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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quote~ Homer Simpson: My God You’re Greasy… ~Unquote

Kyaaaaa~! I’m scanning some artwork right now. *nod* To put them up or not to put them up, that is the question ^_^ The Thank You was featured, along with Ree-Ree’s DMG Goth-Loli!!! 8DDD Congrats, Ree-Cha! *huggle squish* Yeah~~~

I didn’t do much of anything today except for round up ALL of my clothes and started washing and folding them. Tomorrow I’m going to get all of my shots updated and stuffus~ *nod*

… Guess what…? I was looking at our Taxes, you know, the things that your parents do EVERY year. *nod* Yup~! And~ Guess what our annual income was? Hmm…? Can any of you take a guess?


Well, I’m not going to tell you exactly, but our total annual income was~~~


Below four thousand five hundred dollars.

Do you have any idea how ridiculously poor that is? *laughs* Go ask your parents how bad it is if your annual income is below five thousand dollars, see what they say… And, if they don’t know, then that’s okay~! Some of them don’t know financial stuffs well probably.

BUT~~~ Because our annual income is so bloody fucking terrible, we qualify for almost EVERY Financial Aid Thingie there is~! *nod* Yup! We even qualify for food stamps! And, Mum and Dad don’t have to pay for Dillon and Sarah to go to Public Skool or for the food, either~! Being poor has a FEW perks, but for the most part, It REALLLLLLY sucks. *nod*

We were at my grandmum’s hospital today. *nod* She’s close to going with the angel’s I think. I could be wrong because that woman has been so close to death SO many times it’s not even funny. *nod* She has, she has. Yeah…

AND DON’T GO FEELIN’ SORRY~!!! <8{ I feel so bad when you all go like that on me and she actually kind of needs to go~ She’s so tired and so worn out from life that she needs that vacation in the sky. *nod* It just… Yeah. It’s not a GREAT thing that she’s going, but it necessarily isn’t bad, either…


My grandpop Fritz was a ridiculously sexy bastard when he was young! Look!

That’s him and my grandmum, the one in the hospital. *nod* Yup! I think I’m going to draw these two. *nod* They were so beautiful together.


OH!!!!!!!!!!!! Today… I was playing with a needle and a tomato and I got a really twisted idea in my head… I wrote a small original fiction… Total-fucked-up-ness is the result… I’ll let you read, ne? I warn you, I wrote this in about ten minutes. *nod* No lies, no nothin’. Just… Raw words. XD

Title: I Hate Tomatoes
Main Character: Unknown, Male
Genre: … Hell if I know


I set the tomato stem side up, as I took a seat myself, in front of the ugly, faux marbled counter. My eyes danced over the round, red, beautiful skin of the tomato. It was so perfectly spherical, so perfectly plump, so perfectly ripe. I could smell the fresh scent radiating off its succulent flesh. I laid my arms on the counter and crossed them together, leaning on them as I stared at the tomato.

… I hated tomatoes…

They tasted horrible, like a bland nightmare…

My eyes moved from the tomato, standing all alone, to the syringe equipt with needle just a few inches away from my left elbow. I smiled at the needle, I knew of them very well. It was a cloudy plastic around the syringe, and it told how many CCs there were with each little black inked line around the cylinder like tube. At the end of the syringe was a little attachment, and the base of the needle clicked into it. I traveled up the base of the needle to the point of it, looking over the way that it was slanted, the small hole at the end cut at an angle so it was finely pointed, pointed enough to be stuck in the medicine bottles when needed be.

I liked this needle…

I sat up a little bit and moved my fingers over the needle, rolling it against the countertop as I stared down at the tomato… It was lesser in comparison by far when propped next to the needle. It was so soft that you could squish it in the palm of your hands, and it never lasted long. It would slowly begin to rot as soon as it was ripened, it’s red skin turning black and pungent, making all who saw it retch.

… I hated tomatoes…

I picked up the syringe completely and looked at the needle end as my fingers pulled the circled end of the syringe out so oxygen filled its passageway. The little rubber stopper held all that air in for me.

I picked up the tomato in my other and turned it about in my fingers, the slivers of sun that peaked through the blinds on the windows made it glint.

Too bad it wasn’t a human… I could see how frightened it was if it were…

I slowly moved the needle over and smiled as I pressed it into the tomato. I don’t know what sort of feeling it was, but I loved it… I loved pressing something metallic and painful into something soft and fragile… I could feel the tomato’s insides move to accommodate the intruding needle, and I longed for it to be a human so I could hear its screams.

… I hated tomatoes…

I looked over the union of the tomato and the needle, my smile widening as I saw a trickle of juice flow from the tomato’s wound. If it were human, would that be blood? Or tears? Maybe both? I hoped it would be both… I moved my thumb over and placed it on the circular end of the stopper and smashed it down quickly, feeling the tomato agonizingly stretch to a painful size in my hand… Would that have been a scream if this tomato were human…? I hope so…

I set the tomato down, making sure the needle was still inside of the flesh of the tomato, and then, when I knew it was safely sitting on the counter top, I took both hands and pulled on the syringe, sucking up the pale liquid from inside the tomato, giggling with glee as fluid rushed inside the syringe.

I longed to see dark, thicker, heavenly like blood doing this instead the tomato’s juice… but, it would have to suffice.

I pulled the needle from the tomato, the syringe full of its juice and gazed down at the tomato, moving it around and finding another spot, inserting the needle once more and shoving the end of the syringe down, feeling the tomato expand under my fingers. I watched the hole I had first made: at first, a couple bubbles spurted out, and then it made a sound, and then more juice rushed past the fleshy hole as I finished giving back the juice I had taken.

I lifted the needle again and started the process over again, pretending that whenever the tomato expanded when I pumped oxygen or it’s own juice back inside, that it would scream my name and beg for me to stop.

I continued until every millimeter of flesh was torn open by the needle. My hands were covered in a pale red liquid and there were a couple orange-yellow seeds sitting on my skin as well as the counter top.

How beautiful would it be if this were a dark crimson red…

I laid the needle down, thanking it for its help and turned back to the tomato. I wrapped my hands around it once more and started probing the holes that I had made with my fingers, imagining feminine screams coming from it, and the screams would come again and again as my finger continued to pump inside the sloppy hole… I winced slightly as I felt myself harden while thrusting my finger inside another hole… Maybe rape would be fun…

Finally, I tired of probing the tomato, and I jabbed all my fingers inside, ripping it in two, laughing as the red, lumpy flesh plopped in it’s own juice, looking like a mutilated corpse.

… I Hate Tomatoes…


Did I get the character really creepy? ^_^ I was kinda going for creepy… And… Yeah. O.o

Well… I’ll leave now~ TO YOUR SITES~!! *cackles into the night* …

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