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Monday, June 12, 2006

   My ass... Is sore... I need... to do ass clenches... They hurt/feel good... O_oU
Man... I've done... like... nothing for the... uhm... er... since last time I posted on my blog. Which was on the '666' day... I hate that day... Why? Because the Satanist wannabe's are all hyped up for.

I've got a little number for them, however... 666 isn't Satan's numerical name/whatever. It's Nero, the roman emporors.

Satan's number is 616... My uncle Kracker's birthday.

Heheh, anyway~ It's about 3 am, so if I don't stay in one spot too long in this post, then please forgive... or something... xD

Anyway... like I said, I've not done much this past... week? Or So? I dunno... But, I did manage to get featured fandom of the day... again... on a peice that barely took me five minutes... again...

*laughs* What I don't understand is how come they can pick the messiest, fugliest little drawing that I could muster for the Featured Fandom. No, seriously. I used an Eagle no. 2 for like, two seconds, and then a black bic pen... Basically, I just shat the bloody thing right out...

And then it gets featured Fandom...

Kinda like the other two of... Me and Bakura (lucky couple, heheh... okay, I'll shut up)... xP

They were most certainly not my best works. And... Crap... I lost of my train of thought... and... uhm... nevermind... -.-

Brain need sleep... But Brain has many nightmares... Nightmares that scare the Brain...


And... Yeah.

OMFG. I almost forgot.

Guess what I found?

Give up?

Pffft~ You're giving UP!? ... Or you could just be following after my own self and being lazy... Yay Lazy~!



So far, I've downloaded Ryou Bakura, Yami no Bakura, Kadaj, Sephiroth, Reno, Vincent, Shizuka, Tea, The Black Velvet, Sweet But Deadly, Paradise Dolls, Pink Corset, and Inuyasha skins... As well as hundreds of miscellaneous items. ^____^

... I've made so many hot albino men on there....

And I've had an affair with Ryou, Bakura, Sephiroth, Kadaj, Black Velvet, and Inuyasha so far...

Shut up, if you knew that they'd come after you (and if you were a girl or a homosexual man) you'd SOOOOOO lay them. xDDDD

Hmmm... Post + Too Long _ Too late = Wtf, Chiru, what the bloody fuck are you still doing up!?

♥ Chiru~Chan


Magick Salem: EEEE~!!! I'm sorry, sweetie~!!! For some reason, no matter how hard I try, I can't comment on your freaking site~!!!! *huggle squish*

Reno The Turk: ... ^_^; I haven't been to your site for two days, but the last time I was there... I couldn't find where to comment~! I'm sorry~!!

To Anyone Else Who I forgot: Just comment and kick me in the ass if I forgot something or whatever.

To The Fuck Who sent me that PM... Yes, you know who you are: Don't you DARE send me a letter like that again, you superficial, cynical, asinine, pathetic joke of an impostor. I'm not playing your games.

Anyone Else: So much love that not even Jesus could tap this~ 8D

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

   Favorite Quote: 'Looks like you woke up on the wrong side of me today...'
*laughs* Another 'I didn't do jack-shit today' post. ^^

Well, I did do some stuff.

I called MSUM (Minnesota State University Moorehead) and got registered for Dragon Days. And you know what? I didn't turn into a nervous wreck while on the phone~! Talking to other MyOtaku Members on the phone has cured my Phone-Phobia~! ... Or most of it, anyway. xD

And... Then... I drew and doodled mostly. I put four pictures up today, and I've got to do a couple more. xDDD My favorite ones though, are the final fantasy ones. ^^;

The obsession that I have for the SHM is very scary. *nod* Yup. xD

And... Uhm... Oh! We also rented the movie 'Domino' from PPV... or whatever. It's pretty good, at least I thought. ^^ Choco with the speedo... Gwaaaaaa... xD

And... Then... What else did I do today.... Nothing much... Except for make my famous stirfry, although I used Sirloin Tips and Ground Cube Steak instead of Chicken breast chunks. xDDDD

Oh~! I will MAYBE, keynote maybe, put up another fic that I'm writing. xD It's of Kadaj, yush. I just can't help myself... I'm... smitten with him. ^-^

Well... I've'nt got much else to say... so... Yeah. xD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Friday, June 2, 2006

   I'm hot, bored... and... lazy? xD
*laughs* Just a random posting because I'm bored off my ass.

The PMLE(Polymorphic Light Eruption) isn't a terrible case, I just get sick if I'm out there for more than fifteen, twenty minutes...

Mum said that I probably wouldn't have to get pills for it if I didn't go out in the sun... Which I don't... much... But, when I DO wanna go outside, I can't!!!

*laughs* Well, I can... I just have to wear sunscreen whenever I go outside and cover up my arms and legs and face and shit. But, it's really hot outside... so 'covering up' is out of the question. Yay~ xD

I'm bored... and I created a Kadaj Lemon Quiz. Go to it, it is... Lemony fresh. xDDDD Just down there... Click it, damn you! CLICK ITTTT AND TASTE ITS CITRUSY GOODNESS!!!

I wanna go outside, but... *shakes head*

Tomorrow... *grins* I'm going to be hanging with Lolly and Jenna, and perhaps Jason. *nods* Bwa ha ha, I am bringing teh hawtness of FFVII:AC so we can all watch...

And, that damn job was filled already. *growls* I NEED a job. *grins* I also have to call MSUM to schedule my shit for college. @___@ I hate the annoying trivial matters of life. xDDDDDD Oh well...

... I love the 'Path of Sephiroth' by Alex W... Awesome Remix, my peoples. *grins* Right off of Metacrawler. XDDDDD

My brain is everywhere... @____@

I'm making apple pie right now... No... I shit you not... it's in the fuckin' oven and another is waiting to go in. xD

I like cooking.

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

*laughs* Long time no see, mmm? I think so. Now, I apologize for not putting the second half of my ficlet up, but I’ve been busy and it’s just not coming out how I wanted it to. SOOOOO…

Here I go.

