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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hmmmm~ I may have figured why I'm not able to comment on Reno The Turk's site... It may be Java Script that's foiling me. Whenever I hover above his comments link (if it even shows up)

Something on the bottom left hand corner of my screen goes "Blah Blah, Halo Scan:Somethin' Somethin'"

Do any of you know if I need to enable Java scripts...? Or something...? V____V Cuz I really don't know... I want to get it fixed so I can comment on his site so I don't seem like a meanie!


... Ahhhh~ Fruit Loops... There's nothing better than eating a cereal that's as fruity as you are...

Yes... This is the end of the post. 8D I have to go to work.

♥ Chiru

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Friday, July 21, 2006



Megumi's muh ultra super dueilst rose long freaky ass name that has something to do about Male Royaly like Emporors and Kings (*giggle*) best friend.

She and Lolly... Are like... Wow. Nope~! Never had best friends this close before. *nod nod* >8DDDD Pretty good though, since my very first friend was when I was in the 9th grade, ne?



ANYWAY~ Megumi... I'm going to TRY to get your Character done ASAP! I hope I get it done tomorrow... >83 So it can be your birfday present.




Did you notice that the cacutar is shaped like the swastica...? It is...

I did NOTHING today except sit on my ass and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Oh. And Change my Site Theme and make Lolly a Blog Box...

*Invader Zim-like voice* ... Praise me.... PRAISE ME!!!!! OVo *twitch* .... oVO ... *twitch*

... *giggle*

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   YEEK~~~ Two Featured Fanarts at the SAME time! *happy squeal of doom*
Wa! Two peices of my fanart are featured for the day. *tears of joy*

One is an art trade for Akane the Fox and it has 50 votes right now! 50! That's... the most votes I've ever gotten on a picture. xDDDDD *laughs* I'm sad, yush.

The other is another art trade that was for Iloveinuyasha09, it was of her and Sissorelle together. *squeak* It only has eleven votes right now, so it might be taken over. *nod nod* But, hey, I saved it so I can remember... XD

And~ I had yet another weird dream.... And, again, it had pirates and the SHM in it, but it was... just... really weird.

First, it was at this huge castle place where there was a revolt and I was walking around and watching the royalty of the castle get slaughtered and then the rioters turned on me.

And I remember running to a safe house where this black man smuggled me pirated comic books, and then when we were looking at them, actual Pirates came, kidnapped me and stole the comic books and sailed off to some weird island place that was very dark and scary.

Maybe it was an island, maybe it was a new continent... or something.

I was like... in a box of cargo along with the comic books and then all of a sudden, I heard the pirates screaming and stuff and gun shooting and it continued on until I could hear no more pirates screaming and then someone smashed open the box.

They pointed in a gun at me and I crawled out and there was Yazoo, Kadaj and Loz. Then I heard like... evil giggling and I turned around and I saw Nikki and Sydney and they looked so mean and evil... and they said something, but I couldn't understand it, and I cried, and then I looked back to the SHM and Yazoo said to stare down the barrel of his gun... and I did, and then he turned and shot Nikki and Sydney dead...

and then, they scooped up on the comic books and Kadaj told me to get on the back of his bike and then I woke up.

TT___TT My poor Nikki and Sydney!!! >_< *huggles Plushies of them*

I wonder why my dreams are so vivid... I mean, I could remember seeing the torch on the stone walls when the queen got her head cut off... @_____@ Maybe I need a dream anaylasist? -.-

This is the second time I've had dreams of Pirates and the SHM. Waa~ Hmmm... I should go over to Ree's place like a noinjah and look through her dream dictionary~~~~

Moo ha ha~~~

OMFFFFFFFFFFG. I finally Downloaded Naked Angel. I LOVE that Track (Sissorelle Does too. X3) Don't you think it's Awesome, Ree? GAHHHH~ It's so beautiful...

... I want an apple... TT___TT

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

   Bet you can guess what time it is.... >X3
*laughs* ... Yeah. @_e

Guh, last night, Megumi had finally gotten an MSN name... but... I didn't talk because I got sick... V___V I mean, I was there for a little while until my tummies gave me trubbies... Oh gawds. I was up most of the night... I shit (*giggle*) you not. Moo...

