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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wirte your own novel, speak your voice!

now the time is near for national novel writing month! meaning, people from all over the world are writing novels based on writing exzperiences, students, teachers, everybody! i hope you guys participate. if you do have true experiences and wanna try it, go to:


it is also suggested by Shojo Beat Magazine that you should try and visit these as well:




"taking a chance could mean a new journey. a new journey is another path. it is where you can find yourself if you are searching. if you're not, you might learn new things about yourself. it's all about self discovery."

get active, express yourself. when you do, i'll be there to learn more about you guys individually. ^_^

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

hi guys. i just wanna say that i liked being a part of myotaku and getting to to know all of you. i want to say thank you and sorry if i didn't visit your sites more often. hope you have a good day. ^_^

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.nn
nWhat Darker Naruto Character Are You?n
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You're a guy that always appear silent and cold.

Hardly you trust in the others, only you know what had built

these "barriers".

Only a few really knows you,

and these know how much you're precious.

You're a person that returns a little affection with something ten times bigger!

On the other hand, if someone hurts you, you'll return the same hurt, but bigger!

Most of the times you don't think before acting, but you can fight for what you believe in.

You're a lot sensible and you could be moody, for everything you do.

You're surrounded by something "magic", a big karma,
even if you don't notice it.

The others often are being positively shocked by you.

You own an exciting and passion also with your determination.

Sometimes you have the happiness and the unconsciousness of a baby, without a particolar reason... But it's funny, isn't it?

You can also show you as mature and serious, but only when you thing that it needs.

You are a social guy, expansive, you know your talent and you like spread happiness to everyone is next to you.

You're young or at least you feel young, you love having fun and the beauty in all of his forms.

You hate duties, but not the affective ones.

When you'll find (or when you'r with) the one you're in love with,

you could (or can) taste your life's beauty!

You're a determined but you hate being alone.

You always spend your happiness
to relief the ones who you love the most.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A chinese ghost story 2003
this is a chinese ghost story 2003, a modern version of a love story between a ghost demon and a human. theme song, A Phantom Lover by Leslie Cheung.

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A Chinese Ghost Story
is anyone a romantic out there? there is this story titled A Chinese Ghost story. it's about a monk who travelled with his master and then met some ghost demons. within those ghost demons were female ghosts who are extremely beautiful and their leader the mountain demon. they lure men and kill them to feed their master's thirst for blood. one day the the most beautiful ghost was told to lure the monk with her beauty and kill them. the master monk was powerful and was fighting with the mountain demon. while the masters were fighting the beautiful ghost came out of nowhere screaming for help...

if you think it is interesting and can continue if you want...it is still a romance story... guess what will happen next..

there he met her yet there was nothing after her. she tried many tricks up her sleeves yet he didn't fall for it. he was young and naive and all that comes to mind was save her. the Buddha statue fell and he tried to get it but there were posionous snakes everywhere....

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Monday, September 11, 2006

my bizzare dream can be the next rpg!
on sept. 9, 2006 at midnight, me and my brother were talking about wired happenings about aliens, the bermuda triangle and altantis. when i went to sleep, i had the wierdest dream.


for some strange reason i was there, all of a sudden someone called out the name, Leviathan

i looked in the sky and the dragon was blackish and cool. it flew out of no where. the next thing you know, my brother was fighting it! my brother was cornered but i was told to take people to safety.

but a bunch of sharks fell from the sky both dead and alive! the alive one chased me and bit me a few times and i kept running in the hall. my litlle bro came out of nowhere and sliced it's in half on top and bottom. it was cool. then we ran and came to a glass window like door seeing the fight. i asked my brother, "why do they say it's leviathan when it's not?" he just smiled.

then dinosaurs came out of nowhere. they were running in a line and they were all green! one came into the hallway but ran to the intersection. when it's back was turned, we all ran outside again.