Graduation was… Well, graduation. It was hot, stuffy, boring, a lot of my classmates cried because it was a happy occasion and I was able to throw my hat like a ninja star at the end and get to see my baby brother, Caleb, for the first time. …

It’s scary how he and I act alike. Like, he’s only six months, and he already makes the same faces I do.

Anyway, back to grad. I had an open house… which was very successful. xD Too many people in my opinion. I got actually around 600$ now in gifts from people.

I also got a very nice, expensive hot blind your eyes pink luggage set from my mum, and a full set of asian dinner and cook ware from my uncle and the cutest fucking chopsticks EVER.

I want to find my digi cam… but I don’t think I will so I’ll find a way to get them to a computer one day.


The grad party afterwards was VERY close to my house, but I stayed at my house for a very long time, talking to people on the net and when I finally got out there (I walked there… which tells you it was like in my backyard) was dead.

There was a boy there, Ian Carlson… Who was like… being really freaking creepy towards me. Like… hugging me and then trying to nuzzle and bite my neck and I was all … “*laughs nervously* … Let go, Ian… No more hugs, okay?”

There were about thirty people there and everyone was worried about Zach, a dumb friend of my brother’s, because he had gotten wasted and he fell into the lake and people thought he was dead.

He wasn’t.

After he was found, we took him back to our house and laid him on the couch so Sarah could go back and grab Dillon, and a couple people who were spending the night, as in Brandon Gabel, Nolan Lien, and Meghan Raedel.


I offered some fruit that was at my open house to Nolan, and he shoved it back in my lap and started eating it practically out of my crotch.

*laughs* My face… was… very… pale. xD

Then, after that, I made sure Zach was laying on his side and had a bucket so he wouldn’t drown if he puked, and I went upstairs. Nolan and Meghan went and had sex in my brother’s room… while he was in there.

xD And I slept in my sisters room while she and Brandon were in my room so they could spy on Meghan and Nolan. xD … And… I thought I was going to wake up alone… but I didn’t.

I woke up.

In my shirt and panties.

And I looked over.

And In bed with me, snuggling up against me…

Was Brandon.

xD Holy hell, that boy is… I dunno. He seems to like being near me when I don’t have many clothes on, either that or he’s a dumbass. xD The bad thing about him is that he’s VERY attractive. >< I hate him for that. xD

And… Yeah. After that, I didn’t do much of anything, Except, on Monday I went to go grab my coffin. xD Damn that fucker’s huge. xD I still have a lot of work to do on it, but the building part is done. *nods*

The next day, Tuesday, I went to Fargo and I bought the FFVII:AC for myself instead of having to borrow it. Fuxzoaz. I luff that movie. It’s like… a freaky drug… full of… druggy freakyness. xDDDDD Yeah. I also bought four CD’s.

Koßn x 2 = Koßn and Life is Peachy
Static X = Start a War
Deftones = Around the Fur.

*laughs* Hot fucking damn, I love Chino’s voice. Sex me up, mistah!!! xD

And, instead of getting a job at Sam’s, I’m gonna try to work as a night clerk for a place in Forman. *nods* Much closer… Because… family isn’t working too well together… I’m not going to stay with my grandmum after all.

After we got back from Fargo, we went to an awards banquet thing where I got awards for speech and shizzle. And… I finished my pages for the yearbook. After that xDDDD Tee hee.

And then Jason came out, my Uncle Kracker, because we had to leave the next day because I had to drive him and my grandpa up to Minot for doctor shizzle cuz Gpop had his colon taken out and he need colostomy stuff. *nods*

We stayed in Jamestown with my aunt on Wednesday night… and… when I sat out in the sun, like I had been doing lately because I get kinda active in the summer, I kept getting these pink bumpies and itchy things…

I had been getting them when I would go out in the sun lately.

I’d get really bad headaches and my skin would do that… so… I talked to a doctor while up in Minot that day while my grandpop was getting checked out…

You want to know what he told me it was…?

He told me I have Polymorphic light eruption.

It’s an allergy to the sun.

Which means I break out in hives and get sick from sunlight.

He explained to me why I was getting all itchy and pink after I’d be in the sun for a little while… and … Yeah.

My Uncle Fester has it… *laughs* Very Ironic, since I love being very pale... but the bad thing is that the doctor said that I should go for my regular doctor and get steroids for it.

I fucking HATE pills… I hate the pills I have to take right now, so you can imagine how my face fell when said I would have to take pills to curb the breakouts if I go in the sun.

Gwah. More pills. Fuck. xD

But, oh well and anyway.

I took my gpop up to Minot with his girlfriend and Jason, and Sparky, my lil cousin. And, after we got out of the hospital

(*laughs* The doctor gave me an umbrella and some sunscreen to go outside) I got a sketchbook, an Ipod shuffle (which is hard to maneuver) and two more CD’s at walmart. The CD’s were:

Rob Zombie = Educated Horses
Deftones = White Pony

Damn. I luff the CD’s xD

After Minot, we, my Uncle, Sparky, and I went back to Jamestown… Where, upon my arrival, Tara summoned me… To ask me if I was a lesbian.

*laughs insanely* She asked me this because Parks (MadamRyeka) and I talk to each other on the phone. And… I dunno. It just made me laugh. xD I told her ‘No’ though I had previous… experience with such a matter. *nods* Lolly and a couple of my close friends know what I’m talking about. And… Yeah. And then, after that, I watched FFVII:AC and tried to get my ipod to work on Jasons’ compu, but it didn’t. It was being a poo head.