A friend of mine is letting me download his trance liabrary. For those of you who don't know what trance is: SHAME, SHAMEEEE UPON YOU!!!! ... No, I'm just kidding. X3 We wuv yoooooo~

But, seriously, if you're into 'techno'... Trace will bring you to a whole new level. Trance/Progressive moosic = love. *nod* Especially DJ Tiesto's work. And Paul Oakenfold. Mmmm~ X3

OH~!!! I also got the profiles for Azal, Dimitri, and Sissorelle done (whoo, alphabetical order. X3). I'll just post the links for you to go read them, cuz I know some need their time more than I do. Here you go~




I've been working on two art trades, another for Iloveinuyasha09, and another for Akane the Fox, and then some gifts for MadamRyeka because she sent me some seriously kickass jewelery in the mail. *squees* ^o^

I don't know why, but Art Trades are easier for me to finish... Possibly because I get something back for doing something for someone else? o.O

... You know, Megumi... You should send me a description of your clothing designs. I could draw them as best I can... because. Believe it or not... xD I wanted to be a fashion designer a while ago. I still could be, maybe~ xDDDDD Dude. There's another job to add to our list of 'Jobs we'd be good at' xDDDD

Parks... You pirate powers scare me... I had the weirdest dream that entailed a strip bar, SHMs, Lolly, and Megumi... all spun with a pirate them... @___e Yazoo was such a bitch in it, though~!! He kept slapping people in the face~!!!

... *sobs* ... My computer is soooo slooowwww~ People with a lot of stuff on their sites, like AlucardFanBoy, Dreamer101, and Reno The Turk: I'm sorry!! My computer's so slow~~~ TT___TT I want to go to your sites and comment, but... *sniffle* It won't let me... TT.TT

I want to... win the lottery... o.o... Well... I do...

*wanders off to go find clothes... because... for the millionth time... she was nekkid*

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. Good news~!! My Parents talked to the bill collectors and they said that they'd wait until we could pay them~!!! *tears of joy* TTwTT

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   *plops ontop of you*
Moo. Didn't do much today except for draw. Infact... That's all I did. *nod* I did comment on some sites. *nod* And I apologize for not sending PMs back right away to a couple of people. xD

Got ... eight...? New pictures up. There'll be more tomorrow.

... But... I have to tell you another dream... I'm having the weirdest non-nightmares lately... xD I have nightmares a lot, so not waking up in a cold sweat and squealing or crying is kinda weird. *nod*

Well, anyway... I don't know how it happened.... but... Like... I was somewhere huge and dark... and there was the ugliest, utterly terrifying creature monster thing... and... I started freaking out because he came closer and I started to cry.... and then the monster stopped, backed away, and sat down and started to cry himself.

I was taken aback a little And I watched him for a long while and then I asked him if he was alright... and he said that he was lonely and never had anyone to talk to cuz he was to scary looking... and some how... we ended up talking and it seemed like we talked for hours.

He really was scary looking, but he was really nice. I remember he said his name was Cedric... It was like

"Oh... What's your name...?"

Monster guy: ... Cedric...

~~Wakes up~~

That's how it went.

Yeah... I doodled what his face looked like so I would remember the dream. It's called Cedric if you wanna look.

... I should have the profiles of Sissorelle, Azal, and Dimitri done soon, so everyone can know what they're about. xP ...

... I want water...

... and Rob Zombie...

I like the Ballad of Ressurection Joe and Rosa Whore... and What Lurks on Channel X...

*wanders off to bed*

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Okay. Today at work... I must tell you. x3

I was ringing up an old couple's groceries and the man said to his wife, Elanore 'Elenore, what's wrong with your chest?!'

The reason he said this because the old woman had one breast and the other appeared to be not there.

She looked down, the old lady, and laughed loudly and went "Whoops~! I forgot my tit in the car~!!" and she laughed and that made me laugh. And I felt bad for laughing... but... Just... When do you get to hear someone say 'I left my tit in the car?'

