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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Well, now the phone itself isn't working.
The title says it. Our phone isn't working because a box underground was nicked when we moved the trailer and... yeah. I can't check all my other emails... and... I have no life. xD -_- *growls tiredly* ...

I want to...

1. Know if my grandpop's colon surgury when okay.

2. Kill Mr. Steinhoff for the reason... of... his fucktarddom. I WORKED HARD ON THAT FUCKING ESSAY, YOU BASTARD!! I USED SIX WORDS FROM THE INTERNET AND I FORGOT TO CHANGE THE FONT! FAH-HUCK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!! *chews on a bloody hand... that's not my own. xD*

3. Kill the rest of the teachers.

4. Resurrect the teachers after I begin to feel bad... except I'll half ressurect Mr. Steinhoff so he's half mutant zombie, half dumbie butt.

5. Finish writing all the addresses for my grad announcements.

6. Finish my coffin so I can use it as my bed.

7. ... *giggle* ... (Those of you who know me, you know that I'm going to be devious, naughty, and oh so perverted when I giggle. xD)

8. Get a Ryou and a Bakura picture to put in my locket.

9. Write on two ficlet ideas I had, one involving Mariku's and Bakura's duel and killing the Dark Necrophia/Necrophear AND Coffee+Ryou+Partner Masturbation. xD

10. ... Talk to my fwends on all my IM's... TT___TT

11. ... I forgot... xD

... Coffins are nice... 8} Except they suck to build }8

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Monday, May 8, 2006

   The Interview, muh lufferlies~! Mood: Tired, but content
Q# CM = Question Number CERM
A# YB = Answer Number Yami no Bakura
YB = Yami no Bakura


CERM: And, this week in ‘Evil Bad Boys For the Anime Masses’, I, CERM, am interviewing Yami no Bakura!! Yes, yes, no surprise there. *laughs* Now, I think we ALL know just how evil this connoisseur of conniving conundrums is, but it’s always deviously fun to hear the answers from the plotting, scheming, oh so scary and horrifying masterminds themselves~! Well, I’d best start asking these questions away because… The interviewee is glaring at me… very… scarily… Alright~! So, welcome, Yami no Bakura! I guess I’ll get right down to asking you these questions because I fear greatly for my life right now…

Yami No Bakura: You should… I have better places to be… Places where I could be wreaking havoc among you humans…

Q1 CM: I’ll know to hide when you’re ensuing chaos on poor, unsuspecting people next time, then. ANYWAY… So… Hmm… I guess, the first question is: How do you feel about… Urm… Yaoi and/or Shonen Ai, I guess…?

YB: … Yaoi… Is that the badly written fiction between me and Ryou/Malik/Marik/Any other idiotic mortal man you could find to put me with…?

CM:… Uhm, well, I mean Yaoi and Shonen Ai in general, and it’s not all bad… just… 90% of it has horrible grammar and really obvious, dumb plot lines… Er… *sighs* -_-

A1 YB: *raises brows* I dislike it… with every fiber of my BEING. I have better things to do with my time than have hot, mindless, rampant sex with a dumb blonde and my good half… Things like obtaining all seven Millennium Items and taking over the world. *glares hotly* I have a question for YOU *raises brows again* … Are you a yaoi fangirl…?

CM: Uhm… No… Not really. *sweat drops* Thankfully, I’m not into it heavily… On to the next question~!

YB: Good… I was wondering if I would have to educate you in the ways of death if you so happened to be a Yaoi fangirl…

Q2 CM: *blinks*… Oh my… Okay… *gulps* If you were able to take over the world and all that jazz, what would you do with it? I mean, all the bad guys always say about taking over the world… But, what do you intend to do with it?

A2 YB: … I intend to bring all the seven sins across the land, to bring all humanity into despair, to create millions of minions to rape and ravage the face of the earth, and, most importantly, to say that’s mine and mine alone. And no, I’m not going to be prancing along in the background, creating my own theme music… Yzma… Shriveled Banshee… *mumbles*

CM: … naked Yzma issues, I see…

YB: What did you say?

CM: Uh, nothing. *sweats* … You know, I didn’t think this interview was going to be this terrifying…

YB: Well, it is. Continue on.

Q3 CM: … M’kay. Third Question. If you were to decapitate anyone, with the exception of me and a couple others who I shall kill YOU if you kill THEM, who would you bring… uhm… chop-off-behead-ment to?

YB: … I see your brain had a lapse… *smirks*

CM: *sweat drop* Yes… But, please, answer the question.

YB: It’s quite clear whose head I would take from their body.

CM: Yami no Yuugi’s?

A3 YB:… No… Insector Haga/ Weevil Underwood. Anyone with a fetish for roaches that horrid should… *pauses* … die…

CM:… *laughs* Oh my god! That is one of the best answers I’ve heard in a long while. *grins* I hate that bug boy… Lil creepy shit…

YB: … Hurry up, you’re testing my patience…

CM: Okay, okay! Don’t tie your bunny ears in a knot…

YB: *growls*

Q4 CM: Sorry… Uhm… Let’s see… A funny question… What’s your take on sex in general?

YB: … It’s… good… *nods to himself*

CM: … Well, I think everyone except nuns and priests know that.

A4 YB: I wasn’t finished, mind you… *glares* … As I was going to say, But it’s even better when there are whips, chains, and handcuffs involved.

CM: God, that’s why you’re my favorite character…

YB: … *chuckles*

Q5 CM: Okay. Well, another question. Uhm… What… sort of…. Deodorant do you use…? Wait… Huh…?!

YB: *blinks* What.

CM: … The list of questions here says I’m supposed to ask you that… *shrugs* Oh well, anyway, what type of antiperspirant do you use…?

