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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Ugh. I'm not taking the time to see if all my words are spelled correctly here, so please bear with me.

I'm tired. And I still hate dishes. (Is on break at work right now)

Yesterday, I uploaded some artwork, but I didn't post to tell anyone. Your Birthday present, Wonderkid, is there, and so is your divine Akiramaru, Sikaurai ((I read about your gallbladder... owie... My mum had that. D: She said it sucks)) and a few others. I'm uploading some more before I have to go back to work.

I'm going to work on Megumi's Micki, Parks' present (when I figure out what she wants exactly) and Salem's Orseth (Because I love psychos with white hair.)

Last night was our second round of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Oh. My. God.

We killed like... a bajillion zombies. And you want to know something? My character is a seven foot albino sorceress/necromancer who is also a necropheliac. >8D I had lots of fun Role Playing that last night. My alignment for it is lawful Evil. Yes. Imma fuckin' take over the world with minions, bitches.

I like to scare our Dwarves. It's so fun. They like Ham. And the other necromancer in our group, a wizard, is chaotic. And he has a skeleton named Ham. D: Fuckers. I can't play with it cuz the Dwarves are always trying to use Ham as a meat rack.


Guh. I was going to say something else, but I forgot. Oh well.

Don't worry, I went to all of your sites, or most everyone, I think, and I read your posts. I didn't get to comment, though. D: Sorry.

OH! I borrowed Richards Magic Knight Rayearth stuff. >83 Imma watch those bitches till Cotton Eye Joe is dead. Or something.

I hate dishes, but I guess they bring me money... Freakin' Love/Hate relationships.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

You guys wanna know something I HATE with a passion…?

Have you ever went to turn on your lights, and it burns out right when you flick it on…? Well, has it ever happened to you FIVE FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW?!?!? OMG. Just… Rrrrgh. That shit happens to me all the time! It happened a couple of days ago, first when I went to the kitchen, both lights went out when I turned them on, then the hallway, then my room, and then the bathroom. D: And you know, it wouldn’t be so bad if this happens only a few times, but it happens all the freakin’ TIME. Like… electrical appliances are starting to hate me.

I was correct on my assumption of acquiring George. D: The fucker got me last night.

I’m also writing on a small thingie, where Mephistopheles kills Gabriel, one of the higher angels. It’s in Gabriel’s point of view, so you don’t get to read about how Mephistopheles eats his body. 8D Mephistopheles is an odd fellow, yess’m. You do get to read about how he ate his legs, though. X3

Ugh. My eye’s twitching.

I saw an older man last night, and I must say that I was completely smitten. He looked like he was in his early forties, very attractive face, kinda tan but not too much skin, and silver hair spiked on the front and laid down on the back. I felt like such a twit, because whenever he looked at me, I got all hot in the face and looked down. Wa ha ha~! Omg, how smooth am I?

I’m in the process of this currently:

Last Art of the Otaku Tutorial
Colouring Ebony’s lil Ebbers, which I have to scan. @_@
Colouring WonderKid’s present
Drawing Ryeka’s present
Drawing Sikaurai’s Akiramaru taking off his clothes
Writing out Gabriel’s Last Moments
Working on English
Being a tired Gookafuck.

Yay. I’m gonna go work some more now. D:

I’m asking for the largest set of prismas EVAR for Christmas, that and an ipod nano. That’s all I want, I swear. If I get those two things for Christmas at least, I’ll be a happy woman/thing/girl.

EDIT: Also, the post about Leah a while back, yes...? Well, I might sound a little vain for this, but, if I really did enjoy a female as a partner, I wouldn't mind dating her, but... Leah... Is... uhm... very... unnattractive... Homely, if you will... and she is morbidly obese. I know that I am chubby, but there's a point that I never want to acheive. Not only those things make me want her to stop her advances though, I can't see her as anything else besides a mere friend. It's just... that way, you know...?

Waa, I'm vain. D: I can't help myself for having a little bit of standards.

EDIT II: ... Waaa... Guess what temperature it was this morning... Guess...!!!

... ;3; It was negative six. Omg. Ha ha ha. Let's wait until January when it's fifty fuckin' below. *dies*

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fuh-Kin-Ay. I have been one busy beaver, in more ways that one! …. ¬_¬ Alright, only one way, but I dream to be a busy beaver in the other ways! XD If you do not get my joke, you a stupid. Therefore, I think I might like you. And if you do get it, yay for you. Have a god damned cookie. Or something.

