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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

quite possibly the shortest post I'll ever make.

Hello all, how are you doing right now?!? <--awnser that. I know! I've been soo inactive, and I feel bad. : ( I'm sorry, but your not entitled to come to this site. ^_^' I'll make it to yours if I can!

anyways, this is a blog, so I'll talk about myself. XP

went to tennesse for a week, yay, that was fun.

Furthermore I entered the otaku art..july contest thing, I'm too lazy to put up a fancy link so go check out my gallery if you care to see. : P

I'm so tired, and I've got another big trip coming up, but it's a surprise to where I'm going! oh ho yes, or maybe I'm just to lazy to type it all out. : P

Farewell for now, may you all have happy lives! : D ta ta!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


aAAAHhHHHHHhhhHHHhHhhHhhhHHH!!!! OH YEA!!!! *composes self* yes, I've graduated high school believe it or not. It was accuall¥ a week or so ago though, just haven't had the time to type up a post.

But Yes! I'm very exited about finally being out of school and able to persue my dreams! Althoughh It hasn't really hit me that I'm out for good, I'm sure that will come later..when everyone goes back to school or I get a job. o.o ooooOhh fun.

Now this Is odd, usually my fingers are full of things to type and rant about but right now I'm feeling kind of wordless, thats weirddd...hum. *trims fingernails* these things grow far too fast, y'now? before you know it you've got claws and can't find any SNIPPERS anywhere! XO Thats what we call them down here in oklahoma, snippers. And If you know anything about Oklahomians we like to make up words, and distort them to encompass our hick ways of life. : )

Well perhaps I can think of some stuff to type anyways. : D In other news I NOW HAVE A CELL PONE like the rest of the the worlds population, ba HA HAAaaa Now I feel hip and cool. *puts on terminator shades*

Hey I'm 18 now!!! : DD Huzzah! the golden age of 18, sweet 18. *Isn't that suppose to be sweet 16? ah well.* Ohhh Yeah, I am now my own person, NO LONGER OWNED BY MY PARENTS AHAAAA!!!!111....well..I guess kind of as long as I still live under their roof. -_-'

But I am now entitled to more of my AMERICAN RIGHTS!!!! Rights such as going and voting for the name I find most appealing, because If the name is ugly chances are their not going to be a very nifty bureaucrat, nope nope. /: P gasp, here's a thought. Why is that at 18 we have the right to go fight for our country but we can't legally have a sip O'ale? ; 0; Not that I'm interested in drinking, HAH, no..not this health conscious dude. *cough* noo...nooo really I promise I'm not interested in it. ^^; Altho WINE has healing properties MIND YOUU!!!! tiny sips won't hurt and It's a romantic beverage and so there. It's like altered grape juice. : P

Oh, I'm going to try a little experiment I stole from kfc. XP If you happen to read my entire post, just somewhere in your reply say "purple Socks!" : D Kfc Looovess thoose..Dont'cha!? ahem, anywho...

Y'now, its weird..my sister's goal for this summer is to get good at drawing anime, because she thinks their "just so cute" Guess she's right though, Isn't that why fangirls are fangirls!? they think anime's Cuuteee? they watch fluffy cute anime's. : 3

A random thought that just came to my head! WHY why...wHYYYY is it that words aren't spelt how they sound? some are, some aren't and I'm interested in knowing why! Is it their origin? I sincerley want to know. xP for example, conscious. Why Isn't it spelt KONSHINS? XD You'll get something sweeet and tasty if you tell meee. : D *YOu have to share with me thO!!!*

OH! I FINISHED A BOOK!!!!!!!!!! I read that sucker from front to cover to back to side and..yeah, It was called "Saving Fish from Drowning" Really interesting title, and even more interesting book! It seriously did get better the father along it got. SUCH A GOOD BoooOOK! It was funny and..sad and.. ;- ; that ending. *snifflee* wahH..sniff sniff. *blows nose* I cant get over it. But dude! they had these "Intha fisherman" from Inle lake In the book and I think they're like...the most awsome dude's ever, and It's really awsome, I'm not even joking, HAH, check this guy out.

Isn't that just the coolest ever!? He uses his foot wrapped around that oar/paddle and balances like that using his other hand to work those fish net's. This REALllyyyy makes me want to go to Myanmar, or..Burma, as it was previously called. Makes me want to go all around the world too, swooshh...talk about inspiration, and one day I'm gonna. : O although I heard Burma is dangerous territory, *or was* because of civil war, but It's not like I heard it from a reliable source so bla, Wouldn't it be just STupendicular!? : DDD

see, always get a dose of culture in my posts. : D

Okay, I think This post has gotten long enough...La la, I think I'm going to go to the mall and buy those FRIKIN Awsome shoes!!! XO seriously awsome shoes. They weigh like nothing and I love them, but thats too much to pay for a bloody shoe! Who cares I want it!! > :D ahem, I mean..need, I need it. ^_^' gotta remember one's manners.


DID you know flossing is suppose to improve the longevity of ones lifespann? GAsp! whoahh..thats pretty nifty.

Okay, I'm seriously goin..lets blow this jointt...get all the stuff and the gang togetha, three two one lets jam..DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNAA DAAA, sorry..I like breaking out randomly into song. -_-'

Yeah so EVERYOnE take it E~Z that means easy. Its just a shortened version. Everyone smilee and *try* to be happy! : D Yay! Love is all you need..La la la la la laaa...ahh krikey, beatles. -_-'

Okay, Think I might go now, Bye bye everyone enjoy your lives! :D Weeee all live in a yellow submARRINEeeee...LISTEN TO THIS SONG TA MAKE YOUR HEAARARTTT FEEEEL BEEETAAAAAA LAAA!!11@

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

a Scrumdiliumcious Update.

Hey there all! this is the second time I've typed this post because myo has been being *insert curse words* I'm sure you've all experianced what a wonderful pain it can be. *fake grin* ^___^''

So hows everybody doing!? : D well I hope, not a whole lot going on in my life right now, just trying to get in shape, jogging a mile and half every day, although I'm not to the point where I can jog it without stopping for a breather yet. : / owell, I just started 5 days ago, it takes time like everything. ^_^

and also in the news, My new and improved website is up, with the uber simple domain name. : D now you guys dont have to remember it. xP It took me months of staring at codes I had NO idea the meaning of to get it to finally work right. : P

So, Click!If you are so wisely intervened.