So I went to bed, and the next day, I went to Fargo. And when I was at my G’ma betty’s, Tim, Lisa, and Caleb came while I was washing her dishes. I had forgotten that they were going to pick me up, so I hurried, took a quick shower, threw some things together, and went with them to Steven’s (biological uncle) 50’th surprise Bday party. xD

Twas much fun because my Biological father’s side of the family… really likes me. *laughs* Then, I went back to Tim’s and Lisa’s house and I played with Caleb while they got stuff ready for the next day because he was getting baptized. *grins* He’s dreadfully cute and he really likes me~!!! Everytime I’d laugh or smile, he’d laugh or smile back~!!! X3 And I got him to crawl. Whoo~! xD

And… then I guess I went to bed… and I have nightmares a lot, yeah? Well, I was having a nightmare, and I woke up, not opening my eyes because I don’t open them until I know that there’s nothing there… but… I heard a sound and my eyes snapped open and two inches from my face were Caleb and Lisa.

Lisa was trying to wake me up and she had set Caleb on the bed and leaned over me and I… *laughs insanely* I nearly fell out of bed she scared me so hard. xD And… Yeah. His baptism went great and it was an awesome party of the Motl family afterwards. I got to take family pictures and I learned that my aunt Cindy is an anime freak too. *nods*

And she’s very pretty and she’s a DJ for somewhere in illonois. She lives about three hours away from Chicago and she said that she’d house me and my family if we went to go see King Tut. *squeal*

*nods* And… Then, we sluffed around afterwards for a while, I played with Caleb some more. Lisa slept, I fell asleep while watching Tim play Kameo on Xbox 360 and… *nods* It was good. Then I had to go… back to Grandmum Betty’s. *laughs*

It was okay, I guess… But… Yeah. I went over to my Uncle fester’s and we went to IHOP at about 11pm and I talked to Parks on the cell for a lil while, but only for a lil while because my uncles were making fun of me calling me a lesbian and stuff because of what Tara asked me. xD Yeah. And… They made fun of me because Lolly (Lolly~Chan) had knelt next to me instead of sitting on the arm of the chair and I had crossed my legs and they had called me a Dominatrix… when Lolly’s more so than me. *giggle giggle nudge nudge* xD And… Yeah.

Then… It was all fucking boring. The only thing I did was watch Uncle Fester play WoW, World of Warcraft. The most awesome MMORPG EVER. I fuck you not. It … is… godly. I have the game myself, but there are FAR too many patches for me to download so I have to wait for the expansion and shizzle. Plus, I gotta go buy a new card so I can play. *sniffle* It costs money it’s so fucking good. And… Anyway… yeah.

*nods* Didn’t’ do a single thing until today. Mum came and got me, and I came home. So good it feels to be home… Listening to music, propping open my sketchbook, thinking of new stuff to draw… fanficton ideas… *sighs happily*

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m gonna go see if I can get that Job as a nightclerk. I’m tired… and this fuckign thing is long enough. So…. I’ll catch you all later.



♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. Holy SHEET. I was bombarded with IM's when I got home and onto my MSNIM and AIM accounts... Holy FUCKTARDS. xD

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

   Graduation.... O.o
Guh... Today's my big day. I'm a little nervous because whenever I do things like this... Dumb things happen... Like my skirt falling off... Like when I was getting confirmed and going for communion...

Yep... My skirt fell off and I was all...

"Oh... A breeeeeEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEE!??! *laughs nervously and yanks skirt up and goes up for communion*"


But... Yush... Today, I'm going to graduate. I'm no longer gonna be a highskooler. Skurrie thought, huh...?

Well, I gotta go, sorry for the short post and not putting the second half of that oneshot up... But I've been so damned busy. -.-U

And, I have my new theme for my site ready. (all I have to do is have time to set it up)

ANDDDDDDDDDD my coffin's finished. xD All I have to do is bring it home.

Well, now I really gotta go. Whew... I hate it when I get nervous, my heart beats so fast and it hurts and I'm just all... Argh. xD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

ALRIGHT~!!!! This here is a HUGE Ficlet, I’m posting the first half right here and stuff… because I want to give you guys a cliff hanger. *giggle* I told you people that I’m obsessed with Kadaj and stuffs!!!!!!

And now, Beware, it’s poorly edited because I did it in just a couple of hours, and I’m… boring and… yeah. xD Mwah aha ha~! It’s based off an RP Parks and I had… and… I’m continuing it in my mind… because I am sad…

ANDDDDD… This may scare you guys… but I think I’m going to make my site Kadaj and Yazoo themed… I know, scary thought since it’s always been YGO/ Invader ZIM.

Well, I’ll let you read now cuz there’s a lot to read. *nods*


Scanning over the glowing trees of the Forgotten City and sitting on top of that large structure, I sighed, clenching my hand over the wound on my breast in an attempt to staunch the blood… The black blood.

I had stopped crying for more than an hour now, though I felt on the verge of it every five minutes. My crying wasn’t because of the large slash on the chest from a falling beam in Midgar…


It was for me and Parks just BEING here… Here in… Final Fantasy Seven… Advent Children… This was against any person who wasn’t into quantum physics’ logic! It was beyond all reason… and yet… here I am… Sitting alone in the Forgotten City when events were supposed to be happening but they weren’t…

This place, right now, was a total hell for me… Even if I were to have my medicine… I hadn’t had my medication for almost a whole month, and my brain was being effected now.

It was nice being here for a while, though… I wouldn’t say it wasn’t… but… it all has been backfiring…

I thought it would be fun…

But when I foresaw Parks being kidnapped by Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz and I dismissed it as one of my nightmares and then realized it wasn’t when I watched with mine very own eyes her being taken…

It turned into horror…

I tried my best to be happy and carefree, and it was working, no one, yet, knew of my ‘chronic thinking/worrying’ problem. I was a natural for that. I thought too much, and it was most trouble some.

We’ve been here for three weeks, now, and Kadaj and his two brothers were as relentless as ever… and they now knew both of our nick names. ‘Chiru’ and ‘Olina’. They didn’t speak to me much… they spoke more to Parks because she was a better at being more open with such danger than I was… They always looked at me though, in a funny way… I never said much to them because they looked at me like… that…

I laughed softly… bitterly to myself, pressing the big towel on my chest, wincing slightly as my skin rubbed against the rough fiber of the towel, thinking again.

