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Monday, February 12, 2007

WELLLLLL. I have to cut this reallllly short.

I got a Lap Top. My life is now full-filled. I just have to figure with it a little bit because it's Windows VISTA instead of Windows XP. ;; It is new and it pwns me sometimes. I am happy about it, though. Yays!

And, a couple of you said that the guy in my dream looked like L from Death Note. And you know what?


OMGGGGG. It's so creepy, and the dreams haven't stopped, either. He's just... Weird. His eyes are all bulgy and stuff. And... yeah.

And the thing is... is that I've never read or watched Death Note until this weekend while I was at Mindy's after work.

It scared me really bad.


And I also got new pens. I'm waiting for my Artistic prowise to come back. *claws at it*

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