Furthermore, IM GRADUATING IN TWO WEEKS!!! :D YAY!! well..more like two and half. but finally! all these years! XO I cant waittt to get out of it and get on with my flipping life, its really going to be a wonderful thing..finally get on the road to my dreams and goals and what not. : )

well, thats about all I have fer ya, Hope you all have a wonderful week/weekend/whatever it is when you read this! : ) smile when ya can. ^_^ its good for the soul.

Take it easy everyone!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

   AHhhh! Life, and its many tincy branches....

Hey out there!!! to anyone that still knows I exist on the otaku, that is. Ive become quite the inactive one, not getting around to any of your sites hardly...oh, such guilt surrounds me. :-: if you, my friends could find it in your heart to forgive me i would be eternally grateful. oh yes i would be.

that you are not entitled to read this entire post, it is generally for my random ranting and the fact that i get an odd sense of pleasure from leaving you guys hanging for months then randomly updating with a gigantus post that leaves you thinking "OMG what is he thinking!? this post is massive Nobody is going to read this!" which is why! you dont have to read it all, there you go. your invitation right there. Although if you do read it all I would be quite gratuitious which most likely isnt a word, but sounds like one. YOu might even get something cool like THOSE PLASTIC MULTI COLORED SLINKIes that are Juuuust too short to go down your stairs. I know you all have very busy lives and most likely more important things to do like, perhaps there's a girl in your life to wuu, or a twinkie waiting in the kitchen to be consumed, your favorite tv show that makes you giggle and leaves you with a the "whoa, that was cool" feeling afterwards. : ) okay, so now im going to begin the post. OH YES!!!!! ive only just begun, because my fingers feel very very energetic tonight. sadly I didnt have time to upload any of my newest eyecandy for you, nor any fancy html links because they do put quite the strain on ones time. ALthough, If all goes as planned my website, *THE NEW AND IMPROVED FLIPPIN VERSION* something i can *almost* be proud of, should be up shortly, within a few days tops. I just finished registering the domain name, which i had no bloody idea i had to do, and was essential to the progress of the website DUR. another dur moment, DUR DUR DURDY FLIPPIN DURRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive had far too many of those in my lifetime, wouldve been nice to have a few less. aNYwho, *girly teenage voice* i like SO registered my domain name, and like, the guy like SO told me to wait 24 hours for the site to activate, and i was like, Dudee! its not automatically pulling the index page, which is messed up. and he was like, Dudeeee ya goota wait 24 + hours, and I was like, DUDEEEE IM SICK OF WAITING I WANT IT UP NOW WAHHHHHHHHHHHH, im gonna go get icecream and see if i can blow bubbles in it, if its the right consistency of melted/frozen icecream im sure its feaseble, and yes i know i spelt that wrong, because thats how i roll. dang i feel like i could talk forevor tonight, just on and on and on and on and on about ABSOLUteLY NOTHING IN PARTICULAR WHICH I KNOW THRILlS YOU OUT OF MY SKIN AND MAKES YOU RELLYYY EXITED WHEN I START TALKING IN CAPS OH YEAH HUH HUH?? :D :D :D


ohh what lack of a life i have, honestly. Hey! ive got my vanilla icecream with pecans on top of it now yay. ^_^ and YuM! its bluebell! BLUEBELL IS THE BEST FOR EVER AND ETERNITY! infinity!

and dont give me that look kfc, i know exactamundoly what your thinking "eating icecream again! ;-; oh no! the fabio like tim i once knew is going to turn into a couch sitting fiend and eat icecream all day! XO well rest assured, your smexy lean 6 pack isnt going anywhere. ^_- and i havent had a bowl in forevor and i beleive its well deserved, nothing like it to take away lifes sorrows and pitfalls. WHO LIKES PECANS!?!? I DOOO!! WE got pecan tree's and I love to go out and eatem. ^^ whoa, thats an odd thought..

*DIrectly talking to kfc* what if i had to pick up pecans instead of pears and my name ended up as pecans? that would kinda suck. XD; like..*claps hands to word* PE-cans. its two sylablles, which means more effort of the obicularis oris, risorius and who knows what other undeveloped muscles, perhaps the frontalis for those of us who use our forehead muscles to talk with, which few of us do.

Y'now I heard a quote by that fellow ghandi which i thought was pretty smancy, one being "where there is love there is life" And oh how true that saying is! I sincerly hope that everybody finds someone just for them and they stay togethor and live long prosperous lives full of loving. Some arent so fortunate though, which is sadddd. ) : poor chaps that dont have anybody, i mean..I Myself here, could achieve all my dreams and aspirations, be the greatest concept artist in the world but it wouldnt be as..rich as if i had someone I really loved who had helped me get up to that point in life, someone I had shared and experianced life With. BUt Y'now...Love is a wonderful thing that for makes life quite a bit more worth living, without it I'd be drudging through the same Old hellish horrid, un-motivated attitude of "oh, i just want to get out of school and be a concept artist already, make some friends, live life, draw, and do nothing but that and have a crappy lonely hermit like lifestyle forevor, which of course i DONT want to do now, now that there's some hope. I want to spend my entire life with someone im purly and UTterly devoted to and in love with! an unconditional love. And have a beautiful marriage, that would be nice. who wouldnt? well, im sure there are those who would rather stay single, or un-married, whatever it may be. Who thinks im a hopeless romantic? ;o; well, think hopeful romantic. ^_^ the glass is half full my friends,
}a"""d'' its half full with A TANGY ORANGE JUICEE!! which everyone knows is quite refreshing, tangy, healthy and orange-juicy like.

3 divine events just occured, - the divine part.

My mom came downstairs.

I heard dad snoring.