I knew that Cloud and Vincent had scared the brothers from this spot and that they had gone to the old Shinra building, the brothers, I mean… and that’s where they had taken Parks when they kidnapped her… We had gone on a rescue mission and saved her just in time from being… hurt… by Yazoo, who was, in person, as scary and creepy as he was good looking… And Yazoo was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, so that gives you an idea on how creepy he was.

But… now… they were on the move again, the brothers. I had no idea where they were going to show up next.

When I thought of Brothers… I thought of Mothers… and I thought of my mum and I almost started crying again. This was the longest I had been away from them. Ever. My family…

I no longer was able to see my family… the only people I could see were Cloud, Parks, and the others… And Kadaj and his brothers… They were supposed to be here in The Forgotten City, like I said, right this moment… but… Since Parks and I had been… disposed… here, we’ve screwed everything up. This was no longer like the movie… It wasn’t as fun as the movie… It wasn’t as safe as the movie… Here… I couldn’t just shut off the telescreen if something bad happened.

We knew the story line to the ‘movie’, though it was real life for me, like the backs of our hands…

But now… I wasn’t so sure…

The only thing I was sure of was that Parks’ back was almost completely covered with Geostigma and she had violent episodes of it from time to time.

I have no trace of it, the stigma… However… I was affected as well, in a different way.

I was able to control things…

As… Like… The first time I had had done anything like that… I had gotten angry when I was washing the dishes at the Strife Delivery Service because I had thought “Oh, I think I might want to talk to Megumi and Lolly tonight.”

And… then I remembered that I was no where near them… I had been so angry, and I hadn’t noticed the oven vibrate or the butcher knife marking X’s upon the vibrating oven until I heard a sickening screeeeek come from the blade going across the metal.

I had instantly lost my anger and I had grabbed the knife and shoved it in the sink, smiling at a curious Cloud who had come into see ‘What is that awful sound, Chiru?’ I had said the water pipes had done something weird and that had must have been the problem, grinning at him nervously. He had bought it and went back out to where he was talking with Tifa and Parks.

Another instance of this… this… telekinesis… was when I was thinking of Diet Pepsi while walking upstairs, a bottle of it had appeared above my head and fell on me, scaring the bloody piss out of me and nearly making me fall down the stairs. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy drinking that Diet Pepsi while in the bathroom, but I wish I would have known it was going to conk me on the head like that.

There had been more occurrences like this, but I was slightly able to control them now… and I had put it to good use instead of using it to apparate bottles of Diet Pepsi above my head.

I had been given a weapon after my first week here. Cloud had said it suited me… though I’ve forgotten why he said it reminded him of me.

It was called ‘The Flying Guillotine’.

It was a shining metal circular disk with razor sharp edges. I was able to throw that thing just like I was able to throw a discus, though the Guillotine flew at least a quarter of a mile and then came hurling back at me and I caught it was a metal wire that was magnetized for a small hole going through the Guillotine. It was as light as a feather and it was tied back to my back at the moment, giving off a soft clank each time I leaned against the glowing rock-thing.

… I had practiced my ‘telekenisis’ on the Flying Guillotine… I could move it where ever I wanted and if I didn’t want to hold it, I could keep it spinning beside my head. I wasn’t too bad at using it now. Parks knew that I had the Guillotine, but she didn’t know I could do what I was able to do with my mental help… Nor did anyone else except for me.

Besides me being able to move things without me touching them… there were a couple of other matters that worried me. The very first day here, I saw very strange things and I knew things that were going to happen, more so than my usual self. Each and every day, this ‘ability’ had grown stronger. As in, the instance I had mentioned before… of me seeing Parks being kidnapped… I thought that I was just having nightmares… My usual nightmares… But I hadn’t been. I shuddered and twitched. Thinking about that made me worry again as well

Also... I was bleeding black… bleeding black nonstop… Black when the Life flowing through me was supposed to be red. You couldn’t tell I was bleeding black, though, because my entire outfit was black; but my skin looked marred and dirty because of it.

I pulled the cloth away from my breast and looked at it, scowling at the slash upon it. It was going to leave a scar on my rounded play thing.

The one thing I had been sorely disappointed in was that I hadn’t gotten the size 6 waist I always wanted; well, I wasn’t disappointed… I was just worried that I was going to made fun of by everyone just because I had ‘more to love’. I couldn’t help but giggle while thinking of that, covering my breast up again with the towel and leaning backwards, the Guillotine going ‘kwoink!’ Of course, I hadn’t been made fun of, but I was always paranoid about it.

I patted my tummy with my free hand; the leather corset, it wasn’t a slutty one and it looked quite good on me, I had been wearing was snug against my skin. My skirt helped it too. I was stylish while looking like myself. I would have struck a pose, but I was too lazy and still tired.

I was still at my normal size 18 and C cup breasts…. I guess I had no quarrels about my body. It was either take me, or leave me.

And, though I’m not a narcissist, I was very pretty, my face anyway. My skin was flawless and as white as Sephiroth’s had been… possibly whiter… and my eyes were cut just the way the used to be, with the exception that they had that ‘look’ to them, my golden ring had been ten times fortified and it made them shine. My lips were pink at the moment, from me biting them…

Parks and I were immensely beautiful here…

But, even though I was ‘beautiful’ … I hadn’t done much. So far, the only one I was able to impress was… Well… No one. I had done the best to hide myself, unlike Parks who thinks it’s a blissful dream even though she has geostigma, from all these characters. The only thing they thought they knew was that I was a carefree person who had the unusual ability to make people laugh. That’s what they thought, anyway…

I wonder if they knew that I was missing… Of course they knew… It was rude of me to run off like that… Maybe they were worried… Maybe they thought I had died… Nah. I’ll probably get an ass whoopin’ when I get back, but I suppose that they weren’t too worried.