The old Lady didn't seem embarassed by it, and she said to me that she had one breast taken off for breast cancer and stuffus. *nod* Yup~

... Yeah... xD

I'm feeling alot better, even though I've been so fucking bored that's it's not even funny.

xD That's why I've been drawing my ass off, though I haven't really drawn anything good. xD

I'm reading Elves' tut over and over because when I look at lessons over and over again, and teach myself from them, I get better. @_@ I'm good at teaching myself, but feel stupid when others teach me. *nod*

I need more flesh tones. x3

>_> ... <_< ... I'm boring... x3

*stares at a naked picture of Kadaj* ... >8} ... That makes it ALLLLLLLLLLL better... x3

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

   ... Cloud and Lime Green Trousers... Mmmhmm...
Got back from work a couple hours ago. *nod* I smell like grease... Damn hot dogs... *kills them*

*laughs* Well, nothing bad's happened yet. I'm really hoping and praying that everything will be alright.

I mean, come on, one thing has to go right for once, doesn't it? It all can't end in total dissaray, can it?

And if you say yes it can, then go get me the razors and barbituates, babes, cuz I won't subject myself to failures over and over. xDDD *laughs* ...

... It was a joke... ._. Well, the Razors and Barbituates part was. *nod*

But... Yeah. I mean, my parents expect me to do everything else around this house, the least they can fucking do is pay the bills and try to be a parent.

I'm eighteen years old. I'm not the head of this household. ... Goddamnit.



I have to tell you a dream I had, about two nights ago. *nod*

It was odd, that it was.

Okay, it started out at a camp. I was walking though it and everyone I had ever met in my entire existence was there having a jolly good time doing... camping things... *laughs* Yeah. Camping things.

Like... making Eifle Towers out of Tooth Picks... Don't they do things like that at camps? I thought they did... Well, not the eifle tower part... but you get the idea...


Everyone went on a special canoe/swimming thing, and I went swimming with everyone... and then some how, I lost my swimsuit and my clothes and I ran off nekkid as a jay bird to go find them. *nod*

I was looking along the river bank for my clothes and then all of a sudden, someone yelled out at me. I turned and I saw Cloud Strife, pointing and yelling something at me.

I don't know what, I know he was just yelling... Maybe he was yelling 'Nudist' or something... xD

And... Yeah. Since I was nekkid, I freaked and ran away, but Cloud chased me and started to throw little nlack cubes at me, and the funniest thing was... Was that the cubes exploded into giant peices of bright inflatable clothing... and they just floated to the sky...

That lasted until I woke up... Just...

Me screaming in fright and embarrassment while running through the camp in front of everyone while naked...

And Cloud Chasing me while throwing black cubes that exploded into a pair of lime green trousers with chartruse accents. ...

.... WHY CLOUD?!??! I mean, if it had been Kadaj or Bakura or Kuja... I wouldn't have ran~!! I would have glomped him and done things that would make even Chi Chi La Rue (Porn Director) go 'Dammmmn, girl~'

But... CLOUDDDDDDDDDD~ ... Just... Guh. -___-U

._. I'm tired.... I'm worried... I'm... in a rut.

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm gunna make this short... or something. (omfg, Chiru making a short post!? *slaps cheeks* xD)

I put up three prisma doodle drawing things of Azal, Dimitri, and Sissorelle. Dimitri turned out very well, but I got so lazy on Azal and Sissorelle and I butchered them. Sissorelle especially. xD

And~ I might as well tell you now. We, my family, is having major money problems, and there's a threat that our phone, power, etc. will be turned off if my Dad doesn't pay the bills. -_-U


So, if you don't see me around for a long while, it's probably because we don't have a phone or anything.

They've already shut off the satellite...

--___-- *shakes head* Lovely, parental units... JUST lovely... Fuckin' A.

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Sunday, July 9, 2006


I went to Fargo yesterday … Er… The day before yesterday… xD and I bought the loveliest bra and panty set... It’s light pink, frilly, lacey, and foofy~!! The panties are cheeky and make my butt look… like a butt… o.O

There’s one thing that worries me, though... It’s that my bra size is a 44C and it was really tight around the boob area for some reason... And... @_@ That's freakishly close to a D... and... I dun't wanna be a D cup. I mean, my boobs... are fine the way they are.


