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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Waaaa~ Holy fuck, I'm like... dead, but... exhilarated. *nod*

xD And listening to Gackt-Job helps. ^_^

Welllllll~ My day was long and interesting, I guess... so I'll tell you about it... xDDD Yes, I like to torture you with my boring life. *nod*

I got up at seven, got in the shower and shaved my legs and then Dillon and I went into Gwinner so I could fill out the rest of my paper work and grab my uniform shirts. *nod* I have to wear a men's large because my fucking chest and stuff... well... If you've seen me in person, you know what I'm talking about. xDDDD

And after that was done, at about nine thirty, we left and went to Lisbon to drop off the M tires. The tires for our tractor. *nod nod*

And then we went to see our Grandmum, me and Dillon, in the manner while we waited for them to fix the tires. We thought, what the hell, Grandmum's up here, let's go sit with her. *nod*

And, we went and saw her and we started talking about her garden and then we left to go get her some watermelon, green bell pepper, and zuchinni planting seeds. >83

Then we came back and sat in the church sermon they have for the old folks. *nod nod* xD Got to drink wine and everything for communion.


Then me and Dillon and Grandmum went out to her garden and we planted her plants and then we talked some more and then we gave hugs and kissies and then left. *nod*

We then went to grab the tractor tires... xDDD Holy fucktards, them things are BIG.


And after that...

... I went to Lisbon's NEWWWWWWWWWWWW Subway... OMFGLYKEWHOAAAAAAAA. I lub Subway subs. I had a six inch Tuna PILED with onions and green peppers with some mayo... OMFG. Orgasmic, I tell you... ORGASMIC. If you don't think Tuna subs can make you orgasm, then you're SOOOOOO~ Wrong. xDDD

And, after that... We went home and I rested up for about an hour and forty five minutes and then I left for work.

>8DDDDDDDDDD It was scary, it was fun, it was awesome.

I asked a lot of questions because I kept forgetting how to do things and there WERE SOOOOO many people, but almost all of them were really nice about it. *nod*

... Except this one lady who shouldn't even have had the right to be pissy because it was her fault. Okay... She brought up an apple and a pepsi. I rung them up and told her her total was 2.16. She gave me a five and only a five.

That resulted in her receiving 2.84 in change back... And I handed it to her... and then she shoves them back over and says

"No, I need a nickle. Give me a nickle, you did this wrong."

And she said this right after the till closed and I wasn't sure how to open it again, and I asked Jeremy, my co-worker for the day and teacher/sensei whatever... and so he came and he said that she had the correct change and she's all "Just give me the damned nickle and you can figure this out by yourselves..." And... Guh.

... I don't see why people feel the need to be that rude. WHYYYYYYYY? Weren't they ever taught manners...? To be kind and curteous to everyone? Sheesh, what fuckers... -_- ... But... I got the jist of it at the end... It's really tiring... but... I like it.

... Guess how much my till made...?

Can you...?

... Over two thousand dollars. I made around two thousand five hundred, actually. *nod nod* ... And I think someone drove off without paying for gas. *nod nod*

And... I work with Shane White tomorrow... xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Muh GAWD. I stood and ran around for eight hours straight... Imma plug in my ipod and go to bed, lovlies... I'm thinking about drawing a hilarous picture I thought of while I was eating an icecream cone... xDDDD

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. And, the reason why I accepted this job was so that I could actually do someting and get a reward for doing it.

It may not be much money, but at least it's some. I, and my family, and many others, are by no means rich. -_____- I wish we were because then it wouldn't be so freaking hard to actually survive, but... Eh. You know...

Besides... You're talking to a girl (or GIRL'S if you talk to Lolly and Jenna) who is from a state where bovine out number human. xDDDD

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DOOOOOOWha. I have to make this quick cuz I have to go to bed.

Okay... Here goes:

OMFG. GUESSWHAT?! I got a job. *nod nod* Yup yup~!!!

I went to apply today at about two, at this little supermarket store thing. *nod nod* and I filled out their application and the store manager and I talked and stuff and he said I was hired.

I was all 'Really?! I can work as soon as possible blah blah blah' and he was all 'blah blah blah' and... ^_____^

I'm a cash register/deli person.

*gloom* ... the bad part about it is that North Dakota's min. wage is 5.15... But... You wanna know what...? 8DDDDDDDDD He's giving me 5.50 instead~!!!!!

*nod nod* Now, I have to be a good girl so he'll give me a raise next month~!!!!! >8DDDDDDDDD And... Uhm...

I have to go now because I gotta wake up at nine and go in and get my uniform and stuff and then I go right to work at three o clock and I don't get home till ten...

>8D That's forty four dollah's, baby~!!! >8DDDDDDDDDDDD

............ I made burgers on the grille today. xDDDD Dey was good. And if you don't like meat... we had a celery stick for you. >83

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

   Oooooh~ My butt hurts
Uhm... tired. xD

I stayed up till 4 am last night working a few drawings. I have six up. *nod nod*

... Including a REALLY ugly, thirty minute pen doodle comic ugly thing. xD From like 3:33-4:00 am... *nod* Tres ugly, but, oh well. xD

I watched Big Momma 2... xDDDD I love stupid comedies. They always make me feel nice because I can laugh and forget about bad things. *nod nod*

OH~ I got an art trade done, and now I need to do Reno the Turk's... xD Even though I don't really know what he wants... I think... I'll do a collage of many sexy Reno's...? x3

Erm... I'm thristy... Megumi's sexay (*wink* xD)

... Ken Hirai doesn't even look like a Japanese person...

... My butt hurts... I think I sat on a bug...

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

   OneShot-ness~!!! >8D
WELLLLLLLLLL~ I was bored, and I'm stuck on the second half of that oneshot I was writing, so I wrote this... >8D Megumi inspired me to write because her writing... is... just... Magnificent. *nod nod* 8D

@_e But, a little bloggy-blog before I post the oneshot.

I'm tired, working on some art trades, and basically just farting around. Again. >8D

Sometimes, I question my ability to cyber/role play/write sex well... Is it a curse or a gift...? People seem to like using my talents, but never return me the favour so I feel like a used puppy... or something.

>8D Okay, story time... x3 I warn you, it was fifteen pages long on MS word, so it's a long one. *nod*


Letting the bottle of water fall and hit the floor, my skirt drifting over my ankles as I leaned forward, I sat on the recliner in disbelief… No… I guess I could have called it a mix of horror and complete awe… I was staring at the young man ‘tch-ing’ and panting before me, his body crouched low and in a position that looked as if he were about to pounce after having just been mortally wounded.

Tendrils of his silver, faint white hair swayed as his body wobbled. A weapon called a ‘Souba’ was loosely setting in his hand, for his knuckles were pressed hard into the floor, in a battle to keep himself at least half way up.

He was in pain; I was most sure of that: there was a vein throbbing on his forehead as the small creases under his eyes and around his mouth were deeply etched… Like he was fighting to stay conscious.

His eyes… they really were like that.