I had been gone for about ten hours now, more or less… It took me an hour to get here because I had taken a ‘rent’ motorcycle even though I was deathly afraid of riding on them, and I had slept from just up to about two hours ago. I had been bleeding for the longest time…

That was the reason for me up and running here. I guess I really freaked out when I saw the black gush from my breast. It scared me so… I dunno… It happened quickly: a metal beam had fallen from one of the constructing buildings high rises and it nicked me on the chest and on my right calf (my calf of which there was only a small black scratch). If it had been more far over, it would have killed me, but it didn’t…

Parks, Tifa, and Marlene screamed and asked me if I was alright, Cloud and Denzel with eyes the size of the moon. I had answered them with a quick ‘Yeah, I’m okay…’ They were looking up to see where the beam had fallen from and… before any of them had the time to see, I high-tailed it and ran. I ran to that shop and got that motorcycle and found at least what I thought was the safest place to go.

While I was daubing at the wound on my chest, my heart skipped a beat and I looked up… I couldn’t hear anything… but… I could feel something coming… For many moments, I sat perfectly still in my black bloody mess on the formation, my ears twitching unconsciously, tugging at my scalp each time my ears arose. I then heard the growls of motors… motorcycles.

A mull of horror flopped out of me when I saw three tiny specks of silver and black flying past the glowing trees great in distance.

I had been stupid enough to come here because I didn’t think they would return, but there they are… at full speed…

I furled up and leapt down from the glowing green structure, I hadn’t a name for it, and I landed, the slash of my breast and the scratch on my calf throbbing horribly as my skirt billowed about me in an eerie way, my hair fluttering past my shoulders, a curl whipping me in the face.

They were driving a lot faster than I had expected and I couldn’t afford to just stand there and let them come. With the rough towel clutched to my breast, I sprinted around the structure and winced once more as it started to bleed profusely again, making the towel black once more with my life. There was a small bit of white left, it was the part I was clutching onto and the wet bloody side wasn’t able to be seen because of it…

I had no idea how I was alive. I had been bleeding for so long…

I sighed in desperation and anxiety, looking at the water surrounding the structure. There were some small patched of land that would allow me to go across the water with only my feet getting slightly damp.

The roar of their vehicles was so close that it was vibrating my brain inside of my skull. It could have been fear doing that to me, but I wasn’t one to adjudicate it.

I carefully pin pointed each of my fairy like steps, only getting water on the balls of my feet, and I crossed the little mote surrounding it just as they killed their engines.

I slid behind a glowing tree and I heard Loz speak while I tried to not hyperventilate: “Well, now what are we going to do, Kadaj? Are we going to carry out that plan with the children…? We already have the Materia Big Brother was hiding.”

Yazoo spoke next, his silkened voice almost like a purr “Gathering the children with Geostigma would be an easy task… Don’t you think, Kadaj…?”

Quickly and quietly, I began moving away from them.

“Yazoo… You’ll acquire the children as Loz and I go out scout-” Just as he was about to say that, a twig snapped under my foot.

It hadn’t been loud, but with the deep, dark pit feeling in my chest, they had heard.

“… An animal…?” Yazoo crooned.

“No… It’s not an animal… I think we have a spy. Let’s check it out… It might be fun.” I could hear the smirk in Kadaj’s voice and it had made the other two laugh to themselves. Their boots resonated in the ground with each step they took.

I gasped and began to run. I ran as fast as I could, kicking off my small, flat shoes that were actually fitted to my foot size, instead of having my toes barely reaching the end of the shoe.

Rocks and sticks grabbed at the hem of my skirt, telling me to stop, but I kept on anyway, clutching the towel to my chest, feeling the clotting it had took so long to form on the gash rip.

“Hey, C’,mon, Don’t run little spy, we won’t be too hard on you!” Kadaj called out playfully, though he only made me run faster.

There was a large rock formation, glowing and next to one of its fellow iridescent trees. There was a decent sized cavern, though the entrance to it was small, between two boulders and without hesitation: I dove inside it as soon as I was close enough.

I burrowed myself inside as best as I could, huddling like a dying animal, curled into a ball and watching out though the entry to see when they would pass and I could run again, getting as far away as I could… Perhaps to that rent motorcycle.

Footsteps grew in decibel and after a moment, I saw Loz’s feet run past the cave, and then Kadaj’s… But not Yazoo’s. I clamped a hand over my mouth to cease my breathing, my skin creating suction between my palm and lips so no sound came from me except a small gasp through my nose.

However, I was devastated to see that, instead of Yazoo’s booted feet to run past, that the head of his pistol was pointed in the entrance of the cavern, the aim was right for my chest. He knelt in front of the entrance, his face emotionless, and then a cool smile spread across it.

“Hey, Loz… Kadaj… I’ve found our spy… It’s the one called ‘Chiru’… Come out…” He beckoned to me, waving the pistol in my direction before he stood.

I didn’t know how to react… A whimper came from me as I saw Kadaj’s and Loz’s feet now next to Yazoo’s.

“Hey, get out here…” Kadaj called, he didn’t sound angry, or annoyed, but sickeningly playful. The kind of playful that was about killing someone for fun.

I had no choice; I crept outside, keeping my eyes glued to the ground, and my hands clutching at the fabric covering up my bloody chest. Their cat eyes…. They were boring into me, scrutinizing my every point, and that made me feel sickly and worthless. I started shaking, my shoulders showing it off the most.

“You know…” Kadaj began after a long silence; chuckling he started again

“This really is a coincidence… My brothers and I were just talking about you… You see… We don’t know anything about you, yet you’re always there… Your eyes are always on us, like you know what we’re going to do next… We know about Olina and Cloud and all the others… But… You’re there, and we don’t know what you could do… You keep staring at us in that way… That way that seems to tell me that you’re a lot more than you appear to be. The next time we met, I said to my brothers, I was going to attack you first.”

I stayed silent, my eyes widening on an interesting pebble, my fingers clenching so harshly against the fabric of the towel that they turned seven shades whiter than it.

