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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Hentai Drawn By A Friend
Ah, yesh. Madam Ryeka wanted to put her drawing up on her site, but her parents regularly check on what she's posting, I guess, and she asked me to do it for her. So. Well... I guess... Here's her 'Fuck Fest' picture~! Enjoy...? xD




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Friday, April 14, 2006

   Oh NOEZ~!!!
I think Lolly's old site was hacked~! She can't get into it, and neither can I. (she gave me the password) ... and I do think someone hacked into it~!

Fuckers... *shakes head* ...

Well, it's not entirely bad, she has a new site now, Lolly~chan. GO TO HER~! I COMMAND YOU~! Well... no... not really, just go add her and take off INVADER Lolly from your friends list. =3 *huggle*

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   OMFG... I drew some hentai... So those who are strongly averse... GO AWAY~!
x3 YUSH~! I found a REALLY awesome hentai pic of Kisara and Seto... and... I decided to do my own little version of it. Well, the sennen ring WAS on there... but I took it off to resize the picture... Mwa ha ha. Uhm... Yeah... I'll just let you look at it now...




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Monday, April 10, 2006

   Shaving my crotch has upset the natural order of life~! OH NOEZ~!
Yep... Today was boring. It wasn't bad, but it was boring. x3 I farted around on the computer alot. Mmm, yep yep... and... I have 'I'm not a fucking dragqueen' in my head. It's a flash mabobber thingie mawhatsit on MagickSalem's site.

((Yesh, I watched your tubby toob... uhm... thing *o.O*, Salem~! OMFG. They're hot))

And... yeah. The Masturbation bet is OFF~!

There were only two people left, me and a guy friend of mine named Adam. We're splitting the money. xD So... You know what that means... Eh~Eh...? *nudge-nudge-wink-wink-giggle-giggle* xD Well, actually, Adam wants me to 'FAKE' losing. Like... he told me to say this:


OMFG... xD We had a giggle fit in the liabrary. x3

Yeah... Well, tomorrow me and my mum are going to go get me applicated for college. Tomorrow's the only day she can do it because everything else is booked up... Man... Graduation... I gotta start sending out announcements~! Argh. x3

Now... To get off the internet and go work on the set of four hundred, yes, I did say 400 english problems.

Guys like it when you 'trim'... O.o

♥ Chiru~Chan


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Saturday, April 8, 2006

   ... I... am... Tired... and... I want to play the game 'DAY OF THE TENTACLE!' xD
I've just realized that I'm a hogging beeyotch... I'm good at a lot of things... =/ And I never thought about it before. I mean, it's not like I'm gonna go

'Blargh, I'm the best at everything and yadda yadda yadda' ...

But... O.o I am reasonably decent at artistic things. Like Acting, Writing, Drawing, and Singing... xD

Gwah... I didn't get up today until 1:07... xD I went to bed at about 12:30 so... yeah.

I was tired... Mainly because I wasn't getting enough sleep through this whole week...

Well... I'm pretty boring right now. I did a small little dumb pic of Azal, Sissorelle and Me and I made a pink ROD wallpaper. Mmm... xD

Well, I gotta go... help Dad with the bulls... xD The two thousand pounds PLUS of doom are wandering around outside. The bastards. x3

♥ Chiru~Chan

P.S. Gomen if I don't stop by your sites like EVERY DAY. I'm very busy most of the time, so I don't sign a lot of things and leave comments on every little thing that you do.

But, that doesn't mean I don't watch what you're doing/ keep up with your posts. =3 Keep that in mind, okie, Lovelies?

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

OMFG~! I DID~!!! I'm going to perform my serious peice in the state competition!!

I got second place in my serious and third in my humorous~! Gah~! Only one away from going to state with my humorous, but what the hell~! I got two medallions. A silver for serious and a bronze for humorous. x3 I squealed and jumped when I got my serious. xD I got everyone to laugh because I was up on the middle of the stage. Mwa ha ha~! I can't wait to go shopping in the Bismark mall. Mmmhmmm.

Well.... I'm tired... and... I want to sex Kura up so bad... *looks between legs* ... But... I can't... T~T

... I make Mariku have a run for the money when I laugh evilly. xDDDDDDDDD

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

   Waah~! My MSN won't work~! T~T
Stupid thingie~! It won't work~! I can't get it to go on~! It says something about the service being a fucker (not really) and shit~!

I wonder... Maybe SARAH did something to it~! Dx Durn her~! I fuckin' HATE sharing with her sometimes~! She doesn't know how to do diddly SQUAT sometimes~! I abhor it when she's all 'Whasiss do?!? Do I push all these buttons...??! *pushes all the buttons*' Dx

Anyway... Today was yummy... we made greek food in Foods today. Mmm... I was in charge of the Loukoumades. Greek Doughnuts... but... not really doughnuts. xD *gasps* I WON'T GET THE OTHER FOOD WE MADE TOMORROW~! *sobs*

... I have regional speech meet tomorrow...

... and...

... I want chocolate milk and spinach pie... T~T

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

   ... I'm so tired.... -.-Zzz
BWAH~!!! I'm back in the utmost bootiful flesh, muh dearies~! x3 And... I've brought hentai back... Mmmm.... Sex. xD And I have yet to masturbate and lose the money. I'm still in the game. xD

Anyway, lemme list off how it went.

1. Got up early in the morning and had about a 7 hour trip to Minneapolis with a lunch break somewhere in there.

2. Got to the Grand Rios water park and went down water slides, nearly hyperventilating from the speed.

3. Got finished at Grand Rios and traversed to our hotel, Country Inn Suites... where afterwards... WE WENT SHOPPING IN THE MALL~! For about an hour. Bought one outfit... xD I'll find that fucking camera so I can show you what all I bought.