A5 YB: Well, Axe, of course. I get all sorts of things, literally THINGS, flocking to me…

Q6 CM: … Ah, a man of good scent- Who the heck wrote these questions?! … Darnit, Sarah…Here, this one… If someone were to walk up to you and cut your hair off and put it on their butt like a bunny tail, what would you do?

YB: The person who wrote these questions should die…

CM: … I think it was my sister who wrote the questions down…

A6 YB: … She should die… and… I would send their soul, the person being a reject Peter Cottontail, to the shadow realm to be ripped to pieces… or… have them join a cheerleading squad because some people like to be in the shadow realm as I’ve noticed recently and I know that everyone except a cheerleader hates cheerleaders.

CM: … Ah… Cheerleaders… Pure Evil. Always love to go saw a cheerleaders legs off.

YB: … That sounds delightful.

Q7 CM: Oh, it is. They squirm around and squeal and screa-nevermind, I’m getting off subject. Hmm… Let’s see… If Happy Noodle Boy came up to you and screamed: “F*CK YOOZ MISTER PLATYPUS!! HEY, WHERE’S MY HEAD, MOMMY?!?! MUST JELLY AFTER TOASTING!! BOOP BOOP BEDOOP! PSST, C’MERE, SUPERDOG! BITE MY HEAD AND GIVE ME SUPER POWERS! I HAVE NO NIPPLES!!!” … What would your expression look like…?

A7 YB: …It, my face, would contort in anger, disgust, and over all annoyance and I would find the quickest way to get rid of such a nuisance… either that or plot for a few thousand years and then come back in my incarnate, killing Happy Noodle Boy’s incarnate for some jolly good fun…

Q8 CM: Awww… Poor noodle boy. M’kay. If you had the ability to shoot laser beams from your eyes, what would be the first thing you would fry?

A8 YB: Your mom.

CM: … *pauses* …that was lame.

YB: … No, your phone’s ringing and the ID on it says ‘Mom’. *points*

CM: Oh… I uh… Well, I’ll let her leave a voice message. So… Are you going to answer the question with ‘my mum’ or change it?

YB: … I’ll let it stay on ‘your mum’.

Q9 CM: M’kay. Okay… If a horde of malevolent fan girls were to kidnap you and molest you in ways that scared even your freaky mind, how would you plan on escaping?

A9 YB: Simple. I’d pretend I was Ryou. They always fall for it. And when they’d release me, I’d bring out the Earl of Demise… he hasn’t had any close relations in quite a while… *laughs maniacally*

Q10 CM: *nods* Okay… Earl of Demise = Skurrie Mofo. M’kay. Let’s say you had to eat either Yugi’s hair or a literal ton of dimes. Which one would you eat?

A10 YB: … Dimes, no question.

CM: I would be scared to eat Yuugi’s hair, too. The chemicals in there are probably what caused my grandmum to sprout another head…

YB: … Your grandmother sprouted another head…

CM: … Yep…

YB: … Interesting…

Q11-Q15 CM: Yep. Okay… We have five more questions to do~! And I think I’ll just do them in a quick fashion. Eleven: Do you have random bouts of diarrhea? Twelve: What colour would your skin be if a fairy princess got angry at you and turned you into a toad? Thirteen: What the hell is up with you and those were face-lungie-things where one eye looks like it’s going to jump up off the screen and eat my face while the other stays normal? Fourteen: Where would the readers be able to buy a wizzer trench coat like the one you have? Finally, Fifteen: What would you say if I bloomped you right here now?

A11-A15 YB: … If your sister wrote these questions, tell her I’ll find her and kill her for her stupidity. Eleven: I wouldn’t tell you if I did, so don’t ask again. Twelve: How the seven bloody hells would I know? I’d kill the fairy before she’d turn me into a toad. Thirteen: It’s the animators’ fault that they ruin my beautiful face with your so-called ‘face-lungie-things’. That’s why most of them are currently taking residence in the shadow realm and/or are in a cheerleading squad. Fourteen: I haven’t the foggiest idea of where I got it, so I can’t tell you were to get one. Fifteen: … What, pray tell, is a bloomp?

CM: … I’ll show you in a second.

YB: *cocks a brow and smirks*

CM: I guess that’s it for our interview! Thank you for giving time to see me, Yami no Bakura. It was certainly a pleasurable/scary time talking to you! Also, be sure to come back and read the next ‘Evil Bad Boys For the Anime Masses’ because we’re interviewing Sesshoumaru~Sama! … And, Yami no Bakura… We could go out back into the otaku staff room so I could show you what a bloomp is…

YB: … *laughs* … If you wish.


x3 *giggle snirks* Well, I tried to keep it as low rated as I could. I think I did a decent job of not putting a whole bunch of naughty things in it. *nods* Well, I don't know if my computer cord is working right or not so... -_- Yeah.

We, my family and I had a had a HUGE fight on Saturday night. I watched the clock, my mum, me, Sarah, and Dad all started yelling and screaming at each other at about 9:45. It stopped at 11:15.

Everything last week just... really fucking sucked and it all came out that night. Parks called me afterwards and I accidentally cried. I'm sorry for being such a wimp, Olina~! But, since I've been talking to Parks over the phone, I'm not as... 'nergh' anymore. x3

But, after that, the fight, it was all better... Like a violent, painful orgasm or something. xD Or, how my brother says it 'When you get over being constipated. You plop out those painful turds and then it's all good.' *laughs* Yeah.

That fight, though, told me one thing. Not to give a crap about dumb things. I'm tired and I still have so many things to do, I can't let myself get tired and be all whiney. I know that I'm not a bad person, because if I was, I'd... I dunno. xD Well... I was going to say something else, but I forgot what it was. x3

OKAY~! I shall stop being whiney right now because it annoys me and all that crap and that's one thing I don't like doing: Annoying people. xDDDD ... Or DO I...? >8}

Eh, but anyways, like I said. Though I sometimes don't feel like it, I have so much to live for.