Feline… Almost Serpentine… Mako…

My breathing ceased as his head, tilted upward slightly and directed his eyes towards mine, the cat like slits scanning over me as he kept on panting and making pained ‘Nnngh’ sounds.

“Kadaj…” I murmured, my rump on the edge of the large recliner, my voice barely audible, but he seemed to hear it, his face faltering slightly and his eyes widening in a mute shock as he fell forward from his straining position, his leather clad body falling flat on the carpet of my Grand mum’s apartment, a surprised, rather comedic, if it had been the time for comedy, that is, sound was forced from his mouth.

By instinct, I bolted up from the recliner, pressing Grand mum’s walker away and I knelt next to him, my brows rising as I saw blood leak on to the carpet: from where, I couldn’t surmise. I laid a finger on his shoulder, and he twitched from the contact, his head rolling over towards my knee, his breath hot and moist upon it.

However, his breathing, at the moment, wasn’t my problem. It was him leaking his bodily fluid on the floor… I knew that I would be in far worse trouble than he if Grand mum came back from the hospital to see a large blood stain on the carpet without an explanation for it… or with an explanation that a very good looking young man with cat-esque eyes and mildly lengthed silver hair being oozed from the TV screen and then reapparating into his normal form… No, that wouldn’t go over well at all.

Quickly, and without heeding a growl and a hiss coming from him, I did my best to scoop him up and attempt to painlessly take him to the bathroom, however, the painless part wouldn’t come because he mulled, his eyes clamping shut for a second. I wrapped my arms, using the meat of the undersides to pick him up as gently as I could, getting him to his feet, haphazardly, with a loud grunt and a moan, from him, not from me. The top of his head crashed against my jaw line as his hands reached up and wrapped around the back of my shirt, his booted feet stumbling on the carpet for leverage.

“C’mon, just let me do the work… You’re making this hard…” I said quietly, fear and confusion mixed inside my brain. This was what they wrote fan-fics about… This wasn’t supposed to happen… Or… Maybe it was… Megumi had told me about her friend and quantum physics… This perhaps could have happened… if there were a huge rift or something that my poor little brain couldn’t understand. I spoke again as he again tried to use his legs to stand, though he nearly brought both of us to the floor

“Please… Let me help you…” I had no idea if he could understand me, but there was a glimmer of hope because all the signs in the movie had been in English… and they had seemed to understand them… or not. He began with a whole huge slur of words, many of them containing ‘Okaa-San’ and ‘Reunion’ and ‘Yamero’. I judged he was saying something about his mother and the reunion and telling me to stop helping him. He was going to begin again, when we had gotten into the hallway, but me saying a small ‘Wakari masen’ quieted him and he silently helped me carry him to the bathroom.

I wrapped my arm around his back tightly so I could reach the light switch with my free one, and once that was done, I hobbled him over to the toilet and I eased him down on it, his arms releasing my shirt, his hands trailing over my shoulders, his face contorting into worry that he was going to be dropped in the hideously bright white bathroom. After seeing that he was safe on the toilet seat, he eased his hand into a pocket on his thigh, wincing as he moved his chest. A rib or two must’ve been cracked. His eyes scanned over his phone and then he cried out in anger, throwing it against the wall, nearly hitting me in the process of. It had made me jump and he studied me warily as I looked at his broken phone; I slowly moved my eyes up towards his, staring at his aching body while thinking of my small strings of Japanese.

“Hontouni sumi masen… Nihongo wakari masen.” That meant ‘I’m very sorry… I don’t understand Japanese’ or something close to the likes of it; I wasn’t going to say my speech was correct. I was just beginning to really get into Japanese, however, and I could understand only a few things. After a long while of us just staring at one another, his eyes boring into mine and making me feel very self conscious, I turned from him and turned on the bathroom faucet, hot water pouring out.

He watched me cautiously, brows furrowed, his head following me as I went to grab a towel from the bathroom cupboard. I turned back to him and nodded towards his right arm, seeing it sit at a funny angle.

“Koko ga…? (It’s…?)” I asked, breathing out softly while ringing the small towel, or towelette, in the sink, and I then turned to him, setting the wet towel at the edge of the counter for when I needed it.

He finally noticed it himself, and when he looked at it, his body moved, making him wince and grind his teeth together.

“Dakkyuu shite imasu (dislocated)…” My brows went upwards as I took my time to decipher that.

“Crap… Uhm… Gwaaa… Eigo o hanashimasu ka? (Do you understand English?)” I attempted to ask, my speech was shaky as I knelt before him and took his arm in my hand, looking up at him to see him nod.

“… I do…” His voice was slurred with a heavy Japanese accent, and he would probably pronounce my name weirdly. However, him saying this made me upset because he could have said something before hand instead of making me blabber like an idiot… which I was pretty good at.

“… I need to shove your arm back into its socket. It’ll hurt.” I said slowly, his brain calculating my words as I rubbed the pad of my finger over his leather glove; the leather of the glove was as soft as silk, probably from wearing it nonstop.

He nodded again, his slits for pupils reading my face for something… I think he knew that I was frightened to see him here… though he didn’t know WHY I was frightened. Pffft~ Hmmm… Me wonders dat too.

“I’m going to count to three… and then… I’ll shove it back in… N’kay? And then I’ll find where you’re bleeding… N’kay… One…” he heaved in a huge breath, his leather creaking.

“Two…” he pursed his lips and turned his head to the side, looking at the bath-chair for Grand mum that sat in the tub, a bottle of shampoo perched on it.

I took a deep breath myself. I had relocated the shoulders of a couple pigs and a ewe once, but that was it. I had seen someone shove one back in at a foot ball game however. It looked… Ugh… I hope I don’t kill him…

“Three.” With a swift movement a ‘thucking’ sound, and then a pop, his arm was okay and normal looking.

But… He wasn’t. He screeched and clawed at me, his hands, one grabbing at my right wrist, and the other at my shoulder, held me with super strength, enough to make me squeal in fright and pain. He shook with what looked like agony and fury as he clenched my shoulder and wrist tight, his eyes narrowed into slits as he bared his teeth….

But, his sudden strike out died; his eyes rolled up in the back of his head, his body slumped forward and he fell off of the toilet seat and onto of me, knocking me to the floor in a pile of limbs. I felt something warm and wet leak onto my belly as I pressed at his shoulders, trying to roll him over and off of me. More blood… Where is it coming from? His has not external injuries… I think…

I had no choice. Once I had situated him in a position of his head resting on a large rolled towel and his back flat on the rug of the bathroom, I slowly unzipped his leather suit, seeing the gash on his chest, and just barely stretching over his stomach, in a deformed ‘L’ shape.

I stopped unzipping him just above his crotch because I really didn’t want him to snap awake to see me gawking at a certain male appendage of his. I grabbed the wet towel that I had gotten, dredged it more hot water, and went down on my knees again, wiping at the red fluid that was starting to glob up, healing quicker than I had thought. I wasn’t going to wipe over the gash itself, but I needed to clean around it.

