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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   *needs sleep and a bunch of sinus medication*

You know, I really didn't realize just how sick I was until after falling asleep in the car and my nose drippings fell onto my hands nad I woke up covered in liquid bogies... *laughs* Yush, t'day after the speech workshop, I drove Sarah and Elise to Elise's house so they could do chores, and I fell alseep while waiting...

and that's what happened... *nods* I've got a fever too... and it kinda sucks, but these things happen... *nods* Well, I'm pretty boring at the moment... *nods again*

But t'days speech workshop was fun. Yep. I got to see quite a few people, including Lolly, Jenna, and... Urm... that one girl... She had on a kewl shaded vest... but I forget her name... T_T I can remember faces but not names.

And, I've got a pretty good evil laugh. xD

¢¾ Chiru~Chan

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

   ... The Best Convo EVAR...
Chelsea Says: *laughs* I've got Ryou, remember...? Plus, I could always go buy a dildo...

Kenshin Says: This one... thinks so too... NO! This one isn't a pedophile! No! No!O.oU

Bakura Says: Ryou? That helpless wimp? Come on, Chelsea, You know he won¡¯t satisfy you as...I CAN...*moo haha-ing*

Lolly Says: Kenshin, wait. Did you just say you wanted a dildo????? 0.0

Chelsea Says: *giggle snorts* Oh, Bakura... You don't know how good Ryou is... Wait, you didn't hear me say that... And you didn't hear me say that I wanted a dildo either... even though I really do want one...

Kenshin Says: Ergh... Uh... ._.U

Bakura Says: *evil glare* how can you favor modesty...? GAH, you¡¯re so confusing!

Lolly Says: oh, never mind, Kenshin, I think I fucked up somewhere...Lets just pretend you didn't say that

Kenshin Says: No! You didn't... It's just that dildos scare this one...

Chelsea Says: Oh, be quiet... You know that you want to be Lolly's Dildo... and... *laughs* Ryou IS NOT modest in the bed.... xD He's actually... he might even be better than you...

Lolly Says:
*blushes* heh heh....that wouldnt be ALL to bad i guess heh heh...*blushes very much bad*

Bakura Says: oh really??? How so? pheh, I bet i could perfect him

Chelsea Says: No you couldn¡¯t¡¦ shit¡¦ Brb, my sister needs the compu¡¦

Chelsea Says: Alright¡¦ Back¡¦

Kenshin Says: O.O Your sister... scares this one...

Chelsea Says: Righty-Oh, then- *stares at the quiz and then screams in Horror and sobs in terror* OMG! EEEEEZZZZMAAAAAAA! *sobs*

Lolly Says:
KENSHIN!! *slams into and rubs face in his chest* I THOUGHT I'D LOST YOU!!! *sobs* *looks to Chelsea* ahh, I see you got to the Disney question hha

Bakura Says: Ezma? What the fuck? THAT OLD BIDDY?

Chelsea Says:
BRB... Stupid fucking Sarah

Lolly says:
okie dokie

Bakura Says: Hey! Wait!

Kenshin Says: ¡¦ Who is Ezma¡¦?

Chelsea says: *sobs and crawls back* I don't want Ezma to rape me anymore...

Kenshin Says: Oro...?!


Lolly Says: *gasp* omg, Chelsea, are you okay???? *glomps her*

Chelsea says:
Sarah fed me to Ezma again!!!!!! T.T... It... was... yucky...

Kenshin Says: Who's Ezma...?

Lolly says:
EEEEEEEEEWIEEEEEEEEE!!!! You poor thing!!!!! *fans you* Ezma¡¦ is...an...evil old woman.....OLD WOMAN...*shakes head*

Chelsea says: *dies*

Kenshin Says: OMFG, she's dead...

Lolly says:

Bakura Says: WTF????

Lolly says: Chelsea¡¦dont be dead, dont be dead!

Bakura Says: whatever, i'll just revive her w/ mah super egyption psycho powas! *does super egyptian psycho powers*

Chelsea says: *gets up* ... I wasn't dead... my... sexual life is... Oh god, no more sex... after... lesbian... evil... Disney... *gags*

Kenshin Says: ... Ew...? This one is seriously fuckin' creeped out... *looks around*

Lolly says: omg!!!! Kenshin said...a dirty word.!!! thass soooo cute!!!! *huggles him*

Bakura Says: I think I could change that

Chelsea says: *gives Bakura the huge chibi eyes* SHE WAS SO GROOOOOOOOOSSSS! *is all chibified and wailing in a teary puddle on the ground*

Kenshin Says:... Er...Uh... being naughty is cute...?