...David Blaine's hands look SOOOOO gross.

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Friday, May 5, 2006

   Meow~! Today's getting better.
*laughs* Well, my sister and I got into a fight yesterday, and my brother, thinking he's the big man, thought he could solve the fight by cutting the internet phone cord.

Because he did that, I went up to my room and hid in my closet, slept in there until when Parks called me, and then I talked to Parks on the phone until 11:30 (still in my closet, mind you) and then I crawled out and went to bed.

I love my closet. It's dark, safe, and warm. *nods*

Eh, but Parks talked to me for like FOREVA last night, I had a migrane too, but Parks made me feel all better with talking of all the anime hotties we love. *grins* She's muh luff. Her user name here is 'Madam Ryeka' *nods* GO TO HER~!!!

Today was kinda good, too. *grins* Well, there are some 'annoying' circumstances, but you know how those work. They were just little slivers.

My brother said he 'fixed' the cord with electricians tape and what not, but, you know. *laughs* I told him last night that If I were to buy myself a phone cord and if he cut that one, I'd go up to his room and slit my throat on his bed so he'd have a nice big mess to clean up. -_- It was a stupid thing to say, but... With all the crap that has been going on lately, I've been acting like a hippo with a hernia. *laughs*

But, things are better today. We even had warm russian cheesecake in foods~! Yummy~! And Meat Turn overs... Yum... I only got a couple though...

Well, gotta go. Don't know if the net's gonna work and I apologize for not getting to anyone's sites. Gomen Nasai.

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. LOLLEH~!!!!!!!!! CALLLLLLL MEEEEE~! I might want to drop off some eggs for you tonight, if your dad will let me, and you'd have to tell me how many you wanted, eggs I mean; 2 dozen, 4 dozen... xD We get like 5 dozen eggs a day from our chickens, folks... our... SATAN chickens. 83

P.P.S. *grins* I'm SO doing that interview thing with Yami no 'Kura. It's so hard to keep it for the kiddies. xD

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

   -_- Tired and Annoyed... I fucking hate graduating...
Yes... Both are currently my two main emotoins/feelings/whatever the hell you wanna call them. Nyah.

My sister has been doing a whole bunch of shit on my computer and now the poor things acting all sick. I can't get onto AOL at all... And... just... Guh...

Parks and I were gonna rule the world with a YGO Hentai game... -_- But now we can't. xD

I'm going to limit how much I go on the net from here on out. -_- Or at least until I get my lovely angel ((*laughs* That's it's name...)) back to working at 110%

I also want to draw a whole bunch of shit, plus all those requests... (whoo... requests... -_-) but, I can't. I have so much homework right now it's not even funny.

Tonight, I have to get done a 6 page essay on Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations for Mr. Steinnoff; 300+ problems in English 3200 and a vocab sheet for Mr. Popp; a unit project with a financial plan, business letter, and advertisement all in one...

and... I could go on, but I'm so tired... and I need to go do homework. *laughs* I hope Lolly likes her present... and I don't know if I spelled that right...

I also hate how people misconstrue things... and I don't know if I spelt that right either. >_<

♥ Chiru~Chan aka Chierushi Erisa Rousa Maketto

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weeee~!!! *grins* I’m back from state, my loverlies~!

I didn’t get to finals or anything (and I’m glad of it, because I probably wouldn’t have gotten home until like three in the morning. Ho gods… that would’ve sucked.) , but… I did get a superior medal because I was one away from getting into finals… ONE AWAY FROM ALMOST (kinda… xD) GETTING TO NATIONALS~!!!! And, cuz I got the superior, I’m gonna get another picture in the paper. =3

Mrs. Gabel said that I was one of the few who got a medal while competing at state. It’s very hard, she said, because the judges favor the west side of the state.

You wanna know something…? I was supposed to go for my humorous too, but they didn’t tell me that I had tied with this boy… *laughs* I had gotten TWO things for state, but I only did the serious because I only knew about the serious…

T_T It would’ve been awesome to go do both my serious and humorous, but oh well. I can say that I got to state~! WHOOOO~! x3

A guy gave me his cell number, too… His name was Will and he’s from Oak Grove. He was pretty cute. Guh, actually, he’s very cute. *holds cheeks*

And then… there was this really tall guy who reminded me a lot of Bakura… He was pretty pale, had brown kinda curly hair with blonde tips, and such dark, pretty brown eyes… and he kept on smiling really creepily/hotly at me… and… He and I were talking for a little bit and then he went over into a darker hallway while I was talking to a girl who had done Sleeping Beauty by the Grimm Brothers…

And when I got done talking with her (she had the same name as me, only spelt differently. xD) he’s said ‘Hey, C’mere, I wanna show you something…’

and I was all… “*blinks and thinks: damn, I would… if I knew you were going to molest me or not and if I didn’t have to go talk to Mrs. Gabel* … Uhm… Maybe later, Okay?” *laughs* Ho gods... Now I regret not going to see what he wanted... TT_TT

The night before I went shopping at the Bismark mall just across from the Ramkota (the hotel where we were staying).

I got a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac shirt, two JTHM comics, two hot pink fishnet shirts (one for lolly) a cute black skirt, black lipstick (since my old one melted), Hot pink lip/eye liner, and… Oh yeah~! Invader ZIM earings~! I’m wearin’ them right now. xD

I got most of that stuff from the clearance racks. Whoo~! Who smells a sale? xD

And… I ate at a Chinese buffet with my speech coach and Corey, a speech team member… they had octopussies there… and I tried to eat one, but when I licked it, it squeaked and I got scared and had to throw it down… Ho manz… It skurred me so much. xD

There was an annoying factor at the speech meet, but I’ve forgotten it. I’m not putting up with that shit and such stupid assumptions.

