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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I am mad. Perhaps as mad as I have been in a while. There is this girl who obviously "LOOOOOOVES Inuyasha!!" In her words, and I Tell her that I don't like Inuyasha and she just goes and cries to her friend about it! And so her friend comes back to me (and she is one of my good friends on this site) And completely flies off the handle calling me a stupid bitch and acting like a retard. Just for saying I don't like Inuyasha!! Will it never end!?! The endless lover/hater battle of a retarded Dog-man who walks around in a giant red pillowcase hitting on ugly ditzes wearing an inch-long school skirt?!? Oh please!! And if she was mad at me, why didn't she just come and tell me herself? Does she really NEED a gaurd dog?
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