This post is somewhat long, so if you don’t like to read, then poo-on-you.

This weekend was so-so, and Thanksgiving was okay, I guess. We had fun, but we fought a lot. @__@ We always fight during the holidays. All we did though was go to the Holiday Inn in Fargo and have dinner there, then we went back to Wahpeton for the matinee and saw HappyFeet.

… I fucking LOVE Robin Williams. End of statement. Or whatever.

Yeah, I slaved away at Tutorials this weekend. And you wanna know what I learned!??! DO YOU!?! Well, I’ll tell you then: It’s a hell of a lot easier to teach hands-on. Seriously. I was in Mr. Miller’s watercolouring class, and he was, needless to say, a shitty teacher. Great guy, shitty teacher. I basically just told them how I sketched from start to finish. I looked at what ElvesAteMyRamen did, the lil explanation thingie on her site, and I nearly died. Ho man, I have so much to learn… ¬3¬ Most of the people that I drew for the tutorials were nekkid. D: I’m working on my last one right now, it’s of Goddima being all flowy n’ shit. Yay. I’ll colour that with muh prismas and the computer. I’m hoping I can get that done. It’s my last one, all nine others are pretty much finished. Here’s the one where I showed how to draw a Kiss, between Mephistopheles and Goddima. *nod nod*

The Sketch~
The Sort-of Finished Result~

Yeah… Goddima + Mephistopheles + Kiss = What the hell…? XD *laughs* Yeah, Mephistopheles likes Goddima, but hates her because she was made from the Gods and the Demons to destroy him to keep him from destroying existence. Yayyyy… XD

I also have one artsie-fartsie up. Yay for that, too. Go check it out if you’d like.

And GUESS WHAT I’M GOING TO DRAW AFTER AOTO IS DONE!?!?! I’M GONNA DRAW MUH MEGUMI WITH HER SEXYPOOSQUALLIEKINS. No, seriously, Megums, Mickie… That’s how you spell her nick name, right? She needs to get it Oowwwww-NNN with Squallie-Kins. X3 I saw your icon and was like ‘OMg, I’m so drawing Mickie and Squally-Poo. Hee hee, Squall would probably hate me, I’d call him Squally-Kins and Squally-Poo all the time. Yay. 8D

And I also have to draw Parks her B-Day present! Happy belated Birthday, Parks! I’m going to send you a card, a letter, and a small present, so I need your address! 8D I lost the last package you sent me!! @___@ And I’m sorry I couldn’t be here, Parks! I was at home… Having my ‘The Sim 2’ version of me be a total whore with every freakin’ sexy man on there….
Ho man, I created the sexiest fuckin’ Male-Naga ALIVE. Even you, my friendly menz, would like him, I named him LaZerus, after the Archbishop Lazerus from Diablo.

Yes, I am a fuckin’ nerd. I like to kill things on computer games and have demons possess my body and enslave all of humanity. :D Great fun. You should try it sometime.

Here is a picture of Kadaj cracking his knuckles and ready to beat up Bakura because Bakura and I had an affair, and Kadaj, my husband, caught me. Oh-ho-ho, the Sims is muh sex. Save it to spread the love. Or something…? XD
Knuckle-Crackin’ Kadaj

AND OMG. I GOT AN ( A )ON MY PHILOSOPHY TERM PAPER!!! IN YOUR FACE, BIZNATCHES! >:3 Mum said it’s almost impossible to get an A on your term paper for Harvey Henderson. Why? Because you have to know the shit you’re talking about, he grades you on how smart you sound. I must sound pretty freakin’ smart then. XDDDD. And, I also told Mephistopheles’ story. >:D Which was fun to come up with, by the way. Not all the details are there, but, would you like to read? God damned right you would. >:3
And if you don’t, then just scroll down. My freakin’ term paper was eleven pages long, so this is just a small excerpt 8} I should turn this into a story-book type format, or, like, you know, book format. Story format, ah, what the hell.