Lapy needs battery recharge.

what do these three random occurances have in common you may ask? well, excluding the last one, which was because ive been on the laptop too long), my mom came down to sleep on the sofa and is now dozing away several feet from me, can you put the clues togethor and find out why she came downstairs to sleep? cause and effect! the cause, my dad was snoring RATHER LOUDLY, which sounds more or less like a bull frog that cant die getting ran over repeatedly. very pleasent sound i may add, oh no, thats not sarcasm im using, im quite serious. the reverberating tones throw me into a deep melodius sleep inducing state, which causes me to thus go to sleep. *NOT NOT**, but, I feel sorry for my mom having to deal with that, I know there's medicines or..therapys or something, Nosepins ANYthing that could deal with that. ><

So, if you snore, please let those around you know so they wont be rudly awoken then forced to sleep downstairs on the sofa, people arent made to sleep on sofas. And if you dont snore, set up a camcorder or something, aim the mic at your bed and press record and let it run all night to see if you snore or not.

NEW SUBJECT YAY! im accually getting tired, thats kinda odd...

Okay, the new topic is aboutt...GUILTY GEARS YAY! my most favoritest video game EVA!!! not only are the character designs awsome, the characters themselves are Sweetness in a nutshell, and the GAMEplay is phenominal! honestly, go out and buy this game if you have a ps2 or box, its only like 15 bucks by now im sure...MAJOR KUDOS TO DAISUKE ISHIWATARI The insane fool who made up the series. Oneday im going to play guilty gears with kfc, what a day thats gonna be. : ) im gonna win too, ba HA. ha. you know what? I only have guilty gears XX2 reloaded, which is Oldd. ;-; they have isuka, which is new, and slash, which is even newer and not released in the Us, i dont think. but man those games look like a golden turkey chock filled with even more golden looking stuffing. OBLIVION!!! OH, My zoomgness...unbelivable realism, incredibly talented artists worked on that game! i swear to ye! go to www.elderscrolls.com and look at the screenshots for oblivion! So so SO beautiful!

Hey, has anyone wondered why I want to be a concept artist? :D *crickets*.....*creepy guy in the corner raises his hand slowly* NOT YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! XO *backhands* Put on your floaties and go play in the kittie pool before i slap you again! XO well, im going to tell whoever might happen to fall upon this, this wee tad bit of semi useful information'ez. :D

I want to be a concept artist because i like vido damesssssss!!! :D Durrrdy durrr! no, not really, thats accually not the reason, as some would believe. XD *news flash, i am now in the kitchen about to go upstairs*..okay, i am now upstairs in my room, in my nightwear, and my dads snoring like tripled in loudness, its honestly like a hundred thousand decibels. right, concept artist..

A concept artist, up to to this date in time, with my current knowledge, *which isnt saying much* is the perfect proffesion for me. Because, one word! Creating! Im creating things as a concept artist, im making my sub-concious become semi reality, im leading others on a glimse tour of my imagination that is inspired by everything that interacts with me, be it a little or a lot. Also, I couldnt fathom what it would be like to be around fellow artisans that have the same dreams and abilities, ive never EVERRR met a person that was..kind of like me, probably explaining my extreme lack of friends at school, which is sad, i just dont fit in, but owell, I know those people are out there somewhere, i just have to find them. How inspiring would that be..quite i imagine, life is inspiration! oppurtunity, life is many things, many things that are and arent, being, is how we see and feel life around us, we are "being" and so we are. Excusee my random deep thoughts, its how i get late at night..i just want to talk and discuss and debate and..keep talking. Y'now, this reallyy makes me think of a quote i wanted to say but i cant recall it, it went something like, "i think because i am, or i am because i am" I totally cant remember it, if anybody knows please refresh meh old memory. ^_^ YAY FLAG RAISE THE YAY FLAG! :D *yay flag raises*

its time for anuuuther cool quote, i love this one. "life isnt worth living unless its lived for someone else" i can remember who said it, martin luther king? alot of people have said different versions. I concure with the quote! I dont want to live my life for me...I want to live it for other people, people around me, people I love.

for anyone who didnt know, my uncle passed away recently... it was really hard at the funeral too, gosh. It made me think too, and how they said he left us a message through his life, I Definitly learned and changed from that...almost anyone would after seeing people so heartbroken over someone they love. for me, it was almost like..just make sure every minute of your life counts because your not going to get that back, make sure the people closest to you know how much you love them, you dont know if you'll get another chance to tell them..and just live life.

One more quote. ^______^ I loove quotes, they make me really happy because..they make me think about who i am, and and..ive got this quote randomizer on my google homepage so im always reading them. this one is "Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within" well..accually thats not the *exact* one i was thinking of, darnit i cant find the one i wanted! XO i'll post it tommorow, but yeah, thats a good quote there too, by james baldwin. And all in all love is a part of all our lives that none of us can deny, and im really...really tired right now, my eyes have that whole.."im shutting on my own because your too stupiD to go to sleep" thing going on. o.e..z..zz.zz.zzzz...Ah! huh..? wah? oh..right i was posting, well i guess i could type just a few more lame paragraphs...I want to see if there's a length limit on posts. ^_^

HUmmm hmmm....la la la...LA laaaaa laa...

WAhhheeeeee my rooms really dirtyyy...i cant ever find the time to clean it, which is a horrible excuse because i have all the time in the world to clean it but i just never get around to it and before you know it BAM THERe's A MOUNTAIN range of dirty clothes encircling your bed making it near impossible to get out of your room. -_- *stakes flag on top of dirty laundry* i ye claim this to be..dirty sock peak. okay, i bet im about to kill youu with how lame i am. XD owel, more fun for me less fun for you mwaha.
DOoooo REEeeee meeee FAAAA SOOOO LLAAAAAa TIIII DoooooOOooOOooooo!!!! ima horrible singer and thats sad Doooooo!!!

yeah, I definitly havent got a really good singing voice, its not like ive practiced on it or anything, but were pretty much stuck with the voices we have and there's not a *whole* lot practice can change..is there? ;o; perhaps a vocal cord surgery, as long as they didnt mess up and make me sound like a girl, thatd be the opposite of cool beans. BACH! HUmBUG! Its 2:00 in the morrningggggg and im posting a super long posttt because im not tired, kinda..well maybee i am but i have no liifeeeeee so here i ammmmm! and im postingggg! and typing and singinggg!!!!

