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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yesterday was the worst I’ve felt in ages.

Well, yesterday, when we went up to MSUM to get my dorm and everything said and done for, I learned that, because of my Parents’ lack of motivation to get their taxes done early, that I can not go to college right away.

It’s not that I won’t ever go, oh no~ Quite the contraire, I’m going to go to college in January. *nod* I’m not going to just sit here and rot in this barren state. Yeah…

But, while waiting for January to roll around, I’m going to take up jobs around here, like a scale house worker for the beet harvest. *nod* That will make me about four thousand dollars. Yeah…

When my mum told me that I couldn’t go to skool, I felt like I had died. My face got all white and just… Agh. It felt like I had been stabbed and that I was never going to leave North Dakota.

Some of you may not understand, but I tell you now: I love my family and few friends up here, but, for the most part, I hate it. I truthfully hate it up here. I hate the people that live in the towns because they treated me like… God, crap.

I want to make myself better so if I EVER ((Not sure if I’ll go to a skool reunion)) go back, I can show them that the little fat girl that they ridiculed to the point of insanity could kick their asses physically, mentally, emotionally, and material-ously (not a word, I know. X3)

Yeah. Well, yesterday, after having that huge slap in the face, we went to Wal-Mart, I got my contacts, my eyebrows waxed, clothes for my Grandmum’s funeral, Pocky, groceries, and a whole bunch of crap, I guess. I was going to get a pair of cute skull earrings, but I got a cameo choker and earrings set instead. *nod* Yeah.

After Wally World, we went to Famous Dave’s to eat, and after that, we went to Barnes & Noble…

Let’s just say that B&N saved muh ass. I got a crap load of Manga.

4-8 of Chobits, finishing my second Manga series! (first was Magic Knight Rayearth X3)

3-4 of The Tarot Café (Omfg. Omfg. Omfg. Probably my Favorite Manga ever… Besides YGO when it has Bakura in it. X3)

1-2 of Alchino (Kyaa~! so well drawn. I like Sang Sun Park more, but still, VERY well drawn)

The Abandoned (Holy god. Not Japamanga, amerimanga instead, but… Wow. WOW. It’s a great Zombie comic.)

Yeah… Oh. And a Survival Japanese book because I’m a big ass dork like that.

Yeah… Well, when we got home, I stayed up reading All of my manga until it was four AM. I didn’t finish Chobits, but, oh well…

^_^ I guess the only thing I can do now is hope for the better.

Oh! I have a picture of my Grandmum and Grandpa up, if you wanna take a look.

Love ya, babes.

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