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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   last post of summer...
yes, today is the last day of summer! :( and tommorow i start as a senior :P bleh >< ive got creative writing, math of finance, english IV and algerbra 1 (yes, i still havent passed algerbra! loll) really borring schedule though...lol two math classes! what a rippoff...heh, its also the first year my sister is going to b in hs with me 0.o ive been spending today watching howls moving castle ^_^ (yet again) heh, if u havent seen this movie you need to go buy it! if u cant buy it, steal it! if you cant steal it, steal a car and drive to the coast, steal a boat, and sail all the way to japan, and steal it from some hobo over there (jk) lols, yeaas, im just making banners for the clubs ^_^ its really fun...i achieved my goal for the summer! which was, to get better at drawing, photoshop, increase my portfolio, and make a ton of friends on myo! hehe ^___^ im so tankful for all the nice friends ive made, so thx all u nice pples!!! you all deserve something special...i know!!! pocky! VIRTUAL POCKY FOR EVERYONE BWAHAHA! *hands out virtual pocky* mmMMM! its good isnt it!? XD ...i wont be able to draw NEAR as much as i was b4, cause i basically had all day to draw in the summer :P and now, ill probably have 2 hours max when i get home from school cause of homework or w/e...but ill still post on myo, and try to get around to everyones sites ^_^;;; are any of you pples starting up school soon? well, i guess thats it, ill ttul l8rs!

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draw with me peoples!!! :D

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