Bakura Says: would you like me to annihilate her?

Lolly Says: OH yes, Kenshin! *Nods vigorously* VEREH cute! Especially since you dont say things like that at all!!! =3

Chelsea says: *sobs and crawls up Kura's leg* I wanna snuggle you... T_T

Kenshin Says: Oh... Uh... Okay....? *smiles* this one is not very good at it... This one sounds... dumb... when he says that...

Lolly says: well...uh...hehe hehe...thats okay, you dont have to do it, i luff your adorable "polite" self i guess..ufufufufu!!!!

Bakura Says: okay, I'll annilate her later *reluctantly snuggles*

Kenshin Says: *blush* You're very sweet, Lolly~Dono... *grin*

Chelsea Says: ... her boobs... went down... *sniffle* To the ground... >__<

Lolly says: *blushes* aww, thankie! all though....*sigh* my...some people dont seem to think that...

Bakura: what??? *Pukes*

Chelsea says: *sobs* YESH!... and.... you don't wanna know... what the lower parts looked like...

Kenshin Says: Well, you are...! And... you're hair is so... beautiful... *pets it*

Lolly says: no, its not! *sobs stupidly* its always sooo staticky and shitty and....gah!!! I'm so fucking short! =3

Bakura Says: Oh, how did you survive, my sweet? *pets you* I should think that your much stronger than her...

Chelsea says: ... Not when she uses that weird magic... Gah! I was THIS close to gettin' away! CURSE YOU SARAH!

Kenshin Says: But... This one is short too...? And, your hair is very pretty¡¦

Bakura Says: *sigh* soo many people to destroy...*shakes head*

Lolly Says: yay!!! were perfect for each other!

Chelsea says: I'll HELP you destroy her... *glares evilly at nothing in particular*

Kenshin Says: *blush* T-this one... Thinks so... Too...? *huggles you*

Bakura: *cracks back* lets get to it then *draws whatever weapon he can find*

Lolly Says: Yay!! Chels, can we kill them too???? *draws sword*
Chelsea says:

Kenshin Says: You look creepy, Chelsea~Chan...

Bakura Says: what would you look like if you were raped by a bajillion year old woman w/ breasts down to the floor

Lolly Says: 0____o

Kenshin Says: This one... wouldn't... be alive... if that happened...

Chelsea Says: *sighs and picks up the shot guns*

Lolly says: yay!!! *sings* ive never killed before! what fun! *pokes bakura*

Bakura: what the hell are you doing!!!????

Lolly says: Mwo hahaha

Kenshin Says: ... Boom Sticks!

Chelsea Says: Yep... I'm gonna make swiss cheese...... HUMAN¡¦ swiss cheese¡¦

Lolly says: ba-boom babambam!!! *laughs* does anyone have a cookie?

Bakura Says: no, you fool!

Ezma has been added to the conversation.

Ezma Says: OH CHELSEA???

Chelsea says: *turns chibi and hides under Bakura's shirt, leaving the guns on the floor*

Kenshin Says: AVAST YE, EVIL-Oh my GOD... You ARE ugly...!

Ezma Says: Oh, well, my....*abilities* make up for my ugliness...I could show you a thing or do, after I'm done w/ chelsea *stares* I see you, my pretty*

Bakura Says: 0____o She scares me....

Chelsea says: NO YOU DON'T!!! *sobs* Save me, God...!

God has entered the conversation.

God Says: *pops up naked* No can do, I'm under contract... Plus, I'm showerin at the moment...*pops away naked*

God has left the conversation.

Chelsea Says: You bastard! *cries*

Kenshin Says: This one... just saw the ugliest woman in the world... and God naked...

Lolly says: pft...*starts laughing* ain¡¯t that a bitch? *draws sword* Stay away from Chelsea AND my Kenshin; if you want an opponent, I will fight you...COME! *chibi eyes* I will kill joo, beee-yotch!

