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kyolover (07/22/06)

Hey. I love your site. I absolutely love your fan art. They are the best. *bows down before you* You are my master!

Ahem . . . anywho, if you don't mind, I'm going to add you as a friend. ^^

~*kyolover*` A.K.A Yuki

Vouivre (07/17/06)

Tee hee x3

Hola meh homie slice xD

Yesh, I knew you didn't hate me. I thought I signed your guestbook already though O.oU I guess I didn't. My bad ^.^U

Woah! I just realized! I need to go vote for your fanart, I haven't been online for awhile...Caio ^3^


Kyoko Makashiro (07/15/06)




*more retarded crickets with their retarded legs*

Yeah. I really like your art, especially how you draw all of your guys....so....HOT. XD I don't have a scanner, so I can't post art, argh.

And you seem like the kind of person that doesn't take any sh!t from anyone or anything. I really respect that. You're a strong person, and anyone that says otherwise has more mental problems than me. Eh heh....

Um, I added you. Just to let you know.


Little Trigun (07/15/06)

hi, i like your site, Final Fantasy Rulzs!! =^-^=. Clowns scare me too, there evillll...any way I love your artwork. it's so detailive and well it's better than mine. I hope we can be friends, i'll + u as one.

Forever Gone (06/28/06)

Cool site,I love your avatar Kadaj is sooooo sexy ^-^ lol.

Akane The Fox (06/15/06)

Like I've already said, Final Fantasy: Advent Children = BEST MOVIE EVER!

I have been by your site a few times in the past before, though this is the first time I have ever decided to sign someone elses guestbook because I really wanted to. Usually, I only do so because that person signed mine and they asked me to sign theirs in return or something. However, I really wanted to sign yours! ^^

I love all the pictures you did of you and your baby Bakura. ^^ They were all so cute, and some were also very funny. An example would be that birthday picture you drew. ^^

txt2tome (06/14/06)

very nice gallery.. thats all i want to say.

NekoMaid (06/10/06)

OMIGOD!!! we have to be friends! i have the same icon in my piccys, and thats because my name is Chelsea too! ^,^runs in circles

(the Chelsea hunt continues...)

sango20045 (06/09/06)

Awsome site. love the background. come by my site sometime and check it out. i shall be adding you as a friend. i hope you do the same.


Magnus Lensherr (06/08/06)


First thing i have to say is! You have my house im so damned jealous! I would love to live int he middle of nowhere miles away from any other living beings! Woudlnt care to move would you? Im in a village so there would be people round for you to chat to lol!

On the bright side it does mean that you draw some amazing artwork and i mean that! I have just looked at it and by God i wish i could drawe as well as you can ~ Shakes head ~ it is just fantastic!

I realise ive come here and wrote two paragraphs and not one mentioned your site ~ Rolls eyes ~ Sometimes i wonder! I love this place it looks fantastic with the background and the purple coloured text!

Well anyway i hope we can be friends and comment on each others posts you seem like a completely amazing person ~ Hugs you ~ Take care of yourself and Kadaj i think its sweet your smitten its nice to come across others like me! Though i dont like him i am smitten with someone else lol!

See you around!

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