when i was outside, i saw this english lady that i seem to know. i gave my 3 yr old brother to her and told her, "please protect my baby brother." she agreed then i saw my 3 little sisters to go go to her. out of nowhere a gorilla, as tall as me named "Ma" camed towards the english lady. then i told my sisters to go to "Ma." they hugged her and said a few things then she grbbed my arm and said, "we need to talk in private." she said some unclear things like "you are the heritance of" something "3". and something "roach."
it sounded hazy but at tht instant. i took all the children to the building again to a room where kids were being evacuated to a pod. because i weighted heavier than the other kids,so for the safety of the kids i told them, "i'll be the one to leave this room."

so i left and tumbled into a room. there were two tables. lie there was mary kate and ashley olsen but there was something wierd. there body was covered in an armor suit that was black like neon genesis evangelion! my heart was pounding and wondering what they were doing here.

the next thing you know, queen latifah was there to answer my question. she was cool and calm and said they were robots and went off to fight leviathan. then she mentioned about a syrum called roach and i said, "roach?! i heard it somewhere before." then queen latifah showed me lying there comfortable. next thing you know i said, "so if i used this syrum, i can save the world?"
she reponded, "yeah."
"if i use it, i will die?"
she said, "yeah."
then i mumbled to myself, "if it's to save the world then it's worth it i guess."
queen latifah said quickly and injected the syrum, "let me decide for you!"

at an instant, my left arm puffed and i was covered in a black suit. my short hair grew long. on the left side of my waist, there was a round object that looked like a cd player and around my neck there was an ear phone! when i look at my foot, the transformation wasn't completed. my shoes was still half white.

that is when queen latifah said it hasn't been tested. i left the room and told her please protect my brothers and sisters and she said, "unless you stay alive."

i left the room and everyone was gone...no one was alive...

then my grandma screamed my name and woke up from that world.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

another day with no money... just chatting away
somethings to know: i learned that there are some things we all should know, our weaknesses. one thing i know about myself at least is that i'm clumsy, lazy, and careless. becuz i know, i will try to change them. so what r your weaknesses? ^_^
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Thursday, July 6, 2006

hey guys!
long time no chat. it's the summer and all, i hope you're enjoying it. right now i got a lot to deal with. i have to learn how to drive and deal with paying for my college education. i hope i could have better days. on 4th of july, i went to the beach and played with the sand all day and ate a lot!^_^

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


hi guys,
long time no chat. damn i'm graduating this week on Friday! how long a member am i on this site? can't remember. thank you all so much for still giving comments and congrats. i'm going to college and i guess i won't be available much anymore but i will find time to keep making my site better. wish you all a good summer...

--always chant

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

hey everyone!^_^i'm super nervous today becaue i have to present my senior project. i couldn't sleep last night cause i don't know who the judges are. but i'm happy cuz i get to watch Final Fantasy Advent Children!^_^ man i waited forever to get my hands on it!^_^ super happy and super nervous and hungry!
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Monday, May 22, 2006

it was my birthday yesterday and i spent the whole time doing things for others from morning to night. when it was nearly midnight, i made a count down that my birthday will soon be over. i had no wish to make. i just look back into my past. all the crap my family put me through, only you guys can tell me if my life is unfair. i used thes lyrical words from the theme song of Mars, the Taiwnese version. enjoy!^_^

ling/zero by alan ke you lun

Never believed how perfect my world could be
pain, loneliness, and also a bit beaten
prohibited from finding people as one wishes
entering my zero degree space
would rather be lonely, too lazy to think about who
is a kind of comfort received when two people are together?
struggling then forgetting everything
never thought that one day my ending would actually all change
who would grab my powerless pair of arms
what's the reason for crying
(who's right, who's wrong feeling sorry for who)
won't cry again
(who's right, who's wrong distressed for who
entering my zero degree space, waiting until everything is broken
even love's dangers, we'll face it togehter
it's too late to defend a promise never heard
how do you wnat me to learn a tomorrow with more love
exiting zero degree space, everything's finally broken
even if tired from loving, i won't regret it
putting down all defenses, everything doesn't matter
escaping the dark world, starting a new tomorrow
a new world

before my birthday with no celebration ended, i made a wish.my wish was for my parents to have eternal happiness...even though my parents put me through a lot of crap. i was hoping i would see the moon on my b-day but there was no moon as if there was no hope...

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