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Friday, November 3, 2006

Fuck. You know... I've been one busy bitch.

@___@ I've barely had time for anything this week, save the trip to fargo so I could buy some clothes and shit for the winter.

That was this Wednesday. I picked up my two paychecks, used the hundred dollars I had left over from my last paycheck and took fifty dollars from my savings account. First, I went into HotTopic and bought that LoZ: Link Slashy-Poo shirt and Invader ZIM hair clips. I’ve decided that my next paycheck, I’m going to buy myself a Jack Skellington Beenie, Pink Elephants shoes, and a Jack Skellington hoodie or ‘For the Horde’ hoodie. After that, I went to Lane Bryant and bought a shirt, a red and black ‘Chase Me’ pajama set, two pairs of jeans.

But, the best thing of all about Lane Bryant was getting fitted the right way for a bra.

I can now legitimately say that I am nearly a D cup. XD *laughs* And the bras I got are so freakin’ comfortable. I like the soft cups a lot more than I do the padded cups. Anyway, back on track.

I bought two new bras, one was a sexy red lingere type one and the other, the one I’m wearing right now, is a cute blue one with stars and moons. 83

After that, I went to B. Dalton and bought the first volume of Sazuku or Suzaku or what the hell ever. I bought it just because it was eighteen and over and was wrapped all in plastic. I was hoping it was a hentai, but not really. Just lots of huge tits. Anyway, after B. Dalton, we went to Walmart where I bought my baby brother his birthday present. It was a set of four animals for a Noah’s Ark set. I plan to get him the big boat for Christmas so he’ll have Noah and the other animals to play with. I’m also going to buy him some strawberry pocky and some chocolate koala bear cookies from the asian market early on Saturday… And I’m going to buy myself some more chopsticks and some squid jerky, too. Ho man… Fuckin’ Squid Jerky… 8BBBB

Damnit! Alright, I’ll just list out what I got with my well earned cold hard cash:

Black Link Shirt- Hot Topic
Invader ZIM- Hair Barrettes
Black Bowl cut form fitting black shirt- Lane Bryant
Black Bootcuts- Lane Bryant
Denim Flares- Lane Bryant
Red and Black ‘Chase Me’ Pajama set- Lane Bryant
Sexy Red Bra- Lane Bryant
Cute Blue Bra- Lane Bryant
Suzuka Manga Vol. 1- B. Dalton
Caleb’s Birthday Present- Wally-World
Papermate Felt tipped Markers- Wally World
Black Bra-type Camisole- Wally World
Black Laced and velvet lined skirt- Wally World
Black form hugging bowl cut shirt- Wally World
Selsun Blue Because Stupid water here gives me Dandruff- Wally World
Phone Card for the Trac Phone- Wally World
Vol. 3 of Alichino- Barnes and Noble
Vol. 1 of Blood Sucker – Barnes and Noble
Angel/Dust- Barnes and Noble.

There. That’s the list of all of what I got. And before you go ‘Woo! I wish I could get all of that stuff!’ Remember that this is essential stuff, save the Manga… Or, well, that Manga could be essential… and the barrettes, too. My bras are all to small for my breasts, I had one pair of jeans before, I had mostly T-Shirts, so… Yeah.

I need to get some new shoes, too. But I have to wait until I get my next pay check. And some more hoodies because I am lacking in sweaters. Seriously. DX My panty horde should be good for a while. Thank goodness… All though I fucking love buying panties.

The power went out today while I was talking to my precious Lolly. Damnit. >XO Fuckers.

And, I got my homework done for English so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about except the philosophy term paper I have due before Thanks Giving. That’s alright though. I like Philosophy. X3

I met this guy today. He seems like a cool guy. We talked about things, and he told me that because I like to walk around naked, I am a nudist. Because… Well, I honestly do love walking around naked. I wish I didn’t have to wear clothes, but we do. And because we do, I guess I’ll wear a certain kind, but, yeah…


I was going, to, once ag-OH!


IF YOU HAVE NEW ART UP AND SHIT AND YOU WANT ME TO SEE IT, TELL ME. Like in your comments or something! I don’t always have the time to devote myself compeletely to everything the O has to say… I wish I did, but I don’t. And I feel bad when I can't make it to all your sites, but I do try. ;_;

Oh, also, I recommend you all to the anime: DearS. It’s kinda ‘You have to have the perfect body’ type of anime, but it’s super cute and the art work is splendid. Seriously.