Ohhhhh the hills are alive....with the sound of scuffling midgets singing "OHHHhhhhhh the hills are alive...with the sound of scuffling midgets singing "OHHhhhhh the hills are alivee!!! and on and on it goes my friends Mwahaha baaaa haaaa. LOVE. is a great thing indeed. I LOVE, LOVe. who here thinks my brain has the most random thought process likee..like eva? well, i duno, i know some people that are pretty high up there on the random crazy scaleSOUTHVENEZUALAN PRUNE FACTORY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Time for a bit of random. :D

Image hosting by Photobucket

I find this crazy, I'm posting it so everyone can seee and so that I can talk about it and poke fun at/admire it. its called..buri cosplay? its like an entire anime suit that covers your body and turns you into a walking anime puppet per say. How do they breatheee!? thats dedication rite there. i dont know, maybe there's a little air tube they sock on or something..I'd die inside a suit like that. -_- not that you could ever get me INSIDE of one in the first place PSHA Kick you in your face! NINJa attack WAH! PSHHAAAA PSH PSH.

So, what should i do tommorow...I think I'll...draw! I really have nothing better to do. *sighs* well hey, at least im being constructive with my timee! I could be rotting my brain out watching Tv as the sattelite waves slowly turn my cortex into a mushy gelatin like substance.


IT is now friday, the day i have off, the rest of my post was on thursday but i woke up and decided i had MORE TO SAY BA HA!

first I want to talk like a pirate. ARrrr ye m8's yeller bellied scum bag aint shiverin None timbers round e're ARRRRrrrr! ArrrrrrARrrr A HAARDYyy HArrrrrr. set sail for the eastern sea's meh salty dog swabbies! raise the plank n flush the cannons ARRrrr due west i mean ARRRrrr I'm be drunk as mad dog in meh cabin last nite ye must fergive meh.

Kay, now im going to tell you alllll about school. :D School sucks, as eeeveryone knows. I got a letter saying, *since im graduating in may* that they appreciated me being there and learning so many new essential skills for life, BAH! It'd be really nice if they accually Had taught me something that would be more useful, like..really, i didnt learn that much that im really going to use. -_-' but, I guess if anything its taught me patience and..stuff but..I reallyyyy have it pretty easy compared to some people i know. ><' we all need a summer before we turn into homework automotaun worker drones. ;0; oh wait..seems like some of us are already to that point.. ;-; but it cant be helped, no it cant.

YAY I FOund those quotes i was looking for! :D

here they are.."About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won't like you at all." thats by an Anna Goldman, and Its a great thing to have someone love you for who you are, but sometimes who we are isnt what the other person wants, Or needs, but thats natural, it wouldnt be much fun if the couple agree'ed on everything...---_-- i see i see but..next quote.

If love does not know how to give and take without restrictions, it is not love, but a transaction that never fails to lay stress on a plus and a minus.

same person, thats a good one too, Love needs unconditional love to blossom like the giant flowers outside my window, and, by being devoted and, whatever else unconditional means, next quote.

There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.~Pearl S. buck.

Wahh thats a sad one, i think its true though, what else would break your heartt? It'd be sad to lose any dream. But there's something..good about always having a dream in front of you, and thus another good quote that relates to that subject. ~

I dread success. To have succeeded is to have finished one's business on earth, like the male spider, who is killed by the female the moment he has succeeded in his courtship. I like a state of continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind.

Oh yes, i concure George Bernard Shaw.

And another one by the same guy that relates to how i feel sometimes, this guy is good with his words.

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

And another reason i want to become a concept artist in this quote, Im getting more in touch with my imagination and thus getting more in touch with myself and those around me.~

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

Sick of quotes yet? XD well, weve still got a few more of my favorites i want to post up. : )

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.~Japanese proverb.

Its good to act upon your dreams and visions! and follow through on them, ive seen many who have those dreams but just dont pursue them, not sure why, and another quote comes up, not sure who is by. "I would rather pursue my dream and know the miserable taste of failure rather than never have persued it at all" Ai ai.

And, we'll end it on this one. XD

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

*claps* yes yes, build them into the sky.
Alright, thats enough of my random quote rants, what was i sayingg before all this...ah yes, school.

*reaches toward mayy* WAHhhhh hurry up may! ;-; im ready for my birthday/graduation showdown. XD Ohh yeah, im gonna like..throw the biggest party ever, and Eveeeryones invited. oh yeah, its gonna be great. I'm dig a gigantic hole in the ground in the backyard and THen! im gonna fill it with nasty water! :D and I'll sayyy its a pool when its more like a grogy messy puddle, but we'll all be too high of the sniffy markers to know BAAA HA HA. not really, of course. That would be like almost opposite my personality. XP OKAY I LIEDdddd i lied i lied! Here's your eye-candy dosage. Sol, about to perform his overdrive "TYRANT RAveeeE" which I think is flippin awsome. He was watercolor, background generally ps bla bla nobody cares about the technical side, just taste this FLIPPIN eye candy and leme know if you liker them smexy like muskles. ^_-

La la laaa! LA LA!!! once again i shouldnt be on american idol. ^^

*************------- ^^^ UP Theere is the section of the post posted on friday, below is from thursday. :D

Hey, did you guys know its like UBER green here? yeah, its really really reallyyyyy pretty, the leaves always look so fresh when they first come out, its especially revitalized and gorgeous in the morning, unfortunately this is me in the morning" ERUUUHHHGGGHHHhhhhGGRAAAAA I have to wake upppppp noooooooooooooooooooo. *rolls over in bed* *grandma turns on the light* You need to get out of bed, its late! *me:* ahhhHHHHHH!!! XO a witch has comeeee to take me away sAVE MEH! XO thats seriously how i woke up the other day, WORST WAY EVER TO WAKE UP.

Alright, i think its about time to wrap this up, so i can fall asleep and wake up with silly string up my nose.

I'll see yoU GUYSES LATAAAAAAA!!! I hope you all find someone to love, there's someone out thereee there has to be! just look at the gazzilions of people..you just..have to find them which is easier said that done. >>

ITs ALl cool beans though, go live life! Love! CARPAEIDIUMMM!!!!!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! lIVE N LOVE N LEARN N BE N KNOW N..a little dancing when your happy on the side. ^_^ tootles everyone.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

   BEHold! I LIVE! *breakdances*

OH yes if ANY of you can dance like me i swear I'll draw you 1000 fanarts of your choice! XD but we all know thats not gonna happen. ^_- I'm the hottest thang round this joint...er not. :P Howz my people doins!? *jumps up and smashes chest against everyone elses* BRoomya! XO *shakes head up and down real fast* How's everybody been?? Utterly stupendous I hope! :o missed you guys!

before we start, just realize that your not obligated to read every inch of this post…I know, its long, but Ive got a lot of stuff to report.