Ezma Says: HAHAHAH!! *evil creepy laugh* You think YOU can stop me!? I am the all powerful and beautiful EZMA!!

Bakura Says: *walks over and breaks her arm* ¡¦ That was easy

Chelsea says: *squeals for joy* YAY! BROKEN BONES!!!!

Kenshin Says: *draws his sword* This one promised to never kill again, but he can make an exception...

Bakura Says: yes, once I and the battosai kill you, I and Chelsea can have mad passionate sex again
Lolly says:
0___o sounds like fun?

Ezma Says: *summons Kronk*

Kronk has entered the conversation.

Chelsea says: KRONK! *speaks in squirrel tongue* Squeak squeak mc squeaky squeakin!

Kenshin Says: Er... Passionate sex... Wait... Oro...?! Squeak...?

Ezma Says: Pull the level Kronk!

Lolly Says: *squeaks and hugs kenshin* YOUR SOO ADORABLE!!!

Kronk Says: Squeaker Mc Squeakin' Squeak Squeaker...?

Chelsea Says: Squeak squeak mc squeaky squeakin...! Squeaker Squeaky Squeakin!

Kronk Says: *gasps* SQUEAKIN?!


Bakura Says: O____oU

Kenshin Says: Thank you...? *hugs back, watchin' the sword so it didn't poke you*

Ezma Says: *slaps head*

Lolly Says: SQUEAKY squeak squeakin!


Chelsea Says: Squeaker Mc Squeak-kee-Squee!

Kronk Says: *gasps again* My DEAR god... EZMA! What the HECK have you done! You bruised my BANANAS?!?! AND MY BROCOLI...!? *looks hurt*

Kenshin Says: BROCOLI!?!?

Lolly says: *dies of laughter*

Ezma Says: *evil annoyed glare* WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KRONK??


Kenshin Says: ._.U This one isn't even gonna try to understand...

Chelsea Says: *giggles maniacally* We can be evil, too, Ezma...


Lolly says: *laughs* what bananas are we talking about here, Kronk?

Bakura Says: You are all pathetic FOO-ELLS!!! *looks at Kenshin* Well, what should we do w/ the stupid one?

Kronk Says: *pulls out bruised bananas* These ones...

Chelsea Says: Er... who's the stupid one... cuz... I think we're all a lil stupid here...

Kenshin Says: This one... wishes to know which stupid one too...
Lolly says: is it me??? *laughs stupidly* har dee har har!

Bakura Says: oh, believe me, you¡¯re on my list

Lolly Says: eep 0__o

Ezma Says: well, maybe if you hadn't put the bananas in my...face, they wouldn't be bruised...why did you give it to the monkey?

Gir has entered the conversation.

Gir says: MONKEYYYYYYYY!!!! *leaves the site*

Chelsea Says:
Kura! Don't be so mean! Er...... Gir...? *follows Gir* Ooooh!

Kronk Says: I DIDN'T PUT THEM IN your FACE¡¦ and I DIDN¡¯T GIVE THEM TO THE MONKEY!! I SHOWED them to you...! And then you blasted them with the super pleasure me rope... *sobs*

Kenshin Says: Super... Pleasure me Rope...? *blinks*

Lolly says: oooh!!!! *does super pleasure me rope on teh kenshin* UFUFUF!!!!

Gir: I'll stay..but...ONLEEE IF YOU DANCE WIS MEEEEE!!!!

Kenshin Says: OH....~ Oh...~ Lolly~Dono... it feels so good..... *rolls around in ecstasy*

Chelsea Says:*dances with Gir*

Kronk Says: Er... Wait... what is going on here...?

Ezma Says: I don¡¯t know....but...what the hell is up w/ you and Bananas???

Bakura Says: Who¡¯s the robot?

Lolly says: *squeals*

Chelsea says: ... Someone who you thought was hot when you downed twelve shots of tequila... *is still dancin*


Kenshin Says: *glomps you and has Mad passionate sex*

Chelsea Says: Whoo! Sex!

Lolly says:
OMG!!!! *squeals madleh*

Bakura Says: YOU RAPED BANANAS?????? my god, they¡¯re a fruit!

Bakura Says: OMG, pop goes the gir...jesus christ, i remember now...