One of my largest, most worst pet peeves, two of them actually, are people talking behind my back and people accusing me of something I didn’t do. There are a few more, but those are two HUGE ones.

I don’t know why, but when someone accuses me, or thinks I did something that I truly didn’t do, it makes me very, very, VERY angry. Blood boiling, seeing red, rip out my brain angry.

It just does, Guh… I’m so over emotional… but not emo. xD Emo kids are ‘apathetic’ and… I’m so dramatic that it hurts. xD

Eh, yeah… I’ll stop talking about that, because it was just a small damp spot, and there were so many good things that happened… And… I really hope that Will’s the same age as me… Please, oh, please~! … It’s just… I like a guy to be my same age/ older than me… x3…

*smiles* Mrs. Gabel bought me lunch yesterday because she thought I was mad because of the humorous thing, but no, no, no… It was something else. Ho gods. I felt so… Johnny… xD on the drive home.

YESH~! OKAY~! Anyway, I’m completely done with it and I’ve got my friends, you guys, to be with. *nods*

… And my sister has a guy friend over and I think they might go out… x3 *giggle*

… He thinks ‘Ryou’ and I are boyfriend and girlfriend because my sister said that I was making ‘a lot of weird noises’ with ‘him’ in my bedroom. *giggles insanely*

… Parks made me feel good because she said that she’d kill people for me. x3

♥ Chiru~Chan


P.P.S. I'll get to your guys' sites ASAP~! x3

P.P.P.S. THE EGYPTIAN ZODIAC~!!!! I’m Isis… Like Malik… x3 … and I’m compatible with Ryou… Yay~! 8D

The Nile: peace-loving and tolerant, receptive to wealth, analytical and science-minded, tender towards those who are ignorant and naive, can sometimes be angry.
• Colors: male: deep red, female: deep blue
• Compatible Signs: Amon-Ra, Set, Isis
• Dates: Jan 1 - Jan 7, Jun 19 - Jun 28, Sep 1 - Sep 7, Nov 18 - Nov 26

Amon-Ra: Very generous, fruitful, people feel reassured around you, and willing to give their best.
• Colors: male: yellow, female: orange
• Compatible Signs: The Nile, Horus
• Dates: Jan 8 - Jan 21, Feb 1 - Feb 11

Mout: Ironic, tremendous internal wealth, know how to rapidly connect with others, looks for paternal authority.
• Colors: male: brown, female: red carmine
• Compatible Signs: Amon-Ra, Thoth
• Dates: Jan 22 - Jan 31, Sep 8 - Sep 22

Geb: Engaging personality, sensitive, modest, occasionally narcissistic, but can rise above vanity.
• Colors: male: violet, female: rose
• Compatible Signs: Set, Horus
• Dates: Feb 12 - Feb 29, Aug 20 - Aug 31

Osiris: Two sides to your personality, fiery but fragile, indecisive.
• Colors: male: yellow, female: green
• Compatible Signs: Isis, Thoth
• Dates: Mar 1 - Mar 10, Nov 27 - Dec 18

Isis: Solidarity, Idealistic, Sympathetic, Noble, Telepathic, Creative to an almost divine degree, Sometimes gets a little too caught up in vanity, sometimes emotionally unsound.
• Colors: male: white, female: blue
• Compatible Signs: Osiris, Thoth, The Nile
• Dates: Mar 11 - Mar 31, Oct 18 - Oct 29, Dec 19 - Dec 31

Thoth: Enthusiastic, enterprising, courageous, likes to take risks.
• Colors: male: rose, female: white
• Compatible Signs: Bastet, Isis
• Dates: Apr 1 - Apr 19, Nov 8 - Nov 17

Horus: Sparkling personality, intense will, intelligent, understanding, impatient to exert influence.
• Colors: male: red carmine, female: gold
• Compatible Signs: Bastet, Geb
• Dates: Apr 20 - May 7, Aug 12 - Aug 19

Anubis: Clever, full of compassion , fatalist, ambivalant, inhibited, deep.
• Colors: male: sienna, female: crimson
• Compatible Signs: Bastet, Isis
• Dates: May 8 - May 27, Jun 29 - Jul 13

Set: Perfectionist, prone to anger.
• Colors: male: turquoise, female: black
• Compatible Signs: Geb, The Nile
• Dates: May 28 - Jun 18, Sep 28 - Oct 2

Bastet: You look for balance and harmony, anxious, devoted.
• Colors: male: yellow ochre, female: grey
• Compatible Signs: Sekhmet, Horus
• Dates: Jul 14 - Jul 28, Sep 23 - Sep 27, Oct 3 - Oct 17

Sekhmet: Observant, authoritative, indulgent, moral.
• Colors: male: green, female: turquoise
• Compatible Signs: Bastet, Geb
• Dates: July 29 - Aug 11, Oct 30 - Nov 7

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Friday, April 28, 2006

   WHOA~! .... Blood and Boobies~!
HELLO ALL~! I apologize for not being on at all yesterday and whatnot… I was in Fargo getting all my shit for graduation and crud done. And… then afterwards, I got my crap ready for today when I go to the state competition… and I blabbed to Parks (Madam Ryeka) … for a long time. xD

I also watched Hostel after I got most of my clothes ready… It scared me… yet I wanted the blood… Ho gods… When that German guy put that gag ball (Ho gods… Gag balls and nipple clamps… Mmm~!) on this other guy… I was all…

“Dudes, if you weren’t going to be cut up by a chainsaw in two seconds, I’d be really turned on… But damnit, you have to go and puke everywhere and have your hand half cut off…”

I guess the thing that I really didn’t like was the poor lil Japanese girl having her face melted off with a blow torch so that her eye was hanging out and the one guy who had the gagball and puked had to cut off the eyeball so it wasn’t flopping everywhere… and then, she saw what she looked like in the train station, and committed suicide… T~T Poor lil thing. But, the parts that I did like was how he got revenge… x3 Like how this one skank-a-whore got run over… Mwa ha ha~! That’s what she gets if she’s going to murder all those people.

