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Saturday, August 13, 2005

random riddle
aight, im chaning it from the weekly riddle, to the random riddle, so ill post one whenever i feel like it because im too stupid to remember when a weeks past lol..okay, heres todays random riddle! goodluck pples!

this thing all things devours

birds beasts, trees, flowers

gnaws iron, bites steel

grinds hard stones to meal

slays king, ruins town

and beats high, mountain down

and remember u get a fanart if u win! ^_^ btw, if anyone gets it, im much better at evil/grittyier drawings, so gimme sumthin fun to draw!

OKAY! sheena got that one! on to the next one! ^_^ i made this one up, so it might sound a bit retarded lols...

keeper of the knowledge

through the ages told

mystery, abounds in me

inside me lies death, sorrow, happyness, and joy

who am i?

ouchhies, i got pwn3d by the pickleman! looks like he gets a fanart! haha yea the awnser was, "A BOOK!" :D okay, one more! this is the last one tho! >:D i made it up too ^__^

without me, you cannot see

with me, you can work wonders

i will be with you werever you go

forevor, never fleeting until the fatal day



okay...i guess thats it for this random riddle! *enraged screaming* HOW CAN YOU GUESS MY RIDDLES SO EASILY!!! HA! you think you know my secret riddles but you dont! and soon, yes very soon, i shall have the ultimate riddle which will EVAPORATE the very mucus from your brains because you cant think of ANYTHING near the possible awnser because i am simply TOO witty and cunning for your incapacitated minds! phew, okay i feel much better...breath...breath.........

btw, heres a quiz i took, this is like exactly like me! im totally a loner artist! lols...

People view you as a Loner Artist. Loner Aritist
are exactly as their title says, loners and
artist. Now you are not alone by choice but
many people find you odd. This only bothers you
when you're in a public place like a dance club
or a crowded lunchroom so you tend to steer
clear of those places. You might have a friend
or two but they're either Loner Artists like
you or Truly Dark. Fear not! So many artists
are not appreciated in their own times!

What Do People Truly See You As? (lots of outcomes and stunning pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

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