I have characters that I’m planning out, and one of my most philosophical characters is a being called Mephistopheles. He was once human, being a man of what is considered ‘immorality,’ doing things that others said brought shame. Then, one day, he was murdered in a brawl. He was sent to heaven, playing a part as an angel because in all honesty, Mephistopheles had never really done anything that would be considered a ‘Mortal Sin’. However, the longer Mephistopheles stayed in heaven, the more questioning he became; he began to mistrust all, watching humans slaughter one another, lie to one another, and to cheat one another, and he felt incredibly guilty for living such a life himself. He decided one day to fly down from the heavens, brandishing a sword made of the purest and the most impure metals of all Earthian knowledge. With this weapon, Mephistopheles began killing all of the ‘evil’ humans. God, being the ‘just’ creature he is, frowned upon this, and ordered Mephistopheles to stop at once. Mephistopheles barked his own orders back, saying that if he were a just God, he would stop all of this inhumanity, so to speak.
God, not revealing its true intentions, cast Mephistopheles into Hell, where Satan, seeing all of what Mephistopheles had done, readily accepted him with open arms. Mephistopheles explained how he felt to Satan and his demons, asking if he would be allowed to purge the earth of those deemed vile. Satan, amused, agreed, as long as he didn’t harm God’s angels or His own demons. Mephistopheles promised he wouldn’t. And, so, Mephistopheles began, once again, to rid the earth of the unforgivable humans, thinking that what he was doing was right, feeling guilty and ashamed that he, himself, had once acted like this.
One day, when Mephistopheles was at rest, watching, he saw the Demons and the Angels committing crimes, or ungood deeds, as Mephistopheles would have liked to say. This enraged him, his blood boiled, but he remembered his promise. He tried to keep this promise, but his eyes wandered from his usual prey, humans, to the angels and demons, which did more evil than the humans themselves, did. ‘Should humanity exist without higher beings…?’ Questions filled Mephistopheles until he could take no more. The other demons began to notice his lack of rationality; Mephistopheles began to hate much of everything, often chanting to himself about the promise he was to keep. He knew such hatred wasn’t good. He wanted to get rid of his emotions, but the promise he had made, to not kill the demons and angels who were more ungood than the humans! It was a mockery of what he was trying to achieve!
This promise, however, was soon deemed obsolete by Mephistopheles. Why should he, a being that is trying to purge existence from all ungood things, promise to not kill beings who are the epitome of all things ungood? It was stupid to heed to such a promise. This was the realization that enabled Mephistopheles to begin his massacre. Leaving the humans alone for time being, he went to Hell, slicing up any demon that stood in his way. Blood shed and torture was the way that Mephistopheles thought to purge the evil. If their blood be spilled, if their bodies be bent in twain until they pass, he thought, the evil from them is gone.
Mephistopheles’ will to get rid of all things ungood was massive, as was his physical and mental strength. Once he had reached Satan, he proceeded to tear him apart as well, though he did not succeed in extinguishing the great ‘Satan’. Mephistopheles tore Satan into four parts, three parts being ugly monsters, things to loathe and destroy. One part was humanoid, with the cliché demonic features. Before Mephistopheles could finish off Satan, now separated into four parts, God and his angels came. God said to Mephistopheles that no matter how much evil needed to be gone, it simply couldn’t be. It needed to stay with the good otherwise terrible things that not even he, ultimate perfection could defend against.
Mephistopheles could not believe what he was hearing. God, preaching that good was the only way, was here saving the ungood just because something bad that he couldn’t control would happen. He was saving Lucifer. The angel that had supposedly brought evil into existence…?! How could this be?
The questions, so full within Mephistopheles, exploded and mutated into the ugliest of emotions and feelings and logic. Mephistopheles deemed both Good and Ungood unfit for existence. With all of his being, he tore down the angels, making his way to God, which he too split into four pieces, three forms representing angelic like beasts, and one looking like the other angels. Luckily for the forms of God and the forms of Satan, Mephistopheles had exhausted nearly all of his power tearing God into his four separate forms. Because of this, they succeeded into knocking him back, back to the plane where you and I reside. Mephistopheles was a reject of heaven and hell and earth. He belonged no where. He looked to the sky, realizing that the universe was vast, but to exist, everything needed a simple equation of opposition. Good is against evil, but to know Good, one must know evil as well, which makes all things evil. To have an existence that is entirely evil was to give pain to every thing that was inside of existence.
Mephistopheles decided that day that he was to end existence. The contradiction that good and evil created brought pain to everything, so, to end the pain, he would cause existence to cease. He would take back what God and Satan had done to the world. He would take all solar systems and galaxies back to their primal state and then snuff them out, and he too, would go with them. Nothing would continue to exist. Not children, not water, not even the browning blade of grass. This sort of non-existence could reject no one. For something to not exist, it has to accept everything that does exist and destroy it, thus rejecting nothing. Not-existing had no room for good, or evil. It was just. It was the solution. It was soon to come.
Knowing well my own characters, I know that Mephistopheles and I have the same sort of outlook, though I do not want to end existence myself. I see that there is contradiction in existence, some good, some bad.