Ah, well, I should be going soon. I have become so nerdy as to start playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I wish I could play Oblivion… Sexy mens~ *whistles*

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Gwa. *nod*

I got three tuts nearly done this weekend. When I say nearly done, it means that my Papermate felt tipped marker ran out so now I have to use a sharpie for the last outlines. Then they'll be done.

So far, I have

1. How to draw Distressed-type emotion
2. How to colour hair
3. How to draw a full figured girl
4. How to draw Rage-type emotion

Yep yep. They're not hard to do, but they take some time.

This weekend, other than tutin' (*giggle*) was very boring. I should try to hook up wireless in my room sometime soon.

I have a lot of biology to do this week. It's not an exam in both lab and lecture, but we have a quiz in lab and an exam in lecture. It's not too hard, I don't think. I'm going to go to the Learning Centre type place for help on my stuff. *nod*


Dudes, I watched two great movies this weekend.

They both were played on Cartoon Network. On Saturday it was Hellboy, and yesterday it was the Nightmare Before Christmas. They took a couple of parts out of TNBC, but oh well, you know?

ANYWAY. Hmmm... What else do I have to tell you guys? I thought it was something importan-OH YEAH!!!

It's my baby brother's first birthday next Saturday. ;w; I'm scheduled to work, so Imma try to weasel out of it, maybe only work on Sunday instead of Saturday, have someone fill in for me. Cuz, they're my siblings birfdays. 8D I can't not go wish him a happy birthday! I was thinking of buying him some pocky and maybe... Hmm... Shit. I already got him a hat from excel saga, for christmas last year. I want to give him something anime-ish, but I don't know of any stores around here that sell plushies. Damn you, Media play, for closing! DX

Anyway. Ciao, my lovlie lumps of love.

One new art up, I'm sorry VileStudios, I have yours sketched out at home. I want to do a good job on it. 83

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Kya. Must I always apologize? ;__; Yush, yush. I am sorry for my randomness.

You see, my ideas all come out at once and I rarely have time to stay on one subject for more than a few-OMG.

... Dude.

My tongue hurts.

GWA! See?!?!?!?? OMg. I didn't do that intentionally, I swear!!! ;___; I drank some cappucino today and I burnt my tongue! *dies*

But, yes. I do try to keep myself in one spot for a while, but it doesn't always work! You can ask Lolly and Jenna, even! It's hard for me to stay on one subject because when I'm talking about one thing, I instantly think of another. Like when Steve and I were talking about bondage and I suddenly thought of scary things... Scary things that are too horrible for bondage... Toooooo horrible for bondage...


The thing... that... that woman... was doing to that mans... penis... *twitch*

Now, if it makes MEEEEEEEEEEEEE turn away in disgust, you know that you're not going to like it.

;___; I am the pervert girl in anime club.




You know...

I was seriously thinking of typing up a short halloween contest ficlet. I got the idea from a background I made. 8D I posted it, so you can see what it's going to be entailing.

Heed Their Warning

I'm sorry if it's too dark for you computer! Seriously! I can see it all fine on my own desktop, but when I come to the lab, it's all dark and hard to see.


OMGGGG. Shit. I forgot.


Ergh... Imma try to get two to three tuts done this weekend. Possibly two emotions and maybe how to colour hair. o_O Meh-beh?


I'm not that fond of Mickie Dee's, but... I have two of the five million dollar ticket thingies, two of the fifty thousand dollar ticket thingies and two of the ten thousand dollar ticket thingies.

I want some fookin' money, damnit. They should give you money to eat their food. It's so good but so bad for you.

(Note: I'm talking about the monopoly money thing at McDonalds... Please follow, people... This is why I will never be a college professor. I'M HARD TO FOLLOW, DAMNIT!)

Speaking of grease soaked fries...

... I'm not hungry...

That cappucino singed my poor tonguie. *pets it* ... Yes... Tonguie.

Uhm... I KNOW I HAD SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY. Fuck. Hmmmmm.... Anou... I got my financial aid and I have about nine hundred left over. So I'm savin' that for ACen.


I can't sketch for crap. It comes out all... VERY sketchy. DX ...

And Mephistopheles smokes those really good and sweet cigars that my grandpop smokes.

I don't smoke, but he does. And he looks hot. I think. I want to rape his hand.

And... I killed my Tamagotchi. Ohhh~ Rest easy, my friend! For you were only a small chip programmed to eat and poop like crazy.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

-deep breath-

Okay. 8D I'm getting back into the swing of commenting on everyone! And even signing some GB's, too! 8D Yay~!! ^_^



I seem to be in a good mood today... Maybe it's because... I get to see... Steve...? Ufufufu~ I'll tell you another time. Because... Yeah.