“So, Chiru… What brings you here…? Hmm…?” Kadaj started to move and I flinched, taking a step backwards, making my hair fall over my eyes and hindering my sight.

I didn’t want to be blind around these men, so I switched my sight from the pebble on the ground to a glowing tree, allowing me to raise my head and turn my neck in the direction of the tree. I could see each of them smiling in a way that I detested through the corner of my eye… A smile that said they were toying with me…

I had to compensate his question, it was a dumb answer, though true.

“I… didn’t feel well…” Now my lip was trembling, and my eyes were stinging. I pleaded and vowed myself not to cry and I dug my long black nails into my palm through the white cloth of the towel.

“Awww, you poor thing… Do you have a fever…?” He laughed mockingly at me, making me angry and I made the mistake of looking directly at him, my eyes glaring into his.

I jumped and backed away again as he had an outburst; “THAT’S the look I’m talking about!!” Kadaj pointed cheerfully while he glared menacingly at me, getting Yazoo and Loz to laugh along with him.

“I don’t… Say… What do you have there…?” he trailed off, me clamping onto the towel had caught his attention. Yazoo and Loz both switched their sights to it as well, their brow’s cocking. My insides swirled painfully as I looked down at it and clung to it tighter. I wouldn’t even let them see what kind of demon I was.

“Nothing… Nothing at all.” I said, attempting to be aloof, but it came off sounding that I was the most nervous little thing that you could ever meet.

“You’re lying…” Kadaj said, his tone low as he lifted his head and looked at me strangely. “I don’t like liars…”

My breath was force from me and I stared at him wide eyed for a few moments and then looked to the either side of me frantically, wondering if I was able to move myself like I had done with the pop. I had to try, or I was dead.

I clamped my eyes shut and concentrated with enough strength to make Einstein proud; me doing this made the three standing before me murmur curiously, and then I heard a shout of surprise, though it was further away.

I opened my eyes and stood up straight, looking back at them about a hundred feet away. It had worked. I had moved myself with my mind… and I wasted no time whatsoever in fleeting. They located me in their sight the instant I bolted off again, my legs taking the largest strides that they could.

Just as I veered behind a tree, a bullet whizzed past me, making me squeal in fright.

Jumping over a fallen tree trunk, I got caught, my skirt betraying me and getting entwined with a gnarled broken bow. I yanked on it with my free hand; my chest was now oozing from my strenuous activity and dripping on my corset collar.

I looked up and in terror, I dropped the towel, grabbing the Guillotine from my back and making it spin, I sent it straight for Loz who had taken a flying leap at me, his taser-type weapon furled back and ready to strike me.

His face lurched in a funny manner, seeing the disc of razor metal fly for him, and he killed his leap at me, throwing himself into a backflip.

He landed roughly, going down on his haunches as he glowered. With a hard yank while staring at Loz, I came free and fell backwards on my rump. As I stood, I felt a something press itself into my back. It was Yazoo from the way he laughed softly.

I growled in shock instead of gasping, and I called for the Guillotine, the metal flying back down towards me, aiming for my chest until I fell to my knees, causing Yazoo to shoot at it, his bullets reflecting off of the Guillotine’s surface.

With my time down on the ground, I took liberty of knocking him down, my legs swinging into his and throwing him off, the Guillotine stopping just as he fell. He caught himself however, on his hand, and he swung his boot towards my face.

I threw myself up and dodged his kick, jumping over him and attempting to run again, but Loz was there and he reached out for my face, narrowly missing it as I crouched down and slid between his spread legs, jumping up again and sending my elbow into the middle of his back.

A “Guh” of pain and surprise came from him, and I reached up, still facing away from his back, grabbing the collar of his leather suit, and throwing him at the tree in front of me.

I spun around from him, hearing something run up behind me. I had expected it to be Yazoo, but I exhaled quickly, seeing that it was Kadaj, his souba raised above his head and ready to bring it down upon me.

I called for my Guillotine, still swirling in the air high above and just as Kadaj swung down, the Guillotine blocked the souba’s swing.

“Mental powers used for fighting? I must say that I am impressed! I’ve never encountered someone who could do this!” He said gleefully, grinding the blades of his souba against the guillotine, slinging to the side and attempting to swing it back up at me.

We were in such close combat that I wasn’t able to use the Guillotine, so my only resort was to throw myself backwards on the ground and kick my feet up into his shins. I dug me heels in with such sharpness that he hollered in surprise, falling to one knee.

He snarled, obviously not fond of my dirty fighting and then cried out angrily, reaching for my ankle, though he didn’t get it as I rolled up and backwards, going onto my feet again.

You were so incredibly agile here, it was scary. I was doing things that I never dreamed of doing, and here I was, fighting three grown men and not in dire pain because of it… not yet anyway.

As I backed away from Kadaj on the ground, I was halted as something snared in my hair; Yazoo had a hold of my curls and, with a swift turn of his body, he whipped me into the air like a rag doll.

My eyes grew huge as I tumulted through the air, my stomach flying into my mouth as I came crashing down onto the ground, a groan forcing it’s way out as I climbed to my feet again and with out thinking, I sent the Guillotine towards his Yazoo’s face, again.

He threw his pistol up and aimed it at me instead of the Guillotine, pulling off four rounds in less than two seconds and forcing me to leap over the side of the glowing rotting log two steps away from me.

I leapt carefully and fell flat, my body being covered in protection of the wood as the bullets were encompassed in the thick tree.

I threw myself up and ran, knowing that I couldn’t fight these three forever, and just as I was to round a tree, Loz warped with intense speed in front of me, ‘Hmm-ing’ and throwing his fist into my chest, a volt of electricity exploding inside of me as I again was thrown back like a rag doll.

I landed in a flesh heap, gasping and clutching at my chest, the black flowing from it more than ever.

As I was about to try to get up, a boot smashed into my jaw, making me bite down on the inside of my cheek, making me bleed even more.