Anywho, Lookit! Im alive! after being absent for I duno how many years. XD really sorry about that m8's, but Ive been buzy buzy! like a buzy little bee only bigger, and with ruggedly handsome facial hair! XD *strokes beard and looks in mirror* oh yeaaa....sorry, I go on these ego trips and..well its not pretty. ^_- XP and this time I’ve accually got something decent to report about my life too! XO I bet you've been wondering what Ive been up to the past few months eh? well...

the majority of my time has been taken up by school, sharpening my art skills whenever possible, and building a website to showcase my art which I shall UNVEIL in a matter of minutes! The stuff in there's alot better than anything in my horrible my0 gallery..*cringes* XD Also, because I know how much you guys like eyecandy I'll show you my uber latest work! *gasp*

Here you go m8's, Fresh out of the oven! :O ah ah, be careful its still hot! XP


That there's my first wolf drawing! :O I drew one like 3 years ago but it doesnt count. XP It's also a birthday present to miss black wolf serena, sorry Its late, happy happy 15th birthdayyy! ^^P

Sorry Ive been so inactive guys! XO I feel bad for it, but now that I’ve got alot of stuff *relativly* behind me, I think im gonna be able to get around to your sites more often and see whats going on in your lives. lifes? dont kill me lindus. XD; you know spellings not my thing. ><;

So, *straightens tie* Lets get on to more pressing matters shall we?

Okay, I might as well address the demon known as school since it takes up so much of my time…well, somewhat. XP There’s not much left y’now! Only a few months more of this hellish abuse and I’ll be off to bigger and more important things! Oh yes, Im so looking forward to getting out of high school. *Droolssss* eww...I really needa cut that habit. ><

Another semi eventful event that’s occurred in my life is my conversion to…*gasp* sweets-eating! XO I’m such a hypocrite! ;o; and after like…4 years of dedication…*sniffs* owell...Mk, like the kfc, Yea, she knows who she is. *Glare* XP Influuenced me…*coughseducedmecough* XD more or less to eat icecream and stuff but..I have no regrets! She says its junk food but…I say it lies more along the lines of Soulll food, what do you guys say? :P Hehe, I’ll live if my arteries don’t explode from the sugar jolt. ^_-

Click…Heere. to see a rough representation of my newfound icecream fetish. Sighs XD

As you can all see my theme has altered to compensate for new obsessions.. :P I watched Princess Mononoke the other day and remembered just how much I loved it! XO to say it’s a miraculous masterpiece of influential, exhilarating expression of a timeless artist would be an understatement by far!
What I’m about to show you is the product of many many hours of tedious exertion and toil, but it was well worth it to show my comrades my latest shtuff! :D I’m gonna use big annoying blue text because that’s how I roll. ^_- *overly dramatic music*


There ya go m8’s! Hope you enjoy it, and I would be ever so jovial if you graced the guestbook with your presence to tell me what you think. ^_- * bows* That site was also the first essential step to moving towards a career in art, I do believe…so I’m really glad to have it behind me.

So I suppose that’s all I have for this ACTION Kung fu packed post! does random karate moves wait…im a gentlemen, gentlmen don’t do karate moves…*gets ambushed by ninjas hiding in the dark* GRA! XO !@_(*$_!&@!!! *insert random violence and bloodshed* Gosh..those ninja's! XO always hiding in the dark and doing flips and stuff..*sighs*

Yea, anywho, thanks for visiting! Don’t be afraid to come back now y'hear! ^_- and I plan on getting around to most of your sites soon, and see whats going on in the life of all my virtual compadre’s! so…for now, ta ta m8ties! And remember to keep the PIRATE SHIZZLE REAL! XO Carpaydeum!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

   Im not DEAD! :O

YOOooooooo my peopless! *gives hi 5's to everybody* Im back from the horrid land of inactiveness! XO yeaa, really sorry about that, ive been so buzy with finals n all XO

but im here now baby! oh yes indeed i am. Sooo i assumeee your all still alive and doing well XD heh, im plan on visiting your sites later today to check up on all you dorks! :P yesmam, well. Nothing SLIGHTLY intruiging going on in my life, i honestly wish a comet would come down and obliterate half my house into smitherines just because it would be fun XD ive been *gasp* yes going to skool because its the law, and I PASSED!!! YES PEOPLE I PASSED! *climbs to an apex of a mountain and screams in a bad arnold swarsenager voice* YESSS IVE DONEEE ITT! XP just one step closer to ridding myself of the devilish entity that is SCHOOoool :O yea, and i totally cant wait for next semester because i have ap art! an entire period to draw! and its a roxin class cause i geta draw whatever i want (almost XD) and express my emotions with gigantic broad strokes of beatiful mediaa! XD yeaaa, well ne who...even i get into the christmas spirit and ive prepared for you a CHRISTMAS rendition of some freaky plant dude for all my fellow friends! i hope you'll geta kick out of it XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hehee, well thats...disturbing XP well now i just gota finish all these presents -,o im drawing charactures (sp??) of all my family members for x mas, because im just that cheap. XD and OHhhhh dude, i just went downstairs and theres a BIG heavyyy present with my name on it >>>D you know what that means? its good, because the bigger the present the better. thats just common knowledge rite der XDD

Heh. Maaan i think i had one too many cookies earlier XD me and my sister made this massivee one and ate it all up XD maan im stoned outa my mind right nowww....(not really) XD

Yeaa, later on today were going to my grandpa's to celebrate Xmas eve ^^ thats always fun cause theres a tonn of food...(sausage rolls) man is that stuff good @.@

well i guess i should wrap this post up, but before i go...i just wanted to let you know im working on a SUPER DUPER SECRET PROJECTTTT :OOO *gaaaasp* yea, its so secret i cant even tell you what it is, thats rite. and those of you who know, ill cut your head off in the night and leave it with santa's cookies if you tell >>>D so....be in suspense! :O *waves fingers around* ooooOO the suspensee! XD but yeaa, ill reveal it in my next post, so keep an eye out! and...well i really should wrap this up XD *wraps it up* i guess ill see you guys when i see ya! yall have a GREAT Christmasss!!! seriously, have a goodin! eat lots of choclate, get really fat and enjoy your presentss! may santa be good to you all. Have a wooonderful break m8s! till next time, Carpay-DEUMMMM!!!! *bangs head to hardcore afganistan techno* WHOOOO!!! YEAAA!!