And YUSH! MoonPhase: Plucking a Rose. Yup. Tis a Pixel RPG. And I love it. Seriously. I learn so slow, but HELL that's okay. 8D The slower I learn, the more time I put into it and the more time I put into it the greater it shall become.

Hai. o_.

Uhm... I really didn't do anything at all yet today. I didn't wake up in time for english.

And... FUCK. You know, me being chubby and all, I've got fuckin' SKINNY ASS legs. Seriously. Mindy and I were comparing legs and shizzle, and I've got those legs that you'd see in those LB mags. They don't use really chubby legs for those, and they do look thin... o_O Maybe being a Plus sized model isn't out of the question. -ponders-

Lmao. Dudes...

I am 96% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!


I didn't think I was much of a loser. XDDD Maybe it was the nose picking question. Cuz I mean... stfu you 'anti-nose-pickers' You HAVE to pick your nose sometimes.

And did you know that your nostrils always fit the size of your fingers? They do! Unless you're one of those really big scary guys...

Like the football players... ;_;

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I think I am going to write that song-fic. 8D Yush. Or something. X3

Fuck. Seriously, guys. Today's a good day and I haven't anything to say. Go eat a fucki-

OMGGGGGGGGGG. Have any of you seen how large those potato Oles cups are when you order a large order...??!?!?! HOLY FUCK! THEY'RE HUGE! o3o

Okie. I'm adding more FFVII:AC goodness... Now, if they'd make my sexy man of a Kuja. XD

Vincent Walkin' X3



Poor Loz... ^_^;

Yazoo Lookin' Sexy

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Monday, October 23, 2006

No, no, no, Guys~!!! When I said 'Should I use Prismas or Crayolas, I was going from a what would you prefer if you were poor and could only afford?'

The reason why I asked was because I remember reading Tutorials and the instructor going 'If you have no prismas... You fail. At life.'

Not very nice. XD That's why I was contemplating on using Crayola. I can use those pretty well, too... And plus it lets the person, if poor, that's reading the tutorial feel like they can get an art supply without having to wait forever to save money to buy it. I spent about fifty six dollars on a set of Fourty Eight pencils. Those fuckin' pencils are a god damned dollar twenty five each. It's ludicrous, I say!

And yes, I know that I lack sometimes in the way of spelling right.


I've been busy.

Worked all weekend...


And I am now heavily addicted to creating my own 2-D RPG. Like FF6 for Super Nintendo. Not very far because I'm still learning the very basics... But... You know... I find this more entertaining than just drawing or writing. Why? Because I get to write and use my art skills and make something that other people could actually interact with.

I've called it MoonPhase: Plucking a Rose.

I've started working on all sorts of different sprites for it, and thinking of teaching myself to learn Ruby Scripting.

... You know... I actually gave thought to applying for an institution for game makers or whatever. XD *laughs* Yeah... I know naught much of it at all... But my story, with Goddima, you know? I could make that into a game... Perhaps... but Maybe not... I could still create Comics as well as making Games. 8D Or maybe I could turn it into a Novel. With like... Pictures here and there, and then a Japanese Anime Company will turn it into a world-wide-smash hit! Even bigger than Inuyasha, FMA, YGO, and Naruto put together!! Nah... XD Wish that would be, though... Wish that would be.

I've also decided that I'm not going to enter the Halloween Contest. No time. *shrugs*

I've gotta poop out a second draft for English tomorrow. Just a few tweeks here and there. And then get a HypoDermic Studios AMV from Richard for my Philosophy, and then write some more on my Term Paper.

I have no idea how I did on my Lab and Lecture exam for Bio. I'm scared. ;_;

DUDES. You've probably already noticed, but on Saturday when I was on the compu during break, I saw they added it. 8DDDD Schweet.

MOJFSDOPIFJPSD OMG. Have any of you listend to Lust for Blood by Gackt-sama? Omg. I nearly orgasmed when I heard how good that track was. It gave me a GREAT idea for like... a small fiction. Note... I only said FICTION. Not fan fiction... Omg, my fan stuff days are slipping away from me! 8O

Fuck, Imma do my english now. I don't want to do it later. I'm lazy.