This time, however, I screeched, vaulting up and covering my mouth because I saw black spatter on the dirt of the ground.

I looked over myself and nearly fainted, seeing that my entire front was drenched in black and that I had been bleeding everywhere, even on Loz’s hand from just a moment ago when he had nailed me in the chest; he was staring at it, going from it to me.

“What’s all this black…?” Loz questioned, wiping his finger on it, rubbing his thumb and index together.

Kadaj finally looked away from me, to Loz, his eye brows rising as he heaved a breath in.

“It’s everywhere…” Yazoo murmured, lowering his pistol and gazing at the spot from where I had spat some from my mouth. His eyes then traveled to where it was dribbling through my hands trying to keep it inside my mouth.

My jaw throbbed, but my teeth were intact and the only thing wrong with my mouth was the bruise that was going to be on my jaw and the bite on the inside of my cheek.

“It’s her blood…” Yazoo said quietly, his eyes narrowing slightly.

My heart pounded, and I could tell, because more oozed from my chest.

What my body was doing was against all science.

With the amount of life I had pumped out, I would have been dead a LONG time ago.

“Huh…?” Loz blurted stupidly, his head turning towards me, making Kadaj do the same. Seeing them all stare at me like the freak that I was made me break and I crumpled. I was weak and I was going to die here.

I curled myself over my knees and ended up in a ball, my hands covering my whole face instead of just my mouth as my back trembled with the threat of a huge sob.

I hated it here… I wanted my mum… I wanted mother.

Was this the way it felt for these three…?

I shrieked as something touched my head and I lunged up at it, seeing that it was Kadaj touching some black blood on my crown.

He looked at me in surprise, something that was weird for his features as I snarled at him and then I began to boil over, screeching at him insanely, the blood pouring down my chin. It wasn’t really registering in my brain of what I was saying, and everything came out in frantic shriek

“WHY IS MY BODY DOING THIS TO ME?!?! WHY IS YOUR WORLD DOING THIS TO ME?!?! I WANT TO GO BACK!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!” I shoved myself to my feet again, wobbling away as I spat and gagged black, turning away from the three of them and then looking towards the sky, seeing the tendrils of the glowing tree’s imprisoning me, shooting up my hands and trying to grab for nothing, my long black nails looking odd and distorted.

“I HATE THIS PLACE!! GIVE ME BACK MY WORLD!! TAKE ME BACK!!!!!!!! MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I choked as some blood slithered down my throat and I fell to my knees, my brain going fuzzy and my vision blanked. Maybe now my body was going to realize what was happening to me and I was about to die within a minute or so…

… But I didn’t want to die…

I wanted to live…

I remember what it feels like to almost die… Please, don’t let me die yet… I don’t want to die yet…

With the last ounce of my strength, I stood again and turn around shakily, my eyelids heavy as I took a step towards Kadaj.

However, my legs gave again and I fell once more, my eyes catching the sight of the three of them move towards me, though I couldn’t decipher in which fashion.

I felt my chest smash into the ground, and I laid my cheek upon it, closing my eyes that were wet and still seeping with tears.

“… I want… to be with… mother…”

It all went black.

Well, I guess it all depends on whether you want to read more or not~! xD I read through it and there are so many mistakes… but, ah, what the hell. =3

Guh, more finals tomorrow. -_-U

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good Fucking Lord...


I love FFVII:AC.

Seriously... It scares me, because... I'm not used to liking another anime boy as much as I like Ryou and Bakura. I'm seriously... just... Kadaj and Yazoo and Sephir~Sama = Sex.

OMFG. I've like Ryou/Yami no Bakura since I was twelve and NO one else... and Now... BAM~!!! Right in my face, there's Kadaj. He's my favorite... and he and I have the exact same shape of lips. I was all 'Whoa'.


It's like a disease of the white haired sexxies.

Dilandau, Yoko Kurama, Sesshoumaru (though I'm not too fond of Inuyasha) , Sephir~Sama, Kuja, Ryou Bakura, Yami no Bakura, Kadaj and His Brothers, and Junior.

*sigh* All have white hair, and all are half way evil and/or bad. TT____TT

BUTTTTT... Parks and I have the most FUCKIN' Awesome RP of FFVII going right now... and I'm having withdrawls. God... x3 Last night... Was... Hoo boy... Well, let's just say Yazoo has that smooth, stalker/rapist/sexyassmuthafucka voice for a reason... x3 They're be a picture of him and Parks posted t'night... and Perhaps one of Parks and Her favorite FFVII boys, Reno and Vincent. I dunno if I'll have it inked or not.

Mine are Kadaj (*sob* even though he's younger and shorter than me) and Sephir~Sama... He looked like a snake in the movie... *dribble dribble drool* =3

But... Even though I rant over how hot the FFVII boys are, I'll always love Ryou and Bakura. There's no question. *laughs* Even though it's a little weird, I guess I can say that they've changed my life. >3< Shush up~! I know it sounds weird!!! TT___TT

BUTTTT... I have to go. Bell's gonna ring and I gotta go finish my coffin. =3

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

   I want to cosplay really bad... xD And I'm such a procrastinator...
*grins* I do... You know, I always told myself that I'd never cosplay... You know, since there are never any chubby cute anime characters... and I'm chubby...

(and if I actually do well with myself, there WILL be chubby cute anime characters to cosplay as)

but... Who I want to cosplay as, like right now, would probably be the mystical elf from YGO... because...

1. her dress would cover up my chubbeh bod

2. it would show off my pretteh shoulders

3. Ryou likes to use 'Dark Elf' xDDDDD

4: because I probably could look half decent. xD

The only thing is, is that I don't have long enough hair, and I don't know where I could find a decent looking wig entirely purple... xD But, then again... I can't really cosplay because there aren't any conventions in ND... Damnzoarz.

ANYWAY. We had our auction sale today... And I had told mum not to get so much food, but she didn't listen... so we only made 15o$ for it. At least we have a SHITLOAD of leftovers.