AND… When he slit that Head Elite Hunter’s throat, I was all “HA HA~! BITCH~! WHOSE’S THE ONE HAVIN’ THEIR ASS TORN UP NOW?!?!? HUH?!??! YEAH~! BREATHE THAT LOO WATER IN~!!! SLIT HIS THROAT, SLIT HIS-OH~! There we go… xD Good job~! Slit that fucker’s throat nice~!”

I apologize… I believe in ‘You get what you give out’

… Sometimes, I wonder if I still have my sanity…

I’ll stop talking about Hostel now because it seems to bring out the slightly scary, intensely demented side of me. Mwa ha ha~!

I don’t think I’ll be back til Sunday. I want to be home by Saturday night… because I want to, but I’m not sure. *laughs* I don’t even want to go to state competition… -_-U I’ve got a bad case of senioritis… aka… assilitis.

8D Well, I guess I’ll be off now… My life is boring and I’ve bought a new sketch book… the 14th one this year… seriously… -_-

… I need a life… and… *laughs*… I need to be spanked. x3

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. KITTEN~! If you want me to send you those funny pics when I get back, I’ll do it~! 83

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Monday, April 24, 2006

   We're Geezer's~!!!
Image hosting by Photobucket

*laughs* Yep. That's what I look like, and Lolly and Elizabeth. Elizabeth really didn't ask to be in the picture, but Lolly and I were being nice. xD

Well, we got this picture done at Post Prom on Saturday night. Twas fun, twas fun. We played clue for a LONG time... and talked a long time. And we had fun while talking to each other. x3 I won a Jump Drive. *laughs* And so did my brother. I really wanted that IPod Nano and/or Laptop, but God says

"Since you've been saying 'Me Damnit' ALL the damned time, I ain't giving it to you... Plus, all these basturds and beetches have been jinxin' you, so I can't help there..."

xD I luff muh God. xD He so funneh.

But, yeah. I can at least say I won a jump drive... just like my brother. They're like fifty dollars. Mwaa... I shall return it to target, get money, and go buy art supplies....

xD Well, after post prom, Lolly and I went back to my house and we stayed up till 9, er, well I did because I had to drive back home. Lolly's dad said that she had to leave by eight and be home by eight, as in PM to AM. *laughs* Muh fucking GOD. I was tired. xD Didn't get up until 4:30 - 5:00.

And... Today... I was sick today. *whispers* I got... the runs...


*laughs hysterically* I know that I didn't need to tell you that, but damnit~! When you're that kinda sick, you feel like shit~! Literally~! I woke up and I thought I was gonna die and I had to go to the bathroom, yadda, yadda, yadda...

I was mad that I had to stay home from skool. Even though skool is stupid sometimes, I don't like missing it because I miss all that work.

And I have to miss again on Thursday because I have state on friday and I need my contacts so I can use my eyes to the full extent of their intensity when I go 'insane' at State competition.

... Yeah. Well, I honestly have more to type, but I'm lazy... and tired... and I have to potty. Again... -_-

Damn you, Girl Scouts... I'm a member of your society~! How could you do this to me?!???!

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Friday, April 21, 2006

   A SIGN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D (T_T) (^.~) (@_@) (V_V) (O.o)
Image hosting by Photobucket

*gasps* IT IS A SIGN, MY FELLOW OTAKUS~!!! A SIGN...... THAT BAKURA BELONGS WITH BIG WOMEN~!!!! xDDDDDDD *has a laughing aneurism spasm* Ho manz... Big Barda is one... BIG woman... She puts me to shame. xD

How I got that was I was on a generator site for people with writers block. A bout that I constantly have. x3 I was able to create a Naruto OC... Here's her info. I'm in the process of naming her. It'll be one of muh kewl names, I assure you.

This cheerful kunoichi is tall, voluptuous, and has a plump build. She is missing her right ear and it is covered up with a metallic horn. She has scars on her left leg. Her large eyes are deep plum coloured. She has curly, waist-length snow white hair worn in a style that resembles a gush of water. Her outfits are usually long skirted, ebony-black w/ violet accents, and includes armored plates covering her chest and soft middle. She uses a painful, strange form of martial arts that emphasizes tormenting one's opponent, breaking an opponent's bones, and killing one's opponent. Her preferred weapons are long-chained flails. She is skilled in poison-making, painting, writing, astronomy, fortune-telling, and singing. Her vomit is actually poisoned and she can change her saliva into acid. She hosts small serpents in her body and communicates with them.

I picked tons of parts from different characters from the generators and made her. I should draw her sometime. xD

ALSO~! You know that comic I mentioned...? It wasn't one of my fanarts... It was an honest to goodness comic plot. I've been writing down on it for about a week now... I'm not going to release the idea because I don't want people stealing it and I want it to be a surprise for when I become published.

OUI~! I got my pictures~! x3 Well, some of them, anyway. I'm going to get the ones that I SAID For mum to get. *laughs* Oh well. I'll scan the ones that are purty and show you them later.

*sniffles* Pray to God for me and Lolly, Lufflies. She can't go to the Post Prom party because her 'Dad' says she can't... T~T I pray, pray, PRAY that she can come~!

And... Well... I... I'm pretty boring now. I'm writing on fics because I got a lil flare back... and I want to draw... But, I tell you, sir, I have no sketchbooks! I wish I could have drawn something… I need a spark…

AND... I forgot to tell you all, but I've been accepted to MSUM~!!!!!!!111!!11one!!1eleventyone!!

