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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sorry I haven't been on. There's has just been little time. I've had tons of homework for just to classes. I'm still trying to finish it all by Monday and Wednesday. I have new lenses for my glasses and I had an Eye Exam done. Not much has change for my eyes after a grueling time with my right since its about 30% weaker then my left. I had to get bifocals this time though cause we come to find that the closer i bring reading materials and when I'm on the computer that the words were blurred instead of when they were further back. I already have astigmatism and nearsighted and now I have to have special stuff for reading. Its pain in the ass when you hit the line of the bifocals cause it cause there to be two. Oh well.

Video of The Day: My most resent video.

And Love Said No Yasu

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