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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

||The Story of Full Metal Alchemist (aka Hagaren no Renkinjutsushi)||
The story begins 1910 in a humble village called Resembool. Two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric are busy getting ready to commit something that no one has ever succeed doing. That particular "something" is known as "human transmutation." Determined to bring back the life of their mother, which died from a unknown illness, they are about to step into a very dangerous process. Unfortunately, the Elric brothers did not succeed in getting their mother back, instead great chaos was put afoot. Ed lost his left leg and Al, lost his entire body in trade for what they hoped to be their loving oka-san. Al's soul was saved by Ed, which he sacrficed his right arm. With that sacrfice, Ed transmuted Al's soul into a suit of armor. Thus, their little game of "being God" was a huge failure. Three years later, the Elric Bros seemed to be quite famous. The older brother, Edward, became a State Alchemist and both of them were looking for the legendary "Philosophers Stone." A shapeless stone that is said to be able to create anything from nothing. The Elric Bros hope to find this stone to recover their bodies to normal.

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