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Monday, January 29, 2007


I had to give that speech I wrote today. And I cracked up while I was up at the podium. The speech was about your past, present, and future. If you know me well enough, my past was a total hell-bomb. D: Felt like a total tard I did.


I am so effin¡¦ sorry that I haven¡¦t been around much. Heh, I know that you¡¦re like ¡§Who the hell cares¡¨ right now, but yeah. ;3; I was once a dedicated Otaku. I¡¦m now just a miss-all-over-the-place.

I didn¡¦t work this weekend. But I should have. Now I have to work the next two weekends in a row. BAD CHIRU, BAD! ;3; I want to draw boobies, but arghhhh¡K No time!

I might possibly get an ipod today.

It¡¦s also cold and windy as fuck today. What¡K er, like¡K -5 degrees WITHOUT windchill. Windchill usually takes away ten to fifteen degrees, so I¡¦d say it feels about twenty below when standing in the wind. A bit snippy.

And I wore a skirt today. Yay for intelligence. But I have my pink leggings on so it¡¦s halfway not stupid.

I¡¦m sorry. This is like¡K All over the place.

;3; I miss my Lolly. I miss my Megumi. I miss my Parkusu. I miss my Sikaurai. I miss my Kedzie. I miss everyone, actually. *flails around*

I watched the first episodes of the newer Slayers, and half of the second volume of Excel Saga.

Don¡¦t kill me, but I like it in English better. EVEN THOUGH EXCEL¡¦S VOICE IS HORRID. It still makes me laugh more. Dunno why.

Hmm¡K I might buy some new manga soon, too. And an external hard-drive to store the anime Mindy¡¦s downloading. YAY FOR DEATHNOTE AND GAKUEN ALICE. :3 I have the jist of what Deathnote¡¦s about, but haven¡¦t the foggiest on Gakuen Alice.

Wow. I¡¦ll stop my ramblyshamblies now.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gwuh. I¡¦ve been gone for like a week! I¡¦m so sorry! Dfjaopsdfasdfpaisodfpa jsdfpoiasdjpfaisdofjasiopdfja I love you guys, I really do. I don¡¦t even understand why you all keep talking to me. I¡¦m such a loser for not being able to return your nice comments! D:


And now, for something completely different:

I have a Boyfriend.

Yes. You heard correctly. It¡¦s for real this time; he¡¦s no three hundred pound, seven years older than me person that orders me to get on my knees and suck it.

It¡¦s¡K What you¡¦d call an actual relationship, I guess. We¡¦ve known each other for a while, but this last Saturday, we became official, I guess. :3 And fuck~ He¡¦s hot.

He¡¦s skinny as all hell, too. We make an odd looking couple. He¡¦s tall and thin and here I¡¦m all spherical. Oh-ho-ho~ Yeah.

((I still lub Bakura, though. Adfapisodfjopasdf WHY AREN¡¦T YOU REAL.))


Yeah. I mean, I have loved freaking Bakura¡¦s character since I was twelve. I¡¦m still not letting go. K-2 will just have to share. :b

I have new art up, too. :D Yay for new art.

You know. I looked at my old crap¡K and I wanted to kill myself. Really. I sucked SOOSOODSFSODFOOOOO bad. I still do, but, at least I¡¦ve gotten a smidge better than what I used to be. Fuck. My god. The way I used to draw noses just killed me.


I¡¦m sorry about last night! All who were talking to me! MSN died, and then I didn¡¦t have time to get back on cuz I had to go pick up my mum!


With my next pay cheque¡K I should be able to get an Ipod Nano. :B All the music that Sikaurai has been recommending me really makes me want to listen to it all the time.

FUCK. I can¡¦t get over how much I love CrombiChrist. I mean really. And VNV Nation. And Neuroticfish. ANFDFSDA AND ESPECIALLY THE CRUXSHADOWS. :b They have this awesome old feel to them that I simply adore.


Welllllllllllllll. I have to go.

BUTTTT. This is probably my favourite picture I¡¦ve done in a while. Why? Well, I¡¦ll let you guess on that one. I¡¦m probably going to do more of it soon. Not the same picture, but of the subject matter. John the Revalator, bitches. Fear his thieving skills.

John The Revalator

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Warrrr.... I have a speech to write. And shit. And... yeah. @3@

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Waaaagh. @___@ Been busy, yet not, or... I dunno.