BTW, thank you guys for sending me christmas pms! ;o; i really appreciate it!

Ps. Im filling all your stockings with coal just to see how mad you get. XDD and then im going to steal your fignutons.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


YES...oh yes...salutations...thats my word now XD lindus cant have it!! *hiss* howz it goin pple!? cotton fields growin? dottin all ur t's and crossin all your I's? XDD did u know its starting to get that time of the year!? when you feel warm and fuzzy!!! Ohhh...i can feel that jackfrost nipping at my nose already XP heh...well, i havent been up to much...just been uberly buzy...balancing skool and being a pirate is hard work.. ;/ and i finally managed to get around to ALL of your sites today! yay for me...i deserve to be dipped in a vat of noodles or something...XD mm...i gota go to my cousins...or grandmas or...somethin for thanksgiving so im guna b away for a few days XP so yeaa im guna make this quick...ive spent ALOT of time preparing a detailed thanksgiving rendition for you all...i hope you'll enjoy it ^_-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hehe >D sorrE, theres...no creature of the post this time, i know your just SUPREMLY dissapointed...dont kill yourself please, i know its depressing...there will be one for the next post i pwomise ^^ Oh wait! i suppose that freaky chicken could double as a creature...XD Yea..so there u have it...the

"freakychicken-turkeyhybridthingywithapartyhatandhumanlegsbecauseidontknowwhatturkeylegslooklikeXD" Creature. XPP welp, i guess that pretty much wraps it up...CARPAYYDEIUM PEOPLE! GO SEIZE THAT DAY!!!ONE1ONE! XD and eat LOTS Of freakin turkey! TONSss! seriously...its not a thankgiving unless you cant move afterwards XD aight, ill be seeyin ya m8ties! taker EZ!


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Friday, November 11, 2005

WTH you stole my muffin!

SERIOUSLY! im so not frikin joking...give it back! i want my muffin! i will totally shank you with this fork if you dont hand it over! XD YEaaa...
Hows it goin everybudy? doin well? rosebuds growin? pillows fluffy when you go to bed? XP now...behold in AW as i perform the unthinkable...a...(slightly) shorter post XD theres not much goin on over here! exept for the fact...THERES LATINO COMUNISTS RUNNING RAMPANT IN THE STREETS OMG THAT LADY JUST GOT STABBED! OH NOOO! AHHH! ok..thats not really happenin (No dur idiot) but it wudnt it b fun if it did? XD ne who,...its my sisters B day today, and i just finished the drawing i was doing for her, im such a procrastiator XP check it out m8s!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yeaa...you know whats coming! you may run, but you can never escape teh...CREATURE OF THE POST!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This my friends is the... "imfartoolazytodrawadecentcreatureofthepost" creature. They are sustained on a strict diet of chex mix (traditional) and random peoples shoes. The fiend hides from sight deep within the crevaces of your house, and just when you think they dont exist...BAM!!!! your shoes are missing and all your chex mix is GONE! BWAHAHAHA!!!

mk...well i think thats purty much it... but first! a random question! whats the last thing you ate? :P I had a...peanut butter and jelly a second ago..with milk....arent they the best?? XD yesmammmMM! good eatin XP well Yall take it EZ! have a good nite! i wuv u all! ill ttul m8's.....and now..im off to take a nap...zZzZzZzZzZ

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005


YESSsss MACHUPICHU!!! a friend told me that word XD its such a great word XD try saying it in the stupidest voice you can muster, its quite entertaining XDD NE who, *straightens vest* YO wasup my fellow kinsman!? still alive n kikin? hope so XP wellzz its time fer an update! ill make it short n sweet ;P have a fun halloween!?! mmm i didnt do ne thing...just homewurk >> but oh it was some fun homewurk! XD *inner chaos comes out: LIES DAMNIT!! LIES!!! *pushes back into mouth* BLAaa sry bout that >< my friends seemed to have an eventfull evening...they went out paintballing random cars and people, XDD then they shot this black car and some crzy chick started chasing them, and rammed them and they put it in reverse and had a peel-out war XD then they took off trying to lose her but they drove into a dead alley XPP and were arrested, one got felony charges, lmao...serves em right!...idiots XDD ive never been a big fan of halloween....i just dont see the holiday significance of it 0.o what started it? i bet it was some random dudes wanting to get some free candy, yeaa thats it...punks XP owell, it makes teh dentists and candy-companies happy heh and i hope u all had a good time! XP what did u allz do? ne one dress up? XD yeaa u know what really HACKS ME OFF!? when someones trying to talk to you and there doing something that causes alot of noise so they cant hear you, for instance my mom was yelling at me while she was running the vaccum, uh hello i cant FRIKIN hear you!! turn it off jeeze XD yeaa...meh watercolors done and you can see it here! clicky clicky! mann, my leg fell asleep the other day! thats such an odd sensation 0.o it was like...dead and i couldnt move it XD then it gets EXTREMLY tingly and sensitive XD; yeaa since i dont have ne thing slightly interesting to talk about...so i shall now present....TEH CREATURE OF THE POST!!!! FOR SHIZZLE! *explodes*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ARRrrr this little guy is a Kerrow Burrower, they dig holes in the sides of caves and cliffs with many sharp beak-like extentions on thier head. Inside the hole they dig a complex tunnel system that leads to several hallowed out "rooms" were they lay their eggs or sleep. little is known about them because they become extremly vicious if one tries to enter thier den. They live in small colonies of 10-20. A small gland under thier stomach delivers a poisin through the extentions on its face, when indused with the poisin it can become fatal in a matter of minutes. Although, if you dont go smacking it with sticks, or crawling into its hole they wont bother you. They are relativly harmless, and can accually be quite affectionate and treated as pets if the poisin gland is removed. If one owns a Kerrow, its often a sign of wealth or dominance. (the small metal attatchment under its belly is a sign that a Kerrow has been "fixed" or had its poisin gland removed, the device tricks the kerrows nerve system into thinking that its the sac, therefore the kerrow does not regrow a poisin gland) Also, thier eggs have recently been dominating the black market because of the Drug-like side effects. Once the egg yolk is ground into a powder and mixed with a native herb it becomes a dangerous narcotic. Once injected into the blood stream it causes hallucinations, improved eyesight and muscle density ratio. Although the effects are short lived, and 90% of users die within a few days. In general the creatures are quite stupid, and cannot intellegently communicate with eachother. They can howevor send a series of chirp-like noises that warns other Kerrows. They reproduce A-sexually. The creatures wings are quite unusual, when about to take off a thin, clear film grows inbetween the wing extentions, and it melts when they hit solid ground. Thier wings can move at a rate of 100 beats per second, which allows them to fly at speeds of 50 knots. Some of the creatures grow large enough to mount and ride. Overall the creature is essential to the growing empire and a symbol of freedom amoung some clans.