Yeah. @__@ This post is really long! Argh. I hope you can read as fast as me, cuz if not, then you’ll be here a while, or you might be one of those poops who like… reads a sentence and then talks to me… --VO … I give you the evil eye, Hyah-Hyah~!! Uhm…

OH!!! Have you guys tried going to my guest book page, or whatever, or maybe go to my guestbook and then go to my quizresults and then try to add me? I think it’s my front page giving you problems. Maybe, probably, yeah. XD *laughs*

God, I have so much shit to do… *sulks away*





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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wtf. Deviantart is being stupid to me. I can't submit anything, and it's really starting to agitate me. Why the hell did they have to put it in such a stupid format to submit any how?

Did they ever think about the people who still have dial-up? I remember our old dial-up, and that macro whatever the hell they use thing would always take FOREVER for it to load. D: I remember when it would take an hour to load a three minute youtube video. Those days were horrible. XD

Well, anyway, I posted up sketchy shit thing. It’s of Xarnis, one of my original charas, dressed as Vivi from FFIX (9) The reason why is because Xarnis has a completely black body, and all black hair. So, he’s got a black head. Er, not pimple wise, but you know what I mean. It’s only a really crappy sketch with some colour added to it. You think I should sketch it all the way and then colour it? X3 I have a full body doodle thing of Xarnis when he was like… really emaciated… Then he got plumped up because of Yoda’s cooking. And no, not that lil Grover sounding green puppet from Star Wars. That Yoda is wicked, but I’m talking about a different Yoda here.

Here’s the piccu link~

Xarnis as… Vivi?

Heh. I got English in a bit. Poo. D: I had to write an essay on my name, and I must say that… ;3; This is my shortest paper. Ever. It’s only 662 words. I feel so ashamed. D: It doesn’t even make it to three pages! D:

Yeah. I’m done. Fuck. DA’s still being a poop.

*laughs* The guys on the Otaku Podcast read one of my comments. (Thanks, Salem! *hug*) And it made me laugh, and it brightened my day, too. They appreciate big booties. I don’t have that big of a booty, but I am a full figured gal, so it works out. But. Seriously.

I want to see Kyo and Die. They’re muh two favourites from Diru. Mwee hee hee~ Someone does love North Dakota after all!

I'll try to visit sites as much as I can, but I really need to shit out my Philosophy term paper, too. D: Fuckin' term papers. And I won't be on much at all during Thanksgiving break. I need to shit out six more tutorials in that time, which I can because I'll have a whole lot of time to do it. Yay for time. X3

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Okay, today, I feel a lot better.

I'm like... SUPERERERERERRER tired, and I have a lot of homework to do, but still, I feel a lot better.

Thank you all for reccomending that music, too! ^_^ I'mma try to download lots,

I'm usually into really dark sounding things, not like... emo, but where the beat to the music is hard, and you can feel it in your body.

I'm in a big trance/remix/rubbadubba dancing type music. You know, the kind where you blast the volume and you can feel the decibles throbbing in your body.

Yeah. I want to go to raves and do the naughty dancing. Well, I don't want to waste a lot of time. I need to get some info on muh main man, Fredrich Nietzche. And that Sarte guy, but I like muh main man, Neitzche, the best. X3

Thanks, I lub all of you. X3 *huggle squish*

You know, I was thinking, after the art of the Otaku, I was going to make a huge collaberation of all of my friends' charas, like Ree's, Lolly's, Jenna's, Ebony's, Sikaurai's, and yeah. >8D There's gonna be a lot of people in that picture. X3

I'm sorry that I can't comment on all of your posts today! D:

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

*laughs* Today… I feel very… I dunno. I want to do something that hurts something. Or something.

Fucking work today… It’s horrible. Two fucking people didn’t show up and I had to do the dishes all by myself.


Guess how many people we had for lunch today? In this little shit picking town of Wahpeton? We had three hundred and twenty.


