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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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narcissisticlozer (03/24/06)

hi im becca ^_^ i luv ur art so thought that ur site would b kool to and it is. i was wundering if u'd look as pretty as u do in ur pics and u r if not more ^_^ im not gay, i just thought u'd like to know bcas compliments are fun on a bun, i rly like ur lipstick in the pic btw w/e having u check out my art would b nice, and im chubby to so dun wry bout it ur prettyer than me
sw33t shit

Kaoru Cashew (03/24/06)

I saw some of your work today and I'm already a fan ^^u your Bakura/Marik/etc pictures are really interesting ^^ Plus, you do them so well, what's to complain -^^- And I bet you'd make an amazing comic artist!

Hopefully, we'll get a chance to talk. I'll see you around ^__^


ellie~kun (03/18/06)

um hi my friend katie said i should sign ur guestbook cause ur really kick ass so um hi and im hoping to find out if ur kick as or not ^^hehe but i really like ur site and ur drawings are amazing ^^

Ellie~Kun(yesh im aware kun is for doods but ellie~kun is what my katie named me so i stick wiff it ^^)

Rockinmuffin (03/16/06)

Aww, Chelsea-chan, your site is so smex-me-up-a-licious! I want to rape all the Kura pictures! RAPE! XD Mwahahahahaha!

...And stay away from therapists. Remember "therapist" is spelled the same way as "the rapist" Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUN! *Shifty eyes*

I wuvs you! ^___^ *Glomps* And thanks for signing my guestbook and adding me to your friend list. I feel loved! *Teary eyes* Now I must scan a picture of Malik that is dedicated to you nd your awesomeness-ness! XD W00T!

Hot Cocoa (03/15/06)

...Hi.....(oh my fucking gawd....I'm actually signing this &_&)....Okay....so, I bet you get about a bazillion signy things a day, but...I just wanted to say....er, Happy late birthday(?). Aw, who am i kidding? I've been plannin on signing this thing for over a month, cuz, well, you just seem so friggin cool! I LOVE your art and you and kura make an uber cute couple. Though, I must admit, I feel pretty jealous of that. Gawd, I'm making no sense. *sigh* well, just wanted to be noticed. I've been a fan of you for a [friggin] while, so...HULLO (there she goes again, acting all stupid)

thanks for reading this...>>


(p.s. Go Kura! XD)
(p.s.s. I almost barfed writing this)
(p.s.s.s. *barf*)

russeru (03/15/06)

hi!!like your site...

ja ne..

akocur (03/13/06)

sup i like ur site alot and if its ok wit u im gonna add uu to my friends list

Lifes Death (03/12/06)

I think u r a totally amazing artist. I love how you actually put your body type into pics u make of urself (me being a little chunky as well) U ROCK!

itachiluversai93 (03/12/06)

Awesome site! ^__^

yashi katasan93 (03/09/06)

Awesome site! ^__^

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