heh, oh yeaa, and i finished my watercolor! ^___^


o o! and i finally finished all 3 halo novels! it twas so goods! the third one ends right before the beggining of halo 2, the game. It gave me so much more insight on the story, it roxed! the third was my favorite (cuz they blow a TON of shit up XDD) those were like...the first books ive read in sooo long XD; wow 0.0 i guess its just impossible for me to keep a post short XDD; heh, well thats pretty much all i got to report :P You all take it EZ! and...Do lots OF PIRATE STUFF! ARRR~! XD well, it just wudnt b rite to leave you without some eyecandy, so enjoy ^_- Tata!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Friday, October 14, 2005

WHAAA....dude lookit! a rock!

Hey pple! is life good? howz it goin? X3 ive been swamped as usual >> yes sirEee, ive had very little free time due to the evilishness that is...*gasp* skool XD mK...im like, a really good guesser...like, on this test the other day, i guessed on everything and i made a 82! SUGOI!! XD and ive coined the nickname "bearded man" around skool because i look so scragly XD and today, it was stoplight day er some crap XD like, if your single you wear green, and if your dating someone you wear red, and me having NO idea it was stoplight day, (because i have no school spirit XP) i just happened to wear a red shirt and there was red on my shoes and my hoodie was RED!!! XD how ironic...so i had to deal with pple asking me who i was going out with all day long, quite annoying >> ne who...the new nine weeks starts next week! and guess wha? i get the Same classes! OMG YAY! that means my life is going to get EVEN more monotonous (big words be proud lindus! XD) and repetative! soon my life will blur into a slushy like mix of school, pirates, homework and yoplai yogurt XDD now id like to take the time to thank all my friends on myo! ur all so nice'n stuff! oh yeaa, u guyz totally rok the sox! XPP and now, im going to quadruple the posts length by putting my creative writing homework assignment UP!!! BWAHAHAHA YES! be forewarned, if you read this your eyes may accually bleed from the inexerably horrid nature of it all XD if you dont feel like reading it, then uh...DONT!