Tomorrow, my mum's going to go visit my grandpop, the one with the colon cancer.

ANDDDD... Tomorrow is mother's day... Which means we have to be nice to our mummies... and I just got a weird twitchy thing, Lolly... You know what those mean. -_-U And, yeah. I figure, that I'll write her a long ass poem that describes how she takes care of us, and probably go to Irene's flowers to pic her up a pink rose.

She said not to do anything for her, but I'm going to anyway... because... Well, even though my mum can be a bitch that's scarier than Satan and she's got a punch that could knock a grown man's lights out, I love the woman.

She's my life blood and without her, I'd be dead. *nods* Way before I had actually had good friends... WAY before. *nods again* Meh.

This next week is gonna be hell... Studying our asses off Monday and Tuesday... Monday especially because I forgot to print off our stuff for our presentation in Mr. Steinhoff's class. Seriously, this little goddamned jackass is pissin' me off. It's like, if he has a bad day, he has to make everyone else have one too. But, yeah... I have to make up our 3 to 4 minute presentation in like... an hour and twenty minutes... *laughs* Yay. At least we're last up. Mwa ha ha. Damn. -_- Yeah.

ANDDDDD... What else was I gonna say... Oh yeah. My last day of Public Skool is on friday. I know I've said things about it before, but... Just think about it people... I'm not going to be a highskooler anymore. I'm gonna be a freshman. A college freshman... I don't know about any of the other graduating seniors... but... Man... -_-U I feel so old. *laughs* Well, time to get me that job at Sam's Club!! No, seriously, I wanna apply there because the $$$ is good, and I get a discount on bulk items!! MWA HA HA HA~!!!!

... I wanna draw, paint, and anything else artistic under the sun, but... I'm so damned Busy it hurts.

Now, the only address I need is Megumi's (cuz I've forgotten it EVERY stinking time she's told me. xD)... for the pictures, I mean... And the announcements were supposed to be sent t'day, but, alas... We had a crap load to do today... though I can honestly say I didn't do much... Friday night was the one where I worked my ass off. xD

... Yeah... But... Seriously, I'm thinking about that, the cosplay, I mean... I wonder how long hair extentions go... xD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Friday, May 12, 2006

   Operation: Get ready for grad because it's next Sunday. *sob*

... Mmm... Very thick scottish accents with a hint of hairy manliness. xDDDDDDDDD

... Well... OUR PHONE IS FIXEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! YAYYYYY! But... The thing is... I can't get on much until I get everything in order.

I made, almost all by myself in foods, Ramen Stirfry. It had, of course, Ramen, Chicken Boobs, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Carrots, Cauliflower, and TONS of Teriyaki sauce... Damn to bloody hell! It was good. x3 I think I'm gonna make some 'Chiru àla mode' tempura sometime... xDDDDD Cuz... I want it. BAD.

I also wrote a small article on Kazuki Takahashi t'day. I think I accidentally submitted a bad copy and then my good copy, so we'll see. xD

AND My family and another couple are having a huge auction sale tomorrow morning. We're probably selling about five hundred thousand dollars worth of machinery. *nods* It'll help us with our debts A LOT. *nods* ... And... Next weekend... I graduate.

I'm not going to be going to highskool at all anymore... I'm gonna be a college freshman... Scary thought... xD A college freshman with an unhealthy obsession with Ryou/Ryo Bakura and his Darker Self.

BUT... Yeah.

You know, I've seen FF:AC last night... It... was..... GODLY. GODLY I TELL YOU. I don't think I've ever seen anything greater than that. OMFG... Yazoo and Kadaj and Loz... oMFg. I don't know if I spelled their names right, but what the hell. I'm so screen cappin' that movies ass. Thank you so much~!!! =3

ANDDD... Yesterday, our speech team performed in front of the entire skool... I did my humorous... xDDDDDD *laughs* ... Yeah. The Von Heffle Thorn Therapy. The Rapy. xDDDD

And... Uhm... I've got to dump all my damned announcments at the post office so they can speed their way to muh lufferlies. =3 Megumi and Lolly and Sharon and Jane are all getting one with a pic of me inside, so if you're a good friend of mine and want an announcement from me, just send me an email with your address! I promise I'm not a scary rapist fucker!!!

Well, I gotta go. =3 I'll try to drop by all your sites as soon as I can!!!

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   It's raining today. x3 I luff the rain.
Well, the phone at home still doesn't work. I wrote half of my graduation announcments yesterday, and I still have like 50-75 to go. -____-

ANDDDDD... As you can see, I've changed my site again. =3 I had a background to go with my site, but Photobucket screwed it up. =3 So... You're just gonna be monochrome for a while, eh...? xD I remember I had that last INVADER Zim thing for a HELL of a long time. xD And... Yeah.

My grandpa had colon surgury yesterday because he had cancer. Junetta, his girlfriend, said he was doing tough, but she said he was going to get better. I hope he gets all better. I luff muh grandpop. =3

And... Yesterday, I was in a really sing-ie mood from about 9-11 o' clock. I was told to shut up, but I kept singing everything that I spoke...

like 'ôSarah, pass me the fucking envelopes~!ô'x3

I had roast chicken ramen, buttered toast, and hot cocoa for supper... and I'm hungry again... I haven't eaten since last night... =3 kinda like usual. xD Maybe that's why I've got lot's tah luff. 8D

... My coffin has the body done. Now all I need is to put the trim on the sides, make the lid, sand it off... line it with silk and velvet... and paint a life sized Yami no Bakura on the front/lid. xD

This was a random post because I have time to use on other things, such as a International Paper Presentation and shit for grad and... I wanna be able to be lazy... but I can't. TT3TT


I want to listen to Kittie... but someone stole my CD... a long time ago so now all I have on my computer is Paper Doll, Run Like Hell(written by PinkFloyd), Safe, and a remix of Safe. xDDDD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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