And So I did. When I was done with that, I pulled his arms, gently and very carefully, out of the suit as well, so the only thing left on his upper body was his leather gloves.

I took my time to wipe his arms clean of the little blood that had gotten onto them, fearing that he would wake any moment

But he didn’t…

He just laid there… his breathing becoming normal instead of odd little gasps he had been giving only minutes before. I looked into his face, wiping away at a little bit of blood that had marred his cheek. While cleaning his cheek, I studied his closed eyes. His lashes were short, thick, and so incredibly black that it actually looked sort of funny and cute with his silver hair.

I shook my head and pulled the towel, now red and soggy lukewarm, away from him. There wasn’t much else I could do, except for bandage it.

And I did that as well, pulling several half exhausted tubes of Neosporin and white cotton bandages that had been used for my grand mum out of the cupboard and tying up his injuries as well as a North Dakotan farm girl could. And North Dakotan farm girls knew how to tie up injuries well, I tell you what… They had better if they had to tie up those freaking cannibalistic Satan piggies… Guh. They some scary shit right there.

I sighed and looked over the bandages and decided that he couldn’t stay here on the bathroom floor.

I got up, walked out of the bathroom for a few moments and into my grand mum’s room and moved everything out of the way so I could go lay him down her bed without killing myself in the process of.

She was in the hospital right now, my grand mum, and she wasn’t going to be coming home… anytime soon. Or so I now hoped. It was good for her to be in the hospital anyway… The Doctors told her that she needed to take better care, and they forced her to take better care of herself.

I looked at the sheets after throwing the covers aside… Thank god I changed those musty sheets this morning… I thought to myself, going back into the bathroom and hovering over the unconscious Kadaj.

I took a deep breath in and wrapped my arms under his shoulders and neck, his bare skin feverish against mine, and around the backs of his knees. I then used my legs to lift him, nearly toppling over because I hadn’t expected him to be this heavy… He was about one hundred fifty… one sixty… sixty five…

Well; I know that he has muscle… GAWD… I need to start working out again…

I did my best to not groan, and out came a small whimper as held him close to my chest, almost falling over again. The top of his suit gently hit my legs with each step I took, and I was finally, after maneuvering in the bedroom sideways, in the bedroom and I laid him down onto the waterbed so very slowly…

His body sank into the softness of the water bed… somehow reminding me of a corpse… But he wasn’t dead… his chest was moving up and down.

I reached for a pillow and, again with being very gentle, I slid my hand under his head, lifted it, and laid it back down on the pillow. I stood back up and looked at him, his arms spread slightly and his gloved hands looking slack; his leather suit was bunched under the small of his back, making his toned tummy jut upwards.

… I could help but watch him… I did it for about ten minutes… I just stood there and watched him… I thought of why he was here, but I couldn’t find a conclusion as to why he was.

I shook the thoughts from my head, or at least chased them away for the moment being, and I went down to his feet, looking for a way to pull his boots off. I had come to the conclusion that I had to take off the leather suit. It was blood and some driblets had fallen onto the crisp sheets.

I wrapped my hands around his heel and the instep of his foot and pulled off the boot, the other one soon following.

I set them on the floor and left the room with him in it yet again, going into my room and finding a pair of my ‘lazy’ shorts. They were all black, the shorts. Black… Naturally. I smirked and scooped up one pair and hurried back into the other room, laying them on the bed as I eyed the tab of the zipper just above his crotch, my smirk failing and falling off as I gulped a breath down.

I swallowed and reached for it, pulling it down all the way so it no longer was held together. I did my best not to look at his nakedness, but the pervert in me had to stare at it while I pulled the pant legs off of him. ……. Daaaaaamn, boy…….

I let the leather drop to the floor and I took the shorts into my hands, lifted his legs and pulled them on him, lifting his bottom to pull the waist band up around him. Now, that may sound easy to you, but it’s not, trust me. Especially when you have a certain appendage so very close to your hands… an appendage that wasn’t your own.

Once the shorts were on, I took up each of his hands and pulled off his gloves. Now he was only in my shorts… Only… my shorts.

I stood back and looked over his nearly naked form, and then I reached over him and pulled the covers over him, tucking him in.

I went to the foot of the bed and grabbed his suit and boots, his gloves still in my hand, and brought them into my room. I then went out into the living room and grabbed his souba, putting that in my room as well.

I then sat on my own bed, putting my face in my hands.

… What am I being thrown into?


With much difficulty, I pried my eyes open, a white ceiling my first item of sight.

I took a deep breath in to make sure that I was still alive. I was alive, though it hurt just slightly to breathe. I raised my head just a little to look at my chest. I was a little startled to see that I was bare except for a pair of foreign shorts.

However, I saw the reason for me being unclothed. There was a large bandage over my chest… I laid my head back down and looked to the side of me, seeing a small space between the bed and a wall almost the exact same as the ceiling. The air around me smelt of seasoned meat and rain. I looked up above my head and towards the top of the headstand of the bed was a window, slightly cracked open, and rain drops pattering against it heavily.

When I started to move my arm to help myself sit up, the entire bed quaked, making my body jump in shock, and my voice gasp.

This made the mattress move even more, and I tried to sit up quickly, my palms grabbing for the fabric. However, when I tried to sit up, the bed seemed to try and swallow me, my bottom the first thing it wanted to take in. This made me incredibly nervous and I looked down at the bed, my hands looking like they were being engulfed as well. I kicked my legs into the bed and the bed threw me up, perhaps angry that I had hit it. I started to breath erratically, looking to either side as I tried to get up again, the bed making another squelching sound and tossing me a little.

This was almost like a nightmare, and I hoped that it was because this bed with a mind of its own… frightened me.

My eyes widened as the bed made an odd sound that sounded like it had been licking its chops, and I cried out, looking to the side of the bed with the wall, my hands grabbing for a brown side rail as I hollered in confusion.

Where am I…?!

“What the he-Kadaj! Quit moving around! It’s just a water bed!”

My head whipped in the direction of a female voice. It wasn’t high, but it wasn’t low either… I couldn’t tell which it was.

I stared at her as the bed started to subside its violent attack upon me; she was my height, maybe just a little under. She was of a full figured type, pleasantly plump and looking soft to the touch in the plain, long black dress she was wearing.

Her hair was entirely down and flowing past her shoulders in a set of gold and brown waves and curls, thick and lion-looking was the only way to describe it. Her skin was pale to the degree where she may have been classified as an albino, and it showed well on her neck and chest area.

Her eyes were wide and worried, and there was a little black make-up hinted around the linings of them.

I remember this girl… I think… She had helped me into a bathroom… after I had fought Cloud… But… How did I get here…?

I remember being… Sephiroth… and hurting so much afterwards… the pain…

I remember the girl asking me if I spoke English… I did… I remember my arm being shoved back into its socket… and I remember attacking her for the pain it gave…

My brain was swimming as I thought of things to say and do, but the only thing I could say was

“… Help me out... of… this…” I looked back at the bed, slightly worried that it was going to lurch up and grab me in my vulnerable state. I looked back and was slightly startled to see her hands right next to mine; she had moved to my side quickly and quietly.