And I had to clean up each and every droplet those swine left on their fucking plates. I hate… their… filth. Oh my god. How I hate their slop. And what does some fucker have the audacity to do? Spit on his tray. You know what I did? I went out of the dish room, grabbed that fucker by the collar, and made him take the plate back to the dish room while I had a hold of that fucking bastard’s ear. I told Brenda, the boss for the weekend what he did, and she said that he had to do it. Everyone laughed at him. And that made me feel really good.

Fuck. I think I may be getting my period soon. See, I’m not evil during; I’m evil before hand… And I must say this is the most evil that I’ve felt in a long time. Really.

I also had to tell Leah, my homosexual friend, to stop hitting on me. I’ve told her several times after I noticed her kinda… you know… Being a lot nicer to me than other girls she hung around with. Just… Why does everyone have to keep FUCKING with me?! I tell them to not take my things, yet people do. Someone stole my ipod. If I find out who, I will massacre them. I really will.

No, I’m not fucking emo. Emo’s cut themselves. I cut other people. No. Seriously. I feel ready to. I’m… god damned… fucking SICK of people pushing me around. I think I might get a punching bag one day so I can kill the fuck out of it when I feel like this.

I feel very hostile. I wonder if feeling this violent is normal. Probably. Eh.

I did a drawing a while ago to express my situation with Leah, because she called me a homophobe, and that made me blow up at her. I hate homo-luvers who shove their views down my throat and I hate homo-haters who shove their views down my throat… Just… I want to say ‘Fuck You’ to all of them. Just… Nrrrgggggh. I really want to rip something apart. You know how when you get really mad and you want to punch something? I want to do that until I have bloody stumps for hands.

I should start thinking positively. Okay, breathe… Okay… I won’t go to jail. Luckily.

I saw the movie Borat on Thursday. Very funny. Very Racist. That’s what makes me love it. The haters and the lovers all oppose each other and when they fight, the ones who are indifferent shall be left alive. Heh.

Last night was very fun, too. It was my first time playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) I’m a seven foot tall albino. Why? Because I love tall things and albino things. X3 She’s also a necromancer, so she could whip up something for Ebony’s Morte in a flash. Last night was really good, actually. It took my mind off all the homework, work, and more homework and work that I have to do. That’s what I’m going to try to do tonight. I missed the deadline for my science worksheet. Oh well, I’ll study hard for the test. I hope.

Nergh, I also watched The Boondock Saint’s last night for the first time. Love the movie. Seriously. I love the idea that the two brother’s have. And, though, I know that some girls love it purely because their’s gay men in it, no, I don’t love it because of that. That is a plus to see because it surprised me that he was gay, but, really. The movie would be good with or without gay men.


I really want to write a humongously long post about being chubby, a woman, and how people ostracize one another about homosexuals. But…. Knowing well how volatile humanities stupidity is, I won’t.

Oh, by the way, go watch Project Geeker. You can find the episodes on the net. That was the best cartoon ever from the ninties. Seriously. I fuckin’ luv Geeker.

Please forgive me for being so… ‘Unusual’ for my usual self. I just got really really REALLY angry and... murderous? Is that what you could call it...? Yeah.

Also, again, I will kindly ask you people to reccomend me music. Wow... You know... After venting all of that out, I'm starting to feel a lil better. Thank god. Well, I have to go back to work. @____@ Wish me luck.

I bid you all adieu.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well, after several failed attempts to get Limewire or that one Torrent thing to work, I've given up. XD

I've really gotta start working on my Philosophy and English essay/term papers.

I fuckin' wanted to download some remixes of Immoral Melody, you know, the song I have here on my site, but no one has made any good ones. D: That makes me sad.

I did get an awesome mix of Qu's Marsh, though, they called it Swamp Rat.

I am SOOOOOOO Cosplaying as Quina Quen for A-Cen, Bitches. Seriously. I'll be a sexy Quina, and then I'll write a KujaxQuina fanfic because... Seriously... I saw one once... I wanted to read it, and I couldn't, and when I went back to find it, I couldn't! D:

That made me sad.

XD But, think about it? Kuja's always hangin' out with Queen Ooglie, then he kills her, and he doesn't ever do anything to Quina... (Possibly because s/he's an oddball that's the comic relief of the game) Meh beh he likes softer... uhm... Things... D: He sure as fuck didn't choose good looks if he chose Garnet's Mum. Omg, that woman's ugly. D:

8D Don't mind me, I'm trying to vemp myself into starting my philosophy. D: I have englsh in an hour. Phooey.

