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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Chinese Ghost Story
is anyone a romantic out there? there is this story titled A Chinese Ghost story. it's about a monk who travelled with his master and then met some ghost demons. within those ghost demons were female ghosts who are extremely beautiful and their leader the mountain demon. they lure men and kill them to feed their master's thirst for blood. one day the the most beautiful ghost was told to lure the monk with her beauty and kill them. the master monk was powerful and was fighting with the mountain demon. while the masters were fighting the beautiful ghost came out of nowhere screaming for help...

if you think it is interesting and can continue if you want...it is still a romance story... guess what will happen next..

there he met her yet there was nothing after her. she tried many tricks up her sleeves yet he didn't fall for it. he was young and naive and all that comes to mind was save her. the Buddha statue fell and he tried to get it but there were posionous snakes everywhere....

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