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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   *Sniffle* What did I do?
Well, I've gotten three requests done so far... I'll put them up when I get home from school today.

I'm sorry, gals, but, They aren't coloured because someone stole my prismas...


I hope that these graphite pictures will suffice for you. I feel really bad because I have so many requests and no time to do them because of all the work I'm doing... Tis History is being a total bitch and English too. I love English though, and it's relativly easy for me to acomplish, but, there's so much of it that it's hard to get done.

ooooh, There's a movie coming out that I want to see.... Yes, I am a Galaxy-Geek... I like Star-Wars... I want to see the Revenge of the Sith sooooo, badly...

Hmmmmm... I have to babysit tonight... MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I want teh $$$$$$$!!! $_$ mmm, and... I need ten smacks to get some alcohol for my class party... I don't know why I'm paying though, because all the broth that they have sucks... I'm not keen on alcohol in the first place... I like chardonnay wines... Yum....... *Blink* What? So what if I'm a little like Peggy-Poo? You can like wine... Well, I have to go, Gotta go home and post their piccys...

Tata and ♥ CERM

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

   *Giggle-Giggle* Squee!!!
Actually, even though my head really hurts,


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm surprised that I can laugh! Well, It's probably because I was listening to our family voice recorder... BWA HAHAHAHAHAH!

Bakura: Oo'''

Ryo: and today was the first time I saw some one laugh so hard as to nearly fall out of their desk... and, why were you in pain again?

ooOOH! I was laughing so hard that it hurt!!! ^w^ twas fun and I made Steinie-Hoffie scared... He thinks I have SEVEN personalities now... and, he now knows that I'm bipolar... Heehee! oooooH! I have a picture to show you what Sissorelle looks like!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ryo: *Whispers* I think that he's kinda ugly...

Oh Shush...

Bakura: Well, it's the truth...

Nuh-uh, you stinking buggers!!! He's cute! I love him, even though he does need a little bit of time in the washer.... Oh, and, yes, the colour on that wall is what my WHOLE room looks like... ^^ I lurved it... I wanted to put black words and designs but my Mummsie wouldn't let me... Durn...

Does this font in any way look cool???? Cause... I dunno, I downloaded it to my compu, but, I don't know if it'll show up on yours... tis a very cool font!!!

Bakura: Well, that was... time-fufilling.... -_-'''

Ryou: I think it looks cool, you're just being a grump...

It's because he can't go with us tomorrow!!! Hehehheheh...

Bakura: *glares* Stfu...

Ryou: Ohhhhh, you mean the State Mental Hospital/Prison? It's for the safety of the entire world that he doesn't go...

Yes, I completely agree. Well, yes. The reason why we're going there tomorrow is to visit my Unca' Patrick. He's a true Schizophrenic, I amd fucking with you NOT. He was always a little lost upstairs, but, he got into Meth and Heroine and now, he's gone forever... He's scary sometimes to. he has Many, MANY, MANY split peronalities too, not as in like the Yu-Gi-Oh sense


No, I'm not. I'm just telling people about it! Jeez, well, Maybe I can get Mummsie to allow you to come along.

Bakura: *OOC Gasp* REALLY?!?!?!

Sure, but you know... Well, I have to go, Gotta get on the bus to go home... and I STILL have fuck-yuck-duck loads of homework and requests to do... *Sob* Oh well... Heeheh...

Tata and ♥ CERM ☺

P.S. FEAR MY BLOODY MOTHER FUCKING WORM, YOU STUPID BASTARDSSSS!! Jk, Jk, But, here is my wormie... his name is wormie....

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

   FASHION SHOW MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AGH!!! I'm so freaking nervous!!! Tomorrow is gonna be hell!!!!!!!!!

Bakura: It serves you right. *Plops on the floor with a 'Swank' porn mag*

Oh shut up, I don't even want to go to this stupid fashion thing...

Ryo: *Reading* I thought that you would like doing this...

WHAT?!?!?! NO!!! Me in a fashion show = WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK!?!?!?!?! What was I thinking, Ryo? Why did I agree to be in this stupid thing anyway? Oh well, what's done is done, man, this sucks... Yes, people, I am in a fashion show, along with my sister. It's at the store called Fashion Bug... And, I'm a feared... and... I'm really tired... and, My life is boring... I'm tired as all hell, and I have to go to bed, cause, I need rest for tommorrow... but, I have something to show you... ^-^ my naughty kiddy pr0n picture is done coloured!! Well, any way,

tata and ♥ CERM

P.S. Wish me luck that I don't make a fool of myself on the Runway...

Bakura: I'm hoping you do, you deserve the worst since that stupid stunt... *Veing popping*

*Sigh* Damn it, Bakura... Don't linger on that! Jeez, it was only one time!!!

Ryo: Well, that's the point... It happened, doesn't have to happen alot, but, just once...

Well, I can't help it that I'm too tired to have sex! I've only gotten four-six hours of sleep this week! You expect me NOT to fall asleep when he puts me on my back?!?!

Bakura: When you get ready to do the dirty deed, you usually don't think of your partner dozing off right underneath you!!

... Shut up...

Bakura: No. You shut up.

Okay, I think I will, Good Night, Bakura-Sama...

Bakura: *Grunts*

Ryo: You two are terrible...

I know I am.

Bakura: I'm not...

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Friday, April 29, 2005

More Puzzles

Yes, I am like a puzzle FREAK... I wish I had anime puzzles like this at home, but, no... Darn, So yes... these are two puuurty females, so FEAST YOUR EYES IF YOU GET IT DONE!!!! XD Well, I gotta go to english!!

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