Also, my mum's been down because our oldest dog, a pure bred rough collie named Dutchess, dissapeared quite a while ago, and because she's been gone for so long, we can only presume she's dead. Which is the most likely choice since we have so many coyote's around, and now we have cougars. D: Wouldn't that scare the fuck out of you?

Dad found a set of cougar tracks and said that we'd have to be careful when we'd go outside. If it's a female with cubs and you stumble upon her, you'd be sooooo effin' screwed.

Hrmm... Well, I guess I'd better go. I wish I had all the time I wanted to do the things I needed. *sigh*

Hmmm~ OH! I put up some sketchies. Yay. Sketchies. X3


Almost forgot this. XDDDD

Why Nerdy/Geeky Men Are Better.


Because I hate Chainmails, I shall only give each of you a rose. No need to send it on. *nod*

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*
. . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . ** *
. . . . .. . . . . .*** . . * . . *****
. . . . . . . . . . .** . . **. . . . .*
. . . . . . . . . . ***.*. . *. . . . .*
. . . . . . . . . .****. . . .** . . . ******
. . . . . . . . . ***** . . . .**.*. . . . . **
. . . . . . . . .*****. . . . . **. . . . . . *.**
. . . . . . . .*****. . . . . .*. . . . . . *
. . . . . . . .******. . . . .*. . . . . *
. . . . . . . .******* . . .*. . . . .*
. . . . . . . . .*********. . . . . *
. . . . . . . . . .******* . ***
*******. . . . . . . . .**
.*******. . . . . . . . *
. ******. . . . . . . . * *
. .***. . *. . . . . . .**
. . . . . . .*. . . . . *
. . . . .****.*. . . .*
. . . *******. .*. .*
. . .*******. . . *.
. . .*****. . . . *
. . .**. . . . . .*
. . .*. . . . . . **.*
. . . . . . . . . **
. . . . . . . . .*
. . . . . . . . .*
. . . . . . . . .*
. . . . . . . . *
. . . . . . . . *
. . . . . . . . *
. . . . . . . . *
. . . . . . . . *

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wee~! New site theme. Kuja and Pink. What could be more lethal?

Cock-Hard Fact #1: When I was twelve, just as I started to really like Bakura, there was a sort of a battle between Kuja and Bakura over who I liked better. Naturally, since Bakura had more screen time, I went over to his side, even though I've always had a naturally soft spot for the narcisscistic, beautiful as hell, hips like a god (or goddess), Genome.

Cock-Hard Fact #2: My favourite colours have always been black and pink. I love black because it’s such a smooth colour and I love pink because I can kill people with it’s neon-brightness. The preps, the Goths, the emos, the punks, the un-labeled. Anyone will be destroyed by what I can colour pink. Yay. XD

ALSOOOOO. Has anyone noticed that Genome sounds like Genova? Eh? Eh?

*laughs* Yeah.

I submitted new shit sketches and a couple of drawings. I put some photographs on DevArt, too.

ALSO. VILESTUDIOS. >8D I do apologize that I was not able to draw anything Naruto or DBZ, but I did a picture that I think you might be able to do incredible wonders with. Since I can not CG for the life of me (it’s true. I can only shittily layer and change the transparency, people.) I think you would make it look awesome. Because, well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of your pieces and not think “Holy FUCK he’s good.”


Uhm… God. I want to make sense and I read what I say over and I’m pretty sure that stupid people would never understand what I say.

If you can not understand what I talk about when I’m talking then… My friend, I’m sorry… Your stupidity is the greatest disguise for evil. Yess’m.

Seriously, it is.

Think of it, no one would expect the poor stupid little fat girl of being the murderer of thousands of people. XDDD Plot hint to another story? I do believe so. XD

ALSO. AGAIN. I apologize for not getting to all of your sites. I really do try to get to all of them and have interest in what you’re trying to say.

God, I sound like a husband coming home to his wife and not listening to his wife. Only… I’m a girl, so it’d be the wife coming home to the husband. Or the wife. Pffftttt, I dunno.

My head cold is still in major effect. I can’t breathe through my freakin’ nose. GodFookin’Durnit.

I want to have the second volume of Wet Moon. Ross Campbell is the shiz.

Uhm. DAMNIT. I was going to say something important but I forgot it!

Let me think for a bit.