... I wanna have sex with Kura... xD


♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. I reposted this post cuz I wanted to add a picture. xDDD I could've modified it, but I didn't.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

   I wrote yet ANOTHER ficlet... Man, I'm sad. 8D
Bwah ha ha~! I wrote a little ficlet yesterday. Because… I’m very sad and I have no life. xD And I try to do my best at humor, yet it never really sounds as kewl as other people’s. Like… Lolly knows what I’m talking about… -_-U I am stuck to sounding like a pathetic wannabe when it comes to being funny. xD

Last night, I was up til late working on an essay for my mum. It was on The Theme, The Setting, and The P.O.V. of The Yellow Wallpaper. *laughs* I’ve done enough college English for her to earn myself a credit of my own. I only got about 4 and a ½ pages on it when I was supposed to have five, but oh well. I sounded prolix enough for her paper. =3

ANYWAY… Here’s the ficlet I wrote. (Note to Parks: I’m sorry~! There was no other way I could have Bakura say what he says about your luffa~!)


I scraped the rocky gravel under the sole of my shoe, watching how the pebbles trembled with each step I took. The evening sun warmed the back of my arms, legs, and shoulders, creating a long dark shadow that was perfect for the description ‘From the brightest light comes the darkest shadow’.

I picked away some silver hair clinging to my neck and brushed it away from my face as I looked down at the ground again, the lake getting closer with every step.

The dirt was pounded in, smooth and flat from vehicles rolling over it many times; The earth was a tanning, taupe colour, small cracks from the sun drying it spread over it in a tight hug. I moved my sights from the gravel of the road and looked up again, scanning over the large, brown sign with loud screaming white letters inscribing ‘Buffalo Lake, Wild Life Reserve Protection’ and other insignificant things. A white outhouse sat next to the sign, the paint still brand new. Again, I switched my line of sight and looked towards the banks of the lake, towards the concrete plating leading into the water.

The hundred feet of it was nearly engulfed with the dark blue water, though about three feet were above the lapping waves. On a small part of the dull grey rock was ‘her’. She was leaning backward, propped on her hands, her knees pressed together; her feet were separated and placed in the rolling waves trying to lick at that last part of cement not submersed.

The wind blew at her hair, pulled into a lazy tail so that several curls caressed her neckline, and at her skirt, exposing her pale, paper white legs, soft, round bottom, and little knickers. She was wearing a loose, yet fitted, thin white shirt, thin enough to let sight to the bra underneath… The shirt was also low cut enough on the front to expose a nice amount of cleavage. I smiled to myself, looking at her chubby tummy. Though she was technically ‘fat’, she was regal and elegant. Being over weight was what made that body of hers so delectable looking. A round stomach suited her much better than a set of boney ribs.

I chuckled quietly to myself and slowed my walk, stepping on the rough surface of the bank, going over rocks and dead grass that was soon to become alive again stealthily enough so that I was directly behind her without her noticing. I stayed silent for several minutes, simply standing there watching her play and dance her wide little feet into the water; her short toes a rosy pink.

“What are you doing here all by yourself?” I asked smugly, a smirk at my lips as she gasped loudly and nearly fell backwards off the edge of the concrete, her head whipping back to face me, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“You scared the hell outta me, Bakura~!! Jesus Christ~!” she placed a hand haphazardly on her chest to signify that her heart was beating wildly, though it looked more like she was groping herself. Well, to me it looked like she was groping herself.

I stepped up from the ground and took a seat next to her on the concrete, kicking off my shoes and setting mine next to hers.

“Are you going to answer my question…?” I asked, laying back so that I was propped on my elbows, my bare feet completely submerged in the murky, freezing water while hers started tapping and playing in the dregs left from each wave.

“Mmm, I jogged down here for some meditation. Something wrong with that…?” I looked out across the lake, the surface bumpy from the wind pushing little rolls out of it.


“Pfft, says you. You interrupted me in a perfect meditation… I hadn’t been aware of anything for a good fifteen minutes until your smart ass showed up.”

“Oh really…? I thought your brain was like that all the time, unaware of everything…” I gave her an evil grin as she raised an eyebrow at me, the side of her lips curving upward.

“You’re such a fiend.”

“My favorite word…”

“I’ve noticed… You call Marik one all the time.”

I laughed at that as she pulled her legs up to her chest, her hands wrapping around her kneecaps, her head cocking to one side as she gazed out across the forest across the lake. I stole a glance at her panties; they were pale pink with a cartoon panther winking in my direction.

“Was there anything you wanted…?” She asked, blinking as a fish far out flopped in the water.

“I was bored. Ryou and Malik were trying to kill themselves while making cupcakes with Megumi… Malik tried to lick the beater while it was on ‘whip’ and Ryou kept on running into Megumi’s boobs. I wouldn’t mind running into her boobs myself, but with the way she was yelling at them calling them the next cupcake catastrophe, I’d rather come bother you.”

“… I wanna see Ryou run into Megumi’s boobs…”

“I bet you would… Otogi didn’t like it, however… He kept getting flustered and glaring at Ryou while Ryou kept apologizing and spilling flour everywhere while saying that you should’ve been helping him.”

“Heh… And where were Lolly, Sharon, Jenna, Parks, and Maria in transit of all of this…?”

“Maria is talking to a rubber duck in the bathroom about how to get Malik tied up and gagged in her bedroom… I surmise she’ll be doing that for a long while, as will Parks because she’s talking to her Shag-A-Fag Maxxie-Poo…”

“That’s not nice… Just because Max is flamboy-” I cut her off as she began to defend him.

“He’s a fag. So there… and… The other three…”

I sighed, closing my eyes and raising my brows high, I knew she had been watching my expression because she giggled. I opened my eyes and stared at her, her eyes were outlined in the famous black, the black wings and tears on her eyes. I scoffed, looking away as her skirt gave another flutter.