4. Went back to the Hotel and went to bed.

5. Got up and went to sit in the hot tub... then got into the shower, washed/gussied up, put on the new outfit, and walked over to the Mall at 10 in the morn.

6. Had to wait a bit for the stores in the Mall to actually open. When they did, Adam and I went to Hot Topic, The Disney Store, and many other stores including one associated with dreams and shit. xD

7. Bought more clothes... and... thingies... Here's another list.

A. Three shirts
B. Two black skirts
C. Buy one get one free pair of earphones
D. Japanese Candy Packets
E. Black nail polish
F. Black eye liner
G. Chrome Yellow Mac eye shadow
H. Boogiepop Phantom soundtrack
I. Pandapple wallet/coin purse
J. Count von Count Stickers
L. Slutty Princess Diaryfs vol. 1
M. This month's Shonen Jump (OMFG, Patch Tribe's evil?!)
N. This cute little Pin that says 'Well... I guess no one wants to play with me...'

9. While in Build a Bear workshop, I had a Southern Family come up to me and ask me if I was from London or Wales... or England or Britain... They thought I was British... and they thought I was pulling their leg when I said I was only from North Dakota... I was telling the truthc =\

8. Got finished at the mall at 4 and went back to the Hotel to get spruced up again for the Theatre.

9. Went to the Guthrie Theatre to see the play Hamlet... OMFG. I love Theatre. It... was... FUCKING ECSTASY~!!! (Claudius and Horatio were FUCKIN' HOT~! I don't care what anyone says~! I like my men to look like a suave, beautiful faced Gomez Addamsc kinda like Kura doesc only he has white tresses and no facial hairc xD)

10. Went back to the hotel to order Pizza and then to the pool and sat in the hot tub a bit.

11. Found out that some fucktards fed Adam three ex-lax while waiting for the pizza.

12. Everyone in our class was a whole bunch of fucktards about it except a few... I hate that overrated Drama fo yo mamma bullshit. It annoys me. And how every person in my class thrives from it.

13. Went to bed and listened to my Boogiepop Album. Sweeeeet...

14. Got up this morning, went down to the Continental Breakfast... actually finding my food without having to open my eyes. xD Damn I love Long John Pastries.

15. Went back to my room and got ready to leave.

16. Left.

17. Got home and gave Angela a picture of me for a slide show fro a lettering thing... and it was way too big... and... A Teacher and I smoothed it over... because of a mishap sometime last week. =3

18. Went home and watched Slutty Princess Diaries. Then got ready for the Awards Banquet. xD I lettered for the Play and whatever and what not. I was an old chubby lady who loved to gossipc I hate to fucking gossipc I hate people who talk behind peoplefs backsc and I hate people who are overly picky and cynical about everything. *nods* Learn how to love what you have and turn a blind eye to a minor peeve.

19. Went back home and was on the computer for a lil bit... until it when psycho. xD

20. Is now on the net again... and staring at the back of your head... Damn right... I'm staring at your brain; that I am. Eh... I'm fuckin' dead zombie tired.

I missed all of you... and I'll try to get to your sites tomorrow, eh...?

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

   Gwah, I'm in Minneapolis, muh dearies~!
Gomen... I won't be on again till Monday. I'm going to Minneapolis for my senior trip. T~T And, maybe I won't get on even for monday... Our phone line's trippin'... Damn it. xD

Well, I'll tell you about that masturbation thing...

The boys and I in shop class started a real, give all your money bet... on....

Who can last the longest without masturbation/sex/whatever. xD The boys have to pay $5 while I have to pay $7.50 =3 And, the day we thought of it, we got one night to get ourselves 'set' for it... x3 9 times... was my 'set' xD

They guys were all '... You're going to kill the man you first sleep with...'

and I was all '... Uhm... Sorry...?'

and they 'No. That's a good thing.'

and I'm 'Oh... I see... xD'

Hell, I want that money, that's like sixty bucks for not playing wth myself~!!!

Also, I got second place for humorous in the speech meet~! xDDDDD Damn, my cold was really lettin' me have it... xD

... You know, aside from these fun things... Something really shitty happened. I'm not going to say what, but someone knows what I'm talking about. That's all I need to say.

Well, I'm gonna go have fun today and sunday and the rest of the days~! I can't wait to go shopping in the Mall of America on Sunday~! Woooo~! I got money to go with~! =3

♥ Chiru~Chan

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

   Don't let them throw me away, Ah~Haaaa~...

Flesh wound, flesh wound
With medication it will fade
Should I assume
That someone hears me when I pray?

Love, full of hate
Don't you love how I break?

Don't let them throw me away
Keep me and I'll be okay
Skipping a beat but it plays
Don't let them throw me away
Don't let them throw me away

Screwed up, used up
Crumpled, lying on the floor
F**ked up, shut up
All you did back then was score

I'm feeling weak
Missing parts, incomplete

Don't let them throw me away
Keep me and I'll be okay
Skipping a beat but it plays
Don't let them throw me away
Don't let them throw me away

Hold me up into the light
Fix the cracks and fix them right
Keep the pieces in the drawer
Keep them there forever more
May come in use for some day
Recycle this shit in some way
And all that I have to say
Don't let them throw me away

Don't let them throw me away
Keep me and I'll be okay
Skipping a beat but it plays
Don't let them throw me away
Don't let them throw me away...

Just one of those days, y'know...? One of those... Man... My life is... very pointless... with or without masturbation... xDDDDD

I'll let you guys in on that lil masturbation part later... The teachers are watching me right now...

♥ Chiru~Chan

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