Just one thing-


Sometimes, the computers I get on are not that great! If fifteen of you all talk at me all at the same time again, my computers will crash! SO PLEASE WAIT UNTIL I START TALKING TO YOU! AND DON'T FEEL BAD IF I DON'T! I am a busy person sometimes, and I don't always have time to talk to a lot of people. I don't even know why you all want to talk to me at once, anyway! @_@ It's crazy!

Okay, that's done.

Last night... Whew. Fuck. It's bad when fourteen people all holler at you at once. Really. D:


I didn't do anything much this weekend except for work.

I'm drawing two new pictures, and more, probably.

The two new ones are of Itai and Uriya, both bedroom scenes. WHY BEDROOM SCENES?! Because. Men are sexy when they sleep.

I've sent Park's present in the mail. So that should be there soon.


I'm also working with Reno the Turk in getting me a new layout. :B I'll be drawing him some Deathnote Fanart in return.

Here's the header to the new layout, hopefully. XD


Deviantart's fixed. ^o^ Yay!

I posted two new artsie fartsies, by the way. One of Zambi's character Rambi, from Deviantart, and the other of a spoof on Dimitri's very baggy pants. :B It's funny because I'm already chubby, people. That's why.

Crap. I was going to say a whole bunch of other stuff.

I need to buy my Diru tickets. D: And... yeah.

Revenge is OKAY in the bible! However, it doesn't mean to EXACTLY go "Eye for an Eye". Torture's okay, just think of how to do it. --w--



AND GO TO SakakiLoPrinzi's SITE! SHE IS A GODDESS!!! She was taught by Aoi Nanase! The creator of ANGEL DUST. Do you know how divine that is? Really. She's... Wow. Her work is stunning.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I wasn't lying when I said I was going to spam. Fufufu~

I have... like... uhm... a lot up. Not the Jareth one cuz that one's not done, crazysons! >:[

A lot of desktop backgrounds, too. EVEN A TWIN SIGNAL ONE. OMG.

Fuck. I'm tired. I have no motivation to do anything productive right now. I hate it. Really.

Urgh. *oglop*

I've began working out my Quina costume. I'm sketching out the plans for it right now.

What I need is:

A cross between a Bonnet and a Chef Hat. Lots of ruffles.

A Coral/Salmon coloured coat with blue bib attached. A little split tail on the hind end.

A Burlap type materialed skirt. I need to actually find this material.

White bloomer pants that go all the way down like normal pants.

Bright blue shoes with bows on them.

I guarrantee there to be a shitload of ruffles. I need to start talking with Joyce, my mum's friend, so I can start actually sewing it out ASAP.

God. I don't know what's wrong with me today.

I got Jenna's Chrissy Present (FINALLLLLY) and Lolly's B-Day present last night at B&N. *nod* That and four volumes of manga, the first two of Millennium World, and Three and Four of Duelist. I didn't realize they were so cheap. They're about eight dollars, give or take a few cents. So that means I'm going to go on a Yugioh Manga buying spree as soon as I get my next paycheques.



I've also put up that fiction on FF.Net. XD It's so bad. I suck with past and present tenses. Oh, well, at least a few will like it, hopefully.

Fanfiction.net is full of bastards, anyway, so what do I care.


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Monday, January 8, 2007

Fuck. This post just annoyed me so much. I deleted it. :} Because I can. So... Yeah.

Spam'll be here tomorrow. Cuz I'm lazy and am doing nothing today. D:

I don't have any class at all until five on Tuesdays. Fuck yes.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Gahhh~~~ Holy fuck.

I've been gone for quite some time, ne? Yeah. Pfft, no net at home, so I'm sitting there, wasting away... well, not wasting, but doing nothing, to be more precise.

... Fuck... I have over five hundred emails in my inbox on hotmail and Gah... My gmail's taking forever to load, lets see how many things on the DA I have to sort through-OH MY FUCKING GOD. Been busy, my friends? D: 130 Deviations and 76 messages.

... My god, this is why I hate being away from the computer. Seriously.

Ugh. Christmas, was, well... Nothing grandoise. There was a total I-Hate-You fest between my brother and I, but thankfully, that's past.


I'm at such a loss of what to say. I've been gone for like... forever it seems. D: I am so out of the loop.

I've been working on really awesome drawings, and not just sketches, mind you. I should have them, for the most part, done when school for me starts back up, which is the eigth. My favourite right now would have to be the one of Jareth. >83 It's in pencil and I'm actually taking time to shade.


... Damnit... I was going to say something, but I fuckin' forgot what it was... Damned Brain.

