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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life without a life isn't as bad as one might think

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold,
it would be a merrier world.
- J. R. R. Tolkien

Greetings All! I hope everyone is having a great day just like I am! Well, more like I had a great day, considering the fact that it is almost 3AM here. I shouldn't be up, but it's one of those awkward nights when I've got energy that I shouldn't have. I worked all evening and I returned home, heated up some edible nourishment in the form of Hot Pockets, sat down in front of a good Star Trek: Voyager episode and after it's done I still have yet to feel tired. So, that's why I'm posting. Not that I don't want to post, it's just what else is there for me to do? All of my friends are offline, television at this time of night is terrible even with satellite, and I don't even have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to tinker around with to fill my time. I had a copy of Photoshop CS on my old laptop, But since I switched to this new one (partly by circumstance, partly by choice) I lost the program and haven't been able to get it back. It's been bumming me out for a while, but I'm dealing with it. Anyway, enough of my stupid ramblings and on to something of a little more substance.

Yes yes, America and the rest of the civilized world has been gripped in a state of collective suspense for months waiting on the arrival of the seventh and last book in the Harry Potter franchise. Too bad I am not one of the collective. *sigh* I regret that I have NOT read any of the Harry Potter books. That's right, not a one. By many (wizards and muggles alike) I am one to be scorned. For, to not have read the greatest work of fantastical juvenile literature to hit bookshelves since J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is an act of pure contempt. This indiscretion of mine is one that I have long regretted. Ever since seeing the first movie in theaters I have desired to read the books. Unfortunately I am not much of a reader (as poor Kitabug can attest to). I've been reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series for over 5 years and I have just started book 3. It's pathetic. But, despite my lack of Harry Potter literary knowledge, I am still an avid fan of the series. I have enjoyed every movie to the greatest extent possible and have even gone to the midnight shows of two of them. And, after seeing this most recent of Potter flicks (twice) I could stand it no longer. I have to read the books. So, on the day the last book in the series was released, I cracked the spine of the very first. Huzzah! (I'm on page 23 for any who might be interested to know ^_^)

Number 9
My parents have been gone on a weekend trip to Dallas since Thursday. Unlike many of you out there, my first instinct was not to "PARRTAAY!" I actually didn't do much more than take care of the dogs and go to work. It was a rather dull weekend in most respects. So today, while I was doing some minor cleaning in anticipation of the return of my parental units, I discovered my pass to A-Kon 18 lying on the floor in my closet. It's a rather small closet so I'm surprised I hadn't noticed it until now, but as I went to hang it with the rest of my con passes, the urge to compile them all on to one lanyard engulfed me. So in a fit of OCD I sat on the floor and arranged them from oldest to newest on the best lanyard I had available to me. I discovered, to my surprise, that I have a total of eight con passes. This means that the upcoming AnimeFest '07 will be my ninth convention. And wow, what a convention it promises to be. Only today did I notice that the AnimeFest website finally listed the Japanese guests for the convention. One of the guests is an anime director who directed such projects as Gundam Wing and was the series creator of Witch Hunter Robin. The other guest is a screenwriter whose most notable achievement in my book is the writing of Samurai Champloo. I am more than excited about this news and look forward to this convention now more than ever. Let's hope for a great Number 9!

The Kill Point
The best television I have watched all summer has surprisingly not been on any major network. Rather, it was on a network that is of virtually no interest to me with the exception of their syndication of the Star Trek franchise. Spike's new miniseries The Kill Point aired this past Sunday night. I had been looking forward to seeing this program since I first read about it in Entertainment Weekly. It is an AMAZING show! Great suspense, great characters, great concept! I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to see some quality television this summer, rather than all those cheesy game shows and reality TV programs that so many networks are airing now. Television executives suck at choosing lineups and choosing the shows that get aired, but Spike has nailed this one. Watch the show this Sunday if you have cable or satellite. You can catch reruns of it all week on Spike and might even be able to see the first episode online. Check out the preview of the show that I have posted with this section, check out the website on spiketv.com, and check out the second episode of the show this Sunday night! I certainly will.