*ahem ahem....*

Deep within the Segni system, on a remote segi-9 probe station, Orval Yorkshire manned his station.
“Good morning Orval, Shall I initiate standard root check for inbound activity?” rang the soothing voice of the computer AI.
“Hey sexy, that would be fine, ” replied Orval.
It had been years since he had seen a human female. His fingers skimmed across the control panel initiating the system root check. He kicked his legs on the counter and leaned back in his chair. He lit a fine “umbra” cigar and inhaled the raspy-cherry flavored smoke. It was slightly chilly in the room, and he ordered the AI to raise the temperature several degrees. He stared past the frosty window into the deep nothingness that was the segni-system.
“Captain Vinhiem traveling on an inbound system vector towards Umbra HQ” came over the speaker system.” Permission granted captain” he said respectfully as he logged in the vessels system root vectors and sent the files directly to Umbra HQ. It was his job to monitor this section of the segni system, send out probes and gather information on system traffic and report his findings to HQ…Specifically, he was on the lookout for Veltelgi Vessels. The Veltelgi. The name sent chills down his spine. These strange humans started the nuclear war 200 years ago. They’re kind popped up out of nowhere. They were dominated by science and logic, and worked as one united power forcing their ideals upon the rest of mankind. When earth was nearly destroyed, an organization appeared to combat the Veltelgi. They were FERA – the final earth resistance alliance. They were forced to retreat from earth and eventually landed here, and established the Umbra HQ. In hopes of mounting a decent offensive at taking back their home planet. Orval stood as Vinhiem passed in his FERA cruiser. It was a beautiful ship. He mounted a crisp salute towards the vessel. He had not forgotten his many years in service. The war effort was hopeless though. In a matter of months the Veltelgi would conquer the few remaining FERA systems. Their technology was superior in every way; they were quicker, stronger, and adapted to any situation.
That’s why he was here. It was safe, unimportant to the Veltelgi. He had resigned here many years ago when he realized the war effort was futile. He started to daze off, dreaming of a warm bed and fireplace (he wasn’t too fond of his ice-cold bunker facility.
A sharp “pinging” noise awoke Orval. He looked at the clock in the corner screen; he had slept for three hours. The pinging continued. It was the signal of an inbound ship. The computer quickly recognized the craft as a FERA frigate. It was coming strait for his station too…. what business could they possibly have here? He thought to himself. The craft docked, and the airlock opened. Several men wearing FERA ballistic armor approached Orval. On the armor was a small crest, in the shape of a raven; in each of its claws were a skull. These men were the infamous hell troopers of FERA. They ordered Orval to board their ship; they were in need of his assistance. He didn’t dare question their authority, and boarded the frigate. Once inside they pointed him towards the briefing room. He opened the door; it was cramped inside, with a small table and two chairs. A man sat across the room wearing a navy blue suit, his hair was balding and wispy grey streaks ran through it. The man looked stern, and cold.
“Sit down Mr. Yorkshire” the man said in a gruff, deep voice. He quietly sat in the green padded chair. The man told him of the vessel “Fallen Sun” the same vessel that Captain Vinhiem was in charge of. Captain Vinhiem was apparently in need of an information bridge officer; and none fit the glove better than Orval. He’d had more information and technical experience than many of the captains themselves. This meant that he’d have to be in the main bridge, with the captain during battles. That was the last place Orval wanted to be. He had no choice in the matter, and failure to comply would result in death. He was dismissed from the briefing room. In an instant, his life had been turned upside down, no longer was he going to be able to hide in his safe corner of the universe. They were now headed for Umbra HQ. Several hours passed and they were beginning to near the HQ.
He looked out his window and saw the utterly massive planet of Umbra. Storm clouds billowed over the surface of the jungle embedded sphere.
“Entering planet atmosphere, please be seated and engage all hazard locks,” the captain said over the speakers. Orval took his place and double-checked to make sure the locks were all secure. The ship dove towards the surface and everything began to rumble. Outside the window it looked like the ship was on fire. He noticed a considerable increase in temperature as well. Soon enough the ship leveled out and entered normal atmosphere. Beneath them was what seemed to be a vast sea of endless jungle spreading to the horizon. Gigantic tree’s billowed thousands of feet into the air, and gargantuan semipermiable domes dotted the surface which could each contain twenty to thirty thousand people. The atmosphere was like a poison, and was unbreathable. The frigate pulled even closer to the surface and we swooped in near one of the larger domes. The frigate drew near the dome and slowly pressed through its shimmering water-like surface. The “iron bubbles” as they were so adequately nicknamed were the greatest achievement of FERA. They could allow massive ships inside, or harden to act as a force field in times of distress. It was also nearly invisible, except for when a ship or object touched it, and then it glowed and shimmered like the ocean at dawn. It also kept the breathable atmosphere inside, allowing humans to breath. The ship turned towards a docking bay and locked in place.
With a spurt of highly compressed air the hatch opened up to the inside colony. He disembarked and turned into the endlessly long see-through hallway. Outside he saw the “fallen sun” cruiser. It was easily 100 times as large as their frigate. If the fallen sun was here, that meant Vinhiem was here as well. The landscape was beautiful. The sky was on fire with an orange-yellow hue and grand cumulus clouds filled the expanse. On the edge of the lush forest “jungle spiders” were busy on patrol duty. These odd machines stood on long flexible legs, perfect for maneuvering through the thick jungle swamp moss. Some soldiers call them the “hotbox” because it can reach extreme, sometimes hazardous temperatures inside. This place all looked so foreign, like an alien planet. “This way” said a hell trooper as he guided Orval through the winding passages. Suddenly he stopped beside a door and told Orval to enter. He did so, and found Captain Vinhiem inside, staring into the outside world with his hands clasped behind his back. He turned and saw Orval.
“Ah, so you’re my new bridge officer,” said the Captain in a deep satisfied tone while turning to salute.
“Yes sir, I am sir” Orval said as he returned the salute.
The man had multiple scars across his face and a short grey flattop, the military standard. His face was craggy and wrinkled with time. His dark navy blue suit was cleanly pressed and ironed. He wore many insignia on his chest, each representing an act of valor. There was an Aura about the man, a sense of divine leadership and wisdom.
“Can I rely on you to perform your duty soldier”? He asked in a stern voice.
“Yes sir, of course sir” Orval replied.
“I hear you’re the best at what you do, ill need nothing less than perfection if we plan to succeed” said the captain.
“Succeed…at what?” Orval asked.
“Isn’t that obvious Yorkshire? Were going to take back earth, and slaughter as many of those Veltelgi bastards as we can in the process”

Yay! *claps* did u enjoy it? i sure hope you did!

NOW im going to drive this home and induidibly obliterate any fibers of your being that are left by presenting....THE CREATURE OF THE POST DUM DUM DUHHHHMM!!!! *lightning strikes* XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This my fellow kinsman is teh Orgulados Vel ulmsagniveros Isishoushidini (ill give you 10 bucks if you can pronounce that XD) we'll just callem Orgulados...

The Orgulados is a sub specie of Vorlog. It also resides in the swamplands of the south. They are somewhat less intellegent than their counterpart, and are more beast-like. They stand 12 feet tall, but often walk hunched or on all fours. They spend thier days in a hybernative-like state lying under the swamp moss. When an foe approaches the Orgulados creeps under the moss and springs up to catch his opponent by surprise, and consumes his prey willingly. They tend to be ferocious but slow, and cumbersome creatures, and are easy to evade. For reasons unknown to us, they often bear a metallic-like mask that is bound to thier face through a rather unusual process. Under examining the body, the mask seems to be melted onto thier skin, the wound had long since healed though, meaning that the mask must have been burned on in thier younger years. Perhaps the mask has some sort of recognition or religious or spiritual connotation. On a certain day when the moons are aligned the creature can be seen in the swamp standing erect, emitting a dense smoke from thier jaws, making unusual whale-like moans and clicks. Again we dont quite understand the significance of this ritual. Because of the little threat this beast poses to the empire, we have concentrated our studys towards more immediate threats.

Whoo hooO! thats over with! XP well...now i can continue with the post :P lets see...Ah yes! im almost done with the second halo novel! only a few pages away from finishing it! im going to play epic music from the game while i finish it XD There really good books too! it fills in alot of gaps left out of the game, i totally cant wait to start the 3rd one! :P ne body else reading ne good books er novels? mMMHmmm... YAY! im finally gunna get some time to visit all your sites this weekend! oh what a glorious feeling...the weekend...tis good Neh!? drawing-wize, ive been doing a watercolor at school for about a month, and ill be sure to scan it when i finish to show u guyz ^_^ im guilty of having static or "posed" drawings, so im trying to implement more action and animated scenes into my art. oH yeaz! and lindus has a Birthday commin up! xP yessirE big 17! So, everyone be sure to give her some pocky or somethin XD NowwwW, this post wouldnt be complete without some good'ole eyecandy neh? so, ill leave you with some uber stuff to make your eyes say "ooOOOOooo YUmmy! XD"

Farewell my pirate friends! untill next time! *spontaniously combusts*

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