I should have some funny as fuck pictures of the Sims when I get back for real. ;3; I'm sorry for not getting to your sites or anything, guys, really, I am. D:

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Thursday, December 14, 2006



Hosted By theOtaku.com.

I have my contest entry up! I decided to go with the one that Lindus said she/he liked better. I'm sorry, Lolly! But I think the vibrant one catches your eye more, ne? X3

Ugh, I also have another one up, or it should be up later. It's of Mephistopheles... WHEN HE HAS BOTH EYES! :O Well, you can only see the one, but whatever. It's because it's before he went all bonkers, but close to when he did. He's feeding a little blind/mute girl who has no legs and only one arm. D: Poor thing. she also's missing half of her hair because of a tube on her head that holds extra cerebrospinal fluid. She was an experiment for some fucko.



I'm going to be gone for most of chirstmas break, so please forgive me and my really noticable take of absence! Wagh, there's no net at home, so I'm going to be drawing my butt off! And I still need to get Adam the first step to one of my tutorials! I forgot, damnit. X3

*is going christmas shopping on Friday* Wooties. I'm planning on buying myself an ipod Nano because mum said she couldn't afford one. D: Oh well~

Yeah. Hmm...

I really have nothing to say anymore. D: Poo.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wa. I scared muhself with muh last post.

I was just really... annoyed and grumpy yesterday, and someone pushed me over the edge, that's all. ^_^;


I'll give you a little detail on what it looks like. I was going to go for like... a pink ribbon mascot that was screaming 'SAVE THE BOOBIES!' because, everyone needs a laugh, but then I remembered people can be dicks and can get stiff over those kinda things. (pun intended. Har har.)

Angels, two of them, yes, I know, they're extremely over-used. They're both unnatural looking, as apposed to the others.

Three women, all of different colour, two in the front, one between the two angels.

Most all except one are in profile, meaning you can only see the sides of their face.

Pink ribbon is flowing all around the two in the front, and the blue angel behind one woman is placing the ribbon around her.

The blue angel is cutting away the black ribbon that entangles the woman in the back.

Yeah. The pink ribbon glows, baby.

I like to make things glow.



LOLLLLY. IM OFF OF SCHOOL THIS THURSDAY! UNTIL SOMETIME IN JANUARY! >8D Which means... something. We should try to get together soon so we can watch Magic Knight Rayearth and basically be git-tits at Jennas!! Richard lent it to me, but I haven't had the time to watch much! I’ve only seen the first disc!! @_____@

We'd end up watching it all day, probably. XD AND YOU WOULD BE THERE TOO, JENNA, you can see the sexy guy who has white hair but wasn’t in the manga! That confused me. I was like who the hell is that? Oh well, he’s hot anyway... What should I get you for Christmas...!? I don't know. D: I REAALLLLY need to go shopping tomorrow.

I felt like a pedophile… in more ways than one. You see, I found a hack for The Sims 2 so my Teens can have sex as well, you know, with elders, adults and other teens. >8D And I had the sim that is ‘me’ have sex with a teen albino mermaid named Xavier. And I also thought Ascot, from the first few episodes of MKR was freaking cute as hell. And Guru Clef. Omg. He’s a hot lil shit, too. D: I am a pedo.

You know, I feel... really happy today. I don't know why.

OMG. The dream I had last night... well, it could be classified as a nightmare, but I wasn't really scared because... like... well, there were skeletons, and very freakin' sexy pink skinned zombies... and sex. Does that make me a necrophiliac? I don’t know. It was a freaky dream, nontheless.

Roae- I lub you sweetie. *hugglesquish* And I believe you. D: I have to do the same thing, sometimes. Just read what people say then run off to do the dreaded homework.

VileStudios- Wa! You’re so sweet! *glomp* And I know that yours and Elves’ pieces are going to kick my ass to hell and high-water. XD And is your friend male or female? I’ve had several people think that I was a guy over the net simply because of how I type. X3

Ebony- You are the shit, love. And happy belated birthday. X3 Cuz I’m slow at saying those things. D:

Jenna- WAAAAAAAA ipdfjapdsfiapdf I lub you. You and Lolly are so nice to me. ;3; *huggle squish*

Ree-Ree- I don’t know why, Ree, but whenever I read your comments and posts, I always smile. You’re such a nice person and I thank the Otaku everyday for being able to meet people as nice as you. And, to tell you the truth, I’m not a very good public speaker. I can write it, but I can never say it. Kinda annoying. XD

Lolly- Don’t even get me started on how much I fucking love you. Seriously. If anything were to happen to you or Megumi, I’d shut down, for how long, I don’t even know.