With that I'll consider myself done. Perhaps eventually I'll post again. Ya never know. But for now I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see ya 'round TheO! Sayonara!

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Anime I've Seen

- .hack//Legend of the Twilight
- .hack//Sign
- 5 Centimeters per Second
- Air
- Air: The Movie
- Akira
- The Animatrix
- Appleseed
- Aquatic Language
- Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror
- Baby Blue
- Beck
- Black Lagoon
- Blame!
- Blood the Last Vampire
- Bokurano
- Burst Angel
- Castle in the Sky
- Cowboy Bebop
- Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
- Digimon Tamers: The Runaway Digimon Express
- Doorbell
- Egao
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala
- Gankutsuou
- Gatekeepers
- Genius Party
- Genshiken
- Genshiken OAV
- Ghost in the Shell
- Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
- Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society
- Gin-iro no Kami no Agito
- The Gokusen
- Grave of the Fireflies
- Grenadier
- Haibane Renmei
- Happy Machine
- Hellsing
- Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
- Hikaru no Go
- Howl's Moving Castle
- Innocent Venus
- Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade
- Jyu Oh Sei
- Karas: The Prophecy
- Karas: The Revelation
- Last Exile
- Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
- Midori?s Days
- Milennium Actress
- Mushi-shi
- My Neighbor Totoro
- Naruto
- Naruto: The Movie
- Nausicaa
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death And Rebirth
- Ninja Scroll: The Movie
- Other Worlds
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Paprika
- Perfect Blue
- Pet Shop of Horrors
- The Place Promised In Our Early Days
- Prétear
- Princess Mononoke
- Read Or Die
- Read Or Die: The TV
- Samurai Champloo
- Samurai Seven
- Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal
- Serial Experiments Lain
- Shanghai Dragon
- She and Her Cat
- Spirited Away
- Steamboy
- Tekkonkinkreet
- Tide-Line Blue
- Tokyo Babylon
- Tokyo Godfathers
- Trigun
- Trinity Blood
- Vampire Hunter D
- Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
- Voices of a Distant Star
- Witch Hunter Robin
- Wolf's Rain
- Wonderful Days
- Wrath of the Ninja
- X

Total: 93
Anime I Haven't Completed

- .hack//Roots
- Ah! My Goddess
- Angelic Layer
- Avenger
- Baccano!
- Bamboo Blade
- Basilisk
- Binchou-tan
- Black Cat
- Bleach
- Blood+
- Boogiepop Phantom
- Case Closed
- Le Chevalier d'Eon
- Chobits
- Chrono Crusade
- Code Geass
- Coyote Ragtime Show
- D.Gray-Man
- D.N.Angel
- DearS
- Death Note
- Dennou Coil
- Desert Punk
- Digimon
- Dragon Ball Z
- Ergo Proxy
- Eureka Seven
- Excel Saga
- Fighting Beauty Wulong
- Final Fantasy Unlimited
- Flag
- Freedom
- Full Moon
- Gantz
- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
- Gintama
- Glass Fleet
- Great Teacher Onizuka
- Gundam Seed
- Gundam Wing
- Hayate the Combat Butler
- Hellsing OVA
- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
- Ikki Tousen
- InuYasha
- Jigoku Shojo
- Kage Kara Mamoru
- Karin
- Kino's Journey
- Love Hina
- Loveless
- Lovely Complex
- Lucky Star
- Makai Senki Disgaea
- Marchen Awakens Romance
- Meine Liebe
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- Mononoke
- Monster
- Moon Phase
- Mr Stain on Junk Alley
- Naruto Shippuuden
- Negima?!
- Negima!
- Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion
- Nerima Daikon Brothers
- NHK ni Youkoso
- Night Walker
- Ninja Nonsense
- Noir
- Peacemaker Kurogane
- Pokemon
- Prince of Tennis
- R.G. Veda
- Ragnarok
- Rec
- Red Garden
- Robotech
- Romeo x Juliet
- Rosen Maiden
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Saikano
- Sailor Moon
- Samurai Deeper Kyo
- Sci-fi Harry
- School Rumble
- Scrapped Princess
- Shin-chan
- Shingu
- Shion no Oh
- Shuffle!
- Shrine of the Morning Mist
- So Long, Mr. Despair
- Solty Rei
- Sousei no Aquarion
- Speed Grapher
- Spice and Wolf
- Super Milk Chan
- Tales of Phantasia
- Tenchi Muyo
- Tenjhou Tenge
- Texnolyze
- The Third
- Tsubasa Chronicles
- Urusei Yatsura
- Venus Versus Virus
- Welcome to the N.H.K.
- Winter Cicada
- X-1999
- Xenosaga
- XxxHolic
- Yu Yu Hakushou
- Yume Tsukai
- Zero no Tsukaima
- Zipang