I gazed up at her for a moment, surprised to see that her eyes were slightly like mine, though there were more blue than green in hers and her pupils were gigantic in size compared to mine. I then reached out and firmly grabbed her hands with mine, pulling myself out of the bed and my feet swinging over the brown wooden side and onto the carpeted floor.

I wobbled for a second, still holding onto her hands, wondering how long I had been down, and I sighed, feeling weak…

I remembered sitting in the bathroom and looking at my phone… It was completely done for… I had thrown it at the wall… and had broken it. I looked up at her, seeing that she was indeed some centimeters shorter than I, and I spoke again, my voice feeling unused and hoarse.

“… How did I get here…? And who are you…?”

I looked down, feeling a cold breeze come across me, and I saw the bandage more clearly.

“I’m not sure how you got here… C’mon… Lemme ta-”

“Ahhh, your boyfriend’s getting better, is he? Heheheh… Looks like you’re not a lesbian after all, Chels-meister,” chided a squeaky male voice.

I turned quickly into the direction of the new voice, almost losing my balance and clinging onto the girl’s hands tightly as I glared at an obscene looking man.

He looked like a mixture between a disturbing dwarf and a pathetic gnome added with a goat’s beard and a six foot, two hundred and seventy five pound human form. He was smirking sickly at me while raising his eyebrows up and down quickly, his protruding eyes a glistening blue. He then walked away, giggling like an imp as the girl sighed and muttered

“Thanks a lot, Fester, for scaring the hell out of him…”

I growled in deeper confusion and turned back to her when the man was completely gone.

“What is this? Is this punishment for… For…”

A terrifying realization hit me…

Maybe… because I wasn’t able to stay in Sephiroth’s form, Mother was punishing me.

“… Not being a good son…?” I choked and looked around, wide eyed and nervous.

What if this girl is a demon to oversee my punishment…?

No, Mother wouldn’t do that to me, would she…? Mother wouldn’t punish me for doing my best? Would she?!

I let go of the girl’s hands and put them up to my head as I shuddered and sucked in the tears that were begging to crawl out. I wanted to sink into nothingness… No… I wanted to go and find my mother again.

Even though… Even though there was so little of her left… It was still a part of Mother…

Mother couldn’t be gone… could she…?

A frantic, strained sound came from me as I clamped my eyes shut and dug my fingers into my skull, but I stopped, hearing a cooing ‘Shhh’ and feeling a pair of cool, soft hands find my shoulders, massaging them and then my neck. I looked up and at the girl.

Upon closer inspection, she looked like she was in the transition from girl to woman, mostly woman now, and her scent was… calming and sweet, but not overly so.

“Who are you…?” I whispered; the threat of a sob in my voice made me think even less of myself.

“… My name’s Chelsea, but you can call me Chiru or Chels if you want… C’mon, Kadaj… You’ve been unconscious for six days… You’re gonna want to go to the bathroom and eat something. You can take a shower after that, and then I’ll change your bandages again.”

She pulled me in the direction of the doorway, but I stopped after taking one step.

“Where am I…?” I lost a little bit of the threat of crying and I felt a little stronger after standing with her help.

“… You’re very far from Midgar… er… Shinra… or wherever you were… You’re not even… in your world anymore…” She looked up at me, smiling sadly, almost as if apologizing.

“Not in my world anymore…?”

“… No…”

“… Where are my brothers then…?”

“I’m not sure… I think they may still be back where you came from… Maybe not… I don’t know… All I know, Kadaj, is that you need tending to… Are you hungry? I just made supper…”

“…” I looked down at my stomach, listening to it… and low and behold, when I had stopped to listen, it growled angrily.

“… Yes…” I looked back up at her and she smiled, looking at my stomach.

“I think your belleh answered before you did… I’ll set you in the living room… Don’t be frightened by Fester and Kracker… They may look ugly and scary, but they’re just your average murdering and blood thirsty uncles… They’re harmless… most of the time… Just don’t listen to them and don’t speak… or… only speak when you know you can answer right. Oh… Here’s the bathroom…”

She stopped and let me go into the bathroom… It was as hideously bright as when I first sat on that toilet seat… five days ago…

I did my business, washed my hands, doing shakily so as I noticed the amount of razor blades and odd looking bottles filled with who knows what along the sink, trying to forget them as I open the door and had my hand taken again.

I looked down at where she held my hand and led me out and down the hallway to a living room… That looked… familiar.

There were two large brown recliners on either side of the room, a small table covered with much junk between them, and on the opposite side of the room was a gigantic leather couch. Beside the end of the leather couch was a Television set blaring some odd show of men with guns and odd creatures. But, there were creatures more odd in the living room rather on the television.

On one recliner was ‘Fester’, all of his attention on the box instead of me. There was another man, more attractive than the other, but still over weight and tired looking on the other recliner.

I assumed this one was ‘Kracker’. He was looking at me from the recliner closest to the window and television, a bottle of water in his hand.

“Ooooh, your man awakens… And he’s almost naked… and in your shorts! You naughty girl, Chelsea…”

He had a smooth voice and a decent looking smile, but the way he said it was sort of snobby. I looked curiously at him, understanding his words, but not the true meaning of them.

Chelsea sort of chuckled and giggled

“Yeah, Kracker… He has no ‘normal’ clothing items… I need to go buy him some clothes… And I’m naughtier than you think…” Putting a thick, low, funny tone to her voice, she put her hands on her hips and swirled them, making Kracker laugh and return to the television. She then turned back to me and whispered

“I’ll be right back with your food…” I watched her turn, the skirt of her black dress trailing on the floor, and I watched it disappear behind a wall where it looked like a fridge was, much light coming from there.

“So. Kadaj. Where’re ya from?”

I looked over. It was ‘Kracker’ talking.

“… I’m not…” I thought, thinking of what to say, but I was cut off.

“You’re Japanese?! Heheheh. Figures…”

I blinked, turning to Fester who was still watching the TV. Deciding to follow what he said, I continued

“… Yes… I’m Japanese…”

“I could kind of tell with how you looked and everything. Plus your accent is a dead give away. No wonder why Chelsea lured you. She’s a fondness for guys like you.”

“A fondness…” I murmured to myself, noticing that everyone else had been clothed and I wasn’t. But, my attention on that was soon stolen and placed upon a plate of food that this Chelsea had come out to me with, her hands extending to mine and letting me hold the warm white plate.

… Food… Odd looking food, but food nonetheless. The scent of seasoned meat must’ve been coming from this, and I eyed the large slab of meat sitting next to a plopped pile of white… stuff with a pad of yellow butter and seasonings on that as well.

My mouth started to water, even in wanting of the weird looking white stuff.

“Mashed Tay-toes and T-bone Steak. Here’s your fork and knife…” I readily accepted the utensils, but I didn’t use the knife, and only stabbed the meat with my fork, using my free hand to hold it up as I tore into it, ripping the meat off with wanton passion.

