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Monday, June 12, 2006

   My ass... Is sore... I need... to do ass clenches... They hurt/feel good... O_oU
Man... I've done... like... nothing for the... uhm... er... since last time I posted on my blog. Which was on the '666' day... I hate that day... Why? Because the Satanist wannabe's are all hyped up for.

I've got a little number for them, however... 666 isn't Satan's numerical name/whatever. It's Nero, the roman emporors.

Satan's number is 616... My uncle Kracker's birthday.

Heheh, anyway~ It's about 3 am, so if I don't stay in one spot too long in this post, then please forgive... or something... xD

Anyway... like I said, I've not done much this past... week? Or So? I dunno... But, I did manage to get featured fandom of the day... again... on a peice that barely took me five minutes... again...

*laughs* What I don't understand is how come they can pick the messiest, fugliest little drawing that I could muster for the Featured Fandom. No, seriously. I used an Eagle no. 2 for like, two seconds, and then a black bic pen... Basically, I just shat the bloody thing right out...

And then it gets featured Fandom...

Kinda like the other two of... Me and Bakura (lucky couple, heheh... okay, I'll shut up)... xP

They were most certainly not my best works. And... Crap... I lost of my train of thought... and... uhm... nevermind... -.-

Brain need sleep... But Brain has many nightmares... Nightmares that scare the Brain...


And... Yeah.

OMFG. I almost forgot.

Guess what I found?

Give up?

Pffft~ You're giving UP!? ... Or you could just be following after my own self and being lazy... Yay Lazy~!



So far, I've downloaded Ryou Bakura, Yami no Bakura, Kadaj, Sephiroth, Reno, Vincent, Shizuka, Tea, The Black Velvet, Sweet But Deadly, Paradise Dolls, Pink Corset, and Inuyasha skins... As well as hundreds of miscellaneous items. ^____^

... I've made so many hot albino men on there....

And I've had an affair with Ryou, Bakura, Sephiroth, Kadaj, Black Velvet, and Inuyasha so far...

Shut up, if you knew that they'd come after you (and if you were a girl or a homosexual man) you'd SOOOOOO lay them. xDDDD

Hmmm... Post + Too Long _ Too late = Wtf, Chiru, what the bloody fuck are you still doing up!?

♥ Chiru~Chan


Magick Salem: EEEE~!!! I'm sorry, sweetie~!!! For some reason, no matter how hard I try, I can't comment on your freaking site~!!!! *huggle squish*

Reno The Turk: ... ^_^; I haven't been to your site for two days, but the last time I was there... I couldn't find where to comment~! I'm sorry~!!

To Anyone Else Who I forgot: Just comment and kick me in the ass if I forgot something or whatever.

To The Fuck Who sent me that PM... Yes, you know who you are: Don't you DARE send me a letter like that again, you superficial, cynical, asinine, pathetic joke of an impostor. I'm not playing your games.

Anyone Else: So much love that not even Jesus could tap this~ 8D

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