Sikaurai- Oh GOD no! I don’t think my comment worked on the DA, but I posted this before I even read your rant! This wasn’t directed at you whatsoever. You’re too cool for school and I’d never think of doing anything mean to you. And I’m sorry you had to take the purple dye out of your hair. ;3; I loved it when my hair was purple.

I don’t have much else to say except thank you, guys. *huge ass chubble glomp*

You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people around

Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want

You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.

When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back

Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!

You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Long Rant Towards 'You Know Who You Are.' Scroll down if you don't feel like reading.

Har har har~

Pretty funny, these whatever-under-the-sun-sexual fan girls and Gay-Right-ist-whatever-the-hell-you-call-them preach about accepting homosexuals… Going up and down everywhere screeching about acceptance when they, themselves, are racist and prejudice? My, my, my, I see some ugly hypocrisy, you insolent fuck.

Yeah, I accept homosexuals, I have several friends who are, I enjoy Leah’s and Angel’s company very much. I don't give one good god damn on who you or they or anyone else loves. You're free to do so. Love a sheep for all I care. Do what you choose, but make sure it isn't going to hurt someone else. I will admit that I myself, sometimes enjoy looking at girls moreso than ugly, nasty guys. That's just how it is.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like gay porn, do I? Just because my friends, and even I, have a different sexual orientation? No, I don’t. Yeah, I like looking at Shonen Ai and Shojo Ai once in a while, but it's not what I like the majority of the time. That’s all. Gravitation is a great graphic novel, not just for you fucking fifteen and below year olds to pretend that you’re older and more sophisticated and drool all about.

To put it bluntly, gay porn does not turn my crank all the way.

I’ve read gay pornography, I’ve watched it, but it doesn’t get me going, in ‘those’ terms.

It’s kind of like Grape-Fruit Juice. I don’t like the way it tastes, but oh well, I’m only one person, a lot of other people like it, and they drink it. They don’t have to pay attention to me, calling me an Anti-Grape-fruiter. Or something fucking ridiculous.

If you disagree with this analogy or whatever, and still use the word ‘Sexual Preference’, I might as well come after you with an axe. I mean it. Don’t fucking use it or your trachea is mine.

Don’t fucking use the word PREFERANCE. It’s like you’re telling me what god damned ice-cream you prefer.

“Oh, I prefer vanilla dipped in chocolate”
“Oh, I prefer men dipped in lube”

Learn to use your language better and state your sexual “ORIENTATION.” Not preference. You sound stupid. I’m very serious.

What makes me so… let’s see… aggravated with these pompous ‘Yaoi Fan girls’ is that the majority of them are doing it because it’s the ‘IN’ thing to do.

“OH! It’s cool to like gay men, so I better do it so others accept me.”

If you’re going to like it because of that, and then preach to me about how I should do this and shit, then I’m only going to say one thing: Go Away. Get out of my sight before I call Mephistopheles to eat your fucking organs. Seriously.

People like Ebony, Kaze, Sikaurai, and Milkycat, people who actually like homosexual pornography because they get off on it, I like. They are great friends who really DO accept people for what they like and don’t like and how they are.

I enjoy Ebony’s personality and art, and the same with Sikaurai, Milkycat, and with Kaze-Chan. And all others who aren’t like these little girls. They’re true to it, even when all you little shit-of-a-snobs were condemning their art. Don’t deny it, you waste of space, you were in with all those others who were gasping and going ‘BAD’ to yaoi and shonen ai.

I dislike you annoying pieces of insignificant flesh that will, no doubt, never amount to more than a housewife watching some pointless soap opera on the weekday mornings before you take your lovely little brats to AberZombie & Bitch to buy them some cool clothes.

Listen here, little girls and boys, learn to think outside of the box.

99.9 % will never follow what I’ve said, partly because they didn’t even know that this text existed, partly because their ignorance is too ugly and bull-headed to listen to anything.

I am not racist, I am a philosopher. I accept what is, and try to find a new way, or carve my own.

I like and dislike what I choose, and if you condemn me for it, then alright~ do so. Just don’t go crying when I condemn your beliefs right back.

Hey, you looked down on mine, so why the hell wouldn’t I be able to do so to you?


I am beginning to dislike humanity. Very much so. And politics. And these rightists who think they have every right in the world to say whatever they please to anybody. Just because they’re for the cause of something else.