Chelsea sat down next to me, and I looked up at her as I gnawed some more off, her face a mix of bewilderment and amusement.

“…Guess you really were hungry…” I simply gave a grunt and set what was left of the meat down and started poking at the white ‘Tay-toes’…

I took some on the fork and eyed this more cautiously than the meat, putting it in my mouth, and then going down for more forkfuls because it tasted better than anything I had ever eaten.

“… Holy crap, Fester… This guy might be able to eat more than you…” Kracker mused, getting Fester to give off a weird sounding chuckle, replying “I highly doubt that.”

“Where’d you meet this guy…? Kadaj… Anyway?” Kracker asked, watching me tear some more meat off of the bone and shove it into my mouth.

“Oh… Uhm… He was at MSUM… I went to visit it one day, and he said that he was a foreign exchange. We just started talking, I guess. Then… Yeah.”

I looked over at Chelsea, chewing on some meat and potatoes at the same time, my cheeks puffed out with food as she leaned back into the couch, telling that lie so coolly that I was close to believing it myself.

“How’d he get hurt again?” “A metal rod at one of the construction sites for the new dorm rooms fell when we were walking past it. It wasn’t too serious, but he wasn’t feeling well in the first place, so that’s why he’s been sleeping so long…” “… JUST sleeping…?” Fester asked, doing that wiggly eyebrow thing again… “Oh, yeah~ More than just sleeping…” Chelsea said, giving the two uncles a wink, letting out a loud laugh-squeak.

“You little dog you… Ahhh, well… Kracker and I better get going. We have to DJ trivia at O’Leary’s tonight… Save some of that steak if that skinny little shit doesn’t eat it all.”

Fester gave another odd chuckle, hoisted himself from his chair, and Kracker followed; they slipped on their shoes, whispering something to one another, they both laughed, and then they opened a door and closed it shut, leaving us alone.

I continued to eat everything until every ounce of food on my plate was gone. I then looked up at Chelsea and said “I’m Thirsty.” “Water or Milk?” she asked, standing and patting at her thighs to unwrinkled the fabric of her dress “… Milk… Please.” “Comin’ right up. Here, lemme take that plate for you.” She scooped the dish out of my hands, went to the kitchen, and moments later came with a glass filled with white liquid. I readily accepted that as well, and drank till there was nothing left. “Feeling better…?” “Physically or Mentally…” I said, looking at the bottom of the glass and at the last dreg that had escaped me. “Physically, I suppose. I damn well know that your mental state right now is most likely in a state of mass chaos.” I changed my sights upward, seeing that she had taken the recliner that Kracker had been sitting in, her legs curled underneath her. “You assume correctly… I… This place, it’s very different from Mi… My world, isn’t it?” She merely nodded, placing her cheek in her hand and heaving a large sigh.

For a long while, we stared at each other, not knowing what to say or ask next. Then, she spoke up, loudly, and making a silly face while rubbing her cheek, her eyes closed as she ‘Gwaa-ed’ dramatically.

“What am I gonna DO with you?! What am I gonna do when Mum sees you?! What about a Drivers License?! Social Security?! Sam’s Club ID’s?! I don’t know how long I can keep this little ploy up and running… I haven’t even told my friends about you yet because I’ve been pinching myself nonstop to see if I’ve been dreaming, but apparently not. Either that or I and the rest of my family have gone WAY off the deep end… I haven’t touched the DVD since because I’ve been worried that something else might happen!!! I haven’t even taken it out of the player… It might try to eat me or something!!”

… I stared, a little too stunned to say anything, and then she began to rant again. I found it comedic, actually, how she used her hands her hands violently when she wanted to emphasize her words. It was obvious that she wasn’t mad at me, but more so at herself with the way she glowered at the floor.

“They all thought I was a lesbian before but now they don’t cuz I lied to them and said I was your bitch! I mean, yeah, you’re good looking and all and I would love to be naughty and fresh with you… But… You’re… You’re… just… YOU. You’re THE Kadaj. You’re almost too perfect to be fresh with~!

I blinked, raising a brow, my face refusing to stay stoic as it rose into a smirk, although a lot of what she had just said raised many questions. “I’m not really sure what to say except that I find that the best compliment someone has ever given me.”

She looked up from the floor, flashing me a wide smile “And it’s all true, too.”

She then turned her sights away, running her short, chubby little fingers through that mane of hair, her eyes locking onto something that I couldn’t see. I took this as an opportunity to learn some more, so I decided to ask a question.

“Do you think there is any chance that I might get back to where… I came from?” I sat forward a little bit, minding my bandages, and tried to see what she was looking at.

“… No. Not that I know of. We don’t have all that heavy duty magic stuff that you guys have. Here… It’s very… timid here. We have ouija boards, tarot cards, and voodoo… It all concerns demons and black evil things and stuff… Nothing that could get you back to your world… It’s nothing compared to what you guys have… I wonder… Kadaj…?”

I looked up, seeing that she was still staring at that something I couldn’t see, waiting for her to speak again.

“… Do you want to watch the movie…? The one where you came from?”

My mouth dropped open slightly.

“I came from a movie?” She nodded mutely, standing and walking over to the television, sitting on her haunches in front of it and pressing on something, getting clicks and the screen of the tele to flash black and then blue.

“I thought you said I came from… my world…”

“Your world is portrayed in this movie…”


“… Watch… here it is. It’s still on the part where I shut it off… Where Cloud… Well, just watch.”

I gaped at the screen, seeing Cloud staring at the sky, raising his head.

“Nii~Sama…” I murmured, crawling closer to the television, sitting on the end of the couch, close to where Chelsea had switched to sitting on her knees and was staring at the screen.

Then, without warning, there came a loud bang, and Cloud was pierced through the chest and I watched him fall to his knees and gasp for breath. My mouth fell open even further and a surprised sound that could not be deciphered fell from me as the screen showed Yazoo, his body fading, and then Loz, his body fading too.

They exchanged a few words, and then Cloud veered around, charging at them. I covered my mouth with my hands, knowing that I couldn’t do anything on this side except for holler out in vain. They attacked each other and then the screen blazed white… and then something happened…. Something that wasn’t good.

Chelsea screamed and I jumped back as a green vapor-like dusty shimmer shot from the screen, pulling the head and body of Yazoo, and then Loz, out, plopping them on top of Chelsea, who’s scream turned into a squeal as she tried to get from under them, but failed and was squashed, a pained ‘Oof’ sprouting from her.

I stood up in a hurry, wincing as my chest gave a grip of pain, and I sat down quickly again, holding my chest as Chelsea continued to squeal underneath the, unconscious now that I could see them close up, brothers I knew so well. I looked at them frantically, but I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there, trying to slow my breathing because big gasps really… hurt.

After a bit of her wiggling from under them, she popped up between Yazoo’s crotch and Loz’s head, her face ghastly white and her hair disheveled. I looked into her eyes, wide as saucers, as she gazed up at me and cried out “What am I going to say to my mum when she comes and sees me with three men laying in ALL of the beds?! Waaaaa!!!” She flopped back down, lying on top of Yazoo, making their pile look… weird.