Kronk Says: I know! I don't know how they fit in there...!!!

Chelsea Says:... *stops dancing and goes to throw up* Oh god... they... fit... in there... *throws up more*

Kenshin Says: *still havin' mad passionate sex*

Ezma Says: you'd be amazed what can fit...mooo hhahah!!! *flashes everyone*


Bakura Says: MY EYES!!!

Lolly says: *screams from teh ugleh boobies*

Chelsea says: My.... Mind/Emotions/Soul/Body/Everything! *pukes more*

Kronk Says: Trust me, it stops burning after the first fifty million times...

Kenshin says: *still havin' mad passionate sex and doesn't notice teh boobies*

Sock has entered the conversation.

Sock Says: *wanders in* OMG! SEX!!!!... *looks at Ezma... and then burns to a crisp while screaming I'M TOO YOUNG!*

Sock has died and left the conversation.

Lolly says: *returns to mad passionate sex* whoa there!

Bakura Says: I'm so sorry, Kronk!

Bakura Says: Poor sock!

Chelsea Says: Did you just feel sorry for Kronk and the Sock¡¦ O_o

Bakura Says: Oh no¡¦ I¡¯m being infected with all of your stupidity! NOOOOOOO!

That's the end of it... and here's a GIF for your entertainment.

glitter graphics

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

   I'm not a nice person... I'm not myself...
Sometimes… I honestly LOATHE my family… I hate them with every single fiber of my very being. I know it’s wrong because I love them the most in the entire world, but I can’t help it. They are the worst bigots I’ve ever met at times. And I think they TRY to get under my skin just for the hell of it. Like, they say things about me while I can still here, such as “Chelsea’s very stupid, she’s never going to accomplish anything with those drawings” and that kinda crap… It makes me so fucking angry…. I become rueful. And, then when I do… I become someone else…

I become this enraged person who hates that there is an existence and I say things that I don’t say! My personality changes…! I wasn’t this vulgar, belligerent, hateful woman just ten minutes ago! I mean… I say things that I, Chelsea Marquette, would never say… I thinking things that I would never think… That’s not me… all I can say is that isn’t me…

Gah… I mean, I do love them, my family… I really do, it’s just that part about their fucking ‘Lets Bag On Chelsea Until She Goes Fucking Nuts And Then We Can Make Fun Of Her Some More’… It makes me VERY mad.

So mad that I want to scream until I’m choking on the blood of my hoarse throat, So mad that I want to smash my head, fists and feet into the wall until I break every toe, finger, and facial piece. I wanna slam my body into the hardest solid object I can find until I can no longer move. I wanna slash my skin open over and over again, carving things on me until I can see the very marrow of my bones.

I wanna hurt myself so bad, just to make all the crap in my head stop, just so I can only be hurt physically. It takes everything else away. It’s all gone with physical pain… all gone…

It’s very infuriating. It makes my blood boil and my sights become red with anger and my throat constricts until I can no longer breathe. I try to argue, but they all gang up on my while I try to defend myself and my statements. Like today, my mum said that I was getting a D+ in Government, I’m not. I’m getting a C+ and she kept yelling at me, telling me that I wasn’t going to amount to anything if I did that, telling me I was going to be worthless.

And, when I realize that the WHOLE family is in on it, trying to make me feel lower than the parasites themselves, I shut up and brood and plot. Oh-ho-ho… I become a very violent thinker… and then, after a while… I have no choice but to cry… Like right now, as I’m typing… because this inhuman thing makes me feel this way, so mad, so inhumane, so sadistic, so hateful, so… not me…

That isn’t me… I swear it… I’m sorry that I can’t control myself. I’m sorry that I say things that I wouldn’t say… I’m sorry that I’m not good enough. I’m Sorry. Je suis désolé…

Whatever ♥ I have left at this moment, Chelsea

P.S. I submitted some of my older pics to Shonen Jump. I dunno if they’ll be put up or not, but let’s hope you see my work in the next issue, that would make me happy… *sigh*

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

   Getta lode outta... MY CLEAVAGE...?!?!?!??!?!?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