I wasn’t talking to any of you, who still actually come and visit me. Hah~ I’ve been so busy that people’ve stopped coming and commenting. :3 And that makes me happy. I hate having to comment back to a bajillion people. I’m so damned busy all the time it’s not even funny. *sigh*

I’m going to get three naughty presents. One for Parks, one for Lolly, and one for Megumi. You’ll need double-A batteries. ;3; I’m sorry I couldn’t buy those for you. D: I’ll send them in the mail when I can. I’ll put trinkets in there for cover, so you don’t have to tell your parents what I REALLY got you.

This weekend was… Ugh.

Well, I went home, and since we are ALWAYS having money problems, my Dad went to the bank.

What happens when Dad goes to the bank? He gets depressed because we NEVER get ahead. What happens when he gets depressed? His addiction to alcohol kicks in. Dad used to be a closet alcoholic, but then lost all dignity and began to drink openly.

He and mum fought this weekend.

Mum’s been going to Al-Anon meetings, something for wives who are married to drunks. And she was able to get an important word in edgewise, but that made dad blow up and try to throw his wedding ring at mum.

Then he passed out in a chair, and I suggested that we go back to the apartment.

I then wrote dad a letter and left it on the fridge, basically telling him that I was ashamed that my dad, once great, turned into something so lowly. That he was an alcoholic, and that if he couldn’t sober up for Dillon, Sarah, or me, that he should do it for himself so he doesn’t die early.

Mum said he read it, and he cried most of the day yesterday. I feel bad that Dad is going through emotions like these, but he needed to read it, or hear it. Even though Dad and I don’t get along, it would be nice to have the old Dad back who liked to do things as a family, instead of going to drink and passing out by nine-o-clock in the evening.


I’ve made a lot of progress on my contest entry for the Awareness contest. I want to make it good enough so I at least get eighth place. I know that this contest is for awareness of breast cancer, but I can’t help but feel a little desperate to win one of those consoles. Why? Because I probably won’t have enough money to buy something like that on my own in at least fifteen years.

My family and I are poor, and so are people I know. People who don’t have money know what I’m talking about. People who are poor and who have mental disorders and addictions to drugs and alcohol in their family know what I’m talking about.

Wa-ha-ha~ God. If you call me emo, I'll kill you. None of this 'slit my own wrists' business.

I prefer antisocial.

Why anti-social?

Because Anti-social is where you actually want to murder society.

If you're one of those people who simply don't like other people, I'm sorry, you're not anti-social, you're simply un-social.

Read the dictionary, please.

And quit mispronouncing culinary, flaccid, cumin, and many other words.

My brain hurts listening to stupidity. My intolerance for it is becoming quite bothersome.

Life is annoying. Life is hard. But when I make my big break and make it into history, my life will be all the sweeter.

I am from The School of Hard Knocks. I will not be fucked with. I’ve already had enough of that to know how to get out of it and make you, the antagonist, tremble before me.

Wa. I’m feeling the holiday blues.

D: Unlike Ebony, I don’t have the strength to not put up my rants. Sorry. ;3;

This weekend was tiring.

And I didn’t get to clean my room. D:

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Friday, December 8, 2006

OH MY GOD. D: I haven't been here in like what. A week? D: I'm sorry for not commenting on all your stuff! I do read, I do! *huggle squish* It's just that this week is the week before finals. @_____@ And I've been busy out my ass. D:

Not fun, not fun.

Yargh, heard about the new awareness contest? I'm working on my peice right now. It's going to be mixed media again. I want to win at least a Wii. ;3; If I win by a fluke, I am SOOOOO hocking that damned PS3. I don't give a damn if you can play like... Soul Calibur on it or Kingdom Hearts. I LIKE MONEY BETTER. >83

I was going to use a picture of me, Sissorelle, Azal, and Dimitri, but I ended up finishing that and thinking of a whole new one.

If you want to see the one of Me and my boys, here:

The Inner Guardians

Ugh. @___@

A lot of shit is goin' on. Busy as fuck.

;3; I really miss my Megumi and my Lolly-OH!!!!

MEGUMI! LOLLY! You need to give me your addresses! (You'd think I'd know Lolly's address... ¬.¬)

I'm sending you christmas cards. And I need to go christmas shopping. Oh the joys of being not so rich. D: I also need to know, Lolly, what volume of RK you have up to. I'll get you the next volume as a cover up for your REALLLLLL gift. >83 Should I buy you a REALLLLLLLLLLl gift, too, Megums...? Eh-eh? Ask Lolly... Kukuku...

Ugh. Must... go... work... on homework. D:

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