The only thing I could come up with was “… You could say… You’re their bitch, too…?” … But, those words only made her laugh and cry louder

“Hot damn, I’m dead and the universe has gone insane…. Why me…?! WHY ME?!?! Waaaa!!!”

>xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Omfg. I know it's not that good and it's REALLY rough, but... Yeah. xDDD

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   ~How About the Power to Kill a Yak...? From 200 yards away...? WITH MIND BULLETS~!!!~
xD Listening to Tenacious D, yep yep.

A friend gave me a song that I had always loved, since I first heard it on the beginning of the anime, Last Exile. It's called Cloud Age Symphony... (Eee~! Dio's hot~! xD)

OMFG. I love that song. Like... No. Seriously... I adore it. The way that the music flows and the voice and lyrics... It's just all too lovely and I've been singing it non-stop. -_-U

I've been teaching myself the words, but the dialect and slurrs that it has are just so hard~!! Like the line... Sekai wa Hiroi...? Hiroi sounds like Hyeh-roy (Long O) put together really fast so it sounds like it's one syllable. xDDDD

It makes me want to learn japanese so very much. And I will... as soon as second freaking semester rolls around. >83

... I doodled a little the other day and I have three thingies up, like... one that I actually put time into was that angel, the layered one. xD I really have no idea to CG, so that's why I used the pattern tool of feathers for the wings. x3 Mwa ha ha~ The others were a gift to MadamRyeka and just a penfart of an idea I'm toying with for that oneshot that I did of FFVII:AC way back then. xD


TT^TT I apologize if I didn't get to your sites~!! Dx I didn't go on the compu much at all today, and yeah.

>8D ... I think I want to draw Hokaze~San from Mahoromatic... x3 And... I want to watch the anime called Haibane Renmei. Here is what I found on a shrine~

Haibane Renmei~ Story~

A group of 'angels' living in an abandoned school dormitory know as oldhome...

Hatched from cocoon they grow wings a day or two after hatching, their halo's are forged and added later...

Their names are derived from their dreams in the cocoon for they don't remember who they were...

There are two Haibane nests; Oldhome and the Waste Factory

The Haibane work in the nearby town, but are not allowed money and must only use second hand things...

The Charcoal Feather Federation provides for and protects the Haibane...

Not allowed to go outside the wall surrounding the town and nearby area, the wall is said to protect the Haibane..

But the Haibane are not allowed near the wall, and must never touch it...

There are crows...


... Crows...? Charcoal Federation? I smell linkage. >8D Yoshitoshi ABe (I love his name) is the guy who made it. He is also the creator of Serial Experiments Lain. >8O I've seen a few episodes of that and it is... OMFG. So good. xD So I expect the same from Haibane Renmei.

>8O It makes me mad that North Dakota doesn't really have all that nice stuff like the people who live in more populated areas.... You wanna know what we have in great mass...? GRASS, BUFFALO, COWS, AND COLD. Rawr.

Oooooh~ A fly touched my leg today and the fly was the size of a fucking QUARTER~!!! It made me scream. xD

... I just found The Sims 2 cheat to make your male Sims pregnant... >8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *sick and twisted thoughts*

Waa~! I'm sorry~!! Dx My thoughts are like... EVERYWHERE and I spout things... >8D ... Like how I'm staring at the giant picture of an angus show that's above my computer... and... how I want advil... and how... I...

ELIZABETH TAYLOR~!! I have her lotion. 8D

Hard to believe I'm 18, ain't it? Ooooh, it's bolt lightening, gotta shut off the compu.

Bolt Lightening: Turn off Compu~!!!
Sheet Lightening: Okay to leave Compu on~!!!

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   ¬¬ ... I give you mink if you give me chicken.
We have a mink problem.

... I went outside to see what had happened to Dutchess because she had yiped in pain... and... when I went over to where she was, by the Chicken house... I stepped on the headless form of a chicken.

Yummy, ain't it? *laughs* Gotta love them headless chickens.

Anyway. Yum. xD

And... Yeah. Today... I just farted around, watched a german movie about some twins... and... I drew three pictures and found an old, really shitty, really pointless one page YGO comic. *laughs*

Seriously. It's like... really... ugly.

xD And Ebony, you inpspired me to draw Kadaj, but out popped Yazoo. He's like... a brain stalker or something.



♥ Chiru~Chan

Edit: Happy FUXIN birfday, Kenshin. x3

A bird flew into a crack in the window today so I got to get him out after a bajillion hours of trying to open the bastard window and let him fly away while I said "Be Free, Little Poptart!" ... Yes.

And... Gackt stole me from Die after four hours of being Die's chair. I am sometimes more entertaining than the movie. x3

Ahhh... The Power of Memegen.

2nd Edit:

About guys, Turned ON, OFF or DC (Don't care):

Is taller than you: On
Wears braces: Off
Wears a grill: ... What the hell's a grill...?
Dresses Gangsta: DC
Dresses Gothic: ... x3 On
Dresses Scene: DC
Has blue eyes: DC
Has green eyes: On
Has hazel eyes: DC
Brown eyes: On
Drinks alcohol: DC
Wears glasses: DC
Smokes ciggs: DC
Smokes weed: Off
Plays sports: DC
Smiles a lot: DC
Calls you just to say hi: Uhm... DC?
Compliments you: On
Good dancer: On
Wears jewelry: On
Smiles when you walk in the room: On
Has curly hair: DC
Has straight hair: DC
Has brown hair: DC
Has Black hair:
Has blonde hair:
Makeup: OMFG ON
Tan: DC
Can make you laugh: DC
Loyal: On
Laid back: DC
Plays guitar: DC
Plays drums: DC
Sings: On
he can draw: DC
Easily jealous: Sadly, on. -_-
Has a tattoo: On
Has a lip ring: DC
Has tounge ring: DC
has an eyebrow ring: DC
nipples pierced: ... *giggle* For some reason, that reminded me of Yazoo...
About girls: Turned ON, OFF or DC (don't care)

dresses like a grandma:
has a nice butt:
plays musical instrument:
is shorter than you:
same height as you:
is taller than you:
has chapped lips:
has green eyes:
has blue eyes:
has brown eyes:
has long hair:
has med. hair:
has short hair:
drinks alcohol:
smokes cigs:
smokes weed:
has blonde hair:
has brown hair:
has black hair:
has red hair:
works out:
calls you just to say hi:
compliments you:
shaves her legs:
wears jewelry:
has bigger feet than you:
has smaller feet than you:
smiles when you walk into the room:
belly piercings:
laid back:
doesn't party:
likes to party:
wants to party:
laughs a lot:
pierced ears:
pierced anything else:
honest and open:
goes to church:

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   Kyo's voice... *drool* 8B ... And college stuff... xD
WAAAAAAAAA~!!!! Today has been my busiest day in a long time...