OH YeAH! IT WAS… Uhm. Yeah! It was the sketchy gift thingie that I did for you, Sikaurai! D: I wasn’t able to get into your contest, so I figured I’d give you some sexy Ukyo for free without the contestant-ness. X3

Dude. My feet hurt.

I want to talk to my Megumi-Cha and Lolly-Cha.

I is pathetics.

YES. I Just finished off looking at everyone’s artsiefartsies on DA! XD Though I know there’ll be more. I am a slow turtle.

is it bad to be extra sensitive everywhere on your body? D: Mindy touches me all the time and I squeak/squeal/make noises because I’m sensitive like…. Everywhere.


Uhm… Phooey.

I don’t think I have anything else much interesting to say. D:


I forgot my icon on my compu at home. Damnit. I forgot to put it on my jump drive. Maybe I’ll get it up tomorrow. XD Probably not.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Well, my fellow comrades, I feel as if I’m about to die…

No, not really, but I do feel pretty shitty. Not even shit would want to feel the way I’m feeling right now. I think I’m getting the flu that my sister, brother, and Dad had. Fuck. In. A.

I hate being sick. I LOATHE it with my entire being because every time I do get sick like this, I always end up being in bed for a week, or even worse, going to the hospital. Now, I’m not afraid of hospitals or needles because I’ve been to them so frequently, it’s just that there’s nothing to do there. And they give you a whole crap load of medicine.

@_@ I’m all gaggy because the crap that’s blocking my nose is slithering down my throat. That ever happen to you? Fuck, I think of something remotely soft and squishy and I gag. I’m talking food wise, here, people. Not… Like… body part wise.


Well, someone dared me to do a boobie shot. I won’t say who, but I did it. And I made it like a humourous poster, too. I even had my little Kon patch between my boobs. People who watch/read Bleach will know what I’m talking about.

I’m glad I get tomorrow off. I mean, I know I’m gonna be sick, but I can work on the Otaku shizzles. Which I really need to do. I wish I could like… teach… Hands ON. It’s easier to be right next to them and correct their mistakes while in the process of, you know?

Hmm… Do you think it’s bad when you cough and chunks of hard phlem come up? Oh god, I just made myself gag. D:

Okay. Uhm… Pillows… Pillows, beds, flowers, okay, I’m better. Had to think of something that wouldn’t make me gag. Ahh~ Flowers. I wish I could smell one. D:

Uhm, I uploaded two farts-whoops, I mean fan arts. Heheheh~ I r the evil.

One is a random doodle about what Cheddar and Mr. Delicious do in my mouth-Pillows… Pillows… Okay, I’m good.

The other is with Azriel and P00n…. AND GUESS WHAT!!??! Omg, it has… A BACKGROUND. A shitty one, but a background none-the-less. There’s also something naughty on the desk. See if you can figure it out. X3

I’m tired. I think I bombed my History test. Why? Because I haven’t been paying attention at all and I forgot to study. D: I am sad.

And tired. And sick.

Fuck it, I’m going home and going to bed. Meh.


Got this from the DA. 8D

• Who are you?
• Are we friends?
• When and how did we meet?
• Would you kiss me? Where?
• Give me a nickname and explain why?
• Describe me in one word!
• What was your first impression of me?
• Do you still think the same?
• What reminds you of me?
• If you could give me anything what would it be?
• How well do you know me?
• Would you ever meet up with me?
• Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?


XD Yes, again.

But, I have to ask you guys something. Do you all have very sexual dreams when you're sick? Cuz... Like.... D: Yeah... The dream I had last night had giants, molten Lava, and a man with tentacles that was a mix between Sikaurai's Akiramaru with long black hair and eyes and Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Omg.... Guys, that was... Like... Holy god, all the tentacles and the huge... you know whats. D: What the hell.

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

I've noticed that my posts lately have been longer than usual. I apologize.

I also do not know how to enable you guys to add me to your friends lists. Ask the admins, they might know something.

Caleb's birthday was fun yesterday, it was awesome. 83 I lub muh lil brother, and muh other siblings, too. X3

I also found a little more money lying around from my last paycheque. (I'm sorry for making money, guys. DX I'd share if I could)

I was able to buy a 'For the Horde' hoodie, an Ichicgo shirt, shoes for work and everyday, and yeah. 83

I've been a little on edge, though... I really, really, REALLY need to draw. I haven't been able to and I think I'm going crazy because of it. DX

I have withdrawals. DX

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