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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/02/06:
*grins* I luff makin' quizzes...

{~Kadaj~} ((Lemon w/ +40 pics)) by CERM
Naturally, Your Name~
What Would You Do/Say When You See Him~
What He Says When He Sees You~Yazoo, I think I’ve found us some entertainment…
What He and You Do #1~He slammed you back into any hard surface he could find, placing his cheek against yours as he let his hot, moist breath cling to your skin while he murmured many naughty things in your ear.
What He and You Do #2~Spreading your ‘pink’, he lowered his lips onto your folds, sucking them into his mouth as he rolled his tongue against them, two fingers making their way inside you as you whimpered and watched him while propped on your elbows, squeezing his shoulders with your thighs.
What He and You Do #3~While lying down on your back, he picked your bottom up and cupped it between his thighs and stomach, setting the backs of your knees over his shoulder. Curling you into a ‘love ball’ while he looked down and pressed his way into your folds, he growled in a lustful tone, going deep so his pelvis was incredibly flush with yours. He pulled out and repeated the motion, making you breathlessly groan his name.
What This Delcious Silver Haired Boy Looks Like~
What He Says Afterwards~“Let’s have a foursome with my brothers.”
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Result Posted on 05/26/06:
*laughs nervously* ... x3

What Power is Compatible With You? [beautiful anime pictures + 12 detailed results]
~*~Result nr 9~*~

Your power is: Being a controller of an element

Explanation: Wether it is earth, fire, air or water or even all of them, you can control that element. That means you can manipulate their pysichal form and with just thoughts and make an inferno for example. In good purposes it can be used to protect but in evil purposes it is used to hurt.
As a person you are slightly 'odd'. People see you as different and probably has prejudices against you. They see you as 'weird' or the 'freak', and either that hurts really much or you chose to ignore it. You keep your hatred for people inside and probably daydream about killing them, which gives you satisfaction. Truth is you are not evil, only missunderstood and mistreated.
Negative aspects: Since you have deep problems inside you could get into some sort of mental illness or simply get depressed (if you aren't already).

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Result Posted on 05/18/06:
8D Boy, wouldn't that feel nice~!!!! x3 Being pounded senseless.

Velvet Sheets - A Yazoo Fantasy Quiz (lemon) by Musei
Your Name
Where You First Saw Him
What Happened Between You and Him
What Did He Do To YouSlams you into a nearby wall and roughly kisses you
What Did He Do NextRips off your clothes and begins pounding you senseless
How Many Hours Did It Last8
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Result Posted on 05/18/06:
*squeaks* ... x3

One Night Fantasy With Kadaj (warning- lemon) by Musei
Your Name
TimeAt midnight
WhereTifa's Bar
1st PositionCowboy
2nd PositionMissionary
3rd PositionCunnilingus
Final PositionMissionary
What he says to you afterwardDamn...that was good..
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Result Posted on 05/09/06:
... Sanosuke's face is beeeeg. xD

The Only Sober Person At A Rurouni Kenshin Party by abellabella
Your Name
Your Age
Who greeted youAoshi
Sano got turned on whenhe drank another glass of Sake, after watching Kenshin try to flirt with you
..And he looked like this
So..you start telling ghost stories
___had too much to drink and they(Yahiko) kissed you
You..watched them enjoy themselves
You ate..some grapes
Kenshin told you"I'm tired, that I am, may I sleep on you?"
The party was over...when Saito went crazy and started stabbing people
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Result Posted on 05/09/06:
*laughs and shakes head*

What would the boys of Yugioh think of you? by Kira Higurashi16
Yugi Moto"Wow she's pretty."
Yami Yugi"i really like her?"
Seto Kaibayour alright,..........i guess
Mokuba KaibaWanna play?
Noah Kaibawhatever
Marik IshtarPlease leave, i don't want my Yami side to hurt you.
Ryou BakuraUm,,, do you want to go out? *blush*
Duke DevlinI really like your Dueling skills
Joey WheelerShe's really mean
Tristan TaylorWill you duel with me
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Result Posted on 05/09/06:
... I dunno what it said...

Result Posted on 04/18/06:
I luff these lil critters. 8D

Result Posted on 04/10/06:

What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsEverything
Special Talents AreStalking Your Prey
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Result Posted on 04/04/06:
... For some reason, that is so oddly correct that it hurts... O.o

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