Chicken Strips on a Toasted Bun with Provalone Cheese and Ranch is MIGHTY fine. I fuckin' COMMAND you to try it. Alright, not command... Just strongly advise... Unless you're allergic to all that stuff or if you have a vendetta against cheese or something.

Signing Out, General Farty Bottom. X3


Manias that I may have from Latharix's list. XD

clinomania: excessive desire to stay in bed
epomania: craze for writing epics
habromania: insanity featuring cheerful delusions
oligomania: obsession with a few thoughts or ideas
onomamania: mania for names
phaneromania: habit of biting one’s nails
planomania: abnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms
verbomania: craze for words

And More Found On My Own. XD

ablutomania mania for washing oneself
doramania obsession with owning furs (One Cruella Joke and I'll KILL you)
dromomania compulsive longing for travel
erotomania abnormally powerful sex drive (...)
iconomania obsession with icons or portraits
macromania delusion that objects are larger than natural size
nymphomania excessive or crazed sexual desire (Though my virginity is still intact. XD)
opsomania abnormal love for one kind of food
pathomania moral insanity
pornomania obsession with pornography
satyromania abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis

... Yesssss~ X3


Behold! The beauty of The Sims 2~!

From Right to Left: Loz, Kadaj, and Yazoo

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blood: the last Vampire
Boogiepop Phantom and Others
Demon City Shinjuku
Dirty Pair
Dirty Pair: Flash
Dominion Tank Police
Elfen Lied
Fooly Cooly
Ghost in the Shell OVA
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
La Blue Girl
Last Exile
Onegai Teacher!
Onegai Twins!
Patlabor 3
Read Or Die the TV (OVA and Series)
Rurouni Kenshin
Sailor Moon
Serial Experaments Lain
Tenchi in Tokyo
Tenchi Muyo
Tokyo Babylon
Trinity Blood
Twin Signal
Valkyrie UFO Girl
Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust
X 1999 (Both OVA and series)

These are the anime (and Hentai X3) that I've seen and actually liked. XP I've begun finding things about certain animes that I don't like. Like... Akira and Crest of the Stars. I know that other people like those animes, but I need to have anime that has a good story line AND great art. (or maybe just great art) ... o_O

Dude. I could not remember a freaking muscle on that test. @____@

BUTTTT. The brain I did well on. *nod* Brains are fun to play with. Yup yup.

Dude. I'm like SUPER tired. And I just sent my tut. to Adam for critique.

I want to enter the Halloween contest. I'm not going to put in like... a bajillion entries. Just maybe one. I was thinking of making Sissorelle the Dark Magician. Or maybe... *thinks*

Kenshin as a guy from Gantz.

Or maybe Lucy from Elfen Lied as Chibiusa. XP Dude. Maybe that lil shit Marie from Onegai Teacher as a Bay-watch thing. Dude. I'm so doing that. XD

AGHHHGSDGHGHGH *glomp* ;w; I wub you guys.

I'm getting my computer worked on so I can maybe hopefully OMGGGGPLOXGAWD put wireless on there. ;___; Fook. The adapters for those are like fifty bucks a crack. GOD DAMNIT! I'm poor. XD

Uhmmmmm~~ I was thinking, you know, since most poeple don't have prismas to use with coloured pencils, should I use Crayola Coloured Pencils instead? Because people complain about them being expensive and stuff... And... Yeah.

Dude. I need an external hard drive to put anime on. XPPPP

Pocky is not pronounced 'Pah-Kee'

A Japanese Exchange student here talked with me and said that it is indeed 'Poe-Kee'

You can say it either way, but I personally think that 'Pah-Kee' sounds better...

Man, I want me some Preach. (Puu-ree-ch)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

*deep breath* Ja~

Today, I'm a lot better. I got to play with brains yesterday and now I know most of the crap I need to know to label the stuff for my lab exam.

I've also got my english crapped out mostly.

I've begun going over an idea for my Philosophy term paper.

I'm pretty much done with the second tutorial.

Yes~ Today... I feel a lot more at peace and without the need to scream at things, noticable, ne? ^_^; Yeah, I thought so. My speech is also easier to follow when I'm relaxed. See? You're following this, right? Without backing away and brows going all squiggly? Heh.


Well, I should go to english. Anime club is tonight. Tonight... We veiw the last two episodes of Gantz. A very gory anime that leaves you in suspense a shitload of a time. I wonder what other anime's we'll pick... Maybe Noir or Orphan. *shrugs*

Ah, well, I just want to apologize for sounding so mental yesterday. I really was distressed (And yes, VileStudios, there was supposed to be humor in it. X3 You caught on quickly, my pawd-ling) But today's proving to be much better.

