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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   It's raining today. x3 I luff the rain.
Well, the phone at home still doesn't work. I wrote half of my graduation announcments yesterday, and I still have like 50-75 to go. -____-

ANDDDDD... As you can see, I've changed my site again. =3 I had a background to go with my site, but Photobucket screwed it up. =3 So... You're just gonna be monochrome for a while, eh...? xD I remember I had that last INVADER Zim thing for a HELL of a long time. xD And... Yeah.

My grandpa had colon surgury yesterday because he had cancer. Junetta, his girlfriend, said he was doing tough, but she said he was going to get better. I hope he gets all better. I luff muh grandpop. =3

And... Yesterday, I was in a really sing-ie mood from about 9-11 o' clock. I was told to shut up, but I kept singing everything that I spoke...

like 'τSarah, pass me the fucking envelopes~!τ'x3

I had roast chicken ramen, buttered toast, and hot cocoa for supper... and I'm hungry again... I haven't eaten since last night... =3 kinda like usual. xD Maybe that's why I've got lot's tah luff. 8D

... My coffin has the body done. Now all I need is to put the trim on the sides, make the lid, sand it off... line it with silk and velvet... and paint a life sized Yami no Bakura on the front/lid. xD

This was a random post because I have time to use on other things, such as a International Paper Presentation and shit for grad and... I wanna be able to be lazy... but I can't. TT3TT


I want to listen to Kittie... but someone stole my CD... a long time ago so now all I have on my computer is Paper Doll, Run Like Hell(written by PinkFloyd), Safe, and a remix of Safe. xDDDD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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