“You can ask Marik when we go back…”

“They’re torturing him, aren’t they…?”

“… Well… if you call painting his nails blood red and putting make-up on him while he’s asleep in your bed torture, then yes.”

“He’s asleep in my bed…?!”

“He was wondering where you went, so he said that he’d fall asleep in your bed so that you’d find him.”

She laughed loudly, shaking her head slowly. “That’s my rapist of a Marik.”

“What about me…?” I stretched my toes that were getting cold in the water, the wind giving another crisp blow at our hair and clothes.

“What about you…?”

“Aren’t I your rapist too…?”

“Do I have a choice whether you’re my rapist?”

I laughed, giving her one of my psychotic yet playful grins “No, I suppose you don’t…Hmm…What do you do out here while you meditate…?”

I sat up and scooted closer to her as a large wave lapped at the seat of my pants, a mutter of a few cuss words for my now wet jeans and ass fell from my mouth.

“You shouldn’t have been lying down and I just… I think for a long time, and then I shut off my brain, like I said. I’m not aware when I meditate. It’s what keeps me sane, coming and doing this… I’m at perfect harmony… It’s why you scared the bloody hell outta me, cuz you sure ain’t harmonious…. But then again, you scare the bloody hell outta anyone with your hair looking like that. It’s no wonder why Lolly calls you Mr. Bunny.”

“Don’t you call me that…” I growled, playfully sliding my hands around her shoulder, my fingers grasping at her neck as I pulled her to lean on me. Her thick mane of hair had a flowery scent, a soft curl breezing against the seem of my closed lips.

“Why not? Your bunny ears are sticking straight up in the air… It looks as if you were head butting something.” I growled again and pinched her arm, smirking as she ‘Oooh-ed’, wriggling against me.

“As a matter of fact, I was head butting something. A pillow… and your hair would look like this too if you had to put up with those people up at the house.”

“I do put up with the people at the house…”

“… Then how come your hair doesn’t look like mine…?”

“Because I’m not a three thousand year old Egyptian megalomaniac bent on owning the world and making it my sex slave.”

I ‘hmm-ed mockingly at her, letting her head rest on the crook of my shoulder.

“… Good point.” I moved my feet over so they snared with hers, my ankles tangling with hers.

“I know.” She quieted for a few minutes, staring out across the lake, then speaking up again

“… What’s the real reason you came down here for…” She said, that ‘All-Knowing’ tone in her voice that I so happened to have a ‘Love-Hate’ relationship with.

“… Don’t you know…?” I slid my hand down from her shoulder and squeezed at the fat on her soft middle. She giggled and elbowed at me, snarling playfully.

“No, I don’t know…”

“I thought you said you were psychic.” I gave her middle another pinch; it was one thing I was extremely fond of, that soft layer of chubby ‘chub-a-luv’ as Ryou called it. Sure, I was evil. I was a psycho. I was the incarnate of Zorc Necrophades. But I loved to touch and play with soft things, and I hadn’t a care for how wrong that sounded.

“I’m not… I’m just good at guessing and reading things…”

“That’s called being psychic.” I said sarcastically.

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is.”

“Nuh Uh”


“Nuh uh”


“Nuh uh”


“Nuh uh”

“Yes.” I smirked, leaning into her, my free hand, the one not grabbing at her stomach, running up her silky smooth, freshly shaven leg.


“Mmm, what.” I purred, my words slurring to sound like ‘Mmmwhat’. I slid my palm up on to her thigh, pressing her skirt away as my other traveled upwards again, grabbing at her breast while I pressed my mouth onto her neck.

“We’re not having sex.” She said flatly, brushing my hand away from her leg.

I spluttered. “Who said anything about sex…?!”

“… Your fingers pulling at my knickers, your hand groping my breast, and your mouth trying to take my skin of my neck tells me it…” she said, lidding her eyes heavily as she raised her brows. I gave my best at a pout; though I knew I didn’t do it well. Ryou was the one who was able to get her to do things if he did something weird with his face. Like those ugly bulbous eyes that were watery and ugly.

“Damnitall! You said you weren’t psychic…” I glowered at her as she rolled her eyes, shifting her weight, her breasts right at eye level.

“The reason I’m saying that is because there’s a family over there fishing… I don’t think it’d be best if their children heard a whole bunch of moaning, screaming, and groaning, and ‘Oh, You’re so BIG!’s…”

I looked over towards where the bridge went over a part of the lake towards the south. My heart sank, or at least that little shrunken black thing shaped like one did. There were two little boys, their fishing poles in their hands, ogling where my hands were placed.

Their parents were completely oblivious, however, and they were eating what looked like neon orange worms of cheesy-cheese… or whatever you were to call them, as they sat in comfy looking lawn chairs. I grumbled and dropped my head heavily on her shoulder. She winced and groaned, grinding the bone of her shoulder into my temple.

“… That hurt, you know…” she spoke softly, her gaze returning to the water. I huffed, yanking her skirt down as I saw one of the boys had walked over to the side of the bridge so he could see up it, his young body stooping over as he squinted to see.

“Good, you deserve it for not giving yourself to the darkness…”

“I’ve just realized how corny you sound when you say crap like that… Mmm… C’mon… we’ve been here long enough; we should go back to see what the damage is…”

I couldn’t help but ‘oof’ as she shoved at my stomach and grabbed her shoes, pulling them on. I followed suit as she stood and stretched, leaning back and groaning slightly. As I stood myself after yanking on my own shoes, she dusted her skirt for pebbles and I helped, with a grin, by spanking at her rump to get rid of a few of those pebbles… and a feel to see if any were trying to hide.