YUSH! That is what it is! My boobies... I'm surprised that they actually smush together that much! Whoo hoo! Well, I took some pics of myself, and I wanted to show you just how 'sexy' I am... xDDD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me and My Slifer Card...! Whoot! Just TRY to take it from me, Yami! xDDDDD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A close up of my picture right there... xD Praise me... PRAISE ME!!!! Damn, I love Gir... x3

Well, I have more, but I'll wait... See what kinda response I get... xD Luff you all! and I hate my period... xD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

   I DIDN'T get to participate in the Tournament... but I still had FUN!
OMG! TODAY RAWKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I was too late to sign myself up for the tourney (we were like 10 minutes late… T_T)… Which made me kinda mad that I couldn’t participate xDDD But, it still RAWKED! I can’t wait to go next time cuz I’m gonna bring cards that I can trade so I can improve my deck… with stuff like Cyber Harpie and Harpie Lady Sisters… and Neko Gal 1 and Neko Gal 2… OMG! xDDDDDDD

We, Lolly and I, got to walk around and I got to duel a couple of people… and… I loved it! I so wanna like improve my deck and become like Yami now! (There were like… two, three, hot boys… but I lost track of them… and then there was this really ugly guy… but he had the most beautiful long black hair I had ever seen… and I wanted it. xD) The best one, a duel I mean, was with a boy called Chad.

We dueled twice, the first time he skooled me, the second time, I skooled him. xDDDDD And then we talked and walked all over (Not that boy, me and Lolly) the place and there as this annoying little boy who was a thief/cheat… and I don’t even know why they allowed him in there. xD

But… Yeah, There was only ONE other girl there, besides Lolly and I… and… I can honestly say that we were ten times better looking than her… (Sorry Girl-who-I-don’t-know-the-name-of) and… we weren’t as… ‘off’ she and that Chad boy were like friends or something and being weird and I’m lykewhoa. xD

BUT YUSH! It was so fun to walk around and watch all these children/teens/adults duel… and Lolly even found a cute boy there who liked the Used and MCR. I’m not a fan of them, but, it’s fine with me if someone else likes them. xD And, yeah… It was probably boring for her since she’s not a big of fan of YGO and what not… so I’m sorry! *glomp*

And, yush… she also got to see my uncle fester… xD He so ugly. And yeah. AND… I’m gonna scan some pics for Lolly… yay! So she can show you some of HER art! =3 She’s good!! Awesome! xD And, she’s good at drawing Sailor Moon…

Omg… SAY-LOR MOOOON POWA… make UP! SUPER PLEASURE ROPES OF LOVE!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ xD… and the girl with da big boobies… x3

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. I’ve been thinking about what Lolly said about seeing me walking around carrying a huge rifle/gun… xD (we went into an arcade in the mall for a while called Pirate Den)… and I think that would be pretteh Kool… me walking around with a Rifle gun thing and Lolly with her Secret weapon… xD

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

   OMG! SO NERVOUS!!!!!!! *dies*
WAAAAAAAA!! T’morra’s the Dueling Tournament! I’m so nervous!! xD Yay!

Yush, tomorrows the tourney, and for moral support, Lolly (INVADER Lolly) is going with me. I’m gonna go pick her up at around 10 sometime t’night so she can spend the night with me, and then we shall traverse to Fargo! WhooT!

xD It starts at 1:00 but they said to be there early so you could get registered and what not… god… I’m so nervous… xD I just don’t want to make a fool outta myself… D= cuz most of the time I do. xD =3

And, when I was looking around in one of my old purses… guess what I found…?


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

MY BIRD SKULL NECKLACE!!!!! WHOOOOO! Omg, I squee-ed so hard… xD

But… yush… Hmmm… I’m picking out what I’m gonna wear tomorrow… xD I want myself to look as YGO chara-esque as possible…. Cuz, yeah. And… I want to look as good as Mai, because I might be the only girl there dueling. xDDD Well, I gotta go eat Tacos… Nummeh. xD Hope you girls have a good weekend! *glomp*

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. OMG… Last night… I had the funnierestful talk with Megumi… Sex with Aliens, Homicidal Mariku, and Hiding in Yami and Yugi’s hair… xDDDDD

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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   Damn, I'm bored/doing homework...
Whew... T'day wasn't very eventful... which is now technically yesterday, but, ah what the bloody hell. =3 No one wants technicalities (or for me to have the ability to spell) right now anyway.