Total: 116
Manga I've Completed

- Cowboy Bebop
- Manga Messiah
- Manga Metamorphosis
- Q*Ko-chan
- Saiyuki
- Shirahime-Syo

Total: 7

Manga I Haven't Completed

- .hack//Legend of the Twilight
- Black Cat
- Blame!
- Chobits
- D.Gray-man
- Darkside Blues
- Death Note
- The Demon Ororon
- Desert Coral
- Disgaea
- Eureka Seven: Gravity Boys and Lifting Girl
- Fruits Basket
- Getbackers
- Hayate the Combat Butler
- Kamunagara
- Legal Drug
- Love Hina
- Loveless
- Megatokyo
- Naruto
- Negima
- Read Or Die
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Tactics
- Trigun Maximum
- XXXHolic

Total: 26

Anime I'm Currently Watching
Samurai 7, InuYasha, Samurai Deeper Kyo,
Boogiepop Phantom, and Shrine of the Morning Mist

Manga I'm Currently Reading
Read Or Die, Hayate the Combat Butler, and Megatokyo.hack//Roots, .hack//Sign, 5 cm per Second, Ah! My Goddess, Angelic Layer, Avenger, Basilisk, Binchou-tan, Black Cat, Bleach, Blood+, Boogiepop Phantom, Case Closed, Le Chevalier d'Eon, Chobits, Chrono Crusade, Coyote Ragtime Show, D.Gray-Man, D.N.Angel, DearS, Death Note, Dennou Coil, Desert Punk, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Ergo Proxy, Eureka 7, Excel Saga, Fighting Beauty Wulong, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Flag, Full Moon, Gantz, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Gintama, Great Teacher Onizuka, Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing, Hayate the Combat Butler, Hellsing Ultimate, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Innocent Venus, InuYasha, Jigoku Shojo, Kage Kara Mamoru, Karin, Kino?s Journey, Love Hina, Loveless, Lovely Complex, Lucky Star, Makai Senki Disgaea, Marchen Awakens Romance, Meine Liebe, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Mononoke, Monster, Naruto Shippuuden, Negima?!, Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion, Nerima Daikon Brothers, NHK ni Youkoso, Night Walker, Ninja Nonsense, Noir, Ouran High School Host Club, Peacemaker Kurogane, Pokemon, Prince of Tennis, R.G. Veda, Ragnarok, Rec, Red Garden, Robotech, Romeo x Juliet, Rosen Maiden, Rurouni Kenshin, Saikano, Sailor Moon, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sci-fi Harry, School Rumble, Scrapped Princess, Serial Experiments Lain, Shingu, Shuffle!, Shrine of the Morning Mist, So Long Mr. Despair, Solty Rei, Sousei no Aquarion, Speed Grapher, Super Milk Chan, Tales of Phantasia, Tenchi Muyo, Tenjhou Tenge, Texnolyze, The Third. Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Chronicles, Urusei Yatsura, Welcome to the N.H.K., Winter Cicada, X-1999, Xenosaga, XxxHolic, Yu Yu Hakushou, Yume Tsukai, Zero no Tsukaima, Zipang

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