This morning it was raining cats and dogs, though... And when I was walking, a lady was kind enough to stop and take me to my first class. ^_^ Bless her heart.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Waa~ ;_; I'm sorry. XP


I did a bunch of shit this weekend... I have one tutorial for Art of the Otaku completely finished. It's like... 'How to draw a distressed character' You know, one who's all weepy and shit?


I also worked a shitload on homework... ;__;

It doesn't feel like I got that much accomplished. *sigh*

I have to go study for Biology. I have a Lab Exam this week and a Lecture Exam. *sigh*

I also have an art theif. My lovelie chubblychooschmoo Lolly found out about it and informed me.

I've also noticed a bit of a change in the way I type things...

I have become regardless for what people thing of me when I type... You will probably see the most notable flares of this in my mouse shit spots of Dimitri, Azal, Sissorelle, and Kenshin in my Gallery.

I mean... FUCK. Dude. C'mon, if you've seen Gantz, say Fuck with me like how that one Tai Kwon Do guy does.... 'Fuh-ock.... FUH-OCH YEWWWWWWW!!!!' Hot damn, that's a lovelie Goriful anime. X3

Dude. I need to start my term paper for Philosophy...

Fuckin' Descarte. Him and Plato both. I can't agree with what they say, only Ideas being real.

That would mean that every homicidal maniac's ideas are realistic.... Their ideas of taking over one hundred people and slamming all of their bodies down on a giant flag pole to make a giant-human shish kebab.

And also our Dreams being reality. Pfftttttt, if my dreams are my reality, I sure as FUCKING HELLLLLLLLL don't want to wake up then...

I've also noticed that when I have good dreams, I move around a lot more. I had a dream about these two J-Rock Dudes... They were just random ones, you know? But, yeah, anyway, I was in a dark house with these two J-rock guys, and we were all laying on separate Futons... and then... X3 You can guess the rest. Ho man. I like my dreams like those... X3


I am random, please bear with me, It's not my fault.

On this RPG creator, I have a file of 'Kingdom of Light' a game that a friend of mine created, and I made my own character, and I REMEMBER SEEING HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHARACTER TRANSPARENT! SO YOU DON'T HAVE ALL THAT LIME GREEN!!!! ARGH!!! BUT NOW CHIRU NO FIND IT!!!

I am literate, yes... I am just very annoyed, angry, tired, lonely, and distressed.

.... God Damn, I want to bleach my skin. Be as white as an albino.


Emo = Apatheticteenagestupidomgtehworldsuxveiw.

Over Emotional = The ugly fat thing writing this journal entry.

That is all.

Please feel free to look at my piccies. >8D I made a Realistic Ryou and Bakura. Sex for all who like them... in that way, I guess...

God... I fuckin' need tuna.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

I apologize for not getting around. I am afraid I will apologize in almost every post from now on for being such a slobberpuss.


Enjoy this picture, you piles of adorable squeeshschweetchunkychubbles, for it is fucking cute.

Dimitri, Azal, and Sissorelle

Dimitri, Azal, and Sissorelle depicted in stick form by none other than the alluringly sexalicous Lolly~Dono. XD

I'm fuckin' tired. I don't want to work, but I need to for the money. _-_ Eh. I gotta go finish my english.

I should put up a list of my favourite animes, because the list is growing and growing every day.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

 C'mere so I can give ya a smooch, damnit!

Just wanted to say thanks for being my fellow otaku-friends, guys.

I got accepted into the Otaku thing. I hope Ebony did, too. >8D And anyone else who applied!

I'm going to be busy with that for the next while, so expect even less from me now. My god, I'm so sorry guys. ;___; I feel so bad. *dies*


Oh! Lolly! It’s… alright if you come down on Saturday and stuff. You see, Saturday’s Sarah’s birthday. I’ll try to talk to you sometime so we can plan things out.

And... I'm sorry!!! Please don't think I'm lazy or anything like that. ;_; I do wanna comment and everything... *sigh*

What's your horror movie identity? (Anime pics)

You are the villian! You're not afraid to let people know who you are. You're that story that people tell at night to creep eachother out... then you pop out and slice them up when they're sleeping. XD You are eccentric and intense and you know what you want, even if you have to use people to get it.You have a 80% chance of survival. Sure, the hero thinks he wins the big battle... but did he win the war? (you know what THAT means: SEQUAL!!!!)
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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