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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

my birthday is this monday!!! my 16th birthday two!!!!! just make you want to jump up and down and... jump? damn it. i cant jump. IM FRICKEN SICK!! i NEVER get sick except around my birthday. god is just playing tricks with me. he sits there staring at his nails when im sick and worried about my b-day and then when i wake up that day, my cold is gone. its so stressful!!! but im glad that this cold will be over with. i missed you ppl and so much has happened!! its CRAZY!!!

yah. we had sex ed class today and i could have died. not only did he not make it interesting but my head became all pressured up so my face turned red! Tyler(good friend) looked at me and thought i was blushing at the slideshow. damn it my head hurts! i hate sneezing too! i try to hold it back and end up making some deformed face and my brain get pressured into a 5inch square. OWWW!!!

more good news!!! i went to target yesterday and finally completed my harry potter collection buying the 4th one!! The dragons!!!!!! and when the ship comes up from under water, i could die!

and the best of all, other than the fact that i am having a formal sweat 16 party in 2 weeks [im wearing a dress, imagine it, me in a dress!(sexy one 2)] i got another Dane cook CD/DVD set! not really another, ive been barrowing one from a friend for several... months. i finally gave it back. welll, if you have heard of dane cook, you would understand why im so excited! he cracks me up!!! i love my comedy!

{bad news: i don't have a date to my sweat 16... and i have a huge research paper to do for english... Killer Miller...


oh shit! i have a huge research paper to be doing!! oh shit! bye!

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