... And guess what else I got besides a bra and panty set...?

... A set of 48 prisma colours for.... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN~~~~ Thirty Three dollars~!!! ^o^ OMFG. I was like... insane with happiness. *nod nod*

I also got a pencil colouring set with a colourless blender.

*bows before ElvesAteMyRamen* Elves... Thank you so much.

*hugs Elves for making an awesome prisma tut that let cermsie know of the orgasmicness that is the colourless blender* >83

The Colourless Blender gives you a rainbow of orgasms, I shit you not. I did a small test picture of Sissorelle and… I really, really, REALLY liked how his hair turned out. Despite the fact that I’m still a novice at coloured pencils. xD

Actually, I drew a lot of things. They’re not all good because they’ve just been random doodles of when I had time to draw, but a couple are decent… I think… xD Yeah…

*nod nod*

And... *laughs* Oh!! I also got a sketchbook, of course, about the twenty fifth one this year. @_@ I go through them like... I don't know... toilet paper? xD

Yeah, toilet paper.

(I’m sorry… I’m all over the place again… ;_;))

And, then, I also got two shirts and a nice, soft black skirt. xD One shirt is a grey one that says 'Where the Wild Things Are' which was from Walmart, and another shelf bra laced cami that was made to look like a corset. It's sex-me-please-licious. *nod* It goes great with my fishnet. xDDDD

And… Yeah.

I got Reno The Turks art trade done, even though it’s not that good. I did it right after I got done with work… er… actually, a little crappy practice sketches came before it, but oh well. xD

And Sissorelle… His hair… Just… Guh.

*nod nod* Yeah…

*thinking of things to say*

My sister’s going to bible camp tomorrow… I hated bible camp. I was sick for three of the five days there and the fucking bastards wouldn’t even let me talk to my mum on the phone, when I was vomiting up the fucking wazoo.

… Yeah…

I need my pills… xD No, seriously, I do. I ran out of them three days ago, and I can already tell what happens when my body doesn’t have them. *laughs* No, not like an illegal drug…


Er… Maybe…? *scratches head* I dunno… I’ve had to take medication since I was like ten years old, maybe younger. I remember having to take things when I was in second grade, but, yeah.

Pills… Meds… Happy Stones… xD I really, really don’t like them, yet I do… if that makes sense. They keep my mind and body in check, but they’re expensive and they taste, omfg, horrible. *nod*

… I want to draw something I thought of while I was eating an ice crème cone…

._. …. *blink* ….

… I miss ‘Kura. xD I just realized how much I missed drawing him when I was bagging ice today for the ice machine… The ice reminded me of cold hands… and cold hands reminded me of thin, large, long, pointed hands… and Bakura’s hands look like that. I’m pretty sure…. xD

… You know what…?

It’s hot in my house… *gloom* X_x

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Monday, July 3, 2006

   YeeeeeeeeeeK~!!! Big Lightening~!!
*laughs* Ladies. And my few Gentlemen.

I am... tired.



I'ven't really got much to say, except that I'm sorry if you updated and I didn't get to your site~!! Waa~!! I've been so bad at that lately~!!! I'm really, very sorry. -_____-U

... >_< Do you any of you know the song 'Dearly Beloved' from Kingdom Hearts?

TT^TT That song always makes me so sad... I don't know why, it sounds so pretty and elegant... But, whenever I listen to it, It always makes me cry. @_@

Yes... I'm a blubber baby butt, so Nyah.

Wow. Still tired. *nod*

And... Again... I apologize.

I have a lot of pictures to draw, too... But the top one on my List is Reno the Turks' art trade. Guh... I swear, I will make that Reno so sexy that it will make people see stairs... yes. Stairs. xD

Man... I really wanna watch The Dark Crystal right now...

I ♥ the Skexis even though they're the scarriest fuckers ever created...

Bwa... Gotta go... Lightening out again... ^_^




There's a huge ass moth on my screen... o.O

♥ Chiru~CHan

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