We didn't do much at all... I did draw some, but I'll post that later cuz I have stuff to do... =3 Like business class stuff... xD Stocks and Insurance... yay... xDDDDD

Well, i'll let you all carry on without hearin' too much of a bother from me... *hugs* Ciao!

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Monday, January 2, 2006

   Blargh... xD Making gross noises is fun...
Wow... I'm bored. xD

We go back to skool tomorrow... NUUUUU!!!! T_T And... I was supposed to go drop Lolly's stuffs yesterday, aka Her CDs and her Present... xD But, I never got around to doing it... because, Quote Mum's words "We don't have enough time, god damnit!"

Lmao... Mums... always swearing...

Oh well, I'm just gonna be off now. I add some crappy little arts, but that's about it... *laughs*

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gah... Mum just got done yelling at me... about how I'm not getting anything done for college...

And, In all honesty, I haven't. She's right. I've done NOTHING. I'm a HUGE procrastinator... but, I'm also a perfectionist... which hurts a lot... And... yeah... I'm just worried one what I do will never be good enough...

Gah! Just... The whole ordeal worries me... a lot... *sigh*

Man, life sucks lemons and then poos in your face at times... xD Well, I didn't do that art, but I'm doing it t'day... And it's a Malik going all Orgazmoe... xD I love the look on his face... And... Yeah... =P I didn't have such a nice sleep either... and I'm dirty... and I'm complaining alot... and... yeah... *sigh* xDDD

Y'know...? When you laugh at your own pain, it doesn't feel as bad... I mean, hell... Gah, never mind, I'm just being extremely fucked in the head right now... =3 Well, I'll just leave you be... Had to vent somehow... xD

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. Yet AGAIN, I've started another Fic... xDDDDDD

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

   Mini Moose: Squeeeeeeah
The Dueling tournament draws near! 0_oU xDDDD Yush... And I shall be the only person with a female pee pee! roflmao... Okay. ahem...

Yesterday wasn't so great... Well, me going to the doc to see that I've lost seven pounds was =3... But... yeah... My mum and dad are havin' some $$$ problems so we're gonna have to sell quite a few cattle... Which may/may not be the best thing... So, yeah...

Yeah, I'm like in... a weird mood, like... happy... yet... bored.

Me and my sister sat up till like two last night watching/screen capping the entire Hellsing series

And Incognito looks like he has Pink eye the whole time... and Alucard IS really Dracula! =3 Boy, do I feel special...

The ending made me wanna fall down and cry... cuz it was one of those cliff hangers... Curses!

Well, the reason why we stayed up so late is because when I went to bed right after talkin' to Megums, I couldn't... I laid there for like two hours... ROLLING in agony... Gah, I had a migrane and one of those horrid stomach nights... where... like your head throbbed, you wanted to throw up every two seconds because it just plain hurt, and... yeah... xD

(GOMEN FOR NOT CALLING, OLINA!!! *glomp* I'm sorry!! T_T)

But, yesh... I really wanna see the anime 'I my me Strawberry eggs' and 'Sugar, a little snow fairy' and 'Mahoromatic' We watched all the previews too... =3 Aren't I special?

AGH!!!! My cat, Fuzzy Lumpkins, is trying to kill me and eat my hair! NUUUUUU!! xD God damned feline... *pouts*

Always after meh luckeh hair... xDDDDD Goin' all Lephracaun or however the hell you spell that now... xD Yush...

Well, I'm on my last free trial screen cappy thing... So, I'm gonna screen cap a couple of my last anime movies... and maybe watch the whole ZIM series again... xDDDDDD Yay! 'THE KNOWLEDGE!!! It FILLS me! IT IS NEAT...!' =3 Man, I've gotta stop becoming a Jhonen Vasquez-esque person... me and my Mooseies and piggies... OoU...

OMG! I know what my mood is! I wanna like... Rape one of the YGO baddie charas!! =3

Maybe I should rape Marik with the moosies... It seems fitting... xDDDD *wanders off with a moose in hand*

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. Maybe I'll have some art up t'night...? *cocks head* Maybe, just maybe... Well, I did add three backgrounds yesterday.... xD Poor little Malik... Being moleseted by the tendrils of 'EVIL'...

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