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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Sorry. I just couldn¡¦t resist. :b Just so everyone knows that this is a long post full of dumb-ass-ery. Yeah, that¡¦s right. I went there. I conned a new-word. Or not really.

I haven¡¦t been on since my last post and I haven¡¦t gotten anything done that I promised I would!

Mainly, that¡¦s directed at Reno The Turk and PinkGreenAngel BECAUSEEEE~~~ I had to work all weekend and I¡¦ve been busy and all that effing CRAP. I have to work this weekend, too. I KNOW I KNOW. WORK AND HOMEWORK. D: IT¡¦S MY FREAKING LIFE. IT¡¦S A STUPID LIFE DAMNIT. BUT NOT REALLY SINCE I¡¦M LEARNING SO MUCH.

I want to draw more, but I can¡¦t get anything out onto paper. I will break through, I shall! Because I am nothing if I can not draw or write.

Oh! I also found my wallet. Thank you for your niceness towards my bitchiness. I guess it was because I was just about to get my George. (Aka-Menstrual Cycle¡K Yayyyy.)

But. Yes.

Hmmm~ You know what makes me happy¡K? That IQ test I told you about? Well, apparently, those guys gave me a free SUPER IQ thingie, so I could see how I scored on everything. These are the eight areas in which they test:

Verbal- 96
Organizational -88
Spatial - 82
Visual- 82
Reasoning- 42
Mechanical - 34
Logical - 31
Numerical - 24

Those are my scores on the test, which was exactly one hundred questions.

Funny, though. I scored lowest in numerical. WHY!?! Because I suck at Math and numbers. Plain and simple. Really, I do. Sometimes, I try to treat numbers like letters and words, and it never works. They go number-y on me. Those fucking fives. And zeros. ;; It makes me a sad Chubbly Chiru.

If I have an alter ego, it would be named Chubbly Chiru. She would be extremely short and fat, chibi like, with beady eyes and shit. And a full head of curly hair. Also, she would be crazy as hell, and have a fondness for human flesh and blood. As well as marshmallows. That¡¦s right. Marshmallows.

In fact, I think that she¡¦d look exactly like the picture on my Deviant Art ID. A drooly fat little ugly chibi. That ponders the many ways to express eternal love for Bakura in complicated sexual positions and scenarios.

Why have I digressed so far from what I wanted to talk to you about? I¡¦m supposed to be organizational, damnit.

ANYWAY. Yeah. I¡¦ve been having really weird dreams lately. The strangest part about them is that they REOCCURING DREAMS. I rarely ever have reoccurring dreams. It¡¦s like¡K Me and this guy sitting in a barren room. He¡¦s like, a tall skinny guy wearing just¡K normal clothes¡K with a lot of messy black hair and he looks tired all the time and he keeps chewing on this thumb. And we talk, but he¡¦s always so jittery and giving me those big tired eyes. It¡¦s starting to creep me out because we talk about¡K weird stuff¡K I¡¦ve had that dream for the past six nights. WEIRD. DAMNIT. It just¡K It¡¦s the normal dreams that scare me now. I have nightmares and odd dreams so much that they are what I¡¦m accustomed to. Not these¡K like¡K Conversational dreams that I can sometimes and sometimes not understand.


Yeah. I¡¦m also getting my last wisdom tooth in. HA. I scored highest in verbal, and physically have a big mouth. Coinky-Dink? I think not. Or maybe I do. But, yes. My mouth is large enough to accommodate my wisdom teeth, but FUCK. THIS ONE HURTS SO BAD RIGHT NOW. It¡¦s all swollen, and it throbs constantly. Tooth Pain by far is one of the worst. There are others that are worse than tooth pain, but tooth pain is in the higher ones.

I guess the reason why it hurts is because it¡¦s breaking through the skin. CURSES. MY GOD. SAVE ME FROM THE TOOTHIES.

It¡¦ll go away soon, hopefully, though.

I went to Fargo on Monday, and I got~~~ Drumroll, please~

Shit, I¡¦ll just give you the list of what I all got. :B Yay for hard earned cash! ((This might be the part of this post that I consider most important. Besides finding my wallet. XD))

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 1
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 2
Gantz: Season 2 Box Set
Chobits: Box Set Discs 1-3
Chobits: Box Set Discs 4-6
Excel Saga Box Set
250 Gigabyte External Hard Drive
PlayStation 2
Guitar Hero 1
Kingdom Hearts 1
Guitar Controller
¡§Mr. Miyagi¡¨ T-Shirt
¡§There Are Mutha ****in Snakes on the Mutha ****in Plane!¡¨ T-Shirt
¡§@_@¡¨ T-shirt
¡§I like Chocolate Milk¡¨ T-Shirt
¡§Gir¡¨ Thermal Long Sleeved T-Shirt
Black Tube-Top Dress/Skirt (Worn Either way)
Peacock Blue Leggings
Black and White Stripped Footless Tights
Pink and Black Stripped Thigh-Highs
Gir Guitar Pick Necklace
Mummy Baby Necklace
Green Eye shadow
Green Eyeliner

Yeah. As you can see, I bought a plethora of materialistic items. :B With money that was earned by cleaning off the pigs¡¦ plates.

I¡¦m probably also going to be buying myself a laptop. I found a nice one at best buy, but I¡¦m going to have to buy some gift cards n¡¦ shit because I have not a credit card to order it on-line.

I also saw a nice little tablet on sale. :B For about seventy five dollars. I might ask for that for my birthday.

Gwa. I seem so greedy, but my GOD. People, the list I have up there is worth about five years of Christmas and Birthday presents. ƒ» Muh family is not all that rich, so sometimes, I like to buy things for myself when I have money that I know I can spend without dying. ;; I¡¦m sorry! Damnit.

But, honestly, I need a lap top. My Desktop, Lovely Angel, oh how I love her, but she¡¦s getting old. ;; My poor baby. *hugs Lovely Angel¡¦s Screen/Face*

Yeah. She¡¦s named Lovely Angel. So what? Can¡¦t a girl name her computer?

Hmm. Yeah¡K That¡¦s about it.

*hugs your face*

I really want to draw, though¡K I just¡K I can¡¦t think of anything new! And the things that I am working on currently are taking a hell of a long time to finish. :B But those I¡¦ll save to tell people later. X3

This wasn¡¦t THAT long, but long enough to have a monstrously annoying CAPS ALL OVER THE PLACE TITLE.


He Brings Sexy Back. Damnit.

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