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Monday, January 8, 2007

Personally my favorite shikai~
Alrighty, the weekend is over and its back to school. Well I'd like to rant about work cause I haven't spoken of that in a while right? Well I haven't been having the time of my life there, like I sometimes do and other happy things. So according to my boss, one of our best customer's daughter is getting married. So she came to us in the beginning of last week to order all these vases that will go on the table, the bride's flowers, and blahhhh. All that flowery things at weddings. So we started working alittle more hours just for that, my boss placed 4 vases, and the bride's flowers on me. So I had to do those, and he gave me the draft, of what it needs to look like, the color and other things I should need to know. Well when I'm all done which was Saturday evening, he came in to look at it and fucking blew up.

First he said the style wasn't how it was supposed to be, the color was wrong, and the vases didn't look too 'wedding-ish'. Well fuck you, you gave me the draft, YOU SAID THE COLOR and now your saying that it's my fault that its wrong. I wasn' the only one, another employee also got barked at for doing something wrong. It's his damn fault, why should he bash at us, seriously the in the hell? I thank the lords that Monday and Tuesday's are my day off, now I can rest and not deal with him in the time being, but it really made me fustrated cause we wasted alot of supplied and expensive flowers to be in a certain color. It did it again but he's still mad and just flustered at me, sometimes I hate working there, they're all a bunch of old people who keep telling us what to do in life and the not-to-do's. It makes me fustrated.

Okay, now that's out, I feel better. Anyway, on to the happiness, I got a hair cut and got some more bangs and had them cut in a way, so if I can, I'll post up photos of that. I FINALLLY got to own Matrix: Reloaded once again, and I saw it, and I am alive again, and I loved it. Fear me, for my next theme is Matrix related!! If I had to pick a favorite part in Reloaded it'd totally have to be the freeway chase scene, damn gods those Twin's are the sex. I also bought the DVD, Moulin Rouge I've seen it but I now own it, and it's love. So I want to see it again <3. Went shopping Saturday night, got a black trench coat which I love, a black jacket and a sweater, new headphones too!! That's pretty much it, nothing else.

Hope you all a good weekend!!

Shanny: I demand you take that quiz(below my post) on the Matrix, for I would love to read your answers :D And correction for that, Switch was actually the first character I fell in love with. After what happened to her, it was Neo's turn.

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