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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I havenít been on here in forever! Iím so sorry! I havenít been doing anything! Not producing art that is above shitty levelsadfasdfads

Fucking. A.

Thatís all I have to say about that.

ANYWAY, my life right now is what youíd call busy? Not busy? I donít know. School sucks my life up like how I suck up with water with a straw. Ha-ha~

I realllllllllllly need to draw something worth while.

And hopefully, I am right now.

Iím drawing what Azal, Dimitri, and Sissorelle really look like. And surprisingly, Azal and Dimitri look pretty much how theyÖ well, well how they really look. I just need to start on Sissorelle.

I just wish my sketches didnít look so fucking ugly. GOD. I can not sketch nice for the life of me. Thatís why I almost always ink everything. What the fuxzoarz. Yeah.

Hmmm~ Letís see. Anything else thatís intresting?

No. Nothing, really. Except that I miss talking to all of you so much! GHAFDFDS I hate it! Really, I effiní do. I want to talk to muh Lolly ní muh Megumi~~~~~ ;3;

I tried to get a router to work in my apartment, but, alas, it does not seem to work. Yet.

I will have internet at my apartment so I can talk to you soon! ONE DAY, DAMNIT!

And, Reno, donít worry! Iím working on your icon right now! Itís on my desktop at my apartment. :3

This concludes the stupidity emissions of CERM-KINS.

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