Well, first off, I got up at five in the morning and got ready to go to Fargo for Dragon Days, a thing where you get registered for college classes, rooms, food plans, stuff like that and shit. *nod*

And, well, we got ready and left, I guess. We got up there at about¡¦ eight thirty? Yeah.. That took about an hour and a half, and then we went to quick grab something to eat... I should have never let my mum convince me to eat Mickie D's in the morning on my George cycles. DAMN~ I was sick for a while, I tell you what.

Anyway, when I got to MSUM's campus, we wandered for a bit because we, my mum and I, had no idea where to go.

Well, we found out where to go, and got there... and I got my name tag and shit and I had to go take a math placement test. It was of intermediate algebra, introduction to trig and crap like that. ... Wanna guess what I got...? There were thirty questions on all... and I guessed on each and every one except for two. x3

I got 16 correct out of thirty, which means I guessed correctly on 14. xDDDDD I am teh super kewl dimwit. x3 Yeah...

And then after that, we went to sit in an auditorium where the Mickie D's and George did twisted things to me... xD It was long, boring, and painful. Yup. About two hours of lecturing about how we are adults now and how we¡¯re not supposed to drink and stuff.

And then after that, we went to go get lunch. I couldn't bear to eat anything that was like meaty or soggy... but juicy, hard, and sweet I could do... so I got a heap load of fruit and a brownie and a can of diet coke... x3 Mmmm, Pineapple, Watermelon, Honey Dew, and Grapes¡¦. 8D.

Even the art department kids asked me if all I was going to eat was fruit, and there were some kooky kids in there eating six hamburgers... two at a time... I shit you not. They shouldn¡¯t be asking me if all I¡¯m eating is fruit and giving me a weird look because of it when they put two hamburgers together and eat them both at once.

After lunch, we registered for all of our classes... I'm not able to take beginners Japanese like I wanted to, but I will this next coming semester... As well as that damned speech class and crap. I think I¡¯m also gonna take a critical thinking class like Debate Of Humanity or something. x3

Right now, my classes are:

1. Basic Drawing 101
2. Foundation Design 125
3. PDEV Introduction to College Algebra
4. English Composition 101
5. Alcohol and College Life
6. For Your Experience, Freshman class

They REQUIRE every freshman to take these classes. Well, the Basic Drawing and Foundation design are for Art Majors, but they¡¯re making everyone work on their English, math, speech, and critical thinking skills. And then that dumbass shit on the end. Number five is all on line¡¦ so¡¦ poo. xD

... It's like freshman year of highskool all over again. @_@ Being forced to take a whole bunch of classes and stuff. But, it¡¯s for the greater good so I shouldn¡¯t complain too much.

And... Yeah. Then, after that, the class registration, I got my Photo ID taken, and I started writing forms for dorm stuff and food plans and getting all that settled. Yup. I figure I¡¯m going to work at the Library on campus that they have there so I can work with ease. *nod* xD

And then, we left the college... And it got INSANELY great... Like, the rest of my day was awesome¡¦ or however you say that.

We went to Vid Cycle, a cheap place for DVDs and games and stuff, and I bought volumes 1-3 of Mahoromatic for 25 bucks.

However, they pulled a lil foo-foo on me; I bought volume one and three of the second series of Mahoromatic, and the second of the first one¡¦ I think. I¡¯ve only watched the first volume so far. xD My favorite character is that lady with the big boobs and she has Faye¡¯s voice from Cowboy Bebop.

Yeah... I've wanted to see Mahoromatic so bad, and now I can~!! ^_^ I wanted to get RahXephon, but they only had vol 3-5... And I want them from the beginning. And... Yeah.

Then, we went to the mall where I went to see the new Hot Topic. xD Yush, I am a fan of their eyeliner and random goodies. Their eyeliner is a beautiful rich black, I highly recommend. x3 Gives you nice, even dark lines.

Anyway, I bought:

1. A white 'I ¢¾ Hentai' shirt for Eight dollars
2. Squee¡¯s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors for fifteen dollars
3. Eyeliner for two dollars

AND~~~~~ Drum roll please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4. 'Withering to Death', Dir En Grey's album that was released in the US, for sixteen dollars¡¦

Now, I know that it is a bit... 'Scene'... It is Hot Topic and all... But I've been into Dir En Grey since my friends got me into the Jpop/rock scene in the 8th/9th grade.

I owe it all to Nikki and Sydney, the Great Queens of all Jpop and Jrock. No seriously, they¡¯re¡¦ like¡¦ goddesses at it; they have a ton and know a ton. They showed me the Godly God that is Gackt and the incredible band, which, sadly, is no more, Malice Mizer¡¦ *drool* x3

But, anyway, I looked online about two years ago now...? And the price of it was about... sixty dollars...? Seventy dollars...? xD I dunno. But I wanted that fucking CD so bad. Vulgar, I think it was... Mmmm~ My two favorite spins of theirs, Dir En Grey¡¯s, would probably have to be Cage and Child Prey. *nod*

xD I just looked at the pricing for Vulgar right now and it¡¯s fifty two dollars. -_-U I need to win the lottery or something.

Fuckin¡¯ A¡¦ I forgot just how beautiful Kyo¡¯s voice from Dir En Grey was¡¦ Gwa¡¦ Damn.

I want to see them while they¡¯re touring with KoRn and Deftones and stuff¡¦ T_____T And, also Rob Zombie who¡¯s going to be at the Civic Memorial Auditorium around my area on the 23 of July. xDDDD


My mum and I ate at a Chinese restaurant (sesame chicken = yum) yesterday after seeing my grandmum and Tim and Lisa and my baby brother¡¦ And¡¦. My fortune cookie was really good to me¡¦ It said ¡°Your Dearest Wish Will Come True¡±

¡¦ x3 If that¡¯s not a good fortune, I don¡¯t know what is.

Well, I¡¯m gonna go catch up and look at peoples¡¯ sites now~ So catch you cool cats later. *wink*

¡¦ I¡¯ve taken several Dir En Grey quizzes¡¦ and I keep getting Die¡¦. And that fucker¡¯s sexay~ ♥


♥ Chiru~Chan

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Friday, June 16, 2006

   Babuuu~ @_@
It amazes me with how boring it is around here.