She squealed and jumped, grabbing at my hand and pulling it from her as she walked forward.

“You don’t want me to find the pebbles in your panties…?”

“……. God, you’re lurid. No, you pedophile…”

“I’m not a pedophile.”

“You’re three thousand years old and I’m eighteen years old… the last time I checked, at least a thousand years difference stood for automatic pedophilia.”

I hmpf-ed as we walked away from the bank and past the sign and up to the road, step in step up the road leading back to the house. I turned and looked over the pasture with the cattle, horses, and llamas.

Yes, there were llamas and not the funny ‘Wow, lookit there’s a llama’ llama. There were three black and white llamas sitting with several bay and roan coated horses. Away from the horses and llamas were the black cattle, sun bathing in the Sun’s last few ours of light. The pasture beyond the animals was slowly and day by day turning lush green as the, the crick of rolling water feeding them nutrients as it lead into the lake

I had some getting used to with this ‘Living in the Country’. You could walk around stark ass naked and not get in trouble or have anyone see you…

I reminded myself to do that one day.

I hadn’t noticed until we were almost all the way up to the drive way: We had walked in complete silence, which was rather odd. We just moved in quietness.

Whence we got to the driveway leading up to the house, the silence was broken. Screeches of horror erupted and a roar of rage echoed through the shelter belt of trees surrounding the driveway.

“Goddamnit, c’mon, ‘Kura… We can’t let Marik kill anyone…”

“…I told you, it’s Kura-SAMA.” We both sprinted up towards the house, though we stopped dead in our tracks as we saw the sight. Our mouths fell open as we watched in mute shock.

Marik, with a vast assortment of makeup layered on his face, a bright red nail polish on his fingers, and with a Megumi hanging on his shoulders snarling about ‘You’re ruining my cupcakes, ya fucking bastard!!’, was chucking melted, oddly coloured cupcakes at Sharon, Jenna, and Lolly who were shrieking in horror and jumping away from the cupcakes that, with loud SPLAT’s, exploded on the ground.

Malik stood lamely, a bit of blood dribbling from his mouth and a sour look on his face.

Ryou, covered in a bucket of flour and a sweat drop the size of Mount Fuji on his brow, tried to say something.

Parks was sitting on the deck blabbing away about how nicely perked her breasts were today.

Maria was rubbing her cheek along the duck and purring sickly sweet things to it.

And Otogi was simply laughing his ass off.

This lasted for about a minute before Chelsea boomed “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL DOING?! I WAS GONE FOR ONLY FORTY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!” It was a Kodak moment. I couldn’t help but laugh psychotically as everyone stopped exactly in the position they had been in, their eyes locking on the two of us.

“Guh… Look at all of you… Get your asses inside before I hose the lot of you down…” she sighed and smiled as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward, as I was laughing hard enough to have me use her for support. She then stopped as they all stood still.

“I’m warning you~! The hose is just right there~! I’ll become a fireman if I have to! And Marik, you sleep in my bed again, you’re gonna get raped…”

”You can’t rape the willing, My Dear…”

”I never said I would do the raping, Marik. I’ll have Park’s boyfriend do it for me. And, with that man, no one is willing except for Parks.”

I cackled louder as Marik’s face fell flat while Megumi slid off his shoulders and gave him a swift kick in the rump. Sharon, Jenna, and Lolly squealed their bits of thanks and ran up to the deck, grabbing Maria with her duck with them as they bounced into the house..

Parks stood up with her phone, still gabbing to Pegasus and walked inside the house. The boys stood there, wondering what to do. Ryou spoke to Chelsea as she let go of my wrist and walked past Marik trying to rub the ‘Cover Girl’ from his skin. “Where’d you go…?” She smiled, passing him as well and grabbing the door handle. “Oh, Bakura and I just had sex on the beach.”

I stopped laughing and growled “No we didn’t. She was afraid that some children would see...”

This time, Marik burst out laughing “It’s always nice for children to have their minds dirtied with sex…”

And after that, there was another long silence, until Malik chimed in, moving his mouth painfully since he had enough stupidity to lick that damned mixer.

“Hey, isn’t ‘Sex on the Beach’ a song…?”

”… Yes, Malik… It is… C’mon in, I’m gonna take a look at your poor tongue… And Ryou…” She giggled, reaching over to wipe a large smudge of white from his nose “Hunny, you need a shower…”

she walked in the house, Ryou and Malik following with Malik asking “How’d you know my tongue got hurt…?”

Her response was “I’m psychic.”


There you go. I’m gonna post this on my FF.Net account when I get home. Yay~! xD I need to draw today…. And, I’ve come up with the most brilliant idea for a comic.

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Monday, April 17, 2006

   Happy Belated Easter~!
Hidy~Ho. I'm fuckin' tired. 8D *laughs* It's pretty late/early, I guess.

My easter was okay. I got a pink glass Peter Cottontail and a 'Gotenks' kite. xD Getting kites is a tradition for us... Man... I was flying that lil bastard for a long time t'day.

We didn't have any sort of special dinner cuz Mum had to work... so I ate a hot dog and some string cheese. yay. xD

And... after that. I was on the internet for a long while, made about six backgrounds and shiz. Oooh~! And I got this wicked magazine called... The Right Stuf... I think... xD I'm too lazy too check. I can buy stuff from it... even hentai... x3 I love being 18, I can buy porn. xD

And then I got off the net and went Jogging to the lake. First time I've done it in a while. I'm so glad the nice weather is back. I can go jogging in the evening without getting sunburnt or tanning my pale flesh. I want to be white, damnit~!

xD And, when I got to the lake, I sat down and meditated for a while with my feet in the water... and then some idiots came and disturbed me so I went back home... and now it's late and I'm tired... so... G'night. =3 Happy Belated Easter.
♥ Chiru~Chan

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