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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

   The fun of anime junkies will reign surpreme!
I have some of the wierdest ideas when I let my mind wander. The most recent train has led to very wierd conditions. Here's the way it goes, feel free to suggest ideas and stuff.

A rabid fangirl (me) has captured all anime characters and, after supressing any and all powers, is forcing them to model for her magazines. The one right now is Sesshomaru, and the magazine she randomly (*cough*not*cough*) picked is a womans clothing modeling magazine.


"First outfit please!"
"I swear that if I ever get free I will slowly and painfully kill you!"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now get out here!"

Sesshomaru walks out, sporting a classical French Maid outfit (with duster, bonnet, high-heeled shoes, and the web leggings). The cameras flash and he turns bright red.

"You said there'd be no pictures!"
"I lied."

He glowls and stalks off, just to be pushed back wearing an old time ballroom gown (the kind that billows out). Once again the flashes come, and he growls and glares at his captor.

The next few outfits are big buisness, typical teen girly outfits, and a few outfits that were just to embaress him. Mainly, it was the Princess Jasmin and Pocahantass outfits that he almost didn't come out in.

*four hours later*

"Okay people, we're done for today. And Sesshomaru, don't worry, not all of the photos will make it to the public view," she says in a singsong voice while smiling her most venomous smile.

Sesshomaru just walks away, head held down, trying not to turn back and try to kill his captor.

*End* (for now)

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