(Lucky Magnus, you can go out for a walk in daylight. xD¡¦ I wish it would rain here¡¦ like¡¦ a hard rain¡¦ so I can go walk in it. x3)

Well, it¡¯s like¡¦ been a lazy boring, I guess¡¦ Haven¡¯t really done much to find out what there is to do. I cleaned around my compu desk and made everything in order and now I have Sissorelle sitting ontop of the computer and he¡¯s wearing my ¡®Princess Grad¡¯ crown. xDDDD Sissorelle¡¦ my male teddy bear/ muse. X3

My artwork got first place at the Fair. 8D. They didn¡¯t have the Grand Champion ribbons and crap for the open house people this year, but that¡¯s okay. X3 I still got blue ribbons~ And they mean $$$ xD

Uhm¡¦ *eats a Riesen* Tomorrow I go to Fargo bright ass and cock up early in the morning to go to Dragon Days. It¡¯s the ¡®Freshman¡¯ day at MSUM where you sign up for which classes you want, Financial Aid, etc. I have to go to bed early, so no chatting/ RPin¡¯ late, folks. @_@

And, I¡¯ve started that picture for Shelby P. Wolfwood, for the contest¡¦ (God damn, I¡¯m a slow ass) now¡¦ I need to learn how to draw that Itachi¡¦ guy¡¦ O.o From Naruto¡¦

I¡¯m also thinking of drawing Tatipi, too. She¡¯s an OC I created for Naruto¡¦ Just because I can. I don¡¯t really like any of the men on there except for Orochimaru, and he seems so flamey, so I don¡¯t think I¡¯d ever have a chance with ¡®im¡¦ ANYWAY¡¦ Tatipi¡¦ she¡¯s older, like Magik Salem¡¯s, a Jounin¡¦no students, yet, though. xD

BUTTTTTTTT¡¦ Anyway¡¦ I¡¯m gonna draw her¡¦ When she was a lil¡¯un, with her head all shaved except for a few missed curls and her leg torn to sheds and her RIGHT (I made an error, it¡¯s her right ear missing, not her left.. xD) missing. Maybe with her adoptive mother, a great white viper, tending to her. x3

Or maybe her screeching at Naruto for touching her horn¡¦ or scars¡¦ or something. X3

And¡¦ yeah.

Uhm¡¦ *thinks* OH~!!!! Yesterday, I took a shitload of pics¡¦ x3 My favorites are linked below:

Pink Nocturne
Dead Angel
Angel¡¯s Song
My Place
My Coffin
Dead Land
Skull Baby~


Muh feet and a flower. xD

*laughs* I got to use Breann¡¯s camera and I found my old angel wings and a bull skull and went haywire with it. ^_^ It was fun.

My computer¡¯s acting all fuzzy and I can¡¯t comment on people¡¯s sites very well¡¦ I¡¯m trying to do so at Ree-Ree¡¯s right now, and it¡¯s not working¡¦ Fuckers. *growls*

Must to a whole system scan, that I must.

And¡¦ I¡¯ve got to go wash some more clothes. It is¡¦ my duty. xD Catch you cats later~

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   Nothing But A Chil'd's Foolish Folly
*laughs* I don¡¯t know why, but¡¦ I feel a lot better today¡¦ Maybe it¡¯s because I had a huge urge to draw, and I did¡¦ ^_^ You can go look at my spam (I liked that term, Ree¡¦ x3) of Fan art and Art.

The two regular art stuffs are really good, in my opinion¡¦ I¡¯m not being gloaty~! I¡¯m not~! I¡¯m just proud that I was able to do realistic not so badly. They¡¯re of me and Caleb, my baby brother. I¡¯m going to enter them in the county fair tomorrow, along with a couple of other older pieces, and see if I can snag the grand and reserved champions again. xD

I was gonna show my coffin, too¡¦ But my shop teacher is the one judging the wood working¡¦ That¡¯d be kinda tacky to have the man who helped you build your coffin judge its craftsmanship, don¡¯t you think¡¦?

Anyway, I also have a sketch of Ayne and Zyne and Dimitri up¡¦ Dimitri¡¯s a pensketch, though¡¦ xD And He looks not as attractive as he usually does because he¡¯s kinda¡¦ weird lookin. xD I screwed up his eyes, one¡¯s kinda lazy lookin. But, trust me¡¦ Dimitri¡¯s one of my muses¡¦ Which means he is one hot mother fucker.

And¡¦ I have one of a Kadaj Kitty¡¦ You¡¯ll see it when/if you go to my fanart¡¦ x3 Oh, and a black and white silhouette type kinda picture, inspired by looking at one of my senior pictures and Ebony¡¯s fanart. ^_^

¡¦ *nods* I apologize if you updated yesterday and I didn¡¯t get to your sites¡¦ I was on for only about ten, fifteen minutes before my computer kicked me off. I didn¡¯t feel like going back on the computer because¡¦ I don¡¯t do much while on.

Well, I didn¡¯t want to sit on my ass, I guess¡¦? I ran around a lot today¡¦ xD And I got to see D¡¯Andre for a lil while¡¦ and then I turned Satan on Uncle Kracker, Dillon, and Sarah because they were being mean to him¡¦ xD I was all:

Me: ¡° ¡¦ I don¡¯t want to see any of you treat D¡¯Andre like that again¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡¦¡±

Sarah: ¡°Bu-¡±


*laughs* I know that sounds a little mean, but they deserved it¡¦ They were being horrible to D¡¯Andre and¡¦ *snorts* ¡¦ Grr.

And¡¦ Uhm¡¦ OH~!!! I¡¯ve realized that if I don¡¯t draw/sketch/paint/whatever¡¦ I tend to get sick¡¦ or something.

I paired it with like the human body having to go poop. If the body doesn¡¯t poop, it gets sick¡¦ and¡¦ if The Chiru doesn¡¯t draw, she gets sick¡¦ Like it¡¯s a systematic process that MUST be done¡¦

Does that make sense? I hope it does¡¦ and I hope it made you smile and/or giggle. X3

Ever since I was little, poop has always made me laugh¡¦ even though it¡¯s¡¦.just¡¦ poop¡¦. @_@

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

   Beware the Rage of a Patient Woman: I don't waste time, time wastes me~
*nod* Another day where I didn't do anything except for look at the computer screen blankly... I dislike not having anything to do and then not being able to do anything worthwhile/fun.

Seriously. I dislike being out here sometimes.

Sure, I love being able to walk around naked without a care and to be as loud as I please, but it's so bloody lonely.

I haven't left this fucking house since I went to supper with my mum and sister and that was almost a week ago. And... it wasn't much. There wasn't anyone in the place where we sat to eat... So... I just talked with my mum and sister.

*shrugs* I don't like days like these... I have nothing to do, I can't draw, I can't write, I can't do anything productive... So... I end up thinking and remembering.

If you know me really, really well... You'll know why I hate remembering... Yeah.

Well, I do feel a little better because Lolly and I role played... I love the song 'Battle of the Forgotten City' for many reasons now... *giggle squeal*

x3 And... Yeah. And... I'm in the mood to draw SOMETHING... Something like my muses, drawing them each separately, except for Ayne and Zyne because they're twins and they have to be together even though they hate each other. xDDDD

And maybe my Naruto chara who's name is Tatipi... which i THINK means viper, but I could be wrong. xD I hope it means viper, that's a cool name, I think...

... and then... Maybe Shelby P Wolfwoods contest if she hasn't ended it already... Or maybe I'll continue to be in the rut for drawing and writing...


... -_-U

*laughs* ... I've been singing the 'One Winged Angel' to myself for the past few days because I've'nt anything to do... x3 I've also memorized the words in that lil youtube down there... Cute lil Cloud...

... Eh...

♥ Chiru~Chan

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