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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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kuramayoko45 (07/31/06)

Say hey! Nice site! Love your layout... so prettiful, if that really is a word?!?!? REcently I've been lobing FF7 which is cool ^^. Anyway, hope ya have a nice day.

~Yoko K.

Ayumi Chan (07/31/06)

Wow your layout is so nice ^^ how do you get on eup o.o? Anyway, I'm going to add you ^^


Raindrop23 (07/30/06)

Whee, you're so NICE!!! I'm honored!! XD Haha, I sound like such a fan, hm? Pish-posh.

You have a PRETTIER site than mine. All purpley and such. -nodnod- Background is so pretty, I feel like jumping into it...But then my head would HU~RT.

(I just posted the guestbook entry and deleted it 'cos my hand slipped and I'm not done. XD)

ALRIGHT. You seem VERY cool and awesome and so on and so forth! So I'll add you as well. :) Tata!

Oh, PS: Art trades sound FUUUN...but I'll wait a while 'cos I'm all goopy-ish right now. >.> (I just got back from a massage and it feels like I'm high. XD)

Caitabee (07/28/06)

I just got online after a fair while away and I saw that you changed your layout! It's so purple and PUUURRRRRRDDDYYY!!!


colette515 (07/28/06)

Zomg! Lovely site. x333 (Haha, Kadaj~) I saw that you seemed to love the fighting chapter of my friend's, Kyoko's, fanfiction. Looks like you love to squeal. xD

Oi. Purple. My eyes. x.x I just don't like purple, because blue rocks my socks. :3 It's awesome anyways. xD

See you around; I'll add ja as a friend. :3


Kazehara4 (07/28/06)

Hiya! Nice site! Purple is nice, but I prefer pink more. Come by my site and sign my GB. I'd appreciate it. Feel free to PM me anytime too! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Oh, and I'll add you as a friend too! See ya around! ^_~

Frescofairy (07/25/06)

hi ther

i saw your contest entry - it was v good, and i'm not saying that because i want another friend, i was intrigued by your style and it was oh-so-amazing ^^ ...yeah lol

nice site, loving the layout

adding you as a buddy if thats okay (**)



Roae (07/25/06)

Hello... Okay, that's it. I have to admit it... Your art is amazing. @.@'' *bows* I am usually stunned by the amazing-ness of it... I just usually have a problem with the subject matter, which is why I haven't come here before now. -.- But, I noticed that you've been talking to my friend animeK lately, so I decided that it's about time I check you out. *nod*

... Yeah, as I said, your art is fabulous... I think... I'm adding you to my friends list. Just forgive me if I don't check on you all the time, at least for a while...! T.T I just recently got an account on DA, and at the moment, it's kinda distracting me from theO. ^^'' But I'll start coming regularly again soon. And, um, if you add me as a friend, again forgive me for my art not looking even close to your level of goodness. o.o''

Well then, I'm done here. See ya...! ^^

~ Roae

Shireishou (07/24/06)

I see Ur name in member list list ^^

So purple. ^^ I like it ^^

Ehehe do U want to be my friends? I'm bayu from Indonesia.

U can add me if U want to. just let me know if U want too. I add U after that ^^

ja ne

Blue Hawk (07/22/06)

Greetings CERM

I'm Blue Hawk, I'm a 90 yr old grandmother with 60 grandchildren all over the world and that inculdes Disneyland,haha!

I Kid...I kid...

Anyway, I just stop by your site and decided I want to introduce myself to you and hopefully you'll accept me as your friend and one of your very good friends in the future

So here I am! In the flesh!

0_0 Eerr...not really XD

Read your profile and hmm....you've done alot for yourself like winning awards for poetry and arts. I envy you XD

I've done alot of poems before though I don't have anymore inspiration ^^;;

I'm glad that your boredom results to something good like your drawing skills ^_^

Hope you'll keep in touch!
There's free chocolates if you do,mwahaha!

~Blue Hawk

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