz, owell, at least ill get sum time ta draw! :D yeaa, my uncle russ is commin down (or up) from texas! to help take care of my grandmas...that'l make it more interesting, he's quite the char lol, he's like 7 foot tall and has a realllyyy outgoin attitude..heh well thats